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FF: Yehsa ye pyaar hai...Chapter 45-End.

Khilonaa IF-Sizzlerz

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Character Sketch:


19 years old living with her younger sister Misha and her parents.She is the daughter of Arnab and Sughad.She is studying in Mount college with her LOVER Abhay and her other buddies.



The 22 years mysterious guy but still the most handsome guy of college. He is less talkative but  has strong feeling toward Piya but don't want to express them .


The naughty but loving 17 year old girl Misha is the sister and the daughter of Sughad and Arnab.She loves her family very much.

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Misha is sleeping in her bed all sleepy.Piya is getting ready to go to College.

Piya: Misha!! Utto...College jana hai...

When no reply comes Piya go and pull off her bed cloth.

Misha grabs the cloth: Sonay do! na

Piya (dil mein): Acha ! ye asay sunay wali nahi hai..

Piya gets a bright  plan

She rush to the bathroom and come out with a bucket of water and splash it on Misha

Misha jump up with surprise

Piya: Utto! Jaho ready ho...


Misha gets up and head to bathroom...making faces to Piya

Piya smiles

"Piya!Misha" Miss Dobriyal (Sughad) shouts to call her children

Piya rush out the stairs and kiss her mother a good morning kiss...And then hugs her

Sughad:Bus! Ab beto aur kaha kaho!!! Wasay Misha kaha hai?

Piya says with mouth full: Ready ho rahi ho Madam!! Itnay der say uthi hai!!!

Sughad: Chup!! Pehley Kana kaho aur phir batay karo...

Sughad start to head to kitchen but she stops when she sees misha coming out stairs.She smiles at misha

Misha:Hey Mom!! (goes to her and kiss n hug her)

Sughad: Beto! Kaha kaho...

Misha( hold her mother hands) says: Ab Aap kaha apnay hath say kehla do!!!

Sughad: Meri Pehari Beti!! Chalo beto

Piya: Wa!! Maa beti ka pyaar deko!!! Aur Maa aap nay muje apnay hath se q nahi kela ya?

Misha: Jealous mat ho aur kaho( trying to tease piya)

Piya stands:Misha!

Misha runs and Piya runs after her

Sughad is left behind shouting: Haho!! Kahna kaho!!!! 

Piya(running): Canteen say kah ley gay!!!!

Misha and Piya reaches Mount College!!!

They both are really excited!!! 


Piya and Abhay are making love with their eyes connection! A big smile comes on Piya's face but Abhay ignores and move...Piya is sad

How was it?

Chapter 2:

As Piya and Misha enter the college...the title song starts

(fast version)

yeh havayein, yeh khusboo, sab mein chupa hain pyaar

sir kise kahaniyon mein hota hai pyaar

pyaar mein to har kar bhi jeet hai

matlab nikalne ke sab bahane hai

is mein jo dubta hain, vohi paar hota

Andekhi Anjaani Kya yeh mohobaat hai

chup ke se milte dilon ki yeh chahat hai
kyun pyaar ke sab deewanejo kho gaya vohi jane
baatein kitabon ki
rateein hain kwaboon ki
har khwaab ishar haiii
yehsa ye pyaar hai...  yehsa pyaar hai...  yehsa ye pyaar...  yehsa ye pyaar hai... 

kya pyaar
kya ishq
kaisi yeh chahat hai
bekar nakam logon ki adat hai
yeh do dilon ki sada hai
khamoshion ki sada hai
hai khel sauda hai
janmoon ka vaada hai
har dil ka armaan hai
kaisa yeh pyaar hai... kaisa yeh pyaar hai... kaisa yeh pyaar hai... kaisa yeh pyaaar hai...

The song end with misha and piya holding hands and entering the college...

They both look around their college... The wind is blowing slowly and its all peace...everyone is silently reading...This make misha and piya confused 

Tracker (ruhi)(misha and piya's friend) come running to them. 

Ruhi: Hey!!! Misho and Piya!! hows i

Misha(confused): Theek hai magar in sab ko kya hogaya...

Ruhi:Haray!! Ma to tum logon to batana bol gi kay...

Misha and Piya:Kya??Bolo

Ruhi:(Lower her voice) Kay nahi teacher hayi hai aur wo bout strict hai...sab dar kay maray pard rehay hai...

Misha(laughs): Magar main is teacher ko zihda din tiknay nahi do gi!!

Ruhi:Acha! Acha! Main bi ja kay pardthi ho warna...Acha Bye( she runs)

Piya:Misha!! Tum kuch nahi karnay wali theek hai.!!!

Misha: Q?

Piya try to say something but Kabir comes to them

Kabir: Hey!! Piya kaisi ho 

Piya(smiles) Theek 

Misha:Kabir chalo !! Kuch soch thay hai! us nahi teacher kay baray mein.!!

Misha grabs Kabir Hands and both rush inside the corridor

Piya look around and slowly start to walk

As Piya walks some steps, she notices Abhay coming from the other side of college. Abhay and Piya stops and both start to stare at each other...

(the title song tune begins)

Piya and Abhay start making love with their eyes...A big smile comes on Piya's face but Abhay ignores it and move..Piya's smile turns into sadness

Piya is walking toward her class thinking: Q! Abhay tum mujh se dhor jatay ho!! Kya baat hai...

The class begins and everyone is on their seats...Misha and Kabir are sitting together with some plans...

Piya and Abhay are sitting on the same desk...Piya sees in Abhay's eyes and wonders that his eyes are fill with love but his attitude...

Everyone is busy talking to each other...

