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-Maha- IF-Sizzlerz

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So, yeahh finally my shop Embarrassed, Mesmerizing Hub Shocked, as you can read above ROFL.
Let me introduce myselfGeek

Certainly I never understood this thing of introducing but well since everyone does and I was pushed by someone Ouch *cough cough* so I shall also give it a tryStern Smile





Hey people *waves*

I am Maha well that's what my friends call me sparing one who just gave me most amazing name I could ever think off Sleepy *glares towards someone*.

I am experimenting with PS from past 8-9 months and finally become successful in some experiments and now make good creations atleast better from where I started off Ermm.

Not anyone really helped me in this, my habit of poking nose in everything around compelled me to try this and reach this far Big smile but some people do helped me out with few things.

I would like to thank Sara and Sofia for teaching me few things which helped me alot.

My biggest critics are my friends who have always supported me by telling the flaws in my work and praising to no limit if something clicks to them. They made me keen to experiment more and more, my friend Ashlesha & Fatz had really been a great in all these signatures making.

And And, before I leave, I know it has become boring Unhappy but have to mention that so last 2 seconds please *pouts*Embarrassed.
 My biggest inspiration was my love for show Tere Liye, the only unique show I had seen after ages and off course the two stars making that show so beautiful, TaAnu aka HarshIya aka Harshad Chopda as Anurag our Onu and Anupriya Kapoor as Taani our duffer.
My first creations were on them only BlushingDay Dreaming

Ohhh, it took whole 1 minute, so now I better shut upCool




I know how classyApprove but just too overratedStern Smile, blame her for giving all these wacky ideas Wacko.
But, anyways if she has given then let me continue coz no way she will let me change it Unhappy.
* Signatures - Non Animtaed
*Icons - Non Animated
Still I am struggling with non animated stuffs only so animation will take timeWink yet dunno how muchOuch



 See Shop Status before requesting



! Provide HQ pics though not necessary that I will use all
!! Text shall be provided

!!! Please mention if you would want your name written on the request

!!!! Do not cut or crop parts of my creation and claim as yours
!!!!! 1 request person 
!!!!! Do not pm for any request unless its a birthday siggy, I will not accept any requests via pm for use.
!!!!!!! Asking for sending the requests through pm is not possible always, so please don't ask for that.

!!!!!!!! Only regular visitors of my shop can request, so please don't request in your first visit only, I hate to say No but that doesn't mean I cannot
Few requests I will not accept : -


Additi Gupta - Its not like I have anything against her but its just that I cannot afford to spend time on things I don't really appreciate.

Harshiti - Harsh part of that is always more than welcome, so any siggy from that Harsh part will be done by my pleasure.

Mythological Requests - No, I am very much devotee of God but I think mythological things should not be posted in such galleries, so please no mythological requests.


* Maha/IF.com
* -Maha-

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-Maha- IF-Sizzlerz

Joined: 13 April 2009
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As I said above Embarrassed that my biggest inspirations in these signatures were my favourites Day Dreaming  who compelled me to start my experiments so my shop is incomplete without them.
God !!! today I am in my bhashan modeStern Smile, I have to say one or the other thing in every postErmm.
So now I promise to keep quietCool
HarshIya Day Dreaming Harshad Chopda Blushing and Anupriya KapoorStar, my most favourite people from telly world, the one who brought life to Onu & Taani. Just adore them very much and appreciates the bonding they share offscreen.
How beautiful they lookDay Dreaming
Ohkkk I promised to be quiet but whats my fault if they are so adorableUnhappy.
And here is my nextCool
TaAnuDay Dreaming what to say, truly something magical that cannot be expressed in wordsDay DreamingDay Dreaming. The cuteness in them was something never seen before, a perfect blend of hotness, cuteness and sensuality who can make you fall in fits of laughter and at the same time can give you goosebumps






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-Maha- IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 05 April 2011 at 12:48pm | IP Logged

| Anupriya Kapoor | |Harshad Chopda| | Shahd Afridi | | Random Signatures | - Pg 4
|Harshad Chopda| |TaAnu| |Anurag - Robindo| |Imraan Abaas| |Fahad Mustufa| |Exclusive Signatures| - Pg 8
|Harshad Chopda| - Pg 10
|Anupriya Kapoor| |Harshad's Birthday Signatures| - Pg 12
|TaAnu| |Anupriya Kapoor| |Prem Juneja| |Atif Aslam| |Srk - Kajol| |HarshIya| |Request| |Birthday Signatures| - Pg 13

