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Posted: 04 April 2011 at 3:52am | IP Logged
Monday 4/4/11 Episode No??? Roja thuppu thOlakkuva to find out Wink

Rombbbaaaa padutharaanga ppa - intha Gayathri eppO paarthaalum Shree yOda
kutti frock ai vaichindu azarathu, Shreenath thriumbi thirumbi thOndarathu - ithu
mattum thaan 1st segment. As usual Gayathri dilly dallies - Shreenath continues
to be in the dark - the dark secret is not revealed. Guess who is coming to dinner -
oops , who comes visiting while Gayathri laments??? The biological parents land
up - to say bye bye Chennai, Here we come Mannargudi.

Balu sings an asthothram - " Ungalai mathiri nalla manusha contact kidaichuthu,
I have friends here and in Mannargudi ..but yaarunne theriyaame.....Shreenithi
girl seeing munnadi enga kitte aasirvatham vaangi...blah blah..." Srinivasan says
that they do not merit such accolades..Gayathri does a thiru thiru ( ivanga rendu
perum muzhikkara muzhiyile theriyanum that all is not ticketyboo nnu !!! Enge,
Balu oru asamanajm !!!)
Gayathri asks about RR's mom " how do you know her??"
Now it is Baalu's turn to do thiru thiru but samalichufies - This family knows only
one wife and if Balu talks about Anu and Co......

While all this is going on, Meenakshi sees Shree's photo in the bed room and walks
 towards that - people , people don't forget that Gayathri came in a hurry and did not
"hide" the frock and chain - Meena keeps looking at the photo of the jing bang
also adjourn to the bed room. Balu says that Meena likes Shree " Hospital le she
saw the photograph in the paper .....she kept looking at that !!! When I asked her
she said that she knows Shree, apdi oru attachment !!! " Srinivasan Gayathri thiru
thiru time Wink Finaaaallllllly, Meena sets her eyes on the frock and the chain..... has
 visions of handing over baby Shree to RR s, bus stand....child missing......etc., etc........
.Meena picks up the frock and the chain.. calls out Selvi...Selvi......faints.....the whole
 jing bang fusses ......another thiru thiru session...


Update for Tuesday, Apr 5, 2011 - Episode 245: By Eljay

Roja, that episode number was gone in a flash!  I had to watch it two or three times to catch it, and I did it just for you, to save you the thuppu tholakku business!

Meenakshi faints, Gayathri sprinkles water on her face and revives her.  When she regains consciousness, Meenakshi says that this is the same dress and chain that Selvi was wearing on the day she was lost, she says that a mother will always know the scent of her child, Gayathri wears a guilty look on her face.  Balu tries to tell her that these clothes belong to Shreenidhi, but Meenakshi is very clear in her statement.  Gayathri runs out of the room and goes and cries in front of her puja room.  When the rest of the crowd follow her, she does some more crying and finally falls at Meenakshi's feet, asking for forgiveness.

Entire story is confessed by Shreenivasan, Gayathri continues to look remorseful, he explains that when they found out that Shreenidhi was the missing Selvi, they wanted to return her but their paasam stopped them but their manasatchi would not let them rest (what was it doing all these years?  sleeping? this should have been done at the bus stand itself on the day they found her!) Now it is time for Meenakshi to praise Gayathri for all the rearing she has done, and to orate on how the valartha paasam is greater than petha paasam, etc., while Shreenath says he can never forgive his parents for having done this and causing so much grief to Balu and Meenakshi (and I agree with him)  Balu praises his nalla manasu, and says all is well now.

They go back home, Paati gives them prasadam, they tell Paati their good news.  Paati is pleased, then Meenakshi starts weeping that now they know Shree is their daughter, but they don't know where she is.  Paati gets angry and tells Balu to go tell this news to the person responsible for all this - Palli, who lost Selvi in the first place, then drove Shree away with her taunts and nasty words.  Balu leaves.

Thodarum ...

Thank you, God!  Now all that is left in this story is for Palli to eat crow and go back to Gayathri and Shreenivasan and ask for Shree's hand in marriage, and then the big event - her coming to know that she is the second wife.  Please, cold water and bell bharathi, let it happen in this lifetime!

