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Despair 3 last part added.. page35

naddiya26 IF-Sizzlerz

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naddiya26 IF-Sizzlerz

Joined: 10 July 2008
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Posted: 08 April 2011 at 7:49am | IP Logged
 hit like button if you want pm as i am making new pm list please

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naddiya26 IF-Sizzlerz

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despair 41

Geet: smiled she text lchcha thx for helping... walk in with his tablets
Geet: Maan
Maan: sona do
Geet: bus aik min. she pull hit to her
Maan: kya ?
Geet; take this... gave him tablets ..
Maan: looked at her ..
Geet: please eat...
Maan: quickly took all and swallow it.. aur kuch...looked at her
Geet: no now you can sleep she quickly got out of room.
Maan: twist & turn"kabhi tou itna pyar karti ha aur kabhi..." he couldn't get how she didnot requested him to come with him , & how she listen him so quickly. he could not go out of room as he knew if he will go out she will ask him to accompany her.. he just hug the pillow.... he slept.
Geet: peep in she could hear him snoring, she covered hi properly kissed his cheek . "you need rest ,if i had argue with you, you never felt asleep" she collected her paint kit walk out ...she called Meera
Meera: oh yaad agai
Geet: didi...
Meera: aur kya?
Geet:didi signal nahi aata
Meera: how is Maan?
Geet:kabhi neem neem kabhi shahad shahad
Meera: what?
Geet: smiled your bhai didi
Meera :wah wah you became a poet
Geet: nahi didi i am just trying to make atmosphere bit lively
Meera:why is he behaving same way?
Geet: didi he will be fine..i can understand him.
Meera:where is he know?
Geet: ghusa mein sogai..
Meera: what?
Geet: yes he though i will go & request him , i just walk out he slept
Meera: Geet you are very smart.
Geet: kya karo didi..he need rest he should not take stress .
Meera: hmmm
Geet; he would have never listen me if i had asked him to take a nap, his reply would be you think i am sick etc ...i just don't want to hurt him..
Meera: i am sure he will be fine.
Geet: didi why you send ADI?
Meera: to be sure you both are safe...
Geet: but you are alone.
Meera: smiled we are not
Geet: How?
Meera: your bhai left his home & shifted to Delhi.
Geet; wow.. by the way didi you both should have join us ... it would be your second honey moon...
Meera: Geet let Maan get up i will ask him to pull your ears are getting very  naughty .
Geet: he said same...
Meera: what?
Geet; kuch nai kuch nai.
Meera: Geet i am feeling something fishy fishy , look like you are teasing him..
Geet: no i am not...
Meera: rako kal he i will send Dadi & beejee .
Geet: no please don't spoil my honey moon...  ... shit... she got what she said... bit her lips
Meera: had a laughter..
Geet: didi i wanted to say ..
Meera: koi baat nai.. i got what you wanted to say..
Geet: didi you are taking me wrong
Meera: Geet you said what was in your heart ..
Geet: di actually...
Meera: don't worry no one will come ...i was just teasing you.
Geet: ok...
Meera: ok talk to you later.
Geet: take care...
Meera: you too but don't tease him
Geet: ok smiled... she again set her stand & arrange her canvas bit far from the cottage .. started painting.
time fly. she didnot noticed it was getting dark..
ADI: excuse me
Geet; yes
ADI : i am watching you painting from quite some time you must be tired , i made tea for myself made for you  too..
Geet; oh thanks how sweet of you? i really needed it
ADI : where is sir?
Geet: looked at are wrist watch... oh it is 6 he is still asleep, please will you go & see .
ADI: he will scold me
Geet: just see from that window..pointed at bed room window.
ADI: walked to the cottage ..he saw him asleep... he walk back ...
Geet; he is asleep.
ADI: yup
Geet: i gave him tablet, other wise he will just work on his project.
ADI: ma'am i wanted to say that to you.
Geet; what?
ADI: this project is very vast , i don't think Maan Sir to stress him self so much..
Geet: you don't know him no compromise for work.
ADI: he he he... you very quickly came to know about him .
Geet: why don't you sit?
ADI : i was just planning to explore the project site.
Geet: what you will explore in dark.
ADI: he he he... actually i was going in search of dinner.
Geet: oh ADI i am so sorry i forget to tell you i cooked for you it is in kitchen.. go & get the hot pot.
ADI: i
Geet: yes you he is asleep.
ADI : if he gets up
Geet: he had his lunch he will not eat you.
ADI: he he he i know he is not man-eater
Geet: oh making fun of my Husband.
ADI:i am starving let me get ..
Geet: sure... she collected her paints
ADI walk to the cottage he..peep through the door it was dark.. he picked up the pot he was about to turn back his arm hit a glass it fall down.. it make loud noise.he  just pick up & ran.  Ma'am ma'am.
Geet; saw ADI running out . "kya huwa"
ADI: mera se glass girgiya ...he is awake calling you
Geet: you.. please keep it in veranda as i think it will rain... &  she ran in.

