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Tumhari Disha
Tumhari Disha

Update - 17th Feb, 2005

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Posted: 18 February 2005 at 12:11am | IP Logged

Great episode once again, but nothing in front of the last episode, but yes, there was a smashing, romantic scene between DK and Disha (who is totally lost her heart to him now!)


The episode beings with hottie sitting on his rocking chair, wearing a very nice oxford-blue formal shirt, sleeves rolled up and all, he is looking very disoriented, defenseless and forlorn. {I will once again state that he is such a complete actor, even without dialogues, his eyes spell out the entire scene for the viewers!} A bottle of whiskey is kept near by, but DK is not drinking. Disha steps in, looking dainty as usual in a creamish-yellow sari and stops at the doorway when she sees DK sitting on the chair. Her expression changes into the most endearing, placid look as she keeps looking at DK for some time and then comes near him, he looks at her, gets an awkward look, but does not react in any way. Magnificent, quixotic scene.




Disha – (Very softly and soothingly, with a bashful look on her face) DK, mein tumse kuch kehna chahati hoon. Kal jo kuch chotti maa ke ghar par hua…..(gets an awkward pause, when DK looks at her directly in her eyes, she bends her eyes down and lowers her voice more) maine kabhi socha bhi nahin tha, ki chotti maa is kadar gir jaeni, aur maine tumhari baat naa maan kar, us aurat par vishwas kiya. Mujhe maaf kardo DK.


Translation – DK, I want to say something to you. Whatever happened yesterday at Chotti Maa's house, I had never imagined in my wildest dreams that she will fall to such depths and look at me, I refused to listen to what you were saying all along and I chose to place my trust on that woman. Please forgive me DK.


Man, DK looks so intense in this particular scene and so dignified, as he gets up with effort and starts going towards his room, trying to ignore Disha, who looks miserable as she realizes that DK is not listening to her. Just then, in a lovely moment, Disha puts the palm of her hand on DK's chest (and what a chest!) and gently stops him from going. The way DK looks at her, when she touches him was just splendid. His eyes seem to burn with a raging passion and Disha obviously feels the heat and slowly takes her hand away from him, and blushes like crazy as a soft romantic music begins to play in the background. Both DK and Disha have this lovely moment where he is staring at her and she is all inhibited & coy and just cannot meet his eyes. Complete awwwwwwwwwww scene (My heartbeat must have stopped for a minute or so!)


DK – (Gets a cold strain in his voice) Mujhe Gargi ke saamne jhookta hua dekhkar tumhain mujh par taras aagaya, kyon?


Translation – After seeing me break down in front of Gargi, you are feeling sorry for me now?


Disha – (Is completely taken aback at the accusation & gets very hurt, but speaks in the same soft, pleading tone) Nahin DK, tum mujhe phir se galat samajh rahe ho. Kal jo kuch hua, uske baad main tumhe bata nahin sakti, meri nazaron mein tumhari izzat kitni bad gayi hai DK. Maine kabhi socha bhi nahin tha ki DK Sehgal jaisa aadmi apni Maa ke liye, is had tak guzar sakta hai.


Translation – No, DK. You are again misunderstanding me. Whatever happened yesterday, after that, I cannot tell you, how much you have risen in esteem in my eyes and how much I have come to respect you. I had never dreamt that a man like DK Sehgal will go to such lengths for his Mother.


DK is very surprised and obviously pleased at hearing his lady love speak so lovingly and respectfully of him (for once) but does not offer any comments or reactions and just keeps looking at Disha who seems to have opened the floodgates of her emotions, as she looks at DK with such deep affection and respect.


