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peacefulblossom Senior Member

Joined: 19 January 2011
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Posted: 15 May 2011 at 6:15pm | IP Logged
Originally posted by Kahani_Ki_Rani

I'm on the last post Party woop woop!! & your reading the last post too Party  woop woop for you!!

lol...your on my second to last post woop wopp PartyIf you havent died already lol

He's been a doctor for over 5 years now so I guess it's probably changed!!...Asians & doctors I noticed that all parent's want their children to be doctorsConfused...the wage is good I guess!!... I always say if I had a boy child I'd be like your becoming a footballer... work for 90 minutes earn 1 million pounds LOL... I wanted to go to Africa and help the poor people when I was little (never  as a doctor & never wanted to live there...I agree with your mum LOL)... And then I heard stories about lions attacking people, other wild cats & militant groups going around shooting everyone, it seriously scared me & I was like I'm never going... would love to go one day with a voluntary organisation now but I don't have the time or money for it Disapprove

My mum was strange when I told her I wanted to me a doctor she was like why LOL...for some reason she wanted me to be a and teaching kids Dead

Hehe a job like a footballer is idea LOL for loads and loads of money LOL

Living and helping people in Africa is soo cool LOL, like the adventure in it...but knowing my clumsyness im going to get myself killed. 

I wanted to do some volunteering there...but saw some packages...sounded more like a holiday than actually helping LOL

HahaLOL I watched Band Baaja Baraat a while ago with my family... Was seriously awkwardConfused... I prefer the old movies when they leave a lot to your imagination rather than showing a full on sleeping together sceneDead... I guess I'm old fashioned like the subtle romance, marriage then lights out LOL... I've been watching serials for a good few years nowWink there all the same but somehow seriously addictive Ermm

Haha I was glad I was watching the movie alone...if I was watching with family they would have been a silence leaving to imagination too LOL

I'm losing hope on serials already... Shocked...they end them prematurely and we dont even get the real story. Just started liking Gulaal and they are ending it Ouch. I give up on indian dramas.

Talking about movies I watched the horror movie insidious the other day... I watched the trailer, it was super scary, I refused to watch the movie but was dragged by my family... the movie wasn't that scary though... I know you like your horror's have you seen it yet?  

I know there was a very big hype about the movie and really wanted to go watch one would go with me...too scared...until I found someone.

And I wasnt event that scare LOL    I was disappointed... the trailer looks so much better. The story was ok I supposed. But like people was going on and on about being so scary and getting nightmares I was expecting more.

Had a little movie week that week... FF5 and Thor too LOL

I love how our generation of Hindi speakers are not the greatest... can you imagine the next generation... they'd be like... Hindi... Is that a country?! LOL

I'm sure the kids are already that this stage. My nephews dont understand a word of hindi LOL

Haha *puts head down in shame* I am a failed AsianDisapprove... My English friends can handle more chilli then meConfused... If I'm ever in a restaurant the waiters usually (depending on how friendly they are) take the mick out of meTongue... Coz  ask for a when i ask for a dish, the say do you want is spicier because we have to make it not as hot for the British people... I always say can I have it mild rather than hotter...the looks i get are always the same no matter what place I go to. The funniest one was when I ordered a mild dish and then had to have lassi after it to cool my tongue (and I don't like lassi Confused)...I asked for milk first ROFL but they said they didn't have any!!...the waiter was like I have never seen an Asian who can't take their chilli's like you our dishes are not even spicyLOL... I was like well... I'm one of a kind, I think I need more lassi LOL... I remember getting a discount for the meal because I was best friends with the waiter's because they found me funny  LOL

Dead Your a complete failed Asian LOL     Never ever try my food in indian restaurants you'll die . But strawberry lassi is nice LOL                                       

Hehe I would find it funny too LOL

peacefulblossom Senior Member

Joined: 19 January 2011
Posts: 833

Posted: 15 May 2011 at 6:22pm | IP Logged
Originally posted by Kahani_Ki_Rani

oh Mayn i missed replying to a post...Okay this is the actual last post in my chain gang!!...Woop woop again for me and for you!! LOL


