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11 /4/11/ Monday

Starts at Paatti's house - who is busy in the kitchen. Meena comes in
and says that she can take over the kitchen but paatti refuses "velai
seyyalai nna I will go mad" - Meena's face changes and Paatti feels bad
" Meena, it was just a casual statement.....please do not mistake" Meena
says that she is ever grateful to Paatti " you are also a main reason in my
change....I only feel bad about making you all suffer ....when I was..... " Both
women continue working in the kitchen. Balu comes and sees them.....
clandestine call to Sundu and RR ( RR , avarukku oru mobile vaangi kudukka
koodatha?? EppO paarthalum thirudan mathiri phone ai use panraar??)

Balu tells the two timer and his friend that Paatti has decided against Mannargudi
" Shree ai kandu pidikkara varai relocation.." RR and Sundu are happy.
 Balu disconnects but Paatti gives him a chance to make a "legal " Wink call .
Asks Balu to call Sundu " avanaiyum azhaichi kitti inge vara sollu " Balu nalla
loud voice le informs ( yeey kirukku Rojaa, Onnum sollathey..ithu allowed call 
the invitation.

Palli visits Anu - tells her about how arrogant she was. " I have been nasty to
Gayathri but they always welcomed me with a smile.... Selvi thaan Shree
I am changed blah blah " Anu says that Palli looks all new to her eyes " don't worry,
Shree will be found soon, and by the way did you talk to the birth parents??" ( ahhaaa,
oru secret Odaiyumaa apdinnu Roja sits up )
Palli says that she will see Meena
 and Balu only after she finds Shree " avanga munnadi ithO unga pOnnu, my DIL
apdinnu sollanum.." Now Anu perks up - this is news to her  "yaaru?? Mannargudi
couple??? They stay with my athai, avanga daughter aa Shree??" Palli confirms
and sings Gomathi paatti ashthoram ( hmmmm, u share the same maamiyaar,
athu therinjaa??? athu sari, athu enge ippOthaikki theriya pOrathu??)
and asks
Anu " can you take me to her?" Anu agrees. Palli asks for a cuppa ( amma di,
veedu,  velai onnum illiya ungalukku?? Veedu veeda pOi kettu kettu coffee???
 Roja kku suru suru nnu varathu)

RR and Sundu - at paatti's door step . Meena extends a hearty welcome but Paatti is unrelenting. Straight away starts accusing - " oh you got your son back , so Shree
ai thedalai, apdi thaane??" Sundu says that Shree is also RR's DIL " naanga thedame iruppOma??" Paatti says that channel two won't allow Shree to become the DIL
of RR " who knows?? She herself could have abducted Shree and kept her a
captive " Sundu kku Kovam suru suru nnu varathu - defending the arrogant Palli
happens  - much against RR's chagrin " Since you do not like Palli, you keep talking
 ill of her?? Naanum Poruthu pOruthu paarthen...ippO I have to talk. How
can Shree write a letter saying that she is safe and happy if Palli kidnapped her??"
Patti moraichings....RR samathaana paduthing.....and Patti throws the final arrow
 "the reason for Shree's absconding is that mena minukki ...Chinna vayasile she
lost her at KumbakOnam..mippO she drove her, find Shree first " RR
promises to do just that ..Meena and Baalu are playing monkey " ball entha pakkam irunthaalum....namkku illai " look.... After RR leaves Paatti gives a painful look to
the camera ( hmm pEtha vayiru....)


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 Updates by Eljay
Update for Tues, Apr 12,011:

Anu and RR - Anu wants to go to Palli's house with RR, he gets irritated when she asks him if he knows Palli's hubby since they both seem to know Balu very well, and Palli's hubby is also from the Mannargudi area.  Of course, RR denies knowing Palli's hubby and tells Anu not to bother him when he himself is under so much tension (and who is responsible for the tension?  It is you and none other than you, two timer!)  As usual, Anu apologizes (why is she such a doormat?).

Palli is shedding tears, remembering all the times she had insulted Shree in the past.  Karthi comes and consoles her, says Shree is not the kind to hold a grudge against her, more likely, she will fall at Palli's feet and ask her to forgive any mistakes unknowingly committed, and he knows Shree very well.  Finally, Palli lies down and goes to sleep (today is RR's turn at Anu;s house, so Palli is alone).

Gayathri wants to go to Balu and Meenakshi to get the jadhagam for Shree, to find out when these problems will go away (and they still believe in all this?  Why am I asking such a question, when I also go and look at the forecast for my star the minute troubles strike us?)

Paati calls Meenakshi to go to the temple but M says she will go after she finds her daughter, Shree.  Just then, Shreenivasan and Gayathri come there, Gayathri asks Meenakshi how she is doing and Meenakshi gives a reply with a bright face.  Gayathri is moved by all this, while Paati is watching with a strange expression on her face.

Thodarum ...