Disha – (In the same soft, supportive tone and looking more & more in love with DK) Mujhe nahin pata hamara rishta kya hai DK, main kya naam do is rishtey ko? Magar kal ke baad, mere man mein jo tumhari jagah ban gayi hai, woh ab koi aur nahin le sakta. Tumhein chahe, Chotti maa nein apni kapat ke jaal mein jhuka diya ho, meri nazaron mein tum bahut uncha uth chuke ho DK, aur meri nazaron mein tumhari izzat aur bad chuki hai. (Excellent dialogue and Disha all but confessed her love for DK)

(Gets more and more shy and emotional) Maine sirf tumse yeh kehna chahati hoon, ke hamare beech mein ab tak job hi hua tha, mein use bhula chuki hoon DK. Main maanti hoon ki yeh shaadi maine tumse badle ki aag me kit hi, magar waqt aur halat ke saat, mere jazbaat bhi badal chuke hain.


Translation – I don't know what our relationship is, I don't know what name to give it. But after what happened yesterday, the place that you formed in my heart, will never be taken by anyone else. Even though you had to fall in front of Chhoti Maa because of her manipulation, you have risen in my eyes and my respect for you has increased manifold. I just want to say to you that whatever happened between us in the past is bygone now and I have put everything in the backburner. I confess that I married you because I wanted revenge from you, but with time and circumstances, my emotions have also undergone a change.


DK is still listening to her but has no apparent expression on his face, though you can see his eyes lighting up with joy at hearing Disha uttering such niceties to him and literally love is flowing from her eyes for him (but the tough cookie that he is, will never acknowledge it so easily, let her also suffer the same way he did….for some time atleast!)


Disha – (Manages to look at DK directly for a moment and speaks with utmost sincerity ringing in her voice) DK, chahe kuch bhi ho, main tumhare saat hoon, tumhare kuch bolne se pehle, mein tumhare saat hongi.


Translation – DK, I want to say that come what may, I will always be with you, even before you can ask me for my help, I will be  there by your side.


DK's eyes gets a sedate, grateful expression and he speaks in his mind


DK to himself (staring at Disha with an apparent no expression on his face) Thanks Disha, thanks a lot for understanding me. And DK just walks off quietly as Disha is left looking at him with a wistful, sad expression on his face as she says to herself


Disha to herself – Maine kal tum mein who insaan dekha jo kahin DK Sehgal mein chup gaya tha. Hum kal saat rahe na rahe, hamare beech yeh dooriyan kabhi door ho na ho, tumhare man mein mere liye jo galatfehmi hai, who kabhi door ho na ho, apne andar ke us insaan ko kabhi marne mat dena DK. Hamesha aise hi rehna. 


Translation – I saw the human in you which was hidden behind the faade of DK Sehgal for all these years. Whether we remain together or not, whether these distance between us cease to exist or not, whether the misunderstanding you have for me will vanish or not, never let the human in you die ever again. Always remain the way you are.


Delightful scene, touching dialogues and the interplay of words and looks between DK & Disha was so powerful and intense and yes Disha is so in love with DK now! Once again, even in that one single dialogue that DK had in this scene, he simply rocked just by the way he looks at Disha and the way his eyes reflect his inner turmoil. And Disha was just fabulous, her ravishing good looks, the way she delivers her dialogues, her expressions, everything was just flawless in its rendition.


The rest of the episode was quite a blur because I had gone all hyperbolic after watching this lovely scene and frankly nothing major happened, except ofcourse a hilarious, over the top scene in which Indy baby gets drunk in an effort to make out with Ranu but as usual blows it out by taking Disha's name. Yeh behchara bilkul dhobhi ka kutta ban kar reh jaaeya…..no ghar ka no ghat ka! In a scene which should become a landmark for pathetic acting (primarily by Inder, Ranu is infinitely better and cuter) Inder and Ranu are in their honeymoon suite where Ranu (overdressed as usual, she should really go for a makeover, else she looks very pretty) is playfully bantering to Inder that they are not having an ideal honeymoon. Inder (dressed in a garish black and red shirt and looking awful with his dyed hair and geeky specs) asks her in a causal manner that they dined at all of Ranu's favorite restaurants, they brought everything that Ranu wanted, they visited all the places where Ranu wanted to go, then why is she saying that they are not having an ideal honeymoon (jerk, is this his idea of a honeymoon??? No wonder Disha sensibly chose DK over him) Ranu becomes shy and tells Inder that is this all a woman need in life, there are many other things that a woman desires and that her expectations of their honeymoon is something else. Inder gets a silly smile on his face and says, believe it or not, ''Oh naughty, naughty'' (and I was like, oh get off Indy!) and gives a what he thinks was a sexy, suggestive smile and Ranu gets all coy and happy. Inder then rushes off to get a bottle of champagne and then suggests to Ranu that they should celebrate their honeymoon by opening this bottle and raising a toast to their happy married life.