|Tere Liye Special Update| - Pg !5

|Taanu| |Premeer| |Arhi| |Shanak| |Ram-Priya| |Harshjen| |Afridi|-Pg 18

|TaAnu| |Mayur| |Shanak| |Raya| |HC| |Roger - Mirka| |Humaima| |Anushka| |Anushka - Ranveer| |Arhi| |Anurag Ganguly| - Pg 20

|Mausam| |Mere Brother Ki Dulhan| - PG 23

 |HarshIya| |TaAnu| |Maneet| |Harshad Chopda| |Arhi| |Anushka Sharma| |Dhrashti Dhami| - Pg 26

|Harshad Chopda| |Anupriya Kapoor| |HarshIya| |Tere Liye| |Iss Pyaar Ko Kya Naam Doon||Imraan Abbas| |Dhrampatni| - Pg 28 & 29

Anyone wanting to get a pm whenevr I update please hit the Like Tab below

9.  dollie16

10. -Hoor-

12. -Hina-

13. -Nahi-


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-Maha- IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 05 April 2011 at 12:49pm | IP Logged

-My ExperimentsStern Smile
Not much I made apart from TaAnu and Tere Liye but still tried few things by the constant pressure and regular danda of that Hitler *sobs*



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Look am backCool unlike youSleepy and I am back by myself unlike you who always used to avoid commenting on mineOuch, sab yaad hainOuch, gin gin ke badle lungi mainEvil Smile.
Chalo first thank me for pushing you to this level and before that for restoring your intersts back in PS, warna you were all set to take sanyasSleepy.
Congratulations on your first shop madamHug so hope you will manage this nicely and open many more new shops and will not leave in mid wayLOLLOL.
So now where to start from, I know I have seen all these and even commented on all but well a golden chance since its opening comment of your galleryCool for rest updates I cannot gurranteeTongue.
Starting with bannersDay Dreaming, I am still not being able to take my eyes off from the banners, what beautiful picsDay Dreaming, how intelligent is that person who chose themEmbarrassedROFLROFL, you should be in company of such talented people onlyTongueROFL.
accha jokes apart I loved every single banner, I am so glad that not one clicked to you otherwise dunno how the banners would had turned outOuch since I know your choice very well *rolling eyes*.
Starting off with first banner, well I just relaised that you took that pic jo mujhe nahi acchi lagi thiOuch, gandiAngry kattiAngry and again no copyrightWacko dunno when you will make copyright as part of your siggy makingSleepy but but I loved the borders, awieee giving an elegant look along with that colouring and textureApprove.
Then the next banner, awieee it was so beautifully done, colouring is just amazing and texture kya bolun, you have the probably best textures I have ever seen and the way you uses textures is something I have very rarely seen.
Thn next banner, not much mehnat you did in that, it is good but still you know what I expect from you but well it is fine.
then next, again pinkStern Smile, what fixation you hav with pinkErmm, earlier you had with red and now with pinkWacko but khair its cute, little thingyLOLLOL.
Yes yes next one is my most favourite in all bneers, texture and colouring is just mind blowing and perhaps that was my fav picEmbarrassed so that has to be the bestApprove.
Then text headerD'oh, I so remember what tuff time we had while deciding colour and font, shit we were screwd up big time, almost 1 hour was spent just on that one text headerShockedShocked and all coz of youAngryAngry tujhe kitni baar bola hain to practise that but no you will not, if you will listen to me, teri izzat nahi kam ho jayegiPinch but khair it turned out very fine, result was worthy so I forgive you for thatTongue.
my HarshIya banner
Day DreamingDay DreamingDay DreamingDay DreamingDay DreamingDay DreamingDay DreamingDay DreamingDay DreamingDay DreamingDay DreamingDay DreamingDay DreamingDay DreamingDay DreamingDay DreamingDay DreamingDay DreamingDay DreamingDay DreamingDay DreamingDay DreamingDay DreamingDay DreamingDay DreamingDay Dreaming
Aur kya bolun main aage Day DreamingDay DreamingDay DreamingDay DreamingDay Dreaming
That Gondola RideDay DreamingDay DreamingDay DreamingDay DreamingDay Dreaming
Awieeee how can sumone be so perfect and mostly so perfect in each others arms like piece of missing puzzle but well that our HarshIya so they have to be the B-E-S-T Day DreamingDay DreamingDay DreamingDay DreamingDay Dreaming and they are the B-E-S-TBlushingDay DreamingBlushingDay Dreaming.
You know how much I love this specific pic, it was my dp on FB after ages I put their dp and with whole heartDay Dreaming.
This pic is gorgeous and you just enhanced its beauty more and more, the texture was great, I always love this kind of scribbling textures and colouring is just P-E-R-F-E-C-T.
I remember we had to think again and again over the font of text but this is just best.
Everything about this siggy just like our HarshIya is B-E-S-T.
doob mar motttiiiiAngryAngryAngry that was supposed to be my banner for that thread on TL forumAngryAngry, will never forgive you for cheating me thereCryCry.
