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Eternalsiddhima's(SR FF)- Wings of Love upd pg 21 (Page 3)

sr-medha Goldie

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Posted: 04 April 2011 at 12:00am | IP Logged
plz continue

innocenteyez92 Groupbie

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Posted: 04 April 2011 at 1:26pm | IP Logged
hey nice start ...
plz continue Smile
EternalKarSim Senior Member

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Posted: 04 April 2011 at 9:55pm | IP Logged
ok guys! since you want me to continue, now i will. and i promise, you'll enjoy this FF more than my tug of war. here it goes

They both stood like that in each other's arms for a long time. Riddhima, melting away all her pain in his arms. She opened her eyes and found Sid hugging her tightly. She came back to reality. She jerked out of his embrace. Parvati came storming in their room. She felt disgusted to see Riddhima on her son's arms.


Parvati: tumhe sharam nahi aati? Kisi aurki patni ho kar, tum mere bete ke piche pari hui ho?

Sid: mom yeh''

Parvati: tum chup raho. Pata nahi yeh kiss tarah ki jadoo chala di mere bete par, ki tum uska saath de rahe ho.

Sid: maa! Enough! Main Riddhima ki khilaf kuch bhi sunna nahi chahti.

Parvati: kya kaha tune?

Sid: waise bhi, aap yahan kyun aaye ho? mere bare baate kar rahe the, mujhe india bhejne ke liye. Aap jab main aayi hoon, tabhi aap logo ko chayn nahi mili?

Parvati: bete, main toh sirf tumhari liye rishta pakki karne aayi hoon.

Sid: mujhe ab rishta pakki karne ka koi interest nahi hai. Ab kya mujhe aur Riddhima ko thodi der ke liye akela chod dengi, please? Mujhe use kuch zaruri baat karni hai.


Parvati couldn't do anything but give a killer stare at Riddhima. She went away from there to go to Sue at the hospital. Sid looked at Riddhima. What was he thinking? Why did he lie to his own mother? Because of him, she is feeling insulted, humiliated. And she can't do anything about it. He sighed, feeling pity for himself.


Sid: Riddhima?


Riddhima quickly took her bag and was about to leave when Sid caught hold of her hand. She closed her eyes, letting the tears flow away. He turned to her and was now facing her back.


Sid: jaate jaate ek baat sunnti jao. Shayad''phir kabhi na keh paun.


Riddhima's eyebrows slightly twitched, trying to understand what he was saying.

Sid: main''tumhe pasand karne laga hoon Riddhima.


Riddhima's eyes widened. She couldn't believe her ears. Did her just say''he likes her? She still can't believe what she had just heard. That Siddhant, who showed every signs of hating her. Now, that Siddhant is telling that he likes her? 'Main tumhe pasand karne laga hoon Riddhima' these words kept echoing in her mind.

Sid: aur aaj tak''main aisa kabhi bhi feel nahi ki.

Riddhima kept hearing him with intent attention.

Sid: aur agar tumne kabhi bhi''.mere liye kuch feel kiya hai''.toh tum is ghar ke'..dhaleez paar kar ke nahi jaoge.

Sid left her hand from his grasp. Riddhima closed her eyes. Sid just challenged her. She wiped her tears. Sid kept looking at her, he wasn't confident a bit. If she goes, then he'll undergo another heartbreak. But if she stays, he'll be the happiest man alive. She left Sid in the room, she slowly stepped down the stairs. Parvati's gruesome comment about her kept playing in her mind like a broken record. She went through the living room. The door, right in front of her. Sid's words kept echoing in her mind. 'Main tumhe pasand karne laga hoon Riddhima'. She opened the door and looked outside. Freedom, from this marriage, from Sid, was waiting for her outside. She looked back and saw her husband, with his hands casually in his pockets, waiting for her decision. She took a good look at him, from head to toe, she looked at his eyes. 'Don't leave' , his eyes pleaded. He was so tensed looking at her. He knows that if she leaves him, he'll be heartbroken for sure. 'aur aaj tak maine aisa kabhi bhi feel nahi ki', Sid's words kept echoing in her mind. She looked back to the door. But she felt that unusual pain again. Her heart was tearing into pieces. She was about to take a step, when she felt this pain grow more and more, and there was this unusual pull which was preventing her from taking that step. Finally she took away her foot from taking that step, dropped the bag on the floor and closed the door. Sid gave a tiny smile and gave a huge sigh of relief. Even though he just smiled, he was dancing inside. Riddhima looked back at him, still holding the door handle. She cried her hearts out, but inside her, she felt as if someone dropped an ice in her which cooled the fire inside her, seeing her husband smile in front of her. He just kept looking at her with awe, seeing Riddhima resting her head on the door and crying. He wiped a tear which was forming in the corner of his eye. He slowly took some steps towards her, took her bag. She raised her head and saw him right in front of her. He touched her cheek and took her to their room. Meanwhile at the hospital, Sid's mother is furious about Sid's response towards her. Sue couldn't do anything but hear her mother swear about Sid.


