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Eternalsiddhima's(SR FF)- Wings of Love upd pg 21 (Page 5)

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nice update................

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I really loved the basic concept of your ff woh an armaan free ff> its always nice to see sr without any armaan. Please continue and add me to your pm list
KITfan Senior Member

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Clap what memories Day Dreaming the old days came back to me .........i love the way u wrote it all Thumbs Up i will be waiting for update
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Hey nice story... Please add me to your PM list ....
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It was fabulous.....ClapClap

update soon n thnx 4 d PM....Smile
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It was 7:00 a.m., Riddhima had a sound sleep after days. She has never had a comfortable sleep after their marriage. Her alarm rang and she turned it off. She got up and sat on the bed. She looked outside the window. The sun shining brightly, the clear blue sky, birds singing, she took a deep breath and inhaled the fresh air. And after she exhaled, she felt as if a great big burden lifted from her chest. It's going to be a good day. A fine day to start off our marriage in the right foot. She looked at herself through the mirror. An unexplainable glow radiated from her face. Maybe it's because after days, she can smile properly. Maybe because after days, she now needn't to worry about seeing Sid's bitter face again. Maybe because after days, she needn't to feel guilty for hurting Sid. Now she can smile without hiding it from him. She looked at the door, and the flashback of Sid giving a small smirk to her kept playing in her mind over and over again. After Armaan, she never thought she'll ever smile. She again looked at herself through the mirror, after days she felt joy, Sid made her feel beautiful, she now had a hope of starting their marriage in the right way. She looked at her reflection pushed a strand of her hair to the back of her earlobe. She couldn't stop smiling. She twirled. She felt light. She gave a sweet yawn. Then suddenly her mind kept playing about last night. 'Meri nafrat ke piche ek karan tha'. What cause made him to be so bitter at her? She wanted to know. But then she realized that it was getting late and she needed to make breakfast for Parvati, Sue and Sid. She quickly opened the cupboard and took a white saari with golden embroidery work on it. She looked at the saari and had a wild idea. 'Dekhti hoon, Sid ko kya lagta hai'. She took the saari and went straight to the bathroom. It was 8:00 a.m. Parvati got up and started doing aarti in front of a small idol. Riddhima came and saw her doing aarti, she quickly ran up and called Sue who was refusing to go, but bhabi hone ke naate, she gave light jerks to her. Sue got up immediately.

Sue(rubbing her eyes): kya hai?

Riddhima: barso baad Sid ke ghar me aarti ho rahi hai. Chalo utho aur jaldi niche aao.

Sue: theek hai aaraha hoon.


Riddhima quickly went to Sid's room but her feet stopped. Should I call him? She gave a light knock to his door.


Riddhima: Siddhant?

Sid: haan?

Riddhima: uthiye. Niche jaldi ayye. Aarti ho rahi hai.

Sid: huh? Acha'.theek hai'.aaraha hoon.


Riddhima quickly went downstairs, she took her aanchal and placed it over her head and joined Sid's mom. Parvati was happy to see her like this. Riddhima closed her eyes and prayed to god. Sue came running down the stairs as if someone was after her to stab her. She quickly corrected her dupatta and fixed her hair and joined with them.

Parvati: Suvarna? Siddhant kahan hai?

Sue: room me hoga shayad.

Parvati: Riddhima? Tumne bulaya nahi?

Riddhima: bulaya tha. Aarahi hoga shayad.

Parvati: hmm. Theek hai.


Riddhima looked at his room and then concentrated on the prayer. Just then Sid came out of his room wearing a white Punjabi with blue jeans. He looked down and saw them praying.

Sid(whispering): aarti?


Sid came down folding his sleeve upto his elbows. His eyes suddenly fell on the woman with the white saari. His eyebrows twitched, he bent his head trying to identify her, and finally he saw Riddhima with her eyes closed and praying with her aanchal over her head. His heart filled with awe, respect and affection. He stood beside Riddhima, his eyes fixed on her. He kept looking at the corner of his eyes and with a smirk on his lips. Riddhima opened her eyes and looked at Sid and he instantaneously closed his eyes, pretending as if he was praying. She looked at his profile. He looks so innocent when he is praying. She noticed that in a fluke, he also wore white. She kept looking at him, his eyes closed, his hands folded, praying to god with great concentration. Little did she know that his mind was somewhere else. A smile played on her lips. She again closed her eyes and he opened and looked at her again. She looked so innocent, his heart skipped a beat. As he saw her opening her eyes again, he again closed his in a hurry. She again took a glimpse of him praying and she again closed her eyes again. Then they both opened their eyes and looked at each other and got caught in each others eyes. Sid thought she was praying and Riddhima thought he was praying. Both of them caught each other red handed. Sid looked at her, her hazelnut color eyes goes well with her saari. And his dark blue eyes look dreamy with his white Punjabi. Both of them gave each other a tensed smile and then both of them went back praying.


Riddhima(praying): Hea bhagwaan. Hum dono ki iss pavitra bandhan ko aur mazboot kara dijiye. Humari iss rishte me, aapki saaya ki zarurat hai. Siddhant ko who sab kuch dijiye, jise usse pane ka haq hai. Aur hum dono ko aisa khushiyan dete rahiye.

Sid(praying): humesha sochti thi ki yeh rishta humesha toota rahega. Lekin main kitni ghalat thi. Bhagwaan, Riddhima ko who saari khushiyan dijiye jisse usse paane ka pura haq hai. Mujhe sirf uski khushiyan chahye. Agar Riddhima chahti hai, ki yeh rishta aage badhe, toh yeh pavitra rishta aap aur bhi mazboot kar dijiye.


Saying this both of them opened their eyes and finished their prayer. Sid's mom gave them prashad and gave them blessings. Sid's mom and Riddhima was about to go to the kitchen to prepare breakfast.


Sid: Riddhima.


Riddhima's feet stopped then and there. She slowly raised her head to meet his eyes, she was hoping what he would say about her dress.


Sid: tum white me''bohot achi lagti ho.


