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Come Tell-A-Story **CLOSED**

spln IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 04 April 2011 at 9:14am | IP Logged
Hello all my lovelies again!

I'm back, after a while (no, this is not cue for looking panic stricken. bring on the sunny smiles please. There, just like that.
So I was saying I'm back - without having any success at ridding myself of my digressional powers - with a new post... and a new something for all of you to participate in.

NOTE: When I say'all of you' I mean it literally. Without exception. Basically, 'all of you' are the operative words in all that I have spoken so far.

So yeh. Continuing...

The 27th of this Fool's Month, is ironically recognized in honor of the smart-folks. It marks what Google likes to call Tell-A-Story-Day!

So what shall we be doing on the 27th of April?!
Why, telling stories of course!

But what am I doing here already, you sure want to ask...


I just came to fool around Cool
Really. Trust me. Pinky Promise. Evil Smile

What! Why are you still here! I said I was fooling around ...! Shocked
Oh fine. Clearly, you guys think too well of me to believe I could
ever fool around, right?! Aww you nice peeps! Hug I always knew I had a way with impressing people EmbarrassedLOL
*gets glared at*

*cough* So yeh, I was saying, we shall be telling stories, on Tell-A-Story-Day, which falls on 27th April. (no I'm not being repetitive. I'm only stating all the facts in one line, because I like to be organized Geek err, yeh, OCD happens to be one of my many issues - but that's a confession for another time...)

For now...

Now to make sure we have our stock of stories to tell, here's what you all have to do.
Below are 4 posts - each one serving as an excerpt for a different story. Its taken me a while, no correct that, its taken me alot - like A.L.O.T. - of time, and effort to put together these four different excerpts. On that note I expect truck loads of entries to spam the CC pm

All you really have to do is go through each one of them, chose the one that strikes you the most, and inculcate it in telling a story of your own.

That simple, yes. Just a conceptual little piece, using which you write your own
Short Story/Vignette/One Shot.

are some rules - but I promise, uncharacteristic as it sounds of me - they are simple, and very easy to comply by this time.

*cough* Nothing like Chinese Whisper *cough*

**  Word Limit:
6000 words (excludingthe part that has been given by me in each case). I've been generous. Please keep your story any length within that limit. It can be very short yes, but not any longer.

**  Send your entries to crazycreative
latest by 25th April, 12AM Eastern (EST).

**  Only
oneentry per ID is allowed.

No MIDs please. Any MID entries stand liable to be disqualified.

Do not post any entries on this thread. Any such entries shall stand disqualified by default. Participants are expected to maintain strict anonymity.

** Entries shall be posted, for reading and voting on 27th April - in commemorating Tell-A-Story day!

Only one excerpt per story.It must be incorporated as such, although it can be used anywhere in the story and does not necessarily have to be the beginning itself. You can even split the excerpt into smaller parts and scatter bits of it all over your story (possible for excerpts 1 & 4).

**  You are free to use any character names. Names from TV shows/books/movies etc. are allowed, but you must credit the character name inspiring source in an Author's note at the beginning. That said, you must not plagiarize, or be inspired by any show/movie/book storyline as such.

**  There is no genre restriction. Use any concept piece, and write any genre you wish to. However, make sure you comply with all IF Code of Conduct rules, for writing in general. Any entries violating IF's rules shall stand disqualified by default.

And that's that. Looking forward to some very entertaining entries from the many, many talented writers on IF. If you're more of a reader, be sure to talk your favorite writers to participate. In the end, despite this being a contest, what we're aiming at really is getting to read some amazing stories on Tell-A-Story Day!

Good luck to everyone!

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spln IF-Sizzlerz

Joined: 06 December 2007
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Posted: 11 April 2011 at 11:19am | IP Logged

The ultimate test, he had told her, was to become street smart. Not just in the literal meaning of the phrase, but literally. She scoffed at the particular phrasing of this thought. Then clarified to herself, as if she were more than one mind inside one head - street smart implied, gathering street expression in a language. That is, understanding common slang, here, in a place and among people she did not blend with as a natural. 

He had always been the dreamer in the family. And the one to follow them. It was one such dream that had brought him to this feisty land. And she was here to complete what he had left unaccomplished. 

It was important one understood, however, that she was nothing like him. Neither the dreamer, nor the dream catcher... she was the prim and proper pragmatist. It was evident in the way she had scheduled even the fulfillment of what had been set as a wild dream initially. There was a fixed plan, a routine with several stages, and following each in its turn and time was part of the algorithm she had charted. Yes, itinerary, was not the word that defined her travels, or the corresponding exploits. Algorithm was just right. Structured, ordered, under control - and inflexible, till she had her way.

Standing at the foot of the short flight of stairs that led to the glass doors, for a moment, she just gave them a long look. This was it. She was at the threshold of the final stage, and she seriously doubted, if at all, that anything could get out of hand now!