Wednesday - Eclat??
solitteengala - no appeal...
6th APRIL 2011  - WEDNESDAY - EPISODE - 246
By Eclat
Auto arrives at Palli's... Balu veeraavEsamaa, as if ready for a fight, gets off, opens the gate wide , goes in through the open door (eppo dhaan will they learn that if you keep the doors open stay around) and calls for Palli and RR. Palli's mom invites him in and wants to know the reason for his tension.  He still calls for Palli who comes out from her room.  She too invites him and wants to know when they are leaving for Mannargudi.  Balu blames her for the trip getting cancelled. Balu wants to know what does Palli get in separating them from their kid.  Palli is surprised that Balu is speaking like this when all this while he was supportive, when she was guilt ridden.   Balu says it was not just one mistake but two. (Balu naanga oru listE tharOm..sollidunga andha KKP kitta)  He was supportive when she lost Selvi because it was an accident (arivu kaLanjiyam adhukku pEru muttaaLthanam)  but now Palli is the reason for Shreenidhi getting lost.    Balu finally tells Selvi and Shreenidhi are the same.  Palli and Mummy shocked but the idiot Palli who never thinks straight tells that Balu and others are enacting a drama so that she would get Shreenidhi married to Karthik.  Balu further tells she is a fool who always claims caught rabbit  has three legs, which has put everyone in trouble .  He reruns the visit to Gayathri.... Palli and mummy crying... Balu blames Palli for having lost Shreenidhi aka Selvi forever now.  Palli tearfully asks sorry, says that her agambaavam and thimir blinded her.  Palli promises to find Shreenidhi and bring her back to Balu.  Balu doesnt believe she would do so.  Mummy speaks for her daughter . Balu asks mummy  any fellow who is the cause of blinding promises to give eyesight , is to be believed.  (ennavO ivvalavu pEsiyum 6 minutes thaan Odi irukku - aaNdavaa) Finally before he leaves he says if Shreenidhi is  not with them before their tears run dry, he curses that Palli would never be left in peace.  Palli and Mummy come running behind him, but he just doesnt heed to their plead. 
Mummy and Palli think about the next course of action.  Palli is clueless.  Mummy suggests that she call RR and let him know, he might find a solution (avaru problemkkE avarukku solution theriyala)  RR's mobile says unreachable.Mummy's round of advicing begins.  Says Palli never ever listened to anyone, spoke whatever she wanted.  How can one forget the words that she spoke of Shreenidhi and Gayathri... how can they forgive her?  What is the use of crying now she finishes, Palli tells her mom not to kill her with words - she would die (appo aduththavangaLa nee konnadhu okay - what if Shreenidhi had committed suicide) Mummy pacifies a crying Palli.  Cry and karachufy the paavam she recommends (idhu enna prayachithamO - just beats me all ends)
Paatti waiting for Balu.  Meenakshi tells paatti shouldnt have forced Balu to Palli's.  Says paavam Palli... appadiyE paththindu varadhu paattikku... she says Meenakshi doesnt know anything about Palli... Balu arrives.  Paatti wants to know Palli did/said.  Balu updates... Paatti says all crying of Palli is drama.  But Balu says he too thought so at first, but then it was real he recommends.  Paatti says spoiling others' life is she is adept at, first marrying RR and spoiling Anu's life, then losing Selvi and making Meenakshi mad and now Shreenidhi got lost because of her and Gayathri crying.   Balu tells of her promising to find Shreenidhi, Paatti asks him if he believed Palli's words.  Now Balu is doubtful.. Paatti further continues saying they were interested only in finding Karthik but never did anything to find Shreenidhi... why?  Paatti vetoes Mannargudi trip and tells Balu to make arrangements to find Shreenidhi...
Palli crying - RR and Karthik present too.  RR tells her to stop crying... she tells she has to cry for all that she spoke ill of Shreenidhi (just because she is Balu's daughter she becomes a good girl)...she laments how she will come out of Balu's curse - RR says it was out of anger...not to worry about it... Palli says she is not bothered (adipaavi) , she understands his pain and justification.  Mummy and Palli decide they must find Shreenidhi and handover to Balu.  They now notice Karthik who is sitting with his head bent.  Palli walks up to him, asks sorry and to forgive her.  Karthik is teary eyed...Palli again asks for pardon..Karthik just walks to the window quietly..Palli follows..

Thursday  Cool, vaanga vaanga 7/4/11 Episode No - 247 By Roja

Cool intha vambE vendaam endru Odi vittar - athaanaal Roja thaan marupadi Wink

Palli repenting scene continues.  Karthik knows his mom very well and so
Edathai Kaali panraar. RR, Paatti ellarum sibarisu panraanga.- "unga amma
thirunthitta, forgive her " - But Karthik is categorical  - " I know my mom very well,
she is still not concerned about me or my love, she is only worried that she is
not able to atone her sins , amma , tell me if Shree is not Selvi, would you care
about my feelings???" ( adicheda Karthik oru sixer ) Palli says that she truly
repents for her actions and from now on it is her duty to unite Karthik and Shree.
Karthik says "go and fly a kite......she wont marry me and even if u guys manage to
convince her ...her family won't even think of me as their SIL - esp, Shreenath"
Now the family knows about Palli going and shouting at Gayathri and Co and
RR for once says that he is ashamed of having a wife like Palli  ( Hmmm
rommmbbba late nguoovvv) 
Palli cries and says that she is totally reformed
(hmmmm, eppO VEdalam murunga maram yerumO?? Yaarukku theriyum?)