Riddhima's heart skipped a beat at the sight of Sid giving a light and warm smile at her. Her lips also formed a smile, her eyes sparkling. Both of them looked at each other with dreamy eyes. Just then the paperboy threw the morning paper on his head and it hit real hard. Sid was out of their eye lock.


Paperboy: kya sahib? Kabse knock kar raha hoon.


The paperboy goes away, Sid looked at the paper and then at Riddhima. Riddhima goes to the kitchen snickering. Sid hits his head with the paper again. Parvati was happy as a butterfly that her daughter-in-law is so traditional. And at the same time, she was surprised that her son, who was such a modern day guy, married to a really well cultured, traditional girl. And she was even happier that her son, who never attended any prayer, prayed today beside her daughter-in-law. Riddhima came into the kitchen with a million dollar smile playing on her lips. Parvati was quick to see that.

Parvati: kya hua? Bari khush lag rahe ho?

Riddhima: nahi maa, aisa kuch bhi nahi.

Parvati: waise'..aaj pooja karke, mann bhar gaya hai.

Riddhima: sahi kaha aapne'..aur who bhi'..Siddhant ke ghar.

Parvati: ek na ek din toh hona hi tha. Acha beta, yeh bread aur jam le kar tum table pe rakh do, main fruit juice aur eggs le ke aata hoon.

Riddhima: jee theek hai.


After that she kept the toasts and jam on the table and her eyes quickly shifted on Sid sitting on the couch reading the newspaper. She analysed him, he was looking at the paper with great concentration yet he managed to radiate his innocence within him. His eyebrows twitched, biting his right thumb. A small but sweet smile escaped from her face. She sighed and called Sue.

Riddhima: Sue! Jaldi aao, breakfast tayyar hai!!!!!

Sue: abhi aayiiiii bhaabi!!!!!!!


She was about to call Sid the same way but she stopped in the middle. She respects him too much, so she decides to go to him and ask sweetly.


Riddhima: Siddhant. Khana lagwa diya hai'.aayye.

Sid: agar itne pyar se keh rahe ho toh'.aahi jaata hoon.


Riddhima couldn't do anything but give a wide smile back to him. He folded the paper and kept it on the table.



Sue(running down the stairs): aagayi hoon. Wow! Nice breakfast. Toast'.jam'.and eggs.

Parvati: agar aaj tune eggs nahi khayi'toh main tumhe''

Sue: koi zarurat nahi'..main toast aur jam kha lungi.

Parvati: janti ho Riddhima'.yeh bachpan me hi eggs se darti thi. Jabhi main usse khilati thi, sab nikal deti thi. Pata nahi kyun. Abhi bhi waisa hi hai.

Riddhima: (chuckles)

Sue: yuck!!!! Kaun eggs khaati hai?

Sid: main. (taking her eggs) thank you very much.

Parvati: aaaah! Yeh hai mera acha beta'.meri har baat sunnti thi. Apni dekh bhal kar sakhti hai. Yeh toh who bhi nahi kar sakhta.

Sue: (blowing raspberries)

Sid: mmm'.the eggs taste'..different''what's in 'em?

Parvati: cream.

Sue: dekha bhabi'.agar main yeh khaati toh 10 minute me meri 3 kg badh jaati.

Parvati: are agar tuh aisa rahega toh bacha kaise palegi pet me?!

Sue: (long gasp)

Riddhima: (chuckles)

Sid: haan! Bacha kaise palegi pet me?


Sue stomps on his feet, which made him laugh even more, though he was in pain. Riddhima just kept laughing at their behaviors, and Parvati just adored her children.

Sue: hey! Aaj Sanjeevani me concert hai na? jaoge nahi? Bands which are popular are performing to raise money for the needy kids. And there is a new doctor coming to the hospital and is going to perform at the concert. Yeah, she'll show us her girl power.

Sid: she?

Sue: yes! Boys, die over her.

Sid: (ahem)

Sue : won't you come bhaiyya?

Sid: hmm'..i could use some outing.

Riddhima: ok.

Parvati: main ghar me rahungi, shanti se apni serial dekhungi.

Sid: ok.

Sue: I have to go first. I have some work, and from there I'll go to the concert. You come with bhabi.

Sid: (slowly nodding)


Sid looked at Riddhima and gave a low sigh. Riddhima just kept smiling. Everyone ate their breakfast and took their plates to the kitchen. Parvati and Sue went upstairs, leaving Sid and Riddhima in the kitchen.


Sid: dekho Riddhima''agar tum nahi jana chah''

Riddhima(interrupting): I would love to come.


All Sid could do was look at her with his mouth slightly open. Riddhima gave him a gorgeous smile.


Sid(in a deep husky voice): okay.

Riddhima(in a deep husky voice): okay.


Sue and Parvati heard everything and all they could do was smile at each other.

It was 7:00 p.m., Parvati was watching TV while Riddhima and Sid was getting ready for the concert. Riddhima took a red suit from her closet and Sid wore a red check shirt. After the battle between them, this is the first time they are going out together, with a free mind, as a normal couple would do. Sid sprayed some deodorant and Riddhima fixed her hair. Sid went to her room. Sid knocked.

Sid: Riddhima?


An unreasonable restlessness grew within Riddhima. Her heart skipped a beat as she heard him calling out her name. She started breathing heavily.

Sid: are you ready?

Riddhima: haan! Abhi aayii!


Riddhima looked at herself through the mirror, she began to breathe slowly. Calming her nerves. Yeh kya ho raha hai mujhe? Kyun jabhi Sid mujhe pukarti hai''main bechayn ho jati hoon? Kya ho raha hai mujhe? Sid went downstairs and waited for Riddhima.

Sid: maa aap theek rahoge na?

Parvati: oye, main tujhe paal poskar bara kiya hai, main apni khayal rakh sakhti hoon.

Sid: good! Jabhi aapko kuch zarurat hogi, hume call dijiyega, aur darwaaza lock karke rakhiyega.

Parvati: theek hai theek hai, aab tu jaa.


Sid sighed, just then Riddhima came, walking down the stairs. Sid looked at her. She looks so adorable. Riddhima noticed that Sid also wore red. She felt it very weird and good that both think alike. He looks so handsome in red as well.


Sid: chale?