Sue: maa jaise aap soch rahe hai, waisa kuch bhi nahi.

Parvati: kya matlab kuch bhi nahi? Kaise uss ladki ka saath de rahi thi.

Just then Sid came into the LR. It's about time he set things right.

Sid: maa. Aap se kuch zaruri baat karni hai.

Parvati: aur kya sunna baaki hai?

Sid: bohot kuch.

Parvati: tu mujhe yeh bata, uss ladki me itna kya ki tu uski saath de rahi hai?

Sid: Woh ladki meri patni hai.


Her eyes got widened and her mouth dropped. That girl? That girl is her son's wife? How?

Parvati: yeh kya bakre jaa rahe ho tum?

Sid: maa who meri patni hai.

Sue: haan! Aur meri bhabi.

Parvati: m..m.m.magar kaise? Tune mujhe chupa kyun rakha?

Sid: maa'..bohot lambi kahani hai. Aap bethiye.


Then Sid and Sue explained to her how they got married in unusual circumstances. How he agreed to marry her, how she didn't accept the marriage, and now how wants to be in this marriage. Both of them calmly explained to her. All she could do was listen and cry.

Sid: maa. Ab Riddhima bhi chahti hai ki yeh shaadi kamiyaab ho. Aur app, aashirwaad ki jagah uski bare me baate kar rahi hai.

Parvati: toh tune yeh baat mujhe pehle kyun nahi batayi? Kyun jhoot kaha mujhe?

Sid: kyunki mujhe laga, isi zariye se, Riddhima is bandhan se chutkara paygi, lekin who khud ab chahta hai ki yeh shaadi kamiyaab ho.

Parvati: mere bete itna kuch saha. Akele. Aur main? Riddhima ka koi ghalati nahi hai. Aur main, na jaane kya kuch nahi kaha usse, aur who chup chap sehti aayi.

Sid: toh kya maa? Aashirwaad dogi na hume?

Parvati: kaash tune yeh baat mujhse naa chupati, warna aashirwaad toh bohot pehle de deti. Riddhima bhi ek achi ladki hai. Siddhant? Tu pyar karti hai usse?

Sid: pasand zarur karta hoon. Pyar ke bare me kuch nahi maloom.

Parvati: chal. Mere bahu ke paas le ke jaa.

Sid and Sue were ecstatic to hear that she has accepted this marriage. Riddhima on the other hand was waiting for Sid to come. She sat on the window, looking out the night sky. Sid's words still kept ringing in her head. This brought a small smile on her lips. She saw Sid's car parking on the driveway. Instantaneously her heart started to beat faster. Adrenaline pumped into her body. Her whole body wanting to run downstairs and open the door to see a glance of her husband's face. But instead she looked herself through the mirror. Why is she feeling so restless to see him? Then her mind played Sid's tender words again. 'Main tumhe pasand karne laga hoon Riddhima, aur aaj tak maine aisa kabhi bhi feel nahi ki .' She blushed and went downstairs to open the door. When she did, the first person she saw was his mother. Her smile vanished into thin air. She was mentally getting herself ready to hear more sarcasm. She turned away and slowly she started to walk.

Parvati: ruko Riddhima.


Riddhima's feet automatically stopped then and there. She closed her eyes. She didn't want to hear more humiliation. Sid and Sue looked at her intently. Sid closed the door and leaned on it. Sid's mom slowly made her way towards Riddhima, she slowly grabbed her shoulder and turned her to face her. Riddhima still lowering her gaze to the floor. Parvati  just shook her head in pity, thinking what she said about Riddhima. She sighed and kissed Riddhima's forehead. Riddhima looked up to her in shock. Uh'.what just happened? Riddhima started to stammer.


Parvati: agar tum mere bahu ho, tok kyun main tumhari saath aise bartaf karu?


Riddhima's eyes got widened.