You knew very well how much I loved the siggy, every pic was my fvourite, khud snap ki thi raat ke 3:00 baje baithkar and tune mujhe nahi dia bannerCryCry, will not talk to youUnhappy.
Such mesmerizing work was done on this, so fablous blendig, for the first time you worked with so many pics and the result was just out of the world but you took opportunity from me to put in our TL threadOuch.
Anyways middle line is my favDay Dreaming, you know TaAnu's consummation morning followedBlushing, so much of romance and love in middle sectionBlushing.
And above and below one, kya bolun unmein toh, all the breath taking moments of TaAnuDay Dreaming.
Shit I miss themCryCry I want them back, such beautiful thing left us coz of othersCryCry.
Hope to see them back in near future though I know chances are grim.
moving to last two banners, awieeee both were my fav picsDay Dreaming chalo kahin toh meri bhi sunliBig smile, just loved the two banners.
Though wish you had put border in all the banners, creations looks bit incomplete without border.
Then towards your experiments, what stupendous experiments mamThumbs Up, certainly you have grown so so much in signatures, makes me feel so proud of you knowing that from whwere you have started and where you are now, since I am the only one who has witnessed every single piece from your PS, no creation is there which
I have not seen and that too sabse pehleBig smile, so mam its certainly pleasure to see you working like this and hopefully you will do more wonders with PS and do start animation soon, now its high time for you to try hand in other things of PS as well.
SO haan kahan thi main, shit bhulwa deti hain mujheAngryAngry, haan experiments well I loved every single siggy you put in experriments but just one fav ouries in all and I know you know which, had it been some other day then certainly it would have been TaAnu or HarshIya but you know how much cricket fever is on me and Indian team just on my senses so my has to be the Indian cricket one.
Their winning momentDay DreamingDay DreamingDay DreamingDay DreamingDay Dreaming
Perhaps one of the proudest moment of my life being an IndianParty.
Though how ironical the day when I danced with joy was the same day where my beloved thing bid us goodbyeCry
Hate SP again for thisAngryAngry
I couldn't enjoy TL end, well anyhow cvs really left nothing to enjoy but still couldn't enjoy the presence of TaAnu on my screen for the very last timeCryCry.
But Khair, glad that my cricket fever is so high otherwise TL's end would have been much more painful.
Anyways now you better make some more siggys on Indian cricket team and especially onEmbarrassed you know on whomBlushing
YuviDay DreamingBlushing I have loved this guy from starting but now to no limitsBlushing how brilliant he was with the bat and bowl both, one person we can say for bringing India this far in the tournamentDay DreamingDay Dreaming
DhoniDay Dreaming shit now only I realised how stunning he is and what stylish wicket keeper my team hasDay Dreaming lucky SakshiDay DreamingROFLROFL
just respect him alot for his cool and calm attitudeSmile, certainly best Captain India has ever hadBig smile.
Virat & GottyDay DreamingDay Dreaming my team is full with stunning dudesEmbarrassed.
Sachin, awwwww the legend, really respect him alot, so better you make extra on him coz maybe this was his last WCCryCry.
Zaheer & Bhajji & Munaf, awieeee what gorgeous bowlers, always just changed the match in seconds
Love them
And haan Raina, though doesn't much impressed but certainly his performance was commendable, he changed the matches of India against Pak & AussieEmbarrassed.
Chal enuff of my love for my teamEmbarrassed I know tujhe bhaut baar suna chuki hoon but kya karun jahan pics dekhti hoon ,wahin chalu ho jaati hoon
awieee I Love my teamDay DreamingDay Dreaming.
If you have TaAnu in list how can it happen that I don't choose them, sop hate them for such effectDisapprove
OMGGGGG, certainly I have no words for this, I swear no words, such fablous colouring, amazing texture work, beautiful border and I assume you have used brush here so if you have then kudos for that alsoROFLROFL.
I dunno why seeing this siggy before is not coming to my mindConfused, tune dikhayi nahi hogi mujhe thenAngryAngry I know youAngryAngry chor khainkiAngryAngry.
Now I am warning you, I want a complete set on this and it has to be this best only or even more but no lessAngryAngry.
Its not always that you use only 2 pics but you have used here and you have done complete justice madam, siggy is phenomenal.
I certainly dunno how to express my admiration on this piece, its something so gorgeous rather heavenlyDay DreamingDay Dreaming.