Riddhima: ok. Maa aap theek toh rahenge na?

Parvati: haan, main theek rahungi.

Sid: acha! Toh apni bahu ke saath bohot bhole bhali. Theek hai, koi baat nahi.

Parvati: chal jaa, chal jaa.

Sid: dekha.

Parvati: Riddhima bete, dhyan se jaana, theek hai?

Sid: Dekha! Are'..for your information main apni patni ka acha khayal rakh sakhti hoon.

Riddhima: (chuckles) Siddhant'aap'bacho jaise harkate bandh kar dijiye. Aap par suit nahi karti.

Parvati: (laughs)

Sid: who kehte hai na ' jaise maa, waise bahu'.

Parvati: main apni bahu ke saath jaise bhi baat karun, tumhe kya?

Sid: acha! Bahu milgayi, bete ko bhul gaya. Theek hai koi baat nahi.

Parvati: are mere laal. Agar jhagarna hai toh karo, lekin agar concert miss ho gayi toh mere koi dosh nahi hai. Ab jaldi jaa.

Riddhima: chaliye naa.


Riddhima dragged him out of the door.


Riddhima: kya Siddhant, aap bhi na.

Sid: are'..

Riddhima: chaliye.


Sid chuckled and helped Riddhima to get into the car. Sid got into the car and start the car. Sue called at that time.


Sue: Superboy! Where the hell are you?

Sid: abhi aya.

Sue: how's bhabi?

Sid: beautiful as ever.

Sue: good. Jaldi aana.

Sid: alright.

Riddhima: who's beautiful?

Sid(cutting the call): who?

Riddhima: that's what I'm saying'..who?

Sid: who?

Riddhima: go.


Sid had a little smirk on his lips. He won't say to her that she is beautiful. Let the right time come.

On the other hand the gang was waiting in line for the concert to begin. They were very excited.


Sue: hey guys!

JP: are phlowerji!

Jiggy: hey Sue!

Sue: tickets le li?

Yuvi: are nahi yaar! Kitna bara line hai.

Sue: hey yaar good news hai!

Naina: kya?

Sue: bhaiyya aur bhabi ke beech sab dushmani duur ho gayi hai!

All: YES!!!!

Naina: kaise?!

Sue: mujhe lagta hai, iska credit meri maa aur tumhe milti hai.

Yuvi: who kaise?

Sue: bhabi ko saha nahi gaya ki bhaiyya kisi aur ladki ke saath shaadi ke bare me baat kare.

All: awwwwwww!!!

Sue: aur bhayya ko yeh yakeen ho gaya ki bhabi sach me yeh shaadi nibhana chahti hai, aise karke  dono ke beech me jo fasle the, sab mit gaya.

Naina: bhagwaan ka lakh lakh shukar hai. Ab toh mujhe bhi yeh ehsaas ho gaya ki didi Sid se bohot pyaar karte hai.

Yuvi: haan. Aur Sid bhi bhabi se, lekin dono samajhte nahi hai, ki unn dono ko pyaar hua hai.

JP: are Yuvi bhaiyya, hume toh lagta yeh mamla unn dono par hi chod de na chahye. Tab tak hum yeh khoobsurat phlower logon ke saath thoda masti toh kare.

Jiggy: are yaar!

Yuvi: JP, tu kabhi nahi sudre ga.


Meanwhile, Sid and Riddhima were on their way to the concert, at that time JP called Sid. Just for fun, he turned on the speaker


Sid: haan JP bolo.

JP: bhaiyya? Aap logon kaha hai?

Sid: bas abhi ayya.

JP: jaldi aayye! Are hum toh mar hi jaa rahi hai, itna lamba line. Uff!!!

Sid: heheh, kuch cheezon me maza le ne ke liye, kuch mehnat toh karna parta hai.

JP: are aap chodiye aapka philosophy, jaldi aayye, yahan toh kuch phlower log aapko besabi se intezaar kar raha hai.

Riddhima: matlab?

JP: are margaya! Phlowerji aap! Kaise ho?

Riddhima: theek hoon.

JP: theek hai theek hai! Bhaiyya! Apne speaker on kardi!

Sid: hmm.

JP: heh! Bhagwaan ka lakh lakh shukr hai jo bhabi jee ne mujhe wahi par chod diya, warna mujhe toh chodti nahi, aap ko bhi chodti nahi.

Sid: JP, speaker abhi bhi on hai.

JP: haan haan, janta hoon janta hoon! Theek hai! Jaldi ayye!

Sid: acha theek hai!


Sid cut off the phone and looked at Riddhima who looked at him in a wee bit angry way, and with her arms crossed.

Riddhima: kis tadha ki "phlowerji" aapko milna chahti hai?

Sid: are Riddhima, tum toh janti ho ki JP kaisa hai, mazag karti hai.

Riddhima: mazag, theek hai.

Sid: waise'..maa tumhe bohot like karti hai.

Riddhima( in a sober voice): yeh toh main dekh hi sakhta hoon.

Sid: ab mujhse zyaada, tumhe pasand karne lagi hai.

Riddhima: aise mat kahiyye, apse bohot pyaar karte hai.

Sid: haan, who toh theek hai. Maa yeh bhi kaha, ki who tumhari pariwaar ke saath mulakaat karna chahti hai.

Riddhima: yeh toh aur bhi achi baat hai.

Sid: hmm.

Riddhima(after a long pause and with great courage): Siddhant? Agar maa humari ghar aana chahti hai, toh'..kya main''mayyke ke liye'..jaa sakhti hoon?

Sid(sweetly): kyun?

Riddhima: who''shaadi ke baad'..mayyke nahi gaya'..aur mamma bhi chahti hai ki main wahan kuch din ke liye rahu'..toh'.iss liye.

Sid(with his sexyface): hmm''

Sid(after a long pause): theek hai''agar mamma chahti hai'..toh jao.

Riddhima(in a deep husky voice): thanks.

Sid: (slowly nodding his head) aur haan'.aahinda se'.mujhe kabhi bhi'.bacha mat bulao.

Riddhima: aisa kyun?

Sid: mujhe acha nahi lagta.