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Updates by Eclat

Wednesday  13th April 2011  Episode - 251 (Edho 2501 aana maadhiri irukku!)
Balu wants to know why Gayathri and Srinivasan are one type (oru maadhiri).  Gayathri says although Meenakshi has tons of sadness inside her, she smiled and said that she is doing good, which has crushed her. (orE pheelings aaiduchchbaa), Gayathri has been praying for Shreenidhi's return and Meens to be really really happy.  Finally they are invited in and get seated.   Paatti asks Gayathri and Srini , being such nice people how could they hide the truth that Shreenidhi was Balu & Meens's child.  Why they did not tell it earlier.  Gayathri in tears, says vaLarththa paasam, sorry. Grave mistake. Meenakshi consoles her and Balu consoles Srini.  Srini too asks for pardon.  Paatti says all Punnainallur Mariamman's maths (kaNakku) (aahaa... enakku idhu enna Mariamman maasamaa!!)   Gayathri says she answearable to her manasaakshi (adhukku ivvaLavu naaL amnesiavaa), also... now has an idea, asks for Selvi'sjathagam, to predict her welfare etc etc... Paatti is thoughtful, then prompts Balu to give them Selvi's jathagam.  Tells Gayathri that she too believe in these and many a times during  difficult phases in life showed the way for her.  Balu brings the "horrorscope" and gives to Srini. Srini invites them all to the jOs who is at the temple.  Paatti opts out, saying Meens and Balu will accompany them, also asks them to do archanai to Durgai and light some lamp.
All of them pray to Durgai and go to the JOs.  Srini does the intro.. and the horoscope is handed for predictions.  JOs says there should have been a gaNdam, Srini tells of the kidnap episode, Gayu says about the letter.  Balu wants to know where she would be now.  JOs says horoscopes never lie (neenga??) that she is happy and he would "beat tell" (adichchi solluvaaru) .  Srini wants to know when she would return.  JOs says that kEthu is being naughty due to peer pressure (sErakoodaadhavangaLoda sErndhu KEthu visamam paNraan) should return in a month he prophecies.  Balu is happy, asks Srini if he has to ask anything else.  Gayathri wants to know about marriage for Shreenidhi.  The jathagam tells JOs that there would be have some hurdle even after the engagement which he tells the gathering.  Some griha dOsham, once she comes back the wedding will take place.  Balu wants to know any pariharam for the griha dOsham... nothing special just do annadhaanam for 48 days - 10 people everyday ! (Punnainallur Mariayamman - we need your calculator!)  All of them accept to do so and take leave after both of them pay the JOs...
The foursome sit at the temple and decide that the annadhaanam would begin the next day at the temple itself.  Meenakshi should be happy that Shreenidhi will return soon and even maaps would be soon says Gayathri.  Meens thanks her, Srinivasan says they should have handed over the child at the police station. Balu inturn says lucky they took the child, what if she had fallen into some miscreant's hands.  Gayathri rightly points this topic will never see an end. 
They are on the road deciding about the next day's programme and there arrives Palli - spots them all smiles comes and talks to them.  She is updated about Shreenidhi's horrors and Balu recommends the JOs to Palli.  Now Palli repents for all her mistakes right from Kumbakonam bus stand... She is forgiven says Balu..

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Updates by Cool rrk
No update on Thursday because there was no screening of this serial on Varusha Pirappu (God has really shown me mercy!) 

Friday (updating on behalf of Eljay)- Episode 252

All 4 (Balu, Meenakshi, Gayathri and Srinivasan) officially forgive Palli for being such a tyrant in the past. Palli wants to come along with them to meet the Patti at home knowing she is Anu's mother in law. Balu makes up an excuse saying she wont be home, and leaves promising to bring her homw another day.

Balu and Meenakshi return home and update Patti on Josiyar's predictions. Meenakshi reminds Balu about meeting Palli and says she was very happy about the predictions and that she wanted to come home to meet Patti. Balu says he will bring Palli home tomorrow saying she really wants to meet Anu's mil. Patti is very upset that she cannot kazhatti vidu Palli (we all want to do that!) and how she hates to see her. Balu launches lengthy Palli puraaNam again. Meenakshi tries to convince Patti that Palli is also her daughter in law but Patti says she is not because she married RR after Patti disowned him, so she is not related to Palli.

On the nadu theru- Shouting Rajamohan (habbah havent seen him in a while) has a small brush with Jennifer's car, and he comes out, shouting as usual. He accuses Jennifer of being a lowlife as she is RR's second wife (pls tell me why this is related to the car accident and what gives him the right to shout at strangers about their life?). SM calls Jennifer a soranai ketta jenmam. Jennifer controls her temper and says she is giving him face and walks off. SM warns his wife if she tries to link with RR's family through Aadhi and Nivedha, he will leave her (I think she is better off with him leaving her- what a rude guy!).

RR at office with jenny- She spills the beans on his accusations and his rude talk, calling her RR's second wife. RR ponders, saying he is the one who should suffer, not Jenny. Jenny worries that SM will shout at Anu one day, so she advises RR not to hide the truth any longer. (finally a sound woman). RR obviously says no, and that he will think about it. (for another 300 episodes!)..thodarum

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Did anyone notice the way Palli feels everyone should immediately forgive her the moment she turns over a new leaf? Does this happen in real life at concept of consequence or true repentance for her..
She can abuse anyone and everyone and just say sorry and feel bad, and then everyone accepts her and calls her a good woman..Angry

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Can someone do my Friday, please?  We have a three day function coming up at home this weekend, so I doubt if I will be near the computer at all.

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Meenakshi, you are the sweetest person in this serial!  Please do us all a big favor and tell this Palli when she comes there that she is RR's second wife, since you are the only one who hasn't been warned by Paati!  Janmam poora naan indha helpai marakka maattaen!

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eljay- I will do your friday duty :-)

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Thanks, cool!

Thanks for the update, Roja!  Maybe Palli will wander around Anu's house and see that long lost picture with RR and Paati, and point it out to Anu, maybe we won't need Meenakshi after all, and maybe I am just given to wishful thinking!!

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thanks roja..

I too was thinking Pali will spot a photo..ana scenea cut pannitangale..
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Thanks RP.
Meenakshi, Kamakshi, Kasi Visalakshi - somebody anybody please please let Palli know she is a husband snatcher... and kill RR for hiding the truth

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