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Prithvi #2 (Page 138)

sanyogitaprc Senior Member

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Posted: 24 February 2012 at 7:35am | IP Logged
sorry for being late...i have edited my comment on pg 129...

Edited by sanyogitaprc - 24 February 2012 at 7:35am

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kautilya04 IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 25 February 2012 at 9:33am | IP Logged
Originally posted by pranita1202

loved itThumbs Up
love priniHeart

Thanks a lot Embarrassed
kautilya04 IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 25 February 2012 at 9:44am | IP Logged
Originally posted by -Shwetasri-

Hello Di !!!!!! *waves* Hug 
Happy Valentine's Day!!! Tongue Big smile

Thank you so much for this Beautiful surprise!!!! Loved reading it...was waiting for the update and I swear this is an awesome V-Day update, especially the last part, it was a Perfect ending. Loved it.

Okay, if you don't have much time then in short I loved the update...Clap Thumbs Up Approve Star Cool Day Dreaming

And for the longer version of my reaction...keep scrolling down. LOL D'oh

Episode 54

When she had rushed back from Shamli, she had fully anticipated to be whipped by her angry grandfather for stepping out of the palace without his permission. But this'..this turn of events had taken her by surprise.

Yeh toh aane wale tufan ke pehle ki shanti are scaring me di.

But to her intense surprise, no reprimand came. Instead, her grandfather only asked, "Hmmm'so tell me'.what were Prithvi and that ' that girl fighting about?"

NO NO NO NO NO...don't you dare say anything about them...Angry

Rajeshwari heard a warning bell ring somewhere'.something told her that she shouldn't divulge anything more about what she had noticed about the relationship between the young couple'..that she could be doing them some kind of harm by speaking of the delicate nuances of that scene she had witnessed.But'but for the first time in her memory, grandfather was not looking at her with anger or hate or scorn'.she couldn't let him down by pleading ignorance.

"I ' I think he likes her'..likes her a lot'.but she doesn't like him," Rajeshwari said eagerly, "And there is another boy who likes Nandini but I don't know whether she likes him."

O sh* said that!!!! I really hope that the hitler doesn't do anything like hurting Nandini and her family...
Man, there were so many complications in their relationship and now this...can it get worse.Ouch




"Your majesty, young men are often interested in girls, but they mistake it for love when it is mere desire. I am certain that once he gets what he wants, the attraction will die a natural death."   

"Then make sure my grandson gets what he wants," the old man said carelessly. "And who is this girl to refuse his interest! If he wants her, he will have her, for as long as he wishes. Give her as much money as she wants. If she proves to be a problem later, just get rid of her ' and her family too if need be."

Ok...di just scratch what I said earlier...I really hope that nothing worse than this happens.Confused


As she opened the diary, a photograph suddenly dropped onto the tabletop, face up. Slightly taken aback, Nandini stared at it for a second, and then picked it up to study it better.

Finally!!!! She opened the diary!!!!! Di, you had really created such a suspense about the diary, finally she would read it...

She couldn't see the man's face as it was turned away from the camera and utterly focused on the child, but she felt intuitively certain that it was not a planned pose. He had been caught unawares by an unknown photographer.

Okay...I am getting afraid now...why am I getting this feeling that the kid is Prithivi?!

I haven't missed my friend so much in a long long time as I did today when I saw his little son...I suddenly felt overcome with memories of my friend. The boy is him in miniature."

Beautiful and such a painful letter...Man, you are such an awesome writer di. You express things so beautifully. Loved it to the core...

And, once senses are screaming that the lil kid is Prithivi... Day Dreaming Nandini and Prithivi had such chemistry back them too...aww, cutie-pies. Embarrassed





Every woman on the planet was out there on the grounds except the one he was looking for.

Where on earth was she...

In you heart Prithivi...gosh, y can't you just accept that?!

"I'm here."

Aww...Nandini. She knows him quite well, inside-out.

Prithvi spun around, clearly startled, and then glowered at the cheerful looking girl.

"I wasn't looking for you," he said tersely.

"Okay, I believe you," she nodded seriously and then laughed as he turned red.

Awesome retort by Nandini, 10/10.







After fighting some kind of personal battle for a minute, he curtly asked, "For how long?"

Finally!!! He spoke...good. 


"She wants us to stay for a month,"

"A month?" he repeated angrily.