On the other hand, the concert began. The lights were dim, and everyone was excited.


Doctor: having a nice time guys?!!!!

All: YEAAAHH!!!!!!!!!

Doctor: toh aap logo abhi tak kuch nahi dekha. Let's get started!!!!!!


She slid down from the pole, no one could see her. Then she opened her overdress, and was wearing a white suit. (like a lara croft suit guys!) then dancers came behind her.

The song Latoo from the movie Ghajini starts.

She danced in sync and every guys just looked at her with their eyes popped out. Naina was constantly covering Yuvi's eyes, but he removed her hand sweetly. She lipped every word of the song and everyone enjoyed her dancing.


On the other hand, Sid's car stopped on the side of the highway.


Sid(silently): what the hell?


Sid and Riddhima both got out of the car, Sid opened the hood of the car and great amount of smoke just escaped from the engine. He coughed. Riddhima analyzed him, as she was standing beside the car with her arms crossed. Sid looked so confused when he looked at the engine, he looked every single machinery inside the hood. His eyes widened. He didn't know a thing on how to fix these things.


Sid: I don't know yaar. I mean'..insaan ka body samajh me aati hai''.lekin car ka body'..


Riddhima couldn't do anything but smile at his innocence. Sid clicked his fingers.


Sid: ek kaam karti hoon. (talking to the car) bhaisahab! Aapko kya hoga hai? Hmm'..lagta hai aapko'..constipation hua hai.

Riddhima: (snickers)


Sid was about to touch the knob of the engine, but it was so hot that in a reflex, he retreated back his finger.

Sid: UFFF!!!!!!!!!! Are yaar!!!!


Riddhima was about to go to him but she stopped, she felt bad that he got hurt.


Sid: aapko toh bukhaar bhi hai.


Sid tapped his left cheek with the finger he touched the engine, then he touched the bridge of his nose, but he didn't know that he made a mark on his nose with the finger.


Sid: Oye, mujhe nahi pata kya hua hai. Conlusion yehi hai, ki gari kharab ho gayi hai, aur isse''doctor ki nahi''(scratching his head) mechanic ki zarurat hai.


Sid turned to Riddhima, and she burst out laughing, looking at his condition.


Sid: oh hello! Tum kyun hans rahi ho? Isse sach me doc'mm' mechanic ki zarurat hai.

Riddhima: hmm'.dikh raha hai.


Riddhima wiped the bridge of his nose with her index finger and showed him the mark. Then suddenly a cool breeze filled the atmosphere and gave Riddhima the chills. Sid looked at her, she was looking so peaceful, as if she didn't have any tension in her life. Sid slowly pushed his hands in his pockets.


Sid: Option B bhi hai, ek kaam karte hai uss chote se dhaabe pe'..garam garam chai pi sakhte hai hum.

Riddhima: umm''s ok, hum taxi pe chale jayenge, agar'aap'uss (scratching her head)'hot doctor ko dekhna chahte hai toh''

Sid: hmm'..aaj main'.uss hot'doctor ko dekhne ka mann nahi kar raha hai. Aaj main apni iss'.polite'.sweet'aur beautiful doctor ke saath chai peena hai. Chale?

Riddhima(with dreamy eyes): hhaan'


Sid went ahead and Riddhima couldn't do anything but play a wide smile on her lips.

Meanwhile at Sajneevani, everyone wanted to see the doctor, so the gang came up to her.


Naina: excuse me?

Doctor: yeah?

Naina: your performance was outstanding, are you going to be an intern?

Doctor: of course!

Sue: hey! We're interns too, what's your name by the way.

Doctor: Shilpa Malhotra. Hey guys nice to see you! I guess we'll be having duties together.

Yuvi: yeah! Well, two more of our friends were supposed to come but I guess something came up.

Shilpa: aww. It's ok, I'll meet them. Hey guys! I gotta go. Bye!

All: bye!


On the other hand, Sid and Riddhima both sat on the bench and kept puffing air to their hot tea, and was giggling at each other.


Riddhima: maine sapne bhi nahi socha ki''hum dono'..bina larayi kiye'..

Sid: saath bethke chai piyenge'..right?

Riddhima: haan.

Sid: waise acha hi toh hua na?

Riddhima: hmm?

Sid: hum larayi karte karte, larayi ka kota hi khatam kar diye hai.

Riddhima: (chuckles)

Sid: lekin fikr not, agar tum bore ho gaye toh'.hum phirse larayi kar sakhte hai.

Riddhima: kabhi bhi hum normal logon ki tadha baat hi nahi ki.

Sid: waise ek baat hai.

Riddhima: kya?

Sid: yaad hai? Pakh phere ke rasam me'..jab maine kaha tha'.ki jab tum ji ji keh ke bulati ho'..mujhe acha lagta hai? I really meant it.

Riddhima: really?

Sid: (slowly nodding his head)

Sid: mujhe bohot acha lagta hai'.jab tum'.mujhe''aap' keh ke bulati ho''aisa lagta hai ki'..koi mujhse bohot izzat se'.sammann se'.baat karti hai'

Riddhima: izzat toh karta hoon main aapki.

Sid: janta hoon. Ek rishte me'..izzat aur sammann bohot zaruri hota hai''.

Riddhima(completing his sentence): iske bina'..ek rishta bohot kamzor par jaati hai'.

Sid(slowly nodding his head): lekin insaan'.yeh samajh hi nahi pata'.


Both of their concentration was somewhere else. They both kept looking at the road, but their mind was somewhere else.


Sid: agar insaan'.izzat aur sammann ka ehmiyaat samajhti'..toh divorce naam kabhi hota hi nahi.

Riddhima: very true.

Sid(looking at her): issi liye maine yeh tay ki hai''ki main bhi tumko'..'aap' keh ke bulaungi.

Riddhima(amazed): kya?

Sid: you heard me.

Riddhima: lekin Siddhant'aap'..mere pati hai.