Her mum must be proudLOL... did they have a leap??... she kinda had the baby fast like in 2 weeks... I don't think that's humanly possible unless Hemleta, like future you did some Kala Jadu on Sid & Divya... Now I'm imagining her like I imagined you, chanting around a fire!... totally hilarious!! ROFL

I have no idea if they had a leap...but looks like it...unless Divya can poop in a few weeks LOL with her mums Kala jadu LOL
I don't watch CCBM anymore, sometimes read the updates... from the Promo's I got that Divya had a baby & then died... I don't know why the CT decided they had to kill her Confused... When she was nice (& not being influenced) I kinda liked her!!...
Didnt like her...but they shouldnt have killed her off like that LOL...CT are trying to play with the viewers and trying to get Nivi and Sid supporters back LOL
It be more original if she came back from the dead and lived in a villageROFL  and all this happens after they showed her dead body being crematedLOL... those serials always leave me thinking we saw you get cremated & the close up camera shots definitely showed it was you... where the heck did you come from?? & then I'm like so who did they cremate!!... your identical sister who died wait till you find out you have another identical sister whose going to pretend to be you so she can steal all you money & property but somewhere in her scheming she's going to fall in love with your husband ROFL because that's always the next storyline!!... 

Haha thats interesting story...but not liking that Divyas going to me a lead LOL

Hehe I'm sure the get the real person out of the fire before burning everything LOL

Laptop battery dying again lol so I'm off
Kahani_Ki_Rani Senior Member

Joined: 05 January 2008
Posts: 331

Posted: 23 May 2011 at 7:04pm | IP Logged

Hey Bahar hope your good!?!!Big smile ... Hey as well Pooja, Priya & silent snoopers hope your good too!!Big smile

 If you're reading this your laptop battery IS alive again... Woop woop!!Party

 Had a crazy week last week been so busy that's why I'm replying back so late!!

 By the way feel free to cut the reply's pretty long!!Wink

 Hopefully in the next couple of days I shall try & write the next chapter in the story!!... I need to start being creative again!!D'oh


Originally posted by peacefulblossom

I'm now trying to teach myself how  to do 3D photo montages. There are really pretty ones on youtube. But using 3D Max...after effects...its alot of learn specially when its trial and error . But learning 3D Max will be good for uni 

3D photo I've never heard of that... sounds interesting... I'm going to look into it now!

Hehe atleast you have money to go out spending away ...I'm hitting Bank of Bahar first please

I've never been a shopping person ...2 hours out shopping and I start getting a headache and want to come back home . My friends call me a guy in terms of shopping.  I have a list in my head of what I need...I just go out there and buy the first thing I see and dont even like trying it on there and never like shopping around.

But for some reason I always end up blowing all my money ...maybe cause I have a big thing on spending money on gadgets and expensive computer and technology stuff . 

Nah I have no money due to my spending Ouch... I need money to help me with my shopping addiction... to help my psychological illness Dead... that tops negative balance LOL... donate to me first... I hate shopping too, can shop for an hour tops, no longerConfused... the reasons I have money issues are because of two things. The first is that if I see something I like, not matter the cost or if I need it I tend to buy itOuch... Then it stays in its box shoved in the back of my wardrobe & I forget about all itDisapprove... secondly I'm a very spontaneous type person, I usually go town to meet my mates and end up in Alton towers or somewhere like that!!LOL... I like exploring, once we didn't know where   to go so I started driving, hit the motorway and ended up in a field just outside London which is about 2 hours away from where I live.LOL The land owners were so friendly, they were an old couple... it creeped us out how nice they wereConfused, they invited us in for coffee & we were like nah were fine in the car can we just get directions to the motorway heading north...My friend was like doesn't this house look a little like the house from Texas Chainsaw MassacreErmm, which really didn't help as it did look like that. We were like so only you two living here & the woman was like no we have 2 sons who live with usNuke, we were like definitely Texas chainsaw massacreDead...  we quickly asked for directions & sped out as fast as we could!!LOL... I felt bad because they were probably not used to other people being around so were really friendly, but we were seriously scared of them!! Confused     

hehe I have issues not having internet on my phone now used to carrying the internet around with me nowadays. I was dying without my smartphone when I broke the last one  

Blah...I'm not a big iphone fan ...its over hyped up  Brothers got one and I dont know whats the big deal about it.