Now now...someone was not even caring about her, then why's he so angry about being left alone for a whole month. Man, Prithivi needs to sort things out.

"But I won't be able to stay for that long because of college. So nothing has been decided as yet," she said reassuringly. Flushing at the consolation in her voice, he muttered, "I don't need the pity. In fact, I think a month isn't too much. You should go for at least two," he advised coolly.

Look who's taking again...O God, Prithivi please leave you ego for sometime. Btw, he would look so cute while getting embarrassed. LOL







"What?" he turned with annoyance.

She raised her hand and flung the handful of red powder right into his face.

"Does that make a difference to you?" she asked tartly.

*Wipes her eyes* Did Nandini really do it??!!!! I mean, like seriously!!!!! O God, I so wanted to be present there to see this happen...Btw didi...I love your description. It brings everything alive.

"Have you gone crazy? Why did you do that?" he spluttered angrily.

"Are you angry with me?" she asked innocently.

"Very," he snapped.

"Then it won't make a difference if I do it?"

"Do what?" he asked suspiciously.

"This," she replied, and lifting her left hand, splattered purple powder on him, and then doubled up with laughter at his suddenly unrecognizable face. There was not an inch of colour-free patch on his skin, his kurta was now an exotic mix of white, red and purple, and his thunderous expression only made it funnier.

*Pinches herself* Did she really really did that again??!!!!! Man, this update is getting better abd better and better...

He only paused a second before lunging out for her. She gasped and backed away, but her dupatta came into his grasp, and with deliberate intent, he yanked it off her body.






And then his head descended again to imprison the stinging vermillion of her soft lips.

Ahem ahem...the rest of the paras...were so Embarrassed Blushing. I really don't know how to describe it. I am just having a Prithivi-Nandini hangover today...Haye, Hug for this so umm, Blushingupdate. Love their jodi. Day Dreaming

 - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

Thank u di for the PM and the amazing update. Loads of love... Big smile

Awww I simply Love your comments EmbarrassedEmbarrassedThank you sooo much for always making me feel so happy Hug 
kautilya04 IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 25 February 2012 at 9:46am | IP Logged
Originally posted by shruja

thanks for giving holi update on v'day
sorry for late comment
start is making me tenseDisapprove
y rajeshwari have to tell all abt prithvi n nandini to that cruel old manAngry
so prithvi is right about all his relatives and this old man is so cruel Censored
that i m fearing very much abt nandu & her family.Cry even after manohar's efforts he din't change his mind he is suchCensoredDead
ohh afterall nandu opened her father's diary n saw that photo n letter
thanks to reveal mystery
so our prithvi had already at nandu's place in childhood n eyeing on her tht time too. smart boy impressed his father in law
but as per his letter he had very sad past
waiting for tht to unfold n also connection of prithvi with nandu's father/family only we get to know that both fathers were frnds.
ohh thanks to sanku to make our nandu happy
so angry young boy is on terrace searching for his girl
and wow nandu becoming brave day by day
loved her using 'bura na mano holi hai"
as it doesn't make diff to prithvi also her trip to her relatives!!
zoota kahi ka!! nandu can know all u can't hide from her anything
and the most beautiful part the way prithvi played holi n found it interesting
love both terrace which witness all happening of our love birds
once agian thanks for beautiful v'day come holi part
missing suvek as he also wanted to put color on nandu 1st but i think instead of nandu it prithvi play holi with him in diff wayWink
but plz don't got too much angry boy as again he will get nandu's sympathy
waiting for next part

Thank you darling! Embarrassed I'll convey your thoughts to Prithvi and hope he keeps his temper in check with SuvekWinkLOL
kautilya04 IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 25 February 2012 at 9:49am | IP Logged
Originally posted by sanyogitaprc

superb update dearSmile...

PriNi scene was they put the colors on eachother firstEmbarrassed...i loved prithvi's sweet...happy to see them together againSmile...thank u so much for this cute holi sceneHug...

She couldn't bear to see even the shadow of hurt in his eyes'..not even for a fleeting moment. She wanted to see him smiling and laughing, even if it be at her expense
she loves him so much that she wants him to be happy, no matter what it costs to herEmbarrassed...that's called true love...i really hope prithvi will understand this soon...

so both of their father's were friends...that's why her grandpa feels that prithvi is familier...great...eagerly waiting to know this storyDay Dreaming...