She'd chosen the Comedy Showcase, because to her logical mind it seemed like a good place to test her acquired skills so far. If one could understand the inherent humor of a culture that they did not belong to, they had certainly gotten somewhere with establishing their life as an alias.

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spln IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 11 April 2011 at 11:27am | IP Logged

note: This piece has 4 characters, but I've successfully refrained from using any names, because that discretion lies with the writer. However, if you do incorporate this excerpt in your story, feel free to replace the he/she or any other form of addressing I've used to distinguish the 4 (currently nameless) characters with whatever names you chose for them, wherever you find appropriate/necessary.


He choked, and gasped, struggling to get her attention as startled by the sudden loud sound she nearly strangled him with the noose of the tie she was helping him with.

"Oh my god," she whispered, hurriedly undoing it and looking wide eyed as he rubbed his throat. "I'm so sorry, I just... what was that sound?"

"I don't..." he coughed, and cleared his throat rubbing it lightly some more, "It's alright. And I don't know. Let's go see."

"What's going on down..." he begun loudly, gliding down the stairs as she followed him.


"Get the hell OUT of my kitchen!" 

They both heard her voice - his sister, her friend - presumably yelling at her husband - their common friend.  Just as the two of them made it to the bottom of the stairs, they saw the poor guy duck behind the wooden cutlery cabinet. And then they saw his attacking wife walk out, hands on her hips, murder in her eyes. 

"Why exactly are we being treated to this aggressive intimacy today of all days?" He asked them, more his sister, than her husband, out of a default sense of loyalty to old time fraternity.

"Bhai!" she half wailed through her obvious anger. "I hate him!" Folding her arms across her chest she glared at the accused man she otherwise, very often claimed to be madly in love with. Well, 'I Love You' were three over rated words anyways. The blamed and assaulted husband on this note, peeked at him from beneath hooded eyes, shaking his head with a sheepish guilt. 

"What did he do?" She, his own fiance and soon-to-be-wife in the next couple hours, intervened that moment.

"He ruined my biggest and best batch of cupcakes, when all he had to do was turn off the oven in the 10 minutes after I left to shower and get dressed." she said gritting her teeth and blowing at the curl over her eye in anger.

They looked towards their friend, her husband - she with the slightest frown of disapproval and he with a shrug of sympathy, both awaiting his explanation. 

"It was the Super Bowl final... I... forgot."

"The game was last night. They didn't even win it, your favorites! It was some rubbish news about the rival coach's great glory in having his boys win the big game which was his last with them as a coach. WHO BLOODY CARES!" There were two people in that room, who would have liked to disagree with her, the two men. But they heard the warning challenge in her raised pitch, and knew better than to be foolish.  

"Why didn't you just preset the timer on the oven?" He tried, tentatively, not happy to be adjudicating this fight scene, but unable to forgo the brotherhood and target his mate already. His sister seemed too volatile just that second, or he'd have pointed out also, that Super Bowl was like, 'The' Super Bowl. And cupcakes were... well, just cupcakes.

"Are you serious?"

Uh-oh. That was his fiance. So much for sticking up with ones fraternity. "I've been telling you for a week that the oven's timer needs fixing, and you've been stalling it because you had 'countless other errands' for the wedding. But surely, you didn't forget?!"

"Look I'm sorry. Really. How about I go and buy some to make up? Every kind they have at the store." The husband said, re-entering the conversation with what he thought was a very generous offer. Too bad his wife didn't think so.

"I did Granny's hardest recipe. I've been at it all morning, because I wanted to do something special for my brother's wedding. And his favorite cupcake-cake at the reception had seemed like a plan. Until now." That did it. Both her husband, and her brother hung their heads low, dutifully.

"That was awfully thoughtful of you honey. Please don't let these two hopeless losers ruin your mood. I'm very touched, that you thought so much about it, and so is your brother." He nodded vehemently at her prompting, in his sister's direction, then went back to hanging his head.

It wasn't enough for redemption. With a last of disgusted and upset looks, the ladies walked out on them, first his sister, then her, and he didn't dare remind the latter, that she still had to do his tie. So much for having caught the chance to romance his gorgeous bride, and steal one last kiss of her before the priest officially pronounced her so, and allowed him the rights!

He was wise enough to know there was nothing to salvage in that opportunity now. Turning back to his mate of all ages, and brother-in-law of more recent times, he asked, "What was this news about the coach again? That good for nothing gloat is still going on about his..."

"I can hear that." It startled him so, that he nearly jumped out of his skin. Gosh indeed - had she really?! He waited, expecting more...

"Welcome to 'hubbyhood'." His friend whispered meanwhile, careful that it could remain strictly between the two of them. "You still have an hour to change your mind before we leave for the venue," he teased.

"Right. As if." He replied making a wry face. Then automatically his expression turned softer. "I'd trade this day for nothing in a million years. Not after what its taken me to get here."