Sid: dekho Riddhima, pati'.patni barkar nahi hoti. Kuch cheese pati kar sakhta hai, jo patni nahi kar paygi, aur kuch cheese patni kar sakhta jo pati bilkul nahi kar sakhti. Abhi, abhi, maine kaha'.ki rishte me izzat aur sammann zaruri hai. Main tumhari saat izzat se aur sammann se baat karna chahti hoon, who izzat'..woh sammann jo maine tumhe pehle de nahi saka. Aur tumhi ne toh kaha tha, ki izzat aur sammann ke bina, rishte ke bandhan kamzor par jaati hai, main aisa hone nahi dunga. Ek baar meri nazron se apne aap ko dekho, bohot ucha mehsoos karoge. Bas main apni patni ke saath'.izzat se baat karna chahti hoon. Hum doston ke tadha nahi, pati patni ki tadha rehna chahye. Izzat se baat karne do gi, mujhe?


Riddhima could do nothing but look at this man in awe and affection. This is certainly a very good start for their relationship. Her lips formed a smile and she slowly nodded confirming yes.


Sid: toh Mrs. Riddhima Siddhant Modi'..kya aap ek aur chai lengi?


Riddhima Siddhant Modi, how she used to hate that name. But when she heard him utter her name, her heart skipped a beat, and she really felt respected when he said 'aap'.


Riddhima: kyun nahi.

Sid: do aur chai.

Riddhima: Siddhant?

Sid: hmm?

Riddhima: mind mat kijiye ga''lekin kya maa''humesha'..aise hi'.aapki liye ladki dhundte rehte hai?

Sid: (chuckles) hmm.

Riddhima: kyun?

Sid: shayad iss liye'..kyunki meri maa'..papa ke saath khush thi.

Riddhima: main'.kuch samjhi nahi.

Sid: maa aur papa ki shaadi arranged marriage thi.

Riddhima: arranged marriage?

Sid: maa told me everything, they met at the day of their wedding''papa kisi aur ladki se pyaar karti thi'..aur maa ko papa pasand nahi the'..maa humesha kehti thi ki papa ki bare eyebrows the aur low IQ'..bohot nafrat karte the ek dusre se. Anyway, one day'..papa ko bohot tez bukhaar aagayi thi'..scarlet fever. Aur maa'..she stood'.by his side. Acha dekh bal kiya papa ki. And for the first time'..he appreciated her. Then the appreciation grew to respect, respect grew to like, and like'..grew to love. A far greater love'..both could ever have hoped for. Anyway, maa ne mujhe janam di, uske baad Sue ko. We lived like perfect family'.and the love which they shared'..was worth watching them without blinking. I still remember'..every monsoon'..papa used to come home all wet and mom humesha (chuckles) ek towel haath par rakhti thi'..and papa used to sit on the sofa'..grabbing us on his lap'..playing with us'.while mom used to rub his head with a towel'.always saying " Karan'..itna careless ho tum'.apne sehat ke bare thoda sa bhi socha hai tumne? Agar tumhe kuch ho jaata toh mujhe kya hota?" and I still remember, he used to get up and hug her tightly and kiss her in her cheek. " mere pushpa, agar tum ho'.toh mujhe fikr karne ki koi zarurat hi nahi." And mom used smile at him widely. We were a perfect family, always ideal to each other. Anyway, when I was 18, we found out that'..papa had cancer. And he had very little time. And mom (with teary eyes)'..she'.u..used to sit down and pray'.for him to get better. Because if dies'.so will she. It was too late for him to get recovered. So we admitted him to the hospital, but ' was too late. She used to beg to god' show miracle. She never slept'.dark circles used to form around her eyes'..but her heart wouldn't settle. Finally''dad needed life support'.and it was time remove it'.so he said he farewell to us. Finally he just gave mom a tight hug' he always used to give'.and just said'..i will always love you. And then he died'..with his undying love. That time''I realized'..what I want to be'..what I have to be. Then I came to a conclusion that I wanted to be a doctor. But mom'..was always strong. Even though she couldn't feel papa''but she always kept him at the bottom of her heart. That's why mom'.just keep finding someone for me. She thinks that'..i might find a love'.which I could never have imagined of.


Seeing Sid's teary eyes, Riddhima's heart pinched and automatically her eyes became teary.


Riddhima: I'm sorry about your father.

Sid: it's ok. I have moved on. Anyway, chodiye na.


Riddhima thought to divert his mind and hers. She thought of something.


Riddhima: hmm''.42.

Sid: 42?

Riddhima: it's like my to-do list. Leave school. Go to college. Study doctorate. Be at two places at once. Get a tattoo'..

Sid: Tattoo?

Riddhima: (slowly nodding her head)


Sid started sipping his tea with his eyebrows raised. Get a tattoo? Wow. Sid stopped sipping tea and looked at her with a smirk on his lips.


Sid: what's your number 1?

Riddhima(smiling): I'd tell you'..but then I'd have to kill you.

Sid: mmm''.

Riddhima: waise'.apne kaha nahi ki'..aapki'.mere upar nafrat ke wajah kya thi?

Sid: I'd tell you'..but then I'd have to kill you.

Riddhima: mere jawaab aapne mujhe wapas de diya.

Sid: actually yeh mere jawaab thi.


Both of them chuckles. Sid took out his wallet but a stamp sized photo of Tamanna fall to the ground. Riddhima was first to notice. She slowly kept the cup of tea on the bench, her eyes still on the image of Tamanna. Sid looked at the ground and picked the photo. His eyebrows twitched completely as he saw the woman he used to love. Riddhima looks at the photo, and then at Sid.


Riddhima: Siddhant? Ye'.yeh kaun hai?

Sid: yeh'..meri jaan thi.


Her heart pinched even more, she couldn't understand why. That same feeling aroused in her, when Sid went to see another girl for marriage.

Riddhima: matlab?

Sid: Sanjeevani ki internship humne ek saath shuru ki thi. Main, Yuvi, Naina, JP, aur Tamanna.

Riddhima: Tamanna?

