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FF: You complete me-6-Epilogue-Pg 17 (Page 2)

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CONGRATES ON NEW THEARD.......................

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Congrats on the new thread waiting for the update.

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Hello Everyone,Tongue
Here is the next update for this FF.

Part 106

Geet walked towards the bed and found Maan in deep sleep. She got into bed beside him and turned away from him and closed her eyes. A couple of minutes later, she opened her eyes in shock when two strong hands encircled her waist and pulled her back on bed.

"Geet", he whispered, slowly in her ears.

"ji kahiye", she said.

"everything cleared? Anything else you wanna tell me, Geet?", he asked her, wanting to make sure everything else was settled, amongst the both of them.

"hmmm. I told you everything I had to. I apologize once again, Maan, for everything that happened. I am responsible for the 6 years of separation", she said, with tears in her eyes.

He made her face him and wiped her tears away and said, "Geet, whatever had happened has happened. It cannot be changed or undone. You did hurt me, by not trusting me, when I trusted to the extent that is unbelievable. I was just like a rock before you walked into my life. But after you came into my life, you've added color to it. You've changed everything for me, Geet and for the better.I love you, Geet and I cannot live without you. Only I know how I've survived for the last 6 years, Geet. Not a minute has passed, where I have not thought about you. But when I saw you, in the office as a CA, the pain and the grief that you did not trust me, came back to me. But I was also very proud that you had achieved something in life and that you were independent and financially well-off. You see the difference Geet?"

"what difference?" asked Geet, surprised.

"the first time, when you left your home to live a life on your own, you were in a confused situation- with no proper place to stay, with no job or any idea of what you would do with your future and the baby. But this time, when you left your home and your husband, you came back as a powerful woman. A woman, who has come up in life through her own efforts and hard-work. That I think is very commendable. You've changed too, and for the better- something I was very proud of, when I saw you speak in the meeting, in my office, when you stepped in as a CA. I held my head high and told myself, that this is the Geet I always wanted to see. But I wished, you were on my side of the table, beside me, rather than being on the opposite side, against me".

Tears flowed down geet's cheeks and Maan silently and patiently wiped them away. Geet hugged him tight and told him, "I know its easy for me to ask you to forgive and forget everything that has happened. But I know how difficult it is for you to actually do it".

" Geet, I don't think the question of forgiving you, arises. You are a part of me, Geet. You complete me. What am I without you?", he said, softly, kissing her forehead and kissing her tears away.

"Maan", said Geet, trying to say something. But instead, burst out crying loudly and moving closer into Maan.

Maan held her tight and both of them lay silent for sometime. All they could hear was each other's heartbeat. After a few minutes, both of them rolled off to sleep.

The next morning, had been a different one- for everyone. For Maan and Geet, all differences were cleared and they were ready to start a new journey, again. For Kia-Vishal, too, it was a new beginning.

Maan was awoken by the ring of his phone. Geet barked, "Oho, subeh subeh shuru, drama. Maan, aap soothe waqt, ringer ko switch off kyun nahi karte ho?"

"geet, main bhool gaya tha. Warna main hamesha silent pe rakta hoon, phone ko", he said, loudly. "aur tum mere phone calls ko drama keh rahe ho?"

"Haan, sahi kaha maine", she said, sitting up on the bed.

"Hello Madam, mere phone calls important hote hain. Tumhare phone calls ki tarah time pass nahin", he roared back, sitting up on the bed, opposite to her.

Geet was about to answer back, but Maan stopped her, "Oh keep quiet now. Vicky ka phone hain. Chup raho. We'll argue once I finish this call".

Geet rolled her eyes and looked away. Maan answered the call and jumped up in happiness after a few minutes. Geet looked at him, perplexed. Maan screamed, "Geet, you're going be an aunt" and hung up and kissed Geet on her cheek and said, "Kia 's pregnant, Geet".

"Kya?Really?", asked Geet, excited.

It was Maan's turn to roll his eyes. "Nahin geet, main tuo mazak kar rahan tha. Subeh Subeh aise mazak karne mein bada maza aata hain", he said.

He slightly hit Geet's head and, "Seriously, how dumb can you get? Tumne CA exams, copy karke pass hui thi kya?", he asked.

"Chup rahiye aap aur phone dijiye", she said and grabbed the phone and walked into the bathroom. Maan could clearly hear her screaming in the bathroom, "Kia, congrats. I'm so excited and Happy. Main abhi kuch der main aati hoon, tumse milne".

They quickly got ready and rushed to the farmhouse. Everyone was excited about a new member joining the family very soon and Geet gave Kia all instructions about how to take care of herself in pregnancy. Vicky looked very happy and it clearly showed on his face. Maan was smiling too and Daadi knew no bounds to her happiness. She could see that Maan and Geet were happy too, as she had felt that they had sorted out their differences. She was also happy that Kia and Vicky would have a child too. she wanted to get back to the mansion and get everything ready for Kia. She told them to quickly have breakfast and get back to the mansion.

While there was so much going on, inside the farmhouse. Muskan was out with her Cookie. She enjoyed playing with her pet and did not bother to interfere in the happiness or the confusion that prevailed inside. She only came in when her Daadi called out to her, for breakfast.

All of them left to the mansion. Daadi walked in first and asked all of them to wait outside. Muskan, did not pay heed to her instructions and ran in, behind daadi to see, what she was upto. Daadi came back again, with a aarti thali and did aarti to Kia-Vishal. Both of them walked in, hugged Daadi and then Vicy carried Kia to their bed-room.