In the two hours that he was here, only once did he pause in a spot for more than a minute, and that happened when I took him to see Nandini in her cradle. She was awake and they stared at each other with such fascination for a long time that I couldn't help laughing, Then he looked at me and smiled sweetly, as though granting his approval of her 
so they r fascinated with eachother from their childhoodWink...great...this reminded me PRC scene where prithvi gifts child-sanyo that 'payal' & asks her not to crySmile...

but i am worried about the rajeshwari part...why she told everythingAngry...& that it also the half truth based on her assumptions...oh seems that this will create problems for PriNiUnhappy...

& nandini is going out of town...hope it will be a short trip...can't see PriNi away from each other for longCry...but i want this separation to be the reason for prithvi to realize & accept nandini's place in his that he will give those only two things to her which she wants - love & respectEmbarrassed...

well one request is is really painful to wait for one whole month...
so plz plz plz update soon.....but not at the expense of ur health...take care & do update asap...eagerly waitingDay Dreaming...

Thanks so much for this sweet comment Embarrassed Nandini's trip...hmmm...lets see what happensErmmWink I'll try my best to update soon!
Star_9 Groupbie

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Posted: 25 February 2012 at 12:04pm | IP Logged

Hi Ranju dear…How r u…Hope u r good and everything is going well….and first I m really very very sorry for not commenting on previous 3-4 parts…but actually earlier there was a big problem with my pc and it was not working and then sometimes net problems also….agar ek prob solve huaa to dusra shuru and this continued almost 2-3 months…and then in the last week of Jan there was my cousin sis marriage so I was busy the whole month…so bcos of all these I was not able to comment regularly on the uds….but this last 4-5 parts were the most romantic uds of Prithvi till nowSmile...and I loved them allSmilethanks a lot for all the wonderful udsHug…and once again sorry dear...

I just loved each and every ud…and each and every scene, every lines of the uds….specially Nandini's Birthday celebarations wala part….that 2 parts are the most romantic one….liked their kitchen scene..and the terrace scene…their first night together on terrace our favourite place….kya scene tha…awesome….just lovely udClapClap…..

Well mere maan me abhi bhi bahot se sawal uth rahe hai jiska ans pata nahi ki hume kab milenga…

Que no. 1. Hume abhi tak yeh pata nahi chala hai ki Prithvi ne Nandini ko gift mei kya diya…whats there in the box…Nandini ne to open hi nahi kiya…wasie hum sab ne guess to kiya hai ki Prithvi ne use woh payal hi gift ki hongi…par kuch kah nahi sakte after all he is Prithvi so kuch bhi ho sakta hai….hehe…ab yeh baat to hume tabhi pata chalengi jab nandini woh box open karengi ya phir tum hume batao to aur pata nahi ki woh din kab aayenga….Q. 2. Kya nandini ne abhi tak Mochi bhaiya ka gift bhi open nahi kiya kya….I want to see her reaction….mujhe dekhna hai ki jab woh idol ko dekhengi to kaise react karengi……3. Kisi ki shaddi honewali thi…sorry I forgot her name…woh shaddi actually mei kitna postpone huyi hai…kab honewali hai shaddi jiske liye Naidini ne woh pink color ka dress-lehnga bhi kharida tha…kab shaddi hongi..kab woh pahanegi aur kab Prithvi usse dekhenga uss dress meiDay Dreaming….chalo abhi ke liye itne sawal kafi hai…pahle itno ke ans mile phir dusre ques sochati huLOL…hehe….arre ha ek aur samar uncle kab vapas anewale hai….

Now again coming to the the comments…over all the parts are just beautifully written…amazing parts…enjoyed reading them….