Pizzzaaa remeber that danceDay Dreaming, one of the most blissful moment of the show though it was very shot but TaAnu's love and pain was at its peak and was so visible in this dance and perhaps AK is most graceful dancer I have seen in telly world and HC what to say about him, he has improved so so much that it takes a second to think that he is the same onewho was not so good in dance and is now very much good in dancingwithout any training or anything.
Beautiful signature pizzaaa, just very beautifulDay DreamingDay Dreaming and now you forced me to see their dance again and I am hearing the same song atmShockedROFLROFL mere Itunes ko isi time par play karna yeh wala songROFLROFL.
Then HC one, I assume you made for FC or for some other thing, this was not just like that but well whatever it is gorgeous as well.
And all the other siggys of Pak team are beautiful as well, lovely texture work.
Then toawrds InspiartionsDay Dreaming chal again thank me first for briging up that ideaTongue, I am just too coolCool, main naa hoon toh tera kya hoTongueROFLROFL.
Chal shuru se shuru karti hoonROFLROFL
HarshIyaDay DreamingDay Dreaming their SBS/SBBB always been treat to us, no fake segments only facts, just love their offscreen chemistry like all of usROFLROFL.
First siggy, remember that SBS where HC said nothing in front of camera but said many other thingsROFLROFL he made me love slang language, not love Dead sorry Embarrassed but actually started loving that word from his mouthROFLROFL how cute he was thereROFLROFL and his masti, the way he was teasing AKROFL "Paagla hain Yeh"ROFLROFL kya tha woh SBS I swaer, they were not interviewd then we got such thing, interview hota toh kya hotaROFLROFL.
And siggy, kya kahun you did a different colouring there and seriously very beautiful, I really loved the siggy alot, aisi colouring kyun nahi karti abAngry, kitni acchi hain woh, blending was simple but very smart selction of pics and what border and texture, certainly flawlessBig smile.
Then next one, I remeber how much my brain you ate that dayOuch "acchi nahi hain"
"Badi ajeeb hain"
"nahi post karungi"
"patani kya ban gaya"
and what not and how much time it took for me to convinvce that how perfect it was but noOuch but well in the end my danda only worked and now look how beautiful it, such differnt kind of blending.
 swear I have never seen so many types in anyone's belding and perhaps so much with shapes and sizes not even on those who are just perfect in these and been practising from many years
so you certainly take the thing there atleast for me.
And tera fav SBSROFLROFL "Aaj to ho jata"ROFLROFL
shit now I have to watch that againOuch, pehle have to open youtube, sign in then see subcriptions and then search the video and then wait for it *sigghhhh*
Then next one, this pic came out on 23rd Feb, my farewell dayDay DreamingROFLROFL, already had great day with friends and this just made it moreDay Dreaming, how beautiful they look togetherDay Dreaming even individually they look killingDay Dreaming.
Mera bhai, ahhh what to say, he is just perfect, what attitude, what style and that black jacket with blue jeans and pocket in hands
What else we can ask for
he was perfect
and AK was gorgeous like always
You tried another new style here and mama you were successful, beautiful colouring and texture work, well no1 can beat you in that
Then next one, awieeee another cute SBS, I told you their segments were always treat to watchDay Dreaming
how cutely she says sorry to him and how naughtily he hugs herLOLLOL.
That one isgreat as well but nothing much new I saw there, it was your same old colouring just bit modification and texture also almost seen in many but well if we just see as signature then another finest work by you.
Haaye main thak gayiDisapprove fingers are paining now *sighhhhh*
so will edit after breakEmbarrassed
dekh kitni acchi hoon main
seekh kuch mujhseAngry
chal main waapis aa gayi
dekh mahaAngryAngry tujhe maaf nahi karungi mainOuch
Anyways now my TaAnuDay DreamingDay Dreaming
aakhir se shuru karti hoon ROFL
And that aakhri siggy was supposed to be mineWacko but no people have to show how big fools they are so they will interfereSleepy knowing how their taste isSleepy.
siggy mein boder kyun nahi dala *raises eyebrows*
siggy is gorgeous, blending is just woww, certainly after so many days saw such beautiful blending , colouring is fab and texture again as said above I love such textures and this is looking just wow
so all in all a wow siggy which could have been mine but no
just want to give you tight at the momentAngryAngryAngryAngry
shame on you that still tujeh nahi pata what thing can click to me and what notAngryAngry
bhaut gussa aa raha hain abhi toh AngryAngryAngry main kya bolun mainAngryAngryAngry
Anyways next oneAngryAngry
but haan maaf nahi kia hain upar waali ke lie and na he karungiAngryAngry
My favourite shot, HC looked wow as Onu there, finally my onu got new jacket and with short hair and such innocent looks, he was setting the screen on fireBlushingBlushing, nice siggy again.
