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Kahani_Ki_Rani Senior Member

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Posted: 27 May 2011 at 4:44pm | IP Logged
Originally posted by peacefulblossom

Heya Rani!

Heya Bahar!! hope your good!!

Welcome back. I thought I lost everyone then LOL

Just me talking away alone Dead

Don;t fear... I am hereLOL

I've had a crazy week so sorry for the late reply.

I'm actually in a very bad mood I thought I'll get my frustration out on the internet ROFL 

I'll try and act angry for you 2!! LOL

Firstly the good news.

Got some really good news this week YAY! So happy!

I was applying for university transfer on my course...and after months of pain gathering all the paper work...and nearing losing all hope.

I heard back from them this week. And guess what... DancingI GOT IN! YAYYY!

Woop woop congratulations!!...Party

Ok now why I am angry...


Remember I told you about my broken practically new mobile...I found out it was stolen not broken... Angry  

I'm sooo anger...

The mobile shop that I took the mobile to repair STOLE my real mobile and replaced it with a old more broken mobile. So I guess my mobile wasnt really that broken.

OMG talk about day time robbery or what! And this a mobile shop in the middle of town shopping centre! Thumbs Down

I told my brother to check the mobile just incase I can make something out of it...And he checked and told me they rubbed off the IMEA number but he checked the S/N number and its different! So cant even sell it anymore!

Arggg they robbed my real mobile...I'm so sad! Cost me a fortune! 

And I lost the receipt!

Argg going to the police tomorrow but Dont think they can do anything.

Shocked Thats crazy... they stole your phone...a proper shop 2...what Censored ... You should definitely go to the police... you never know other people might have complained about the shop too... with more that one complaint I'm sure they would have to investigate!!... .can you not call your network up and ask them for the phone serial number & if it is different to yours then you have circumstantial evidence to  back your accusation (if you go to to the police!!)... Then tell the network advisor what happened they might be able to send you a new phone (If your insured!!) & Bar the old one... it serve the person who stole it right as they cant use your old phone & they've given you one free... & then  this is what you should also do, it works roughly 90% of the time...Go to the shop and tell them that they might have mixed up your phone with someone else's as the phone is not working with your sim and when you called the network people the serial number was different and so it's not your phone ... and as this is the only place where it could have been swapped... tell them to check their records (just ask them first don't accuse them if they think they've been caught out, they might give you your mobile back and say oops sorry it was an accidental mistake!!)... If they refuse tell them your going to call the police & trading standards & complain about what they have done... this should seriously scare them!!..., I'm a bit of a pro when it comes to shops doing something wrong (never had anything stolen though!!)...I know all about this because my dad loves to investigate if he feels something's wrong... he'll call up everywhere looking for answers... you'd be surprised at some of the things he gets done!!...

Just a warning for anyone...Dont go to Buzz mobile to fix you mobile! They rob your mobile...and give you a broken one! Arggg

Sorry I was furious when I found out...kind of calmed down now. 

I'd be furious too if someone took my mobile...well not the one i got right now I don't mind someone swapping this one... nothing works on it anywaysLOL, but if i had a new phone I'd be going crazyOuch... We don't have a Buzz shop where i live so i don't think I'd have that problem...

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Posted: 27 May 2011 at 6:16pm | IP Logged
Heya we seem to me online at the same time LOL

Thats actually a good idea.

I should do that...but I'm stupid being the quiet type don;t know what to say...yikes...unless I'm angry and then everything comes out.

I can't believe it too. I shop in town centre...

And looking at ow the IMEA was rubbed off it looks like they meant to do it... Censored

Ok I seem to be going a little crazy with the post our story bit...

Haha I tihnk you can see it posted in a bit. I changed it a bit...Confused

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Posted: 27 May 2011 at 6:18pm | IP Logged
Originally posted by peacefulblossom

Our replying is going crazy. So lets see if you can understand this/ So we can start again LOL

LOL I know what you mean... I was so thinking about us getting confused when I was replying back to your previous post. ROFL... I can understand... your post is successfull Dancing

There are really beautiful photo slides on youtube. Can;t find the one I really a wedding in dream land LOL...its amazing what they made out of just photos. 