And now about the latest ud….loved it too….valentine par holi…wah wah kya baat hai….agar sbs ke jaisa bole to sirf yahan aur kahan….Nandini ne finally Prithvi ko rang laga hi diya…good going girl…and liked the way Prithvi play holi with Nandini…and found it interesting…what a colorful holi….and waiting for moreDay Dreaming…I know ki picture abhi baki haiWink….

aur Prithvi and Nandini bachapan se hi staring at each other...kya baat inki dosti sirf abhi nahi bachapan se hi haiSmile...

par yeh Rajeshwari ne king ko kyun bata diya sab kuch….nahi batana chahiye tha….now hope ki it will not create any big problem in our Prithvi-Nandini's life…lets see what will happen….aur ha Prithvi-Nandini ko phir se jayda dino tak door mat rakhna…I know she is going…but plz jaldi se usse wapas le aana…not for so long time….want to see them together….thank u Ranju dear for this wonderful ud and aage ke sare parts ke liye bhi thanks a lot….love youSmileHugHeart…..

and now eagerly waiting for the next ud…hope we will get it soon…take care dear…and take care of ur health tooSmile…..

~ Nipa ~

Edited by Star_9 - 25 February 2012 at 12:21pm

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kiran99 IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 26 February 2012 at 4:58pm | IP Logged
sorry for late replya bit busy now days
 it was awsome , Loved the update...especially the holi part

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fatzfathi Senior Member

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Posted: 27 February 2012 at 5:23am | IP Logged
yess...finally i got sme time to write down my cmmnt on the is so hectic re.. so busy..aaj toh medical leave ke bahane am having sme time for myself...Unhappy i really salute u for taking out time n giving us updates inbetween ur personal n professional life...ClapHug
tis grandfather is such a Censored.. n inspite of being a rajkumari y is rajeswari so innocent?? if she is ill y didn a proper treatment given to her??Confused
"And who is this girl to refuse his interest! If he wants her, he will have her, for as long as he wishes. Give her as much money as she wants. If she proves to be a problem later, just get rid of her – and her family too if need be."
Mr. grandfather ur grandson 'wants' her Embarrassed n if ranju permits he wil also 'hav' her.. Blushing but the thing is, the time limit here wil b 'forever'..Day Dreaming hope u dnt hav any pblm wit tat..!Tongue 
ahh the basement of the story "the letter"...Heart 
well how can u say u fulfilled a part of the request nandu ?? see its clearly written  Please make friends with Prithvi...dnt u think u went far ahead tan tat?? u see friends wnt usually make out werevr tey get a chance..n especially not in terrace...TongueWink
the memoris of nandus dad was touching..i know the little boy is prithvi.. his dad seems to b a great human being..ten how cme prithvi hates him so much??? Unhappy i dnt think d story of forcin priyamwada to marry him is the only thing..ter must b one mre version of the story...but i dnt understand how cme bot teir dads wer frnds??Confused ten bhootnathji also knew adityaraj..n hence he found prithvi so familiar.. so the closing of temple has sme connection wit prithvis' parents n nandus dads' past?? Confused n wit whom did prithvi came tere tat day?? was priyamwada wit him?? i remembr prithvi never liked to cme to shamili...
[When the man had left to follow the instruction, the boy looked in the direction of Shamli. He had sworn that he would not come back, not at any cost, and had tried everything possible to avoid returning to the town. But all his attempts had been foiled. It was almost as if something up there had been determined to bring him to Shamli.]
u wrote tis in chapter 4.Big smile
was tis cos of the attraction he felt to nandu at the temple..or does he remembr his visit to shamili wen he was a kid..(u see he has a sharp yeahh tats quite possible too..Tongue) or does he knows the past connecting his parents n her family??? Confused
her highness u hav to reply all the questions plss...
She was awake and they stared at each other with such fascination for a long time that I couldn't help laughing, Then he looked at me and smiled sweetly, as though granting his approval of her...   ahaaan..naughty se book karke rakha hai nandini ko..!Wink
The terrace again..!! ranju u really knows how to play around us..u gav us a short update but ten u added a terrace scene in it so tat we wnt complain naa..cos terrace means 'make out place' for prithvi n nandini..Embarrassed
i nevr plays holi but tis festival never felt tis good b4..Embarrassed but how cme nandini bcame so bold ?? he is taking her dupatta n she doesn hav any pblm?? Shocked no fear n witout the tension of getting caught she is kissing him so boldly???ShockedShockedBlushing seriously..the girl is in big trouble...Embarrassed
waise ranju is she really gng for 1 mnth?? Unhappy n i remmebr u saying about sme pooja sme parts back..wat about tat??

And then his head descended again to imprison the stinging vermillion of her soft lips.  i want the next part frm the very next second of tis scene...TongueDay Dreaming

take uuu... Hug
update jaldi karoge na??? Ermm

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