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spln IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 11 April 2011 at 11:36am | IP Logged

"Tell me more about the eyes." 

Passing me the glass of water, he pressed me for details, without a trace of urgency or haste. It wasn't a gesture of concern, because coming from him, it was like a receptionist's smile - something he was boringly and obligingly accustomed to doing, as part of his job.

I wasn't mindful enough of his lack of sympathy, just right then. Quite thankfully instead, I drank in a large gulp of the chilled water. Then I took in a deep breath, and closed my eyes to remember what I would have given anything to forget - the sight of those eyes through the face mask ... The translucent hazel that turned to steel when they narrowed to focus upon ... 

My own eyes fell open with a start, a shudder passing through my spine. He sat looking at me intently, and the very distant comprehending part of my mind held onto the subconscious former belief - it wasn't out of concern, but routine. He was being merely patient with me, a crucial witness to this fifth murder case in the neighbourhood, that had kept their hands full here at Scotland Yard, this entire awful week of rainy afternoons. In this weatherly respect, today was no different. 

"They were cold," I whispered. My voice had refused to come full volume ever since the incident early this morning, sometime before the inset of dawn. 


"Nuances of grey ... they turned dark ... very dark when he .... when ... " I inhaled sharply and ran a hand forcefully through the tangled mess of my long tresses. If I'd survived the sight of that ruthless stabbing, surely, I could survive speaking it out loud ... ?

"I see." 

Any other day, any other time, this man would have driven me over the edge. Why here I was, at all my nerves' end, and all he offer me was an 'I see'  ... ? Sure! He could see nothing at all. Nothing! Unknowingly, I had worked myself into something of a breathlessness. Unknowingly also, I was scowling deeply, staring, or rather glaring at him. Perhaps he sensed it, for he met my eye, interrupting his professional strokes on the canvas, sketching the murder suspect.

"Are you alright?"

There it was, the water glass yet again, raised up for me. I wanted to scream the obvious 'no I'm not!' right into his face; instead I held back and re gathered my dissipating composure. I did however reject his attempt to drown my extreme discomfiture with mere cold water - what was I, a flushing system? 

"They were quite like yours," I told him bluntly staring into his eyes, and momentarily, the revelation of my own words shocked even me.

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spln IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 11 April 2011 at 12:48pm | IP Logged

Perhaps it wasn't just a strange coincidence, how at the bottom of all seeming facts, was this real one - she and I were living our days in a similar trend.

She had not a lover in life; I had too many but one. Conclusively, we were a single heart apiece.

And if irony had to find a situational synonym - it lay in the fact, that she and I, were professional match makers.

As partners, not rivals.

How kickass was that!

From our initial days of bonding (or not?!), we were spotted 'together' too often to not prompt gossip. Luckily, our peers were a lot of bright people who soon figured we were the case of 'plain opposites' not the proverbial 'opposites that attract'.

As soon as the every-town-has-its-share-of snoopers were jaded and convinced we were not the next epic-love-story-in-the-making, we were left alone.
She, to her unbelievably boring life of routines and deadlines. Oh and, being good!
I, relieved at reestablishing my single-to-mingle credentials, in continuing to turn heads, for this newer, better reason.

Divine conspiracies, unlike the rumored divine grace, are not a myth. I speak from personal experience. 

How else would one explain the uncanny concurrence of our lives?

Cause hello, this is my story.

But she has to, as a rule, barge her way into every notable aspect of it.

It sure beats the hell out of me... how she does it. All the damn time!

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Angel-Jot. IF-Veteran Member

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Posted: 11 April 2011 at 6:24pm | IP Logged
CryCry I wannaaaa participate!!!!! *drops my textbooks and throws a tantrum* Gosh. Why does the most fun contest have to happen when i'm a CC? =[

And i'm not gonna colour-ify your post this time NJ. *yawns* No. I'm serious. I'm actually very busy. Homework. =[ *sighs*

Good luck to all the participants [ a lot of you. *glares]. I can't wait to read the entries although i would've loved to write one myself. =[ hmph.

Oh well.


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IndigoBlues IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 11 April 2011 at 11:00pm | IP Logged
I'm going through writers block right now OuchSo anyway i would not have scored major points in this contest...LOL

Can't wait to read the entries and discern them with my evil eye Evil Smile...though at this point of time anyone who manages to write even a paragraph of their story is an inspiration. LOL

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.StarryPhoenix IF-Veteran Member

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Posted: 12 April 2011 at 10:59am | IP Logged
gr88 one Nj, amazin' post jz like uHug
ahem ahemm.. bt me nt one of those awesome Writers who cn claim to win the Runner-Up position..att-leasttttttttttt. ROFL Participation matters, i noe i noe!Tongue
bt ....Wining does matter toooo....for some! coughs**ROFLROFL
so i better stay out of ths n try my luck for some othr compe, waitin for d amazin;' entriesssThumbs Up

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