I'm no way near even making this one LOL

Shocked I just watched the youtube video & wow... I have no idea how they did that... but it was amazing... i wanna learn how to do that now or have that on my wedding video when (rather that ifLOL) I get married!!!... funny thing i was in Macdonalds on Thurdays for about 4 hoursLOL with my friend & we were talking about my dissertation that i did last year at Uni on Special education needs children when this old man apologised for interrupting us and started talking to us about special needs because 2 of his daughters had special needs, then we started talking about loads of other things & he said to me & my friend don't get married yet, your still young, & Marriage isn't all that its cracked out to beConfusedLOL... He was a very clever man too... he had more knowledge about childcare & history than my & my mate together (she did history at Uni).,.. so I think I shouldn't take his words lightly... he was there with his mum who was 94 years old & wore red nail varnish (she had memory loss & so kept showing us her nail varnish & we had to keep saying it's lovelyLOL...bless her!! ) I swear he's like one of those people who you randomly meet & they change your life forever, he gave some amazing advice to my mate whose looking for a job & i think i want to go back to Uni to do teaching because of himConfused...

Hehe I need a friend like you outside internet world. My friends thinkabout things too much. We have to over plan things all the time and then it doesnt work out. I wish i could just drag them out and see where we end up.

LOL you'd say that now... but if you did have one you'd probably want to kill/hurt herROFL... my friends seriously want to kill me half the time because of some of the situations I put them inLOL... i always say its a new experience we can learn from, which worked at the beginning but they don't fall for it anymore LOL... Funny thing my mates, whose parents I've met all think I'm innocent because of the way I look, ...people who don't know me when they first meet me, they never think I'm the way I am... then they see me with my mates and they're be like wow your nothing like we thought you'd be... The amount of people who say you look like the shy quiet type really makes me laugh. I'm the type that if I'm on the bus and bored I'd just start talking to the person next to me no matter who they are, what they look like... the stories you hear are amazing... i remember once when I was going to college I started talking to an old man who started telling me stories of when he was in the army and deployed in Egypt & he pulled out his black & white photo's of him and his army mates standing on & climbing the pyramids which is totally against the law to do now!!  

I would freak out too if the old couples were being overly friendly ...haha look at the world we live in now...Be nasty and everyone thinks its normal and ignores nice and everyone gets scared and runs away. I guess you can't win LOL

ROFL so true... I blame the Media... it's made us all paranoid of everything... we think everyone has an ulterior motive even when they don't LOL

Hehe Iphone aren't the only ones you can play games on Tongue
Ninja fruit is a very addictive game 

Shocked really... haha I know but I've played fruit ninja on the HTC wildfire & Nokia (i think N8) and im my slightly strange opinionBig smile... its not as fun as playing on the IphoneConfused...  

Hehe My sisters like you. She always miss calls me so i call her back. Once she called me and I was half a sleep and automatically picked up the call...and she was like...why did you pick it up..wasted my credits especially since your in a different network LOL ..
I was like...umm sorry haha

haha your sisters got a pointLOL... I'm like that 2... I always tell the person off if they pick upLOL...& also if they call late or don't call back at all they get told off... I'm hard to pleaseROFL... I've got a system going on where I let it ring twice & then put the phone down unless I'm trying to get a song into the other person's head then it just carries on ringing LOL... 

Oi I'm not that old yet LOL...taking it slow now for world domination is ok...I can speed up later ROFL

LOL not 2 slow I hope... you gotta make time in between marriage, kids and everything else, if you want it that is... time fly's ... before you know it you'd be older than the Queen (is now!!)ROFL  

Maybe Pooja is busy revising and doing exams and forgot to tell us. It is exam time...lets hope shes ok and she'll come back soon.

Maybe, well good luck to her!!... I've noticed everyone disappears around exam time, there stuck in their rooms & only see daylight on exam days LOL...