After a while Inder gets drunk (God, he is such a loser. Look at DK, he drinks by the gallons, but never loses his senses…..that is what differentiates a man from a Inder!) and in a miserable piece of acting, looks like a complete buffoon he starts mumbling something to Ranu and starts imagining that Disha is sitting in front of him. As he keeps yapping, Ranu feels awkward and tells him to just go to sleep (wise woman) and as she tries to put him on bed, he lies down and then gets up and touches Ranu's face and says, ''I love you Disha.'' As if a bolt of lightening has hit Ranu, she recoils and gets up from the bed, Inder is totally knocked off now, as Ranu's face is stunned. (Poor thing, felt really bad for her, one she is married to that good for nothing idiot and then he takes her sister's name in their honeymoon, how unlucky can a woman get? But hey, attention all Inder lovers, my apologies for the way I run down Inder, but seriously he is such a duffer, I think he is only black spot in an otherwise perfect serial with perfect characters! But this is just my personal opinion, nothing else. Do let me know if you have any objections.)


In the next scene, Disha is shown sitting in her Office at Diamond's Forever looking lost and forlorn (obviously dreaming about DK!) when Vedant enters her room. Disha is furious when she sees him and speaks to him very curtly and asks him how dare he enter her room and face her after she has found out the truth about him. Vedant does not lose his cool (that's what I love about his character) and tries to explain to Disha, who completely refuses to listen to him. Disha tells Vedant in a hurt voice that she trusted him so much, she thought that he was supporting her in her time of distress but she was not aware that he would turn out to be such a big liar and betrayer. Vedant is obviously upset by Disha's outburst but keep his cool and looks at her seriously, as she says that,


Disha - ''Tum Maa bete bilkul ek jaise ho. Tumhain rishton ki, jazbaton ki, kisi ke izzati ki, koi parwah nahin hai. Tum dono nein milkar jo khel khela hai na mere and DK ke saat, main tumhain kabhi is ke liye maaf nahin karrongi Vedant. Aur keh dena yahi baat apni maa ko bhi.''


Translation – Both you Mother and Son are one and the same, you have no respect for anyone's feelings, anyone's relations or anyone's honour. The way you both have played this dirty game of deceit with me and DK, I will never forgive you for this and do tell this to you Mother also.


 Vedant tries to but in but Disha is furious with him and says that why did he hide such a big fact from her that he is DK's brother, to which Vedant answers back in a tight voice that yes he did hide this truth from her that DK is his brother, but his step brother. (He gets an angry expression on his face) Disha says it hardly matter what relation he shares with DK, but the fact is that he was related to DK so closely and yet he tried to hide such a big truth from her besides the fact that he was Gargi's son also. Disha asks him what was his intention on joining Diamond's Forever, what sort of a game was Gargi and Vedant trying to play with the Bhosale family and with Disha and DK. Vedant looks exasperated but keeps his cool and says that even though Gargi is his biological mother, he hates her and that he had no idea that it was Gargi who had recommended him for a job at Diamond's forever and that she was manipulating him to get her job done. Vedant says that he knows Disha is very upset with him and how much ever he tries to prove his innocence, she will never trust him now, hence he is resigning from his job. Disha is unmoved and tells him that she is sure that this is also one of his many tricks, Vedant just smiles with a ''I knew she would say this'' type of a look and tells Disha that he is not just leaving this job but also leaving this country and going back to US away from Gargi and the Bhosales. Now does she believe him. Vedant tells Disha that he had no idea till he met Disha that she was married to DK and that when he came to know of their relationship, he was too scared to tell, as he did not want to lose Disha's friendship and trust. As Vedant goes out of Disha's room, she stops him and tells him that if he is calling her his friend, then why is he leaving her and the Company in their times of distress. Vedant looks back at Disha and gives her an affectionate smile, and Disha too smiles back, like old times and says that she believes Vedant is speaking the truth and asks him for forgiveness. Vedant smiles back affectionately and calls her sweet dish and she breaks into a laughter. (Hey they share such a sweet relationship, a typical Devar-Bhabi thingy…..how adorable!)