Sid: jhagarti thi'.larayi karti thi'.mazag karti thi humesha main uske saath'..samay badla'.dushmani se dosti shuru hui''samay aur badla'..dosti'pyaar me badla. At least'.that's what I think it is. Uske papa'mujhe pasand nahi karte the. Ek ladka dhund liya, main bohot koshish ki thi, uske shaadi rokne ke liye. Phir mujhe pata chala ki who aur Aniket, Canada jaa rahi hai. Airport pe, ek aakhri mulakat karne gaya. Usne kaha ki, mera jo pyaar tha, who pyaar nahi'.zidd thi. Ek bacha ki tadha, joh bhi pasand aati hai, paane ke liye zidd karti hai. Kaha ki, ek din main apni jeevan saathi paungi, sacha pyaar dhund lungi. Yeh kehke who chala gaya. I came back,  (looking at her) then I bumped into you.


Riddhima's mind flashed the memory, him wearing that ocean blue shirt, she'.giving him 3 tight slaps. She instantly closed her eyes, when the image of she slapping Sid 3 times. She felt so guilty.


Sid: remember? I was wearing a blue shirt''you giving me 3 tight slaps.

Riddhima(looking down): hmm.

Sid(nodding his head): yeah'..who would have thought you would end up marrying him, right?

Riddhima: right.

Sid: anyway (took a lighter, and lit Tamanna picture on fire) I have moved on''


Riddhima looking at Tamanna's image on fire. Sid dropped it on the ground.


Sid: ''with you. I pray to god that wherever she may be, she's happy.


Riddhima kept looking at her image on fire, until it completely turned into ashes. His love for her, burnt to the ground, erasing and removing her from his life, just like how she did when she burnt the only picture she had of her love. But then she looked at him, sipping his tea, as if he's burnt an unimportant work paper. She admired him for his courage to move on in his life''with her. At least she has experienced the feeling of love, the touch of love. But he''.he love her with all his heart, and still he couldn't experience the feeling she had when she was with Armaan. She felt bad, but then she thought if they didn't broke up, she wouldn't have married him now. Everything happens for good. With Sid staying by her side, she started forgetting the memories she spent with Armaan. Moving on in life alone is hard, but when you have someone who's by your side moving on as well, it feels much easier.


Riddhima: now you look like your finally in peace.

Sid: I am. I've wanted to do that, in front of you. I feel''light'.for the first time.

Riddhima: leaving your past behind feels good.

Sid: really?

Riddhima: believe me.

Sid: Riddhima'..mera yeh kaam karna asaan tha kyunki main pyaar karke bhi pyaar nahi paya. Tumne pyaar karke, pyaar ko paya hai, use mehsoos kiya hai. Tumhare liye yeh bohot hard hoga. Aur bhi hard, use bhoolne ke liye.

Riddhima: believe me''.i don't even think about him at all.

Sid: you might not think, but your heart still beats for him.


Riddhima just kept looking at him.


Sid: what if I say, that I saw Armaan at the hospital, and I told him to meet you, will you go and meet him? Hug him? Bring him back to your life again? Will you?

Riddhima: (no answer)

Sid: exactly.

Riddhima: agar aap khud usse mere samne le kar aajaye, toh bhi main uske paas nahi jaunga.

Sid: aur who kyun?

Riddhima: pehli baat''mera ur uska rishta khatam ho chuka hai. Jab meri uski sabse zyaada zarurat thi, who nahi aaye. Uske liye pagalon ki thada usse dhundne lagi. Who pehli bhi mere bare me sochti nahi thi'.aur aaj bhi nahi sochti. Dusri baat''meri shaadi hui hai. Mere naam ab aapse jor gaya hai. Main Riddhima Siddhant Modi hoon aur humesha rahunga. Rehna chahti hoon, ab iss naam se. Maine aapse kaha tha, ki yeh rishta hi mere sachaayi hai, aap mere sachaayi ho. Aur main apni zindagi''aapke saath aage badhna chahti hoon. A man like you.


Sid just kept looking at her pleading eyes. How much she wants to be with him. He smiled lightly and lightly stroked her jaw line with his right hand, touched by her words.


Sid(in a deep husky voice, almost whispering): well alright then.


Riddhima gave him a smile.


Sid: jab aap haste hai na'.bohot ache lagte hai.


Riddhima looked down at her tea and smiled. Her hair covered her face so he couldn't see her profile. She was blushing.


Riddhima: ek baat kahu aapse?

Sid: hmm?

Riddhima: aap bhi''jab aapki who'..choti si smile deti hai na''.mujhe bohot acha lagta hai.


Sid could do nothing but smile at her widely.


Sid: dekh liya aapne'.aab main who choti si smile bhi nahi de sakhta.

Riddhima: (chuckles)


Then Riddhima sipped her tea while she was enjoying the gentle breeze. The serenity and the peacefulness which glowed in her face made Sid just keep looking at her. His hands started to become numb, and his glass was slowly tipping over. Eventually, he jumped up because of the hot tea which poured over his hand. In a reflex, Riddhima got up, grabbed his hand and then started puffing air on his hand and wiping the tea off with her dupatta. Sid just kept looking at her concern, and then Riddhima stopped and looked up and her eyes got locked onto his. His dark blue eyes, always looked at her with immense respect. Her hazelnut color eyes, all dreamy, all locked on his eyes. Their eye lock got ruined by a passing truck, who was blowing his horns for no reason, as the road was pretty much empty. Sid eyes got widened, when he saw a tow truck taking away his car. Sid immediately ran behind his car.




Then his eyes fell on a sign which said 'no parking'. He completely missed that sign. Riddhima mouth dropped, but a laugh came out, when she saw Sid running frantically behind his car. Sid came back with a face of a defeatist, Riddhima felt sorry for him.


Sid: ab ghar kaise jayenge? Aaj transport strike bhi hai, kya karoon?

Riddhima: hum paydal chale jayenge.

Sid: paydal.

Riddhima: haan kyun nahi?

Sid: aapka dimaag toh theek hai na? kitna kilometer paydal jaana parega, aapko maloom hai.

Riddhima: yes. Toh bhi jayenge.

Sid: theek hai, mera toh koi problem nahi hai. Aaj mujhe mat kahiye ga, ki aapki per dard kar rahi hai.

Riddhima: theek hai. Chale?

Sid: chaliye.


Then they started to walk back, and go to their house. Meanwhile, Sue came home and saw that neither Riddhima nor Sid is home. She started to get a bit concerned.