Parvati: haan bete. Siddhant ne'..mujhe sab kuch bata diya.


Riddhima eyes shifted to Sid, leaning on the door with that white shirt and black denim. She looked at him with awe and affection. Sid was giving her a small smirk and kept nodding his head saying yes I've said it. She couldn't believe that Sid, although he lied, but he corrected it. Her respect for Sid grew much higher.

Parvati: mujhe yakeen hi nahi ho raha ki mere bete ne ek sundar aur ek achi ladki se shaadi ki. Bas mujhe keh dete, main wahi aajati. Bete, maine tumhari saath jo bartaf ki, uske liye main sharminda hoon.

Riddhima: nahi nahi, isme aapki koi ghalati nahi, aap'..sachayi nahi jante the, aapka pura haq thi'..maa.

Parvati's heart jumped hearing her say 'maa'. Now she has two daughters. And nothing feels greater than having two daughters. Sid's smirk turned into a small smile. Sid's mom suddenly noticed that Riddhima isn't wearing the features of being a wife.

Parvati: beta? Tumhari sindoor'.mangalsutra'..haathon ka jora kaha hai?

Riddhima: aaye. Main aapko sab bata ti hoon.


Then Riddhima takes her to her room. Sue just jumped in joy. Now she can call her 'bhabi' without no fear for her mother. And Sid just kept smiling. Riddhima sat her down on the bed.

Parvati: batao?

Riddhima: maa. Meri aur Siddhant ke beech ka jo rishta thi, who tooti hui thi. Main yeh shaadi ko kamiyaab karna chahti thi lekin usse vishwaas nahi kar rahi thi.

Parvati: kyun?

Riddhima: maa. Main'..Siddhant se pehle'..kisi aur se pyar karti thi.

Parvati: haan main janti hoon. Siddhant ne sab kuch bata di.

Riddhima: uske baad'..Siddhant ko yeh vishwaas hi nahi hota tha ki main yeh shaadi ko nibhana chahti hoon. Jab maine dekha ki''Siddhant ne kisi aur ke saath shaadi ki baat karne gayi, toh maine saare ummeed toot gayi, ki main kabhi bhi uski patni ban sakoon.


Parvati smiled listening to Riddhima's feelings. When Riddhima turned to look at her she stopped smiling.

Riddhima: isi liye''maine'.sindoor'.mangalsutra'..haathon ka jora'..sab nikal di.

Parvati: lekin ab toh tumhe ehsaas ho hi gaya ki who bhi yeh shaadi nibhana chahti hai.


Riddhima gave a small smirk and nodded.

Parvati: ek minute. SIDDHANT!!!!! SUE!!!!!!!


Sid and Sue came in running.


Parvati: Siddhant. Tune ab tak'..yeh shaadi ko nibhana nahi chahti thi. Lekin ab'..kya tum nibhana chahti ho?


Sid looked at her, and she stood up, waiting for his decision. Sid smiled and looking that her heart skipped a beat. Sid nodded and said yes. Sid's mom turned to Riddhima.


Parvati: Riddhima? Kya tum nibhana chahti ho?

Riddhima(looking down, hiding her blush): haan.


Sid looked at her and his heart skipped a beat.


Parvati: bas! Ab Siddhant. Bana do Riddhima ko, phir se'.Riddhima Modi. (goes to the drawer and takes the sindoor, mangalsutra, and the bangles). Yeh le sindoor. Bhar de iski maang.


Riddhima slowly pushes the hair from her forehead. Sid looked at her with awe. He took a pinch of sindoor. When he placed it on her forehead, she closed her eyes. She looked at him with tenderness and affection. Sid takes the mangalsutra and adorns her neck with it. He took the bangles and dressed both of her lower arms.


Sue: bas! Aaj se aap phir se bangaye Riddhima Siddhant Modi. Aur mere bhabi.

Parvati: chal chalte hain. Innhe thoda room chahye.


Sid kept smiling and kept scratching his head and was blushing. Riddhima looked at his nervousness and she smiled too. Sid's mom and Sue left the room and closed the door. Riddhima kept looking down the floor, unable to meet his eyes. If she look at his eyes, the intensity will kill her. Sid kept looking at her and smiled. He slowly raised her head, holding her chin with care and kissed her forehead. The moment he kissed her forehead, she closed her eyes. Tiny sparks flowed through her spine. Butterflies were flying in her stomach. Her heart pounding against her chest. His warm lips touch her forehead. Then he gave her a light hug and then whispered in her ear.