In the next scene, as Disha enters her house, she sees that Aai is waiting for her (Suhas looking radiant in a off-white and golden sari) and Disha is elated as she hugs her. Suhas asks Disha why is she looking so sad today, to which Disha does not say much except that she is just feeling very bad about something. Suhas coaxes Disha to tells her what is bothering her so much. Disha says that she had never imagined Gargi would betray her in such a manner and that she turned out to be such a vile, wicked person. Disha then says that she is feeling very bad for DK and also for the fact that he suspects Disha is the one who is behind Sumitra's condition. Disha tells Suhas that she looks onto Sumitra as her own Mother and that she wants her to recover as soon as possible. Suhas smiles in a motherly manner (probably understanding Disha's growing affection for her husband) and tells Disha that she should just do her duty and take as much care of Sumitra as possible and if not today, then tomorrow, DK will surely be won over by Disha's sincerity and dedication and will realize the truth and then all the distances between DK and Disha will cease to exisit. As Suhas says this, Disha becomes sort of shy and wonders if that day will come soon. (Uff, Disha has fallen hook, line & sinker for DK…..taking advice from Mommy how to win hubby's heart…..too good!)


In the next scene, Disha is shown standing in front of the Hospital where Sumitra is admitted and keeps wondering on something. As she is about to go inside, Gargi's Car pulls by and she gets out, Disha and Gargi give each other nasty looks. Gargi sarcastically retorts to Disha that even though she is the bahu of the Sehgal house, her own husband is not allowing her to meet his mother and even though Gargi is the Sauten, she is the one responsible for Sumitra's condition, DK has himself begged in front of Gargi to come and meet Sumitra. Disha just gives a sarcastic smile back and says that it doesn't take long to turn the tables and that if not today, tomorrow DK will come to know of the truth and then there won't be any place left on heaven or earth, where she will be able to hide from DK's wrath. Gargi just smiles wickedly and says that the tables will surely reverse and that today, Disha is not allowed to meet Sumitra, tomorrow DK will not allow her to enter his Office and then very soon, Disha will be out of DK's house also. Gargi walks inside the hospital premises while Disha looks at her with hatred and then worry as she realizes that what she just said might come true (Disha won't let go of DK at any cost now!) Disha then wonders whether she should go inside or not, when she remembers DK issuing her a strict warning that he doesn't want to see her around his Mother and then decides to herself that the least she can do for DK now is keeping his word and not bothering him any more in this front. But then an idea suddenly hits upon her and a smile spreads across her face and she strides inside the hospital confidently.


In the next scene, DK looking oh, so adorable and teddy-bearish is standing besides Sumitra and coaxing her to remember something, when Gargi comes in and smiles artificially at DK and then gives a nasty stare at the listless Sumitra. DK's face has a relieved look when he sees Gargi and then in what I thought was such an adorable thing for DK to do, he gently asks his Mother to see who has come and then requests Gargi in a quiet, requesting voice to speak to Sumitra. Gargi calls out Sumitra's name and asks her if she remembers who Gargi is, to which Sumitra who does not look at Gargi, calls out her name and keeps repeating it. Gargi is stiff sacred, and DK is elated as his face breaks into a gentle smile, the Doctor is very happy and tells DK that this is a great improvement and that if Gargi keeps coming infront of Sumitra, she will very soon recover her lost memory. Gargi is horrified on hearing this and wonders who will she avoid this situation now that she has given her word to DK.