Maan and Geet smiled and were about to walk in, when Daadi spoke up, "Geet beta, aap outhouse mein rahenge- just for sometime. Until I tell you".

Geet and Maan looked at each other and Geet nodded her head and smiled and turned and walked towards the outhouse.

Maan did not know what his Daadima was upto and asked her, the same.  "No questions for sometime, Mr. Maan Khurana. Please go to your bedroom and relax for sometime.I'll let you, what to do next".

Maan did not argue. He knew there was no point. He simply walked to his bedroom and crashed onto his bed and rolled off to sleep in no time.

After what seemed like 3 hours, someone patted him and woke him up. Maan opened his eyes, slowly and saw Kia and Vishal all dressed up.

"Maan Veerji, uthiye and jaldi se, taiyyar hoke neeche aa jaeye", said Kia, leaving some clothes and ornaments on his bed.

"Haan Bro. You gotta hurry. We're already running late", said Vicky, picking up the clothes and taking a look at them.

"Vishal mein neeche jaungi. Tum aur veerji jaldi se aa jao", she said, rushing out of the room.

"What's happening?", asked Maan.

"kuch nahi happening. Sab kuch happened pehle hi. Bas Granny samajthi nahi hain", said Vishal murmuring.

"kya?", asked Maan, irritated.

"arre bro, kuch pooja hain ghar pe- Kia ke liye. Aap sawal bahut karte hain. Get ready please", he said and pushed Maan into the bathroom.

Maan got ready and came down. He found no one in the living room. Nakul walked up to him and said, "sir, daadima ne is address pe aane ke liye kaha hain".

Maan took a look at the address  and realized it was that of a temple close by. He drove to the temple and found a few people gathered there. He saw Geet standing there, dressed in a red-sari. He saw Kia-Vishal, Sasha and her husband, Daadi, Pinky and Adi standing there, smiling at him. he walked towards Daadima, when she said, "Maan, I want you to marry Geet, officially in our presence".

Maan looked at Geet, who looked at the floor. "Maan, I know this should have been a grand event. But Geet wanted it to be very simple. I spoke to her, after you went to your bed-room. And I know, her wish is your command. So , I did not bother to ask you".

"No issues daadi", he said and took the garland from Vishal's hand. Geet held one garland too. Both of them exchanged their garlands and Maan put the mangalsutra and sindoor on Geet. They took Daadi's blessings and everyone went for lunch.

Daadi had tears in her eyes, when Sasha wiped them away. Daadima smiled and looked at her and said, "My family is so complete today. Geet and Maan are back together. Kia and Vishal are going to have a child. And Muskan, is my bundle of joy, always. So nice to see all of you too, so closely knit to this family. What else can I ask for, Sasha, right now?"

Sasha smiled and said, "Daadima, sab kuch theek ho gaya and hamesha aisa hi rahega. Kisi ka nazar na lage".

The entire evening had passed away with everyone taking photographs and laughing and enjoying. Sasha's kids, pinky's kids and Muskan, were upto a lot of mischief that went unnoticed, admist the happiness that prevailed.

The night came in very quickly and it was time for Maan and Geet to be with each other again. Geet and Maan walked into their bedroom. Geet turned to face Maan and he smiled and kissed her. They kissed each other for sometime and Maan hugged her tight. Geet whispered while in his arms, "Maan can we start our new life, in the outhouse. That's where our lives changed".

Maan smiled and said, "you will have to wait for sometime". Geet nodded her head and both of them stayed in each other's arms for sometime.

The mansion fell silent after a couple of minutes and Maan carried Geet to the outhouse. He walked into the bedroom and laid her on the bed. He crept in beside her after he was sure he had locked all the doors. They kissed each other again when Maan pulled away and said, "Geet, I don't think I can wait anymore".

Geet giggled, and pulled Maan into her, closer. Both of them undressed each other and made love all night. The passion was unending and both of them, could not resist each other.

"I love you, Maan!", said Geet, gasping for breath and Maan kissed her again and smiled.

Thus, they lived for the rest of their lives with each other's love as their strength and not letting any space for doubt and mis-understandings as strong as the last one to creep in. Yet, they still fought with each other over silly things, but also made up  for those silly fights and made love later. They walked by each other in every step of life and stood by each other in every walk of life. They remained as though they were nothing without each other and everything whilst  with each other. Thus, they completed each other.

With this, "You Complete Me" has come to an end. It's been a really long journey and I'm glad to have written it and taken it so far. I hope you have enjoyed this journey too. Thank you very much for being a part of this FF. Thank you all for the wonderful comments and criticism. I enjoyed knowing each of you and reading your comments.

I must say, I did make lot of friends here, in this journey and I really appreciate your time and patience.


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ClapCONGRATZZZZZ FOR THE NEW THREAD!!!!Clap waiting for the updateeeee

AMAZING is just a small word for ur beautiful ff! superb update! and finally the family is complete! couldnt ask for more. but a small request could we please have an epilogueeeee pwweeeeezzzz!!!Embarrassed

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its over  Cry  ... i'll miss it sooo much 

loved the update ..... Hug

just a request .. if u can write a proper epilogue ... may be geet being pregnant again with Maan's biological child.. Maan and muskan taking care of her and the delivery of our junior Maan .... 
plzz plzz plzzz aik epilogue likho naa  .. pretty plzzzzz with a cherry on top  Smile


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lovely fic

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cant believe it has come to an end...
its really an awesome story 
very well written
its one of my favourite ff that i would love to re-read...
thanks for writing such a fantastic story
hope you come up with other one soon

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loved it di
superb ending

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