Harry Potter books are way better then the movies. I always went in and came out disappointed...but then I was following Harry Potter way before the hype. I was little disappoint with the love story in HP LOL
 I guess I had a thing about the leads getting together and never really likes Ginny haha

I haven't read any of the HP booksConfused, but I have noticed that if you read the book and then watch the movie, it's never as goodStern Smile... I read the first Lord of the rings book... although the movie was amazing the book was way better.  I had the same problem when I first watched The color purple, Bridget Jones, Confessions of a shopaholic, any Jane Austen movie & Narnia (although i think I watched the cartoon first before reading the book), and don't get me started on X-menOuch... there are more but I have too many to state them allLOL... I liked all the movies to a certain extent but the books (& cartoons) are way better!!... I don't think any movie can be as good as a book, as with a book your imagination goes crazy & then you see the movie and are like Oh is that it?! OuchLOL

Gulaal is good but I feel a rush in the story now...and I think it can potentially get messed up like CCBM but we shall see LOL

I don't watch CCMB, mum was wtaching it 2day I caught a glimpse & it looks like Nivi is going crazy about baby Divya, she was shouting at Viren infront of his whole family and although am usually against violence I just wanted Viren to knock her out to shut her up!!LOL

FF5 was very good , Thor was good too but thought it needed more character development. He learnt his lesson in one day ROFL

ROFL I never though about that... thats so funny!!!... I thought Thor was okay but i though it would have been more like the comics. I have a friend whose comic book crazy he has vintage copies of some comics that are worth a couple of grand each!!... & he tells me all about the comics... there pretty interesting but they are all the same just different characters...a bit like Indian SerialsLOL... Anyways the movie was nothing like the comic story he told me, the downside is i know how the franchise is going to end nowDead. he told me about it before we knew about the movie so i can't really blame him Unhappy

No Nivi and Sid can never happen again Nuke But then again anything is possible in indian dramas...ROFL

sooo True... I'm scared nowOuch... I think Viren should just go psycho again and kill everyone, and the serial should end on that cliffhanger...Everyone would would freak out ROFL

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Posted: 27 May 2011 at 6:36pm | IP Logged
Originally posted by peacefulblossom

Heya we seem to me online at the same time LOL

we are online at the same time...I think this is a first.!!LOL

Thats actually a good idea.

I should do that...but I'm stupid being the quiet type don;t know what to say...yikes...unless I'm angry and then everything comes out.

Take someone with you, who'd talk if you went quiet all of a sudden, I'm usually the go with girl when my friends have a problem, so take someone, if your friends can't make it take you bro!! ... I'm scary when am angry LOL... people always take a step backwardsLOL... luckily it's rare as i have to have loads of patience when working with children, as they can make you explodeLOL

I can't believe it too. I shop in town centre...

And looking at ow the IMEA was rubbed off it looks like they meant to do it...

yep, i think they did it on purpose to... it sounds too clean to be a mistake, but as long as they think you think it's a mistake they should be pretty co operative, as soon as they think your accusing them the go all defensive on you.

Ok I seem to be going a little crazy with the post our story bit...

LOL I saw your FF looks good so far, I like how the characters are introduced & the introduction!! ...  will add my part to the story tomorrow on here & then you can alter & add it to the other FF topic !!

Haha I think you can see it posted in a bit. I changed it a bit...Confused

I can't see it yet!!...Am a little confused is it posted here or on the other threadConfused... brain malfunction Wacko  need help!!

peacefulblossom Senior Member

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Posted: 27 May 2011 at 6:39pm | IP Logged
Hehehe before your brain burns. I havent posted it yet. Should do in a bit.

Just adding our old bit with some additions.

The Fanfiction forum moves so fast LOL

I'll leave you to promote our story LOL
peacefulblossom Senior Member

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Posted: 27 May 2011 at 7:03pm | IP Logged
We have our first chapter Party

I probably made a million of mistake on it too LOL...if you haven't guessed my grammar is horrible. 

Okey was just going to reply to your post but sleepy.

I'll reply next time.

Hope the story update is ook. If you want to change anything just tell me and I'll do it. Big smile
Kahani_Ki_Rani Senior Member

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Posted: 27 May 2011 at 7:26pm | IP Logged
Originally posted by peacefulblossom

We have our first chapter Party

Am off 2 read...*cape swooshes*...Flies NorthLOL

I probably made a million of mistake on it too LOL...if you haven't guessed my grammar is horrible. 

LOL As long as it's all still English it should be fineBig smile... any other language and i might have a problemConfused

Okey was just going to reply to your post but sleepy.

I'll reply next time.

No worries... My fingers don't want to stop typingOuch... after I post my reply... i'm like whoa that's long postLOL... i feel for all you that have to reply Big smile< to make you feel better!!

Hope the story update is ook. If you want to change anything just tell me and I'll do it. Big smile

The story is great really enjoyed it!!