N900 looks nice but dunno didn't like my last windows phone 

Mobiles are sooo expensive nowadays and then your get a contract and your stuck for 2 years! Its crazy!

 Two of my brothers have Iphones, I think I want it for the games... I'm totally addicted LOL... I play fruit ninja & the sandwich one (can't remember the nameConfused)... I have never had a contract, I just buy the phone I want and then miscall everyone I know has a contract!!... why waste my money Tongue...they all call me 'canjoos' (cheapo) ROFL... which is my name in most of there phonebooks!!LOL

 White Jackie Chan . I'm tryin to imagine him  Atleast you have a nice place to work for. Last time I was working in the hospital...women dominate... and all they did was bad mouth eachother behind their back ...and bum around 

Hehe he looks lik Jackie chan back in his olden days with the black slightly longer hair & the front fringe (I will find a jackie piccy for you)... here it is!!

Grrr...It won't let me put on the picture!! I put it as a link.. It might work now!!

That's what he looks like but with white skin and without the muscles... well actually I don't know if he has musclesConfused...he's not fat so he might haveConfused... Great now I'm wondering if he has muscles or notLOL... haha work on Wednesday is going to be totally weird now!! ROFL

Not to offend anyone but women dominated environments are like that... I have worked in many different private day nurseries which contain if not all then 99% womenDead...& they do all back chat about how the others don't do any work...I thought everyone was working hard (they didn't bum around a lot!!)... Obviously my eyesight must have been faulty!!Confused... I think that's why I became a residential childcare worker... less women = much calmer environment.LOL

 Hehe He's a good actor can do anger acting well. But he does have some weak points but hes come along way from his beginning...was watching some clips of his older scenes...funny

He has defiantly come a long way in his actingBig smile... but there have been moments in CCBM where I'm like someone else can do that scene better... Kinda ruins my expectations of him as an actor!!...  he still has the likability factor though!!Wink

 Hehe I think I remember that post was talking about his acting ...The fans on CCBM are comment about Kinshuk they dont like...they start ...

I noticed that when my nosey personality came out and I read some of the thread...Nuke


 Start small...head for world domination 

If you start that small you'll reach there in 90 years or more... World domination with a zimmer frame!! ROFL

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Kahani_Ki_Rani Senior Member

Joined: 05 January 2008
Posts: 331

Posted: 23 May 2011 at 7:23pm | IP Logged


Originally posted by peacefulblossom


 Let me think...

Ooo I went to a mafia restaurant in Italy... we could start from there and join the mafia gang and then over power them.  

It was really strange... for such a small restaurant they had so many staff and we were the only customers  ...and the staff were all muscular guys...and random people kept coming in with bags and stuff...we got suspicious but still sat there and eat  

Everything was so over priced but we paid went back to our hostel and asked the owner about the restaurant and he was like yup...they are part of the black market and mafia... yikes...and we just eat pizza there 

ROFL haha wow… I always thought I was the only one who had strange experiences which made me the psycho one… it nice to know there's someone out there who has had stranger things happen to them than me LOL

Whos Keshav? Yikes I'm really bad with names opps

Keshav is Nivi's dad Big smile                                                         that song...was singing on sing star last time  Poor friends leave them to revise. DId you actually call?

Nah I manage to overcome my urge to call anyoneWink… instead I went downstairs and sang it infront of my little brother LOL whose on revision leave but I haven't seen him revising ever!!… it was so funny because we were sitting watching TV afterwards and randomly he started humming the song, ROFL I burst out laughing, he looking at me said Rani (in an annoyed tone) and walked out. My mum was sitting there looking at me trying to figure out what just happened LOL

I wonder if we do have any silent probably think we are nuts...