Maan: woke up with the loud noise .. "Geet Geet "he called her name there was no reply he looked out "she must have gone, for how many hours i slept". he turn on the lamp.  "oh it is 6:30 " he just try to get up but again closed his eyes... " i thought you will wake me ask me or force me to come with you, but you left me.. he just hide his face again in pillow...
Geet: on her tip of toe walk in saw he is again asleep she walk out...
ADI: what happen?he  was keeping her things inside
Geet: he is asleep.
ADI: but he called you i heard him
Geet: right now he is asleep.he might have call in sleep
ADI: poor Maan Sir..he just felt too bad sat on stairs...
Geet: He will be fine we will make him she placed her hand on his shoulder.
ADI: if he was fine he would have run out..
Geet: i know.. he will for sure...just hide her tears
ADI: smiled. i better go to my cottage before it rain, if you want any help call me....
Geet: sure ..
ADI: walk fast to his  cottage.
Geet: just sit there , let the rain wet her face.. she didn't knew it was her tears or rain drops .. when she became all wet, & the chilly breeze made her shriver she walk in......
Maan : was just laying he just don't feel like getting up.  he try to call Geet number but it was saying ..the number you are dialing is out of reach...." that was your.." he heard someone sneezing
Geet: enter she was sneezing.....
Maan: Geet
Geet: walk in all wet water was dripping from every where.
Maan: got up "where were you?"
Geet: out side sitting.. she sneeze again.
Maan: you just came back..
Geet: from where? she was shivering
Maan: Veer..
Geet: come on how you thought i will go with out you. she walk close to bed
Maan: you didnot go...
Geet: jee nai...i was out  painting with ADI.
Maan: but...he looked her she was looking more beautiful
Geet: let me change ..i am feeling cold..
Maan: grab her need...pull her on him.
Geet: you will get wet.
Maan: let me
Geet: kya huwa ha
Maan: placed his finger on her lips ..."remember you asked for something"
Geet: sneeze again on his face.."sorry"
Maan: smiled
Geet: chora na...
Maan: why he just pull her in blanket.. "you were feeling cold let me warm you .. pull her more close"
Geet: Maan
Maan: just kissed her lips
Geet: was shiver with cold at first but now she was shiver with his emotions.
Maan: just kissed all over her , he just didn't let that sad feeling come in his mind. for some time he was just old Maan Singh Khurana who just loved her sleeping beauty .
Geet: let him occupy her, she found her old Maan back , that Maan who had once taken away all her pain, she remember their first night when Maan for the first time own her,( when she left his home ,& he search her their first night) today he was same he was loving her same way.. with out thinking what will happen tomorrow.
Maan: whisper.. you are so so so
Geet: what?
Maan: kuchi kuchi ... pull her in his arms she just hide her self  in his arms.
Geet; i want to stay her for ever...
Maan: this is yours... he again started his mischiefs..
Geet: aaj mera baby ka mood bahot acha ha...
Maan: Masoom ka jadu ha mitwa..
Geet: smiled
Maan: kissed her  all over again.
the rain sound gave background music, in their romance.

sorry don't know how to write romance, i hope you like it .. again back at forum as my readers can't open blog from their cells & it is very difficult for me to mail everyone update... so back to forum ... i love you guys alot kya karo ... i think in this world now days love  is the most unique thing can i let you all down

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aww so sweet and nice thanks a lot and congrats for next thread

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awsome didi .....congrats for the new thread !!!

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awesome update Heart and congrats for your new thread .

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4 new thread & welcome back dear


Nice updateSmile

Liked Geet & Adi's conversation. 

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awesome dear.

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