Sid(whispering in a deep husky voice): ab tum dekhna Riddhima. Aaj ke baad humari asli rishta shuru hogi.


Riddhima closed her eyes and smiled. She didn't know why his husky voice sent shivers down her spine and why was she enjoying it? She always liked his husky voice. It suited his personality. His attitude, his way of walking, his sense of style. She admired him very much. She now responded to his hug. My god! She felt like she was hugging him after ages. A hug which was filled with care, tenderness and love. Only it was a matter of time that they fell in love. His warm embrace always made her feel safe and sound. He broke the hug. She looked at his eyes. They were not cold and hard and emotionless. Now she saw a different pair of eyes. Eyes which showed numerous emotions. Awe, affection, care, tenderness. Emotions which makes someone feel warm inside. His face, which showed hardness and always expressed hatred and pained, now his face radiated with an unexplainable glow and his face now looked as if he's always smiling. His face all loosened up. He always looked at her with affection and with great care. Riddhima felt like she would melt up inside looking at the intensity of his dark blue eyes, and she felt like she could keep staring at his face the whole day. Sid started to make his way for the door. Riddhima's eyes couldn't get off from him. Sid opened the door, but before he walked out of the room, he took one more glance back at Riddhima, standing stiff right there. He gave a small smirk at her and that made her blush and lower her gaze. Sid loved her innocence.

Sid: I'm happy to see you like this.

Saying that Riddhima looked up and she gave a small smile at him. Sid then walked out of the room and closed the door. Riddhima breathed heavily. What's wrong with her? She turned herself towards the mirror. The features, which she thought she'll never have again, was brought back by her own husband with his own hands. She looked at her bangles and remembered how he applied it. She looked at her mangalsutra and remembered how her adorned her neck with it. And lastly she saw her sindoor which her husband applied to her and made her believe that she is Riddhima Siddhant Modi. Then she touched her forehead and remembered how he kissed there. Instantaneously she blushed. And then a soft smile played on her rosy lips. This is too good to be true. Now she felt something which she felt ages ago. She looked outside the window and looked at the moon and smiled, and kept thinking about their relationship. Now'.more than ever, she was willing to stay with him. Sid on the other hand, gave a light smile and came downstairs. Sid's mother was quick to notice that. Sid saw her smiling and she came forward and gave him a hug.

Parvati: mujhe vishwaas hi nahi ho raha ki tumne itni sangskaari ladki se shaadi ki.

Sid: janta hoon maa.

Sue: toh kya hua room me?

Sid: chup.

Sue: I'm really happy for you guys.

Sid: thank you.

Parvati: main thak gaya hoon, sone jaa rahi hoon.

Sid: jayye maa.

Sue: main bhi.

Sid: ok.


Then they both went off to bed. It was 1:00 a.m., everyone was asleep, but not Riddhima and neither Sid. Riddhima was grateful that the situation is now in control, but there was one thing that still bothered her. She needed to talk to him right now. The more she thought about it, the more restless she becomes. She got up from the bed, opened the door and made her way to Sid's room. She thought of knocking but she stopped in midway thinking he might be asleep. But listening to the footsteps in his room, reassured her that he was awake. She slowly knocked the door. Sid quickly opened the door and found Riddhima standing in front of him. Her eyes widened to the sight in front of her and she looked him from top to bottom. He was completely bare bodied, and he just wore black pant. Her cheeks flushed to a beetroot color. His hair still messy, his masculine body, his masculine arms which used to pull her to his arms, his chests, his six pack abs. A very fit looking man. Riddhima lowered her gaze, and Sid quickly grabbed a white vest and put it on.

Sid: kya hua Riddhima? Kuch kehna chahti ho?

Riddhima: haan'..woh'..kya main aandar aa sakhta hoon?

Sid: haan.


Sid opened the door widely and let her in, she slowly went to the window, where the moonlight brightened the room. Sid slowly closed the door and made his way towards her.

Sid: kya hua Riddhima?

Riddhima: who'.ek sawal puchni thi.

Sid: kaunsi sawal?

Riddhima: who''yehi ki''ab jab hum'.iss rishte ko'.aage badha rahe hai''toh kya aap'.uss ladki ke saath'..rishta'..mana nahi karenge?

Sid: umm'..nahi.


Riddhima got shocked to hear that Sid still wants to see her.

Riddhima: kyun?

Sid: bass''.

Riddhima: kyun Siddhant?