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Kahani_Ki_Rani Senior Member

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Posted: 28 May 2011 at 12:52pm | IP Logged
Originally posted by peacefulblossom

This unusual tale started many years ago with soul...A soul Nivi  looking for her body and her journey far across the realms of the 13 lost worlds.  Unknown to her the Pin man & his gang of holy hunters are following her. This gang using their unique style and magical piercings to capture and destroy their victims, have become known throughout the 13 world as the most fierce and deadly bounty hunters that ever lived. Tthey were following her for her mysterious powers that she is yet to know of.


In her lonely quest of body searching she gets trapped between the blades of the wolverine of the gang and to her luck...and ninja wearing black comes to her rescue.


With a few ninja kicks the gang member is thrown through several  walls (true 70/80/90s style Indian action) He was covered in dark top to toe. The only thing you could see is his piercing wild brown eyes. If one looked deeply inside them eyes you would see a wounded and lonely soul. 


"Are you ok? Ninja guy ask


"You can see me?" Nivi back


"Did you hit your head...ofcourse I can see you"


"I'm ok thanks" She replies in shock and  confusion to why he can see her. The gang member had special weapons to catch souls but he seems normal why can he see her.


She decides to keep it to herself and doesnt want to enclose her weakness to a stranger even if the stranger helped her. After some talking Nivi decides to ask the ninija to become her bodyguard...because she is worried that attacks on her were increasing... Ninja disagree first but when he finds out about her ability to cross realms, he readily agree.


Because he too has a secret curse he wants to get rid of...and travelling the realms could help him.

On the corner of the screen a pair of red eyes flash...someone or something is closly following the ninija.


The red eyes focus on the direction of the Nivi and Ninja and then the eyes fade into the shadows.

As Nivi and the Ninja slowly walk towards the direction of the Sun knowing it would lead them to where the Ocean, Earth and Sky meets... where this world ends and the 1st lost world  known as Shahkaj (Short for shahruck & Kajol ) begins.


The Ninja, confused as to how Nivi gained her ability to cross in to the lost worlds decided to ask her questions, hoping she would reveal her secrets...

"Ermm" said the Ninja

Nivi looks towards the Ninja.

"Did you say something?" ask's Nivi

"Yeah... I did... how did you exactly lose your body? ... I mean how does that happen?" replied the Ninja

Nivi looks at the Ninja...staring deeply into his eyes wondering... thinking... should she trust him?... a man who saved her life, a man whose helping her still, a man who she's mysteriously drawn to. As she continued to stare hypnotically into his eyes, the Ninja cheekily said "i only asked because your body might have run away and if that's what happened I'd like to be warned in case it happens to me"

Nivi smiled back saying "no that's not what happened"

"I lost my body because I thought I was doing a good deed and it all went wrong. A forth night ago I went to sleep and dreamt the strangest dream. In this dream there was a man named Jawahal who asked me if I was willing to sacrifice a small unimportant part of me that I wouldn't miss in exchange for eternal happiness. Although I didn't need it for myself I thought that my sister whose sad face I can never see could do with some happiness so I said ok. He took me to a room where in front of him was a tattered book, he started reading and I heard him chant that to gain eternal happiness my soul would be traded... I shouted my body needs my soul and so do i... how do I live without my soul?... he smiled and then I knew I was never going to leave this place...  I prayed I woke up, I screamed, I shouted but nothing!...  no one came to help me...  I knew then that I was alone...  I ran up to him hitting him with all my power he shouted your ruining my chant, if its broken now I don't know what will happen but it won't be good I promise you!...  suddenly I woke up, panting, shivering I felt a little better thinking it was all a dream... only to find out my dream wasn't a dream it was a nightmare and now my nightmare had become real... I had no body and nobody could help me."   