In a simultaneous scene, Disha is shown to be in an interrogation type of a mode with the same nurse who had joined hands with Gargi and then Disha is shown to be questioning, threatening and pleading with the nurse who at first is adamant but then is shown to break down and start crying (a part of the scene was in the mute mode, where Disha is brainwashing the nurse). The nurse asks for apology and says that she has betrayed her noble profession for some money and that she is willing to make amends. Disha is very happy and tells her that all what she has just told her, can she repeat the same in front of her husband and the doctor. The nurse is scared and tells her that she cannot do this as she will lose her job and respect and begs Disha not to give her away. Disha gets a helpless expression on her face and wonders what can she do about it and then perhaps an idea strikes her mind and she looks at the weeping lady and says that she can help Disha out in one way. The nurse agrees to do anything that Disha would tell her to do.


In the next scene (DK's house has changed again, it looks very swanky and posh now, suits his personality to the T!) DK is shown sitting in his living room with a drink or a book or something (looking absolutely charming) when Gargi is shown entering the drawing room with her luggage. DK looks surprised at seeing Gargi and then glances at the luggage and gets a defeated look on his face. Gargi smiles that wicked smile of hers and says that she is back again to be with her sonny and that she will now stay in this house. Then in what I thought was Gargi at her bitchiest best, she tells DK in her honey coated voice that to keep her luggage in her bedroom, DK gets a disoriented look on his face and calls out for his servant who comes and takes the luggage to Gargi's room. Gargi then comes and sits near DK who looks increasingly awkward and asks him to make a drink for her (felt like killing this woman, seriously). DK keeps sitting and turns towards his side table to make a drink, when in a remarkable sequence, Disha comes inside, with her is Sumitra in a Wheel-chair. As Gargi looks on horrified, Disha gives a sweet smile at Gargi and then in a victorious voice addresses both Gargi and DK that,


Disha – Main aaj is ghar ki asli maalkin ko le aayi hoon. Sumitra Maa aaj se apne ghar men rahengi, apne apno ke saath.


Translation – I have brought the real owner of this house here today. And from now onwards, Sumitra Maa will stay in her own house, with her own people.


DK is stunned and keeps looking at Sumitra and then a gentle, loving smile comes across his face as he then glances at Disha who is smiling lovingly at him now (a kind of a '' I am with you'' type of a look) Gargi looks as if the earth has swallowed her!





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Thanks for the awesome update and once again thanks for the translations - it really helps!!!
lilly Senior Member

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Posted: 18 February 2005 at 3:40am | IP Logged

Thank you again for another excellant episode , so much has happened, Di is in love , I am sure the writers wont show them getting all lovey dovey and cosey soon, well the chemistry between them is so awsome, with the serial being popular I am sure the writers will unite the two at the end , but after some twists and turn and heartache.

I can see misunderstanding from Rano's side for her Di , regarding Indy. Disha I am no fan of Indy but you really manage to bash the poor guy, after reading the reviews from IF ,Indy may just leave acting or TD soon. It will be intersting to see Choti Maa and Badi Maa under the same Roof. Again after readiing your episodes I really enjoy watching the serial inspite of knowing what is coming next (It is like reading a best seller and then watching the movie based on the bestseller)

Thank you for your contribution to make India Forum one of the best entertaining  web site.

Asian Princess Goldie
Asian Princess
Asian Princess

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Posted: 18 February 2005 at 4:35am | IP Logged
 Thanks for the Update Big smile !!! It's great as usal Clap
dazzling Newbie

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Posted: 18 February 2005 at 6:57am | IP Logged
Hmmm Hmmm Good!! No words to explain
dkaddict Senior Member

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Posted: 18 February 2005 at 8:30am | IP Logged

Thanks! Thanks! Thanks! I know you are very busy, so extra thanks for the translations! I got the jitters....


ugababe Senior Member

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Posted: 18 February 2005 at 8:36am | IP Logged

wow disha another breath taking update!!!!



mana Senior Member

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thanks soo uch for the update and u do a wonderfull job as usual Clap

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