I really don't know if we do… but they probably do think were psycho's!!...Is anyone out there? Big smile…don't fear we come in sane mind's!! ROFL




Originally posted by peacefulblossom

Looks like your not powerful enough too  I do wonder what happened to Pooja 

I was wondering about the whereabouts of Pooja too?!!  It's been a while since she was last posted.  I know Priya's revising!!…but Pooja just disappeared altogether……….wherever she is I hope she's alright!!...



Originally posted by peacefulblossom

 lol...but your trying to kill me off so I need to make a stronger plan. Maybe like Voldemort split my soul up so I can came back again and again. Maybe find a better way of splitting my soul than killing poeple. I dont want to be full evil  . Hehe I am wondering how you imagine me like 

Haha with Kala Jadu… it's possible to split your soul!! LOL…lets hope you don't forget where you put themROFL…..I love the Harry Potter movies… I had never read any books or watched any movies up until last year,Shocked my cousin wanted me to go with her to watch the deathly hallows part 1 movie, I used the excuse I hadn't seen the rest of the movies so I couldn't watch it (because I seriously thought they were going to be bad movies that were successful because they had a big fan following because of the booksConfused) anyways she had the whole harry potter movie collection and made me have a whole day marathon of all the movies back to back…I really enjoyed them… was shattered at the end thoughLOL…. then I watched deathly hallows which was amazing!!... now I can't wait for the next one to come out!!

lol...died replying back. Probably cause of my crazy typing. Sorry dont check my replies probably...too busy trying to reply to everything . Opps I think I'm going to kill you this time

haha…I will Survive again!!...It was more the length rather than your typing… I love to read but my reading phase was over about a year ago… now I'm on my watch as many movies as I can phase!! LOL

Kahani_Ki_Rani Senior Member

Joined: 05 January 2008
Posts: 331

Posted: 23 May 2011 at 7:50pm | IP Logged

Originally posted by peacefulblossom

I'm losing hope on serials already... ...they end them prematurely and we dont even get the real story. Just started liking Gulaal and they are ending it . I give up on indian dramas.


I watch to Gulaal every now and again... I started watching it for Kesar Day Dreaming... I loved Neil Bhatt in the serial 12/24 Karol Bagh & when I found he was in Gulaal I thought I should check to see if I like his roleLOL (I can only watch it for the actor for about 2 days if the story is not good... I have no loyalty to them ROFL)... But the story is really good. It hasn't been running for long has it? It's a shame it's finishing so soon Ouch

Had a little movie week that week... FF5 and Thor too 

I watch FF5 in  the same week tooLOL... I lurveee my cars...& Paul walker & Tyrese Gibson & Vin Diesel (the list can go on & on ROFL)... Did you see the extra bit??... It had an extra scene at the end after the credits...which kinda shows you the storyline for the next movie!!...

I watch Thor aswell, but not at the cinema, I know tut tut LOL... From the trailer I kinda thought the movie wouldn't be the greatest, I loved looking at the main man though ROFL... This movie also has an extra scene after the credits... It must be a new movie thing thats happening!!Confused


Originally posted by peacefulblossom

 I have no idea if they had a leap...but looks like it...unless Divya can poop in a few weeks  with her mums Kala jadu 

Hemleta can make anything possible ROFL... never underestimate the womanLOL


Didnt like her...but they shouldnt have killed her off like that ...CT are trying to play with the viewers and trying to get Nivi and Sid supporters back 


The Nivi & Sid thing shall never happenStern Smile... It'll be too strange if Nivi falls in love with the older brother, he marries her sister, so she marries the younger brother, then falls in love with him & has a proper husband & wife relationship with him... Her older sister dies so Nivi leaves her husband and goes back to the older brother... Tell this story to anyone & in the end Nivi is definitely one heck of a player!! ROFL



 I will survive Woo hoo... Now I have Gloria Gaynor's song 'I will survive' stuck in my head... Where my phone?? LOL

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peacefulblossom Senior Member

Joined: 19 January 2011
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Posted: 26 May 2011 at 6:25pm | IP Logged
Heya Rani!