The ninja looked at her with a slight sadness in his eyes like he knew what it was like to have his life ruined 

Whilst, the ninja and the lost soul made their way through Shahkaj, Jawahal sat in his basement with the furnace on full blast. He stared deeply at his reflection where he saw a old discoloured face it seemed the layer of skin has melted away leaving a face will patches of skin and muscle. His eyes shifted to his right hand where three claws gushed out of his knuckles. He started to get lost in his thought and he wondered how a normal man turned into a dream demon who is after innocent souls and all this in the name of love?He was flooded with memories of how his life was once normal and how he thought he was in love with the woman whom had the key to his heart. He would have done anything for her, he would have given his life for her but little did he know at the time that, that's what his lover was after. Her name was Chanchal, it was love at first sight for him and he wanted to settle down and start a family with his beloved but she had other motives in mind. She was like Cinderella always mistreated by her step-mother and step sister. Jawahal thought he was going to be the prince charming whom Chanchal was waiting for but In reality, he discovered she never loved him, she was just using him for his soul, she had in fact compelled him many times. She wanted to acquire his soul in order to'.well he had no idea why she stole his soul, she had already booted him out, he was now just a useless corpse wondering the Underworlds.
Jawahal shed a slight tear, he was appalled with himself for tricking an innocent girl in her sleep and he still couldn't do the job right, maybe Chanchal was correct when she labeled him as 'useless'Jawahal was trying so hard to recite the spell correctly but the girl kept shouting and shouting, which confused him and angered him further for his actions, he chanted a few incorrect words which led to another lost soul wondering the world. Still in his thoughts, he continued to think that there was no way in hell, he was going to attempt to steal another soul, it felt downright wrong BUT he needed a soul in order to take his revenge with the woman that betrayed him.Jawahal now had two options, he could either track down the lost soul and have it for himself or find another victim, he continued thinking which option to opt for.

Chanchal, a tall, thin and long frizzy haired woman sat in her tower admiring herself in the lit up mirror. She looked out the window eagerly waiting to see the love of her life, he was everything she wanted, he was tall, bald with a few white hairs, he had a tanned skin tone, and what she loved most about him was the unique piercings he had. It made him look dangerous, wild and she was one to love the thrill, the experience. Chanchal tried directly asking and indirectly leaving him hints many times to trap her Pin man into her web of love but nothing worked but she knew he was worth the wait. After all, her Pin man and the holy hunters, were attending to some work for her. And then all of a sudden, a wicked smile crept up on her lips as she thought of a brilliant idea, which would finally bring Pin Man and her closer together.

The sun was shining furiously behind Nivi and the ninja has they entered the first lost world. They were in a green field, with long geen plants with yellow flowers. In the distance a cow could be seen  and the sound of the cow's bell could be heard. (trying to describe DDLJ song scene from memory, doing a bad job lol) If one listen carefully a soft song was playing in air  "tujhe dekha to yeh". This world had a soft and loving atmosphere to it.

"Looks like we have entered ShahKaj world, its more lovely then I imagined" Nivi exclaimed has she read a old script in her hand.

Ninja was suddenly very quiet and only managed to nod in reply. He wanted to ask about the strange script but decided to ask later. Something was wrong in this world and he just couldn't pin point the cause of his worry. Or maybe it was just restless on his own feelings. It been so many years that he enjoyed the sun and the open air and having the feeling of love around him. Maybe after years of living in the dark he has forgotten how it is to actually live.

In a split second of wonderment his eyes shifted around looking for any shadows. Having found one he looked deeply into was like any normal shadow...but before a smile could reach his mouth...there it was a flash of red. And automatically his one second joy was destroyed. He thought to himself in anger..."What was I expecting...a little sunshine and all my worries are gone?"

They started to walk towards the cow. After few minutes of silence Nivi decided to break the awkwardness.

" You know I was thinking...since we are travelling together...we should get to know eachother name. Hi I am Nivi..."

Nivi's voice broke ninja's deep thought and he managed a quick reply "Viren" (Haha he has a name now can stop calling him ninja)

"Oh Viren is a nice..." Suddenly Nivi tripped over a rock on the ground but was saved by ninjas quick movement,

"Tha..." Nivi looked up and came eye to eye with Viren. And suddenly it was like everything stopped as a unexplainable feeling washed over both of them.

Nivi in her dream state reached out for the mask covering Viren's face...

"Its really hot here...dont you want to take that off...?". The second Nivi's fingers touched the mask Viren snapped out of his state and jumped back in shock.


Nivi also snapped out of her state and in her confusion could only say "Sorry"

"No sorry I should be the one saying sorry, it just shocked me that all..." There was a long silence has both of them were lost in their thoughts about what just happened. And they both came to the conclusion that it was just the strange atmosphere of this world.