Sue: maa? Bhaiyya aur bhabi kaha hai?

Parvati: who toh teri concert dekhne gaye hai na.

Sue: haan lekin pohuche nahi.

Parvati: kya?!

Sue: haan. Aaya nahi.

Parvati: beta phone laga le, shayad kuch pata chale.

Sue: maa, aap yeh serial me kya dekhti hai, Sasural Gendha phool. Yeh bhi koi title hai kya?

Parvati: oye tu chup reh!

Sue: ok.


Sue dials Sid's number, Sid picked up the phone.


Sid: haan supergirl? Kya hai?

Sue: bhaiyya aap logo kaha hai?

Sid: bas abhi aya.

Sue: okies.


Sue disconnected the phone, and Sid slid his phone through his pocket. Riddhima and Sid walked slowly, enjoying every second they were spending. Suddenly something caught up in her mind.


Riddhima: Siddhant?

Sid: hmm?

Riddhima: aapke paas yeh lighter kaise aaya?

Sid(snickers): I thought you'd never ask.

Riddhima: aap smoke karte hai kya?

Sid: chee! Smoke unn logo karte hai, jiske paas life nahi hai. Aur main doctor hoke, kyun smoke karunga? Marne ke liye?

Riddhima: good. Aur kabhi mat kariye ga.

Sid: actually yeh lighter, Abhi bhaiyya ne mujhe gift ki thi mere 21st birthday me. Houston me, jabhi main koi gift shop par jaati thi, tab main daur kar lighters dekhta tha. Unique kisam ki lighters thi. Bohot acha lagta tha. Then bhaiyya thought of buying me one, but made me promise that I'll never smoke with it. And until now, I've kept my promise.

Riddhima: yeh toh hai aapki character me, iss adat ko kabhi mat chodiye ga.

Sid(both of them stopped and looked at each other): I won't.


They both started walking again. The song Jashn-e-bahaara starts from the movie Jodha Akbar.


Kehne ko jashn-e-bahaara hai, ishq yeh dekh haira hai

 Kehne ko jashn-e-bahaara hai, ishq yeh dekh haira hai

Phulon se khushbu ghwafa ghwafa hai gulshan me

Chupa hai koi ranj fiza ki chilmann me

Saare sehne nazaare hai, soye soye waqt ke dhaare hai

Aur dill me koi khoyi si baate hai

Oooh, Kehne ko jashn-e-bahaara hai, ishq yeh dekh haira hai

 Kehne ko jashn-e-bahaara hai, ishq yeh dekh haira hai

Phulon se khushbu ghwafa ghwafa hai gulshan me

Chupa hai koi ranj fiza ki chilmann me.


Sid looked at Riddhima, and then Riddhima looked at Sid. Both of them walked by looking at each other. Sid slowly lowered his eyes and couldn't help but smile. Riddhima smiled and looked away, but her eyes slowly again got fixed, looking at his profile. She smiled, looking at his humbleness and his shyness towards her. She keenly looked at him, he closed his eyes and felt the cool gentle breeze, but still was walking. The serenity and the peacefulness he had on his face, made her want to just keep looking at him. Then it struck her, her feet was indeed paining. He opened his eyes, and looked at the road ahead. She started limping, but she hid it in front of Sid.


Riddhima(thinking): oh god! Picked a very bad day of wearing high heels.


Sid looked at her, struggling to walk with the corner of his eyes. He formed little smirk on his lips. Sid slowly walked sideways to her, stopped her. Riddhima got confused as to what he was doing. He then bent down and slowly and gently, pulled her up in his arms. He then started walking, with his wife on his arms.


Riddhima: Si'Siddhant? A..aap yeh kya kar rahe hai?

Sid: jab maine aapko kaha tha, ki mujhe mat kehne ke liye ki aapki per dar kar rahi hai, iska matlab yeh nahi ki aap mujhe kabhi na kahe.

Riddhima(touched): l'lekin'.aapko'.kaise pata chala?

Sid: mujhe sab pata chal jaata hai.

Riddhima: l..lekin Siddhant'.aapko'.taqleef hogi.

Sid: Riddhima'..patni ko goad me lena, taqleef nahi hoti. Balki main toh kehti hoon, ki yeh toh bari so bhageki baat hai, jo main aapki taqleef, apni goad me le rahi hoon. Iss duniya me, bohot saare insaan hai, jo patni ko apni kandho par leke ghumte hai. Main toh sirf aapko goad me le rahi hoon. Aur aap fikr mat kijiye, hum ghar pohuchne me bas 10 15 minute lag jayenge.


Riddhima was immensely touched by his principals and his concern about her. She was so wrong about this man. She accused him so many things. Sid, got changed, actually, transformed from a boy, to a very fine mature man. He has learned so many things from his life. Rich people normally don't see anything rather than themselves. Especially when they are NRI. But he's different. He got changed the day he took those vows, those pheres, those promises he made to her. Armaan never did this kind of gesture to her. Her heart got filled with immense, respect and affection for this man. All she could do was to rest her head to his heart. She tightened the hold of his neck. She felt secured, and warm in his arms. She closed her eyes. Sid looked down to her and gave an adorable smile to her. Finally they reached home. They stood at the entrance.


Riddhima: mujhe niche utar dijiye.

Sid: kyun?

Riddhima(chuckles): main yahan se chal sakhti hoon.

Sid: ok.


Sid gently kept her down, he rang the bell. In no time Sue opened the door and gave a hug to Sid.


Sue: itna der kyun laga di?

Sid: baad me samjhaunga.

Sue: ok.


Sid helped Riddhima to get up the stairs. Sid's concern for such a small thing, made Riddhima smile.


Sue: oye. bhabi ko kya hua?

Sid: per dard kar raha tumhari bhabi.

Sue: kyun? Larayi ki?

Sid: nahi supergirl.


Sid took Riddhima to her bedroom and carefully laid her down on the bed.


Riddhima(snickering): Siddhant'.aap kyun itna fikr kar rahe hai?

Sid: yeh bhi koi puchne wali baat hai?