Welcome back. I thought I lost everyone then LOL

Just me talking away alone Dead

I've had a crazy week so sorry for the late reply.

I'm actually in a very bad mood I thought I'll get my frustration out on the internet ROFL 

Firstly the good news.

Got some really good news this week YAY! So happy!

I was applying for university transfer on my course...and after months of pain gathering all the paper work...and nearing losing all hope.

I heard back from them this week. And guess what... DancingI GOT IN! YAYYY!

Ok now why I am angry...

Remember I told you about my broken practically new mobile...I found out it was stolen not broken... Angry  

I'm sooo anger...

The mobile shop that I took the mobile to repair STOLE my real mobile and replaced it with a old more broken mobile. So I guess my mobile wasnt really that broken.

OMG talk about day time robbery or what! And this a mobile shop in the middle of town shopping centre! Thumbs Down

I told my brother to check the mobile just incase I can make something out of it...And he checked and told me they rubbed off the IMEA number but he checked the S/N number and its different! So cant even sell it anymore!

Arggg they robbed my real mobile...I'm so sad! Cost me a fortune! 

And I lost the receipt!

Argg going to the police tomorrow but Dont think they can do anything.

Just a warning for anyone...Dont go to Buzz mobile to fix you mobile! They rob your mobile...and give you a broken one! Arggg

Sorry I was furious when I found out...kind of calmed down now. 

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peacefulblossom Senior Member

Joined: 19 January 2011
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Posted: 26 May 2011 at 7:08pm | IP Logged
Our replying is going crazy. So lets see if you can understand this/ So we can start again LOL

There are really beautiful photo slides on youtube. Can;t find the one I really a wedding in dream land LOL...its amazing what they made out of just photos. 

I'm no way near even making this one LOL

Hehe I need a friend like you outside internet world. My friends thinkabout things too much. We have to over plan things all the time and then it doesnt work out. I wish i could just drag them out and see where we end up.

I would freak out too if the old couples were being overly friendly ...haha look at the world we live in now...Be nasty and everyone thinks its normal and ignores nice and everyone gets scared and runs away. I guess you can't win LOL

Hehe Iphone aren't the only ones you can play games on Tongue
Ninja fruit is a very addictive game 

Hehe My sisters like you. She always miss calls me so i call her back. Once she called me and I was half a sleep and automatically picked up the call...and she was like...why did you pick it up..wasted my credits especially since your in a different network LOL ..
I was like...umm sorry haha

Hehe I'm having a laugh just trying to imagine your boss.

Yeah i agree with you about working in women environment Dead 

Oi I'm not that old yet LOL...taking it slow now for world domination is ok...I can speed up later ROFL

Your poor brother leave him to revise LOL

Maybe Pooja is busy revising and doing exams and forgot to tell us. It is exam time...lets hope shes ok and she'll come back soon.

With my bad memory I think I will forget where I kept my different parts of my soul hehe...

Harry Potter books are way better then the movies. I always went in and came out disappointed...but then I was following Harry Potter way before the hype. I was little disappoint with the love story in HP LOL
 I guess I had a thing about the leads getting together and never really likes Ginny haha

Haha I never stay with actors too...if the story is crap I drop it too haha...

Gulaal is good but I feel a rush in the story now...and I think it can potentially get messed up like CCBM but we shall see LOL

Neil is a good actor. 

FF5 was very good , Thor was good too but thought it needed more character development. He learnt his lesson in one day ROFL

Tut tut tut for watching it in fake version...haha I do that to some movies too...but Thor was worth watching in cinema for the imagination of the different worlds Big smile

Hehe I'm sure Divya's mum can do anything lol...

No Nivi and Sid can never happen again Nuke But then again anything is possible in indian dramas...ROFL

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peacefulblossom Senior Member

Joined: 19 January 2011
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Posted: 26 May 2011 at 7:16pm | IP Logged
P.s Waiting for you update on the story Wink

Some encouragement for you Wink

We have our own FF thread 

Even though I've only put a introduction LOL

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