Nivi started running around in circle in wonder.
"This world is really strange...looks like I turn more and more solid as we walk deeper into this world...I havent had these sensation in what seems like centuries" Nivi exclaimed trying to understand how a soul could trip of a rock and be saved by a normal human even if the human was a ninja. She enjoyed the feeling of the heat, air and flowers around her.

A tiny sparkle appeared in Viren's eye looking at Nivi enjoyment...then there was a sudden change in the air  and Viren noticed movement around them.

"Nivi come close to me...theres something out there"

Nivi moved close to Viren and both of them looked around. Nivi noticed three scarecrows facing eachother.

"Oh I don't remember seeing those three scarecrows before and in such strange  arrangement" She said looking at Viren, She looked back and there was four scarecrows...

"Where did the other one just come from?...OMG do I see a knife in the scarecrows hands?"

"Stay here!" Viren said has he ran towards the scarecrows. When he got there he saw two people on the ground deep asleep in a hug and the scarecrows surrounding them. There was a female dressed in Asian white dress and a man dressed a jacket with a guitar next to them ((SRK and Karjol Wink)

"WAKE UP!" Viren shouted...

Nivi was too busy watching Viren to notice the movement behind her...there was a scarecrow slowing making its way towards her...

Nivi turned to see the scarecrow behind her, which looked like a giant hovering over her little soul. Scared she tightly closed her eyes hoping when she opened them it would all be a silly figment of her imagination.  As the scarecrow lifted his hand to touch Nivi, She opened her eyes, knowing this was not a dream she started walking backwards trying frantically to get away, she screamed "Help."

Hearing Nivi's plea for help, Viren turned to find that Nivi had moved away from him. The scarecrow was next to her, pulling his Katana (Ninja sword) out his back sleeve, he ran towards Nivi.

The scarecrows hand moved closer to her as she watched in tears fearing the aftermath, when Swoosh, a knife appeared and hit the scarecrows arm.


"Stand back Nivi, I got this" Viren shouted as he pointed his sword towards the one armed Scarecrow, who seemed confused as to the whereabouts of his other arm. The scarecrow with sadness showing in his eyes slowly moved back, the other scarecrows followed. Suddenly, a musical noise was heard. Viren and Nivi turned to see that the unconscious man was unconscious no more; he was standing with his guitar. "Hello senorita I'm Raj" the man said as he smiled at Nivi.

The woman also rose to stand next to the man. The man lifted his guitar and started playing, funky drum sounds started to echo around the field. Nivi and Viren looked at each other confused as to where the drumming sound was coming from.  The man started to sing...


It's close to midnight and something evil's lurking in the dark
Under the moonlight, you see a sight that almost stops your heart
You try to scream but terror takes the sound before you make it
You start to freeze as horror looks you right between the eyes
You're paralyzed

'Cause this is thriller, thriller night
And no one's gonna save you from the beast about strike
You know it's thriller, thriller night
You're fighting for your life inside a killer, thriller tonight


The scarecrows walked up to the man and woman and they all started to dance by bobbing there head to the side and then walking side to side with their arms up like zombies. The man continues singing and then the woman joining in
You hear the door slam and realize there's nowhere left to run
You feel the cold hand and wonder if you'll ever see the sun
You close your eyes and hope that this is just imagination, girl!
But all the while you hear the creature creeping up behind
You're out of time

'Cause this is thriller, thriller night
There ain't no second chance against the thing with forty eyes, girl
Thriller, thriller night
You're fighting for your life inside a killer, thriller tonight


Viren and Nivi started enjoying what they were seeing. They sat down to watch the rest of the performance. They started bobbing their heads to the music and also sang along, unable to take their eyes off what was happening when all off a sudden a chappal flew from the sky and cracking the man straight in the forehead, he fell to the ground. The lady looked up. 3 more chappals followed hitting the lady knock her unconscious.

(Superdadi Tune -  click on the link it shall open a new music tab (youtube), click back on this story tab & then continue reading after reading the next paragraph close the music tab)

Viren and Nivi quickly turned to see an old lady fly past them, her hair tied in a bun wearing a blue fitted suit, whic showed her  toned biceps. The letter 'S' was engraved on front just above her six pac. Her bright red cape was fluttering with the wind and chappals were flying out from under her cape. Some strange music followed behind her. (close music tab when video reaches 25 seconds)

Chappals were flying in every direction, red ones, black ones, rubber ones. The scarecrows were running around. The man was furiously trying to play his guitar, but after a string broke decided to cut his losses, he threw the woman on his shoulder and started running.