Riddhima: sirf per hi toh dard kar raha hai.

Sid: phir bhi.


Sid sat beside her feet.


Sid: agar aap ijazat de toh'.main massage bhi kar sakhti hoon.

Riddhima: iski koi zarurat nahi'.waise aap bohot kicu kar dale hai mere liye.

Sid: toh yeh bhi kar deta hoon.

Riddhima: Siddhant aap'.

Sid: I insist'..please.

Riddhima(smiling): (sigh)

Sid: I'll take that as a yes.

Riddhima: (chuckles) 


Sid settled him down, gently took her feet and slowly kept it on his lap. Riddhima placed her chin on her left hand knuckle and just kept intently watching him with a smile.


Riddhima(thinking): wow' vu. Kaun karta hai aisa? Siddhant bhi na'..jab gussa karta hai toh bohot achi tadha se karta hai'..aur jab sweet banna chahta hai toh bhi achi tadha se karta hai.

Sid started to massage her tender lips with a smirk on his lips. Riddhima started moaning.


Sid: what'..are you getting hurt?

Riddhima: nahi bas'..araam lag raha hai.

Sid: hmm'..jab main choti thi'..maa ka per dabaate dabaate expert ho gayi hoon main.

Riddhima: (chuckles)


Riddhima then looked at him with dreamy eyes, she loved this Siddhant. She looked at him, his eyes fixed on massaging her feet, that he didn't even feel her gaze at him. She slowly took a pillow and hugged it, but didn't break her eye contact.


Yaad kuch aata nahi, yeh hua kabse

Hogaya mushkil chupana raaz yeh sabse

Tum kaho toh maan bhi loon main

Aaj kuch rab se


Sid looked up and got locked on her eyes


Are re are ye kya hua

Koi na pehchaana

Are re are banta hai toh

Banjaaye afsaana


Sid never saw her looking at him like this. Her heart skipped a beat when he saw her with those dark blue eyes. Sid slowly lowered his gaze and smiled, Riddhima looked down and blushed miserably, she had this unstoppable smile on her lips as she hugged her pillow tightly. Sid kept massaging her feet when he had a mischievous idea. Sid started to tickle her feet.


Riddhima: Siddhant?! Yeh aap kya kar rahe ho?

Sid: (tickling)

Riddhima(laughing): Siddhant??!!!!

Sid(laughing): (tickling)

Riddhima(laughing hysterically): Siddhant bas kijiye na!!!!!


Sid was tickling, but Riddhima got up, pushed him to the bed and started tickling his whole body.


Riddhima(laughing): bohot'hasna aata hai na aapko?

Sid(laughing miserably): are Riddhima!!! Please stop!!! Bas kijiye!!!

Riddhima(laughing): nahi!

Sid(laughing hysterically): oh my god! Stooopp!!!!


Finally Riddhima stopped; he had so much fun tickling him. Sid rested his body on his elbows and still laughed hard. Riddhima also laughed looking at his condition; she slowly hit him on his chest. Sid sat down with his hand on his stomach. Both of them chuckled. Both of their stomach pained so much due to their laughing. Both of them calmed themselves. Just then Parvati and Sue came. They came quickly when they heard Sid screaming.


Parvati: yeh sab kya ho raha hai?!

Sid: kuch nahi maa'.bas thoda mazag kar rahi thi hum.

Parvati: tum dono na'..dar gayi thi main.

Sid: aww'..bas main who Riddhima ka per dabaa rahi thi'..

Parvati(amazed): t..tu'.kya raha tha?

Sid: Ri'Riddhima ka per dard kar rahi thi toh'..massage kar raha tha.


Both Parvati and Sue looked at him with their mouth slightly dropped. Seeing a husband, massaging his wife's feet, is very rare.


Sue: yeh toh hai mera bhaiyya.

Parvati: tu bilkul apne baap par gaye hai'.oh main toh bhul hi gaya. Riddhima'.teri ghar jaungi kal'.tumhari ghar walon se bhi mulakat ho jaygi.

Riddhima: koi baat nahi'..woh main'..kuch dino ke liye maa ke paas rehna chahti hoon.

Parvati: oye kyun?

Riddhima: who'.shaadi ke baad'..mayyke nahi gaya'toh'.

Parvati: toh phir theek hai'.kal chale jaana.

Riddhima: thank you.

Parvati: oye iss me thank you kehne wali baat kya hai? Chal jaldi se so jaa, 11:00 baaj gaye hai.

Riddhima: jee.


Then Parvati and Sue both get out of the room. Riddhima still couldn't get out from her feelings. Sid's smiling at her, made her heart jump. And she didn't know why.


Sid: main chalta hoon.

Riddhima: kyun?

Sid: (confused)

Riddhima: i'.m..mean obviously'.thak gaye honge aap. (depressed) jayye.

Sid: heh. Good night.

Riddhima: good night.

Sid: sweet dreams.

Riddhima(smiling): sweet dreams.


Sid slowly got up and made his way towards the door. Riddhima was hoping that he would look back at her and smile. He was about to walk through the door when he stopped and looked back at her and smiled. Her smile grew wider, and then he walked away. She thumped back at the bed, still with that smile on her lips. Then she sat down, and touched her feet. She could feel the warmth of his touch still lingering on her feet. Then she laid down, and hugged her pillow more tightly, she sighed. She was acting like a teenage girl who fell on a crush. Then she got up, took her nightgown and went to the bathroom, ready to get a peaceful sleep.



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aww that was really beautiful..yay shilpa is in this ff...looking forward to her n sid's jija sali scenes...though i dont know if she is rids sis in this ff....cute scenes bw i really find sid calling rids "aap"  very prefer him calling her tum...n save w/ rids...for me tum just has more "apnapan" to it...u it was great part nonetheless..i hopeSR to realize thier feelings soon..aww n sid is such a sweet heart massaging rids feet...n the tickling part was great i thought they wld come clos...n probably hug sue n parvati came...hahah rids didnt want sid to sleep in another room...maybe soon she will express her feelings n they will sleep in same room if not in same bed for the pm n plz continue soon!! :)

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thanks for the pm n plz continue soon!!Tongue

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