This has to be my favourite, such variation is Blending is commendable madam , what to say about colouring and texture, you just blew me off with this siggy.
Most finest piece for me from your creations.
awieee KulfiDay Dreaming missing themCry
nice siggy, this was also meant for me but then then...............AngryAngry
Then that hug one, awieee that hug, how we all loved that hug
just miss themCryCry
 Now this siggy which marked the starting of most finest creations of wouyld be most finest maker, you certainly did great wotk onb this siggy and I still remember how from this siggy you improved day and night to no limts
Then this one, tujhe yeh acchi nahi lagi thiShockedShocked I mean yeh waaliShockedShocked how stupid of you and that dayu I understood height of your foolishness and stupidity, I had to persude you to post this one when I saw in your PB account, how brainless creature you areSleepy
ahhh such a relief nowBig smile
That shot
Tune Toh Pal Bhar Mein Chori Kia re Jia More Pia
awieee first romantic shot of TaAnuDay DreamingBlushingDay Dreaming
And again what a blending, what fine use of shapes and about colouring and texture, no doubt they are just stupendous
b/w text lahan se ayaGeek maine toh dia nahi thaErmm.
mere lie bhi kuch banaya thaBig smile and that too without telling me, like SURPRISE ............SURPRISE, first surprise from madam's side to meOuch.
And certainly you know how much I love this, tabhi abhi tak mere dabbe mein hainCool, best was the blending and font you used.
awieeeee "Maar Dala"
Kya bolun, what shot that was
awieeee HC was at his best and what life he brought in the shot, no words to describe his perfection
and now I have to see this one as wellOuch I hate you for this nowDisapprove
kya bolun iske baare mein toh, just could't take my eyes off even for a second, already HC was dazzling there and your work on these pics is just ClapClap, you chose perfect texture and colouring, bit masucline types to enhance the situation of the shot, seriously best Onu siggy from your kitty for me.
You have made very few on Taani so mam next task is to capture most berautiful moments of Taani in your creations but yes whatever you have made is just perfect, all the 3 are fablous and I know how much tuff time had while getting first two from you especially the second, you irritated me to no limit while making the 2nd oneAngryAngry
Then paagal onu one, awieee mera onu jo kabhi paagal tha he nahiSilly EK ne humara paagal banaya thaPig
well anyways great work
this was one on the day when that first scanner article about TL cvame and from there our bad luck just kicked offOuch.
Lovely colouring, blending is again gorgeous
Then yeh
dekh le everyone is going nuts over this one and you were not making this, samjh le, baat maan lia kar meri hamesha
I can never be wrongApprove and by now you must have understoodTongue
nahi nahi this is mny favourite of Onu but this mainly coz of Onu's pic, such innocense is something so gorgeous, the serenity on his face, in his eyes
awieeee kya kahun mainDay DreamingDay DreamingDay Dreaming
So Perfect togetherDay DreamingDay Dreaming
so with this I will end
finally done with my part for this shop now catch you around in next shopTongue
And I am sure you will have gala time reading this and replying to thisTongueROFLROFLROFL
so ta taaaaa
catch you after 146 pagesCool

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-Fatima- IF-Stunnerz

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Posted: 05 April 2011 at 12:51pm | IP Logged
Congratz on urz gal honey bunch Party
wish u make many many more
me is sooooo happy tht u atlast made & u knw hw much me love urz work
urz work is so so so so beautiful each & everything is sooooo perfect

me alwayz love this siggy of urz itz just dunno me adore like hell also adore otherz but this one is cherry on the cake hehe

aaahhhhhhhh angry HC alwayz lookz dreamy can't stop starring at it

ohoooooooooooo this one is totally jaanuable saving

aahhhhhhhh cricket onez r all my damn damn favz these dayz cricket craze is full so me love all of the can't choose any all r adorable
phew this much blabbering is enough me break my rec in commenting hehe
awesome work
keep rocking

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AS.. IF-Stunnerz

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Posted: 05 April 2011 at 1:38pm | IP Logged
congrats yaara Party
happy to see u here too.. wooooww welcome to A&S forum too

OMG yaara i love ur creations
agree with ur wording too..


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AS.. IF-Stunnerz

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Posted: 05 April 2011 at 1:43pm | IP Logged


say yaad aya.. remember after leap when HarshIya were back.
in E24 channel interview Anupriya said she were mersmerized to see AnuraagLOL


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