Sid: kyunki who ladki'..koi aur nahi'..Naina thi.


Riddhima's eyes got widened.


Riddhima: Naina?

Sid: haan, jab maine wahan poucha, tab Naina'.aur uski dad thi. Tum toh janti ho ki Yuvi aur Naina ek dusre se kitna pyar karti hai. Uss waqt'.Yuvi bhi wahan thi. Usne mujhe kaha ki'.jab tak uski internship ka exam khatam nahi hua' tak yeh rishta main Naina ki saath rakhun. Agar maine naa kardi'..toh Naina ki papa'..dusre ladke dekhna shuru kar degi. Issi liye main'.yeh rishta'..khatam nahi kar sakhti.


Riddhima looked at him with awe. She was so wrong. She always thinks something and Sid proves that she's wrong, every time. She liked this quality about Sid. Always thinking of others rather than themselves. This is true selflessness. Hasn't he been always selfless about her? Risking his life for her countless times? Always thinking about her, even when she hurt her in the worst way? Selflessness. She looked out at the night sky, unable to meet his eyes.

Riddhima: aur aaj tak maine yeh socha ki aap'..yeh shaadi nibhana hi nahi chahte the. Kyun sochne diya mujhe aisa?

Sid: hmm'..mere bare me log bohot kuch sochte hai'..lekin kitna ghalat hai who'..yaad hai?


Riddhima instantaneously remembered that how she called him a molester in front of everybody in that airport. And how she accused him of raping her, when in fact, all he tried to do was to save her, so that maybe, one day, she can get the chance of seeing Armaan. Sid smiled looking at her face.

Sid(looking out at the night sky): ateet toh ateet hota hai Riddhima. Hum isse humari aaj main dakhal dena nahi hoga. All is forgiven.

Riddhima looked at him with shock. How did he know that she was about to ask forgiveness? All she could do was to give a light smile. She closely analyzed him. The moonlight added more to his charm. And his dark blue eyes were lightning up because of the moonlight.

Sid: main jaisa dekhti hoon, waisa nahi hoon main. Riddhima''..meri nafrat thi'..uske piche ek vajah tha.

Riddhima(looking down the floor): janti hoon.

Sid: nahi Riddhima'..tumhari suicide ke vajeh se main naraz tha'..lekin who narazgi khatam ho gayi thi jab tum uss mandir par so baar chal rahe the. Meri nafrat ke piche ek karan tha.

Riddhima(looking up to him): kya?

Sid looked at her. She looked back at him with her eyebrows twitched and a puzzled face. Her eyes pleading to know the answer.

Sid: I'd tell you''but then I'd have to kill you.

Riddhima was taken aback by his response. Sid started to snicker. He was joking. Sid looked down at the floor laughing. And then he looked at her.

Sid(in a deep husky voice): it's getting late. You better take some rest. I'm tired as well.

Riddhima(in a deep husky voice): yeah'.okay.

Sid: good night.

Riddhima: good night.

Sid: sweet dreams.

Riddhima: you too.

They shared a brief eye lock and then Riddhima moved towards the door and Sid escorted her out of the room. Riddhima slowly went to her room, with her mind reeling with questions. She laid down on the bed, pulled her bed sheet up to her belly and looked up to the ceiling. What purpose did he have'..that made him hate her? 


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superxuberant Senior Member

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Posted: 04 April 2011 at 10:33pm | IP Logged
aww wish this would ve really happened
but well written
and nw dil maange moreEmbarrassed
mehruali84 Groupbie

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Posted: 05 April 2011 at 12:04am | IP Logged
Hy thanks for the pm very cute part just like jeran pls continue soon n do pm
-Harshu- IF-Stunnerz

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Posted: 05 April 2011 at 12:30am | IP Logged
Awww I love this part Embarrassed

' Mat Jao ' Haiyeeee Day Dreaming
Its my fav SR scene Embarrassed

I am glad Sid told the truth to his Mom & she accepted Ridz wid open arms Big smile

Last part was vry sweet Embarrassed

continue soon....
loveSR Senior Member

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Awww I love this part Embarrassed
continue soon....
-veena.shona- IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 05 April 2011 at 3:22am | IP Logged
hey fahmi
mind blowing update yaar Clap
jst luvd siddhima to d core Embarrassed
finally dey r together Embarrassed
vo parvati ko jaldi se is FF se nikal do, i agree she is apositive character, phir bhi, plsssss Wink
plssss cont soon

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