Meena holds Shree's photo and cries - Paatti consoles "yen pOnnu ennai amma
nnu koopiduvaalaa??? Nichyam nadakkum" happens. Antha pakkam Shree is
pensive  - calls her house ...Gayathri picks up...Shree just cries....Shreenath grabs
the phone....some more crying ..but this time silently mouthing "anna" . Shreenath
gets vexed and disconnects. Shree cries some more. Devika says that it is time for
Shree to go home but Shree says that she is not ready.

Palli - getting ready to go and apologize to Gayathri - RR nice aa kazhandukkaraar
but Karthik is not that lucky Wink ..has to accompany mommy dearest....


Update for Friday, Apr 8 - episode 248: By Eljay

Palli and Karthi arrive at Gayathri's house.  Karthi gets out of the car, Palli is reluctant to get down and Karthi takes her inside.  (Ippo thaan andha arrogant woman is feeling some shame over the way she has acted and behaved)  Inside the house, Shreenath is getting ready to go somewhere, he opens the door and what does he see?  The great Palli.  He asks her what she is doing there, and does she remember what she said on her last visit there?  In the meantime, Gayathri and Shreenivasan also come to the door and are asking Shreenath to invite her in.  Karthi explains that she has changed, she also has the grace to shed a few tears (all glycerin induced, obviously!) and say that she has changed now, she has come to apologize to them.  Gayathri invites her inside. 

Now it is a big apology from Palli - to Gayathri, to Shreenivasan and finally, to Shreenath.  Everybody forgives her, and Gayathri wants to get her coffee, but Shreenivasan says it should be sweets, since they are now talking marriage between Shree and Karthi.

RR in his office, calls Sundu to his room, gives him the good news about Palli changing her mind, and of course, Sundu always knew it, because he knew Palli would understand once she knew the facts!  Sundu is also sure that now Paati will not go to Mannargudi.

Karthi and Palli at the temple, run into MK and SR there.  Palli gives MK and SR the good news about her changing her mind and says that now Shree is going to marry Karthi.  MK is happy.  He is shown breaking 108 coconuts, so Palli promises that she will break 1008 coconuts if Shree is found.

Palli does an archanai for Shree, and Karthi is moved over this fact (idiot, if Shree had not been Selvi, your mother's arrogance would never have come down!  You know this)  Just then, they see Paati, who has come to the temple.  Palli thinks Paati got angry with her because of the way she spoke to Shree, and she goes to explain, but Paati walks off.  They follow her and Palli starts with her explanation, but Paati stops her and says that Shree will never forgive her!

Thodarum ...

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Thanks, Roja!  You do have a way of bringing cheer all around, by starting the week off with your incomparable updates!

Is it possible, can I dare to believe that the end is in sight for this serial?  Will Gayathri now admit the truth to B and M?  Will this serial now pick up the pace?  Guruvayoorappa, please show the way to Mr. Manibharathi and Mr. Dandapani!

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Eljay - Who is Mr.Cold Water - Thandapani?

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awww, thanks Eljay - end laam not in sight - antha dhadi waala
Srinivasan samalichudum - ippO ve intha kuttu Odainjudumaa enna??
May be...just  may be Shreenath will get to know the secret, avvalavu thaan
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Posted: 04 April 2011 at 1:20pm | IP Logged
@eclat, cold water and bell bharathi are the two directors/producers of this show.  I can't remember whether or not it says Iyakkunar or Thayaarippaalar!
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Posted: 05 April 2011 at 8:59pm | IP Logged
Thanks Eljay - ayyo da, at last !!!!! So, the Mannargudi relocation
program is off now ??? Operation net spread search Shree starts???
Imagine Balu and Meena going jalan jalan and searching for darling
daughter.  Patti, in her anger asks Balu to confront Palli ...but he has a soft corner for her Wink -  one of those "FEW" who thinks that Palli
is a "NICE" person Wink
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Thanks for the updates Roja and eljay..

appa. one knot released..

Patti should have accompanied Balu and Palliya kizhi kizhinu kizhichirukanum..

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I was wondering about something Meenakshi said yesterday - neenga pekkaadha kuzhandai aanaal paasam kuduthu valartheenga - I have never heard the word "pekkaadha" - is it right?  I was thinking of a hen pecking at the ground when I heard that word.  I thought the word was "petra kuzhandai" and "petru edukkaadha kuzhandai".  Please enlighten me.

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