The new sir(Sir Shankar) enters and the class begins silent...

Sr.Shankar(shouts):Silence! and Take your books out immediately...

Everyone start to take their books out...

Misha stare at Kabir mischievously...both have done something fishy


Sr.Shankar jumps off from his seat with a shout!

How was it?

And the title song, i have taken help from other source.

Episode 3:

The class have taken their books out and are waiting for their crazy sir  instruction.

Sir Shankar: Ok!! Now read chapter 1-10 in only 10 minutes! And remember no noise...

 Everyone is really worried that how can they read 10 all chapters just in 10 minutes!

Sir Shankar is taking a around of the class...everyone is reading silently...

Sir Shankar gets tired and want to have a seat...

as he moves toward his seat...Misha's face glow up... and is giving a mischievously smile...

As Sr.Shankar put his hip on the seat, he jumps with a shout..." Hoh!" feeling something prickly on the chair...

The class looks up at Sr.Shankar

Misha and Kabir can't control their laughs but they managed to do it...

Misha(controlling her laughs): Sir Kya hoha...aap bet q nahi rehay ho!!

Kabir: Han! Sir...Bata hey...

Sir Shankar(seems confused): Kuch nahi! Aur tum log apnay kaam karo ...

The class start to read again...

Piya is suspected that Misha and Kabir have done something...


Sir.Shankar goes out to call a peon to take this chair and bring another one...

As sir left..Piya turns to Kabir and Misha

Piya(silently): Tum logon nay hi kuch kiha hai!! Na...

Misha(a big smile): Han!! Tum nay deka sir ka kisa mou ban gaya tha...

Misha high fives with Abhay

Piya: Magar tum logon nay kiha kiya ha? 

Kabir: Bus Sir kay chair phar thoda prickly powder laga deha...

Misha and Kabir smiles

Piya(confused): Woh jo Misha nay tricky tricky shop say liha tha...

Misha nods...

Misha(smiling): Bus ab turn karo! Sir ha gaye to phir pagal ho jaye gay...

Piya turns and looks at Abhay who seems to not listening to their gossips...

Sir.Shankar enter the class with the peon bring a new chair...

The bell rings...and the students rush out of the class...

Misha: Chalo stuff room mein!! Plan:2

Kabir: Theek! ha chalo..

They rush to the stuff room finding no one...

They search for Sir.Shankar's tea who just the peon bought for him..

Kabir: Misha!! Tum nazar rako bahar...

Misha go to the door and Kabir head to the tea with a bubble gum.. and drop the gum in the tea

Kabir(smiles):Plan:2 done!

Kabir and Misha runs out...

Sir.Shankar enters the stuff room all tired..

Sir.Shankar(tired): Bus!! Ab chay pelo...

Sir.Shankar picks up the tea and start drinking it...

As he drinks a sip...Next he split it...

Sir.Shankar: Ye kya ho raha hai meray sath..(thinking: Mujhe yeh kuch gadbad lagtha  hai...jaldi say nikal shankar yeha say..warna to pagal ho jaho gaye.)

Sir.Shankar run out of the school with his stuff..

Misha and Kabir  are really happy...

Misha: Plan successful ! Sir bhag gaye..

On the other hand the principle is arranging for a new teacher...

Miss Panchi enters the college as the new teacher..


Miss Panchi: Class!! Aaj hum a project work karay ga..

The class cheers up

Ms.Panchi: Chalo mein groups banathi ho...

How was it?

And Guyzz! I will now stop editing this becoz this is becoming a mess...

Now i will post the link to my new chapter...but i will continue on only this post(no new post)

Chapter 4:

Chapter 5:

Chapter 6:

Chapter 7:

Chapter 8:

Chapter 9:

Chapter 10:

Chapter 11:

Chapter 12:

Chapter 13:

Chapter 14:

Chapter 15:

Chapter 16:

Chapter 17:

Chapter 18:

Chapter 19:

Chapter 20:

Chapter 21:

Chapter 22:

Chapter 23:

Chapter 24:

Chapter 25:

Chapter 26:

Chapter 27:

Chapter 28:

Chapter 29:

Chapter 30:

Chapter 31:

Chapter 32:

Chapter 33:


Chapter 34:

Chapter 35:

Chapter 36:

Chapter 37:

Chapter 38:

Chapter 39:

Chapter 40:

Chapter 41:

Chapter 42:

Chapter 43:

Chapter 44:

Chapter 45:

Hello Friends..This Season has reached its end..Will be back with the new season soon! Thank you for your support!

Award Ceremony:(1)

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Khilonaa IF-Sizzlerz

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No one interested

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Khilonaa IF-Sizzlerz

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No one interested Cry

IS it bad?

Please tell me so i can improve it

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karantakiar Goldie

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Hey dear m intrested.
i jus luvd it.
amazing dear.
plz add me to ur pm list nd do cnt soon.
luv u
Khilonaa IF-Sizzlerz

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Chapter 1 done!! How is it??

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Cute_Gal IF-Dazzler

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Nice Start Dear.. Piya is nt Orphan.,dat's gud.. Loved Mish-Piya Sis Bond.. Just dont keep Abhay too Rude plz. Carry on.. Add me 2 ur pm
-Sonia- IF-Dazzler

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wonderful update..

karantakiar Goldie

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wndrful dear,too gud.
wat an amazing part.
superb dear.
precap seemz to be vry intresting.
thnx for d pm.
plz cnt wid nxt 2nd part as soon as possible,really cant w8 for d nxt one.
plz cnt soon. nd do pm me.
luv u

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