Viren grabbed hold of Nivi's hand thinking it's a war zone, I should get out her out of here. They started running. After a while Nivi twisted her ankle and fell to the floor in pain.

Viren nervously said "get up"

"I can't" said Nivi "my ankle it hurts I can't walk. This always happens I start running"

Viren rolled his eyes "fine" he said "I'm going to look around for somewhere we could both hide" 

As Viren started walking away. Nivi looked up; she saw a blue strip in the sky.

"Viren" said Nivi as she pointed towards the sky. Viren looked up.

They both stared as the blue strip turned into a dot. It became bigger and bigger until it turned into a figure and bam suddenly an old lady landed in front of them.

Viren whilst looking afraid pulled out his sword and pointed it at the old lady, who just stood there looking disgusted at his feeble action.

"Who are you?" asked Viren

"Why are you wearing that thing on you face? And what wrong with her?" asked the old lady

 "I'm a Ninja & she's" Viren hesitated to explain why Nivi looked the way she did "She's not feeling well" he replied "you still haven't answered my question who are you?" he shouted in an aggressive tone.

"Ungrateful man, I am the woman who saved you and your wife's live" said the old lady.

Nivi feeling embarrassed looked away, Viren looked at Nivi "She not my wife" he quietly replied.

"Then what are you both doing here together?" asked the old lady

"She's just a friend that I'm helping get better" replied Viren

Looking confused with a slight smile Superdadi replied "Huh...Friend? Is that what they call it these days? I remember back in the days when I first saw my husband at a karate tournament, we didn't meet or talk alone untill after the marriage and these days boys and girls wonder in deserted places together. I can't keep up with how times have changed. Her smile suddenly turned to sadness like she had remembered a painful memory. She shrugged it off.  "Everyone knows me as Superdadi and I just saved your lives, that's my job, it's what I do" replied the old lady.

Viren and Nivi looked at each other in confusion "You tried to kill us" said Nivi

"With your chappal weapon, I have never seen a chappal being used like that before" said Viren whilst still holding the sword to Superdadi's face.

Superdadi pulled out a chappal and flung it in the direction of the sword, knocking it out Viren's grip and sending it straight to the ground.

"If I wanted to hurt you I would have already" said Superdadi in an annoyed tone.

"Now listen do you want to know what happened. do you. Well listen up. The man and woman who were in the field were not victims. Their names are Raj & Simran, two well know human traders. They were trying to trap you, to sell you. They have done this many times before, every so often a  train arrives and all the captured Humans are placed on board, no one knows where the trains heads off too, rumours are its goes to a land called Pardes, which is owned by Simran's father, It is said he has thousands of loyal pigeons which scout the land making sure any attempts to escape are foiled. No one has ever returned from Pardes which is why it is still a myth. The scarecrows that attacked you, they are innocent slaves, who are forced to do the couples dirty deeds for them. They attacked you because if they didn't they would have been severely punished & when Raj realised the scarecrows were scared he decided to complete the job himself"

"They were singing" said Nivi "how could that have hurt us"

"They weren't singing they were hypnotising you, were you not listening to the lyrics they were saying... It's close to midnight and something evil's lurking in the dark, Under the moonlight, you see a sight that almost stops your heart, You try to scream but terror takes the sound before you make it, You start to freeze as horror looks you right between the eyes, You're paralyzed...These words suck people in. Innocent humans comes to this world and they have no idea that after listening to a song after a while a person's free will is taken from them. If I hadn't arrived you both would have been trapped forever"

Viren and Nivi both looked down concerned that what Superdadi said may be true.  They had both been gullible to fall into a simple trap so easily. Nivi wondered what sort of world they had entered where one minute they are being attacked and the next they are being sung to. How does such a world exist? and how would they know who to trust as everything could be a trap including Superdadi herself.   

I wrote it & its very long sorry!!... It's not my greatest  work & im sure there are loads of errors LOL. & really long sentences. i had to read through it again because i had only put like 5 full stops in the whole thing... the rest were comma's LOL

ENJOY... Hope its not torture LOL

Edited by Kahani_Ki_Rani - 28 May 2011 at 5:39pm

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