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FF - Kismat Connection - 16 (26/6) 113 UPDATED!! (Page 79)

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Originally posted by AASUS

Hey Selvy when's next installment ?
ya its coming in few minutes.Dancing

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R u updating today
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Shot 11


Prem and Heer entered their room. Heer went to washroom straight away. Prem took his mobile to call his parents. Gay3 happy to hear her son voice after long time 'halo beta, forgot mom and dad.' Prem 'no ma. I had some busy schedule.' Gay3 teased on the other side 'my son is always busy.' Prem 'ma. You know me na.' Gay3 'ha beta. Just kidding. Then how is Heer.' Prem 'she is fine ma. I took her out.' He ran fingers through his hair 'that is why'. Gay3 'is she visiting Singapore for first time?' Prem 'ha, first time she is out of India. Because of that she is little nervous in everything.' Gay3 'its good to have people with you too. Have nice time in Singapore. Go out and enjoy. Don't do the same old business all the time.' Prem smiled 'ha ma. How is dad?' Gay3 'he is fine. He is in the Garden. I ordered him to do some exercise.' Both were chatting some random things before disconnecting.

There is a knock in the door. Prem opened the door. Manager was standing with a small box in his hand. Prem thanked him and gave him some instruction for next day. Prem sent the manager out. Prem ordered dinner. He sat checking the box. He took out a mobile.

Heer emerged 'you can use the washroom.' Prem 'ha Heer. Okay. you come here.' Heer came to him wiping her face. He looked at her for a second. But Heer didn't noticed his eyes moving on her face. Heer looked at him. Prem handed her mobile 'Heer, you keep this. I have stored my number.' Heer 'i don't need this.' Prem 'keep it. You need this Heer.' He smiled 'you can call your parents.' Heer took the mobile as soon he said about calling parents. 'thanks.' Prem 'sounds better if you address your sentence with Prem.' He grinned 'your words looks like addressing to unknown.' Heer bit her tongue. 'sorry.' Prem 'ha again.' Heer ' thanks Prem.' Prem shook his head 'thats good Heer.' He went to change his dress.

Heer sat on the bed dialling her house number. He is about to close the door. She complaint 'its not going Prem.' Prem smiled 'put 0091 first then STD code and your number. Don't put STD code if it is cell number.' Heer 'ha' He waited until she said 'ha its ringing.' Prem closed the door.

Heer 'dad, Heer.' Balraj 'arrey beta. How are you?' Heer 'i'm fine dad. How are you and ma?' Balraj 'we are fine. How was the journey?' Heer 'everything fine. We also went to see Singapore Lion.' She hit the back of her head 'Merlion. ' she is excitingly explaining to her dad. She didn't noticed Prem standing behind her and watching her face in the mirror.

They heard door knock. Heer talking to her father got up to check. Prem placed his hand on her shoulder. He signalled her to continue her talk and he went to check the door. Heer went silent for a second. Balraj 'Heer beta, had your dinner?' Heer came to normal 'ha dad. Just now they brought it.' Balraj 'okay beta. You have your dinner. I'll inform ma about your call.' Heer disconnected the line.

Her hands automatically touched her shoulder where Prem placed his hand. She tilted her head and rested her cheek on her hand placed on the shoulder. She closed her eyes. Prem from next room 'Heer , finished talking.' Heer came to sense 'ha.' She paused 'Prem.' He 'then come. We'll have dinner.' Heer kept the mobile on the bed.

She sat next to him. She rubbed her palm 'chinese.' He 'do you like Chinese?' she 'ha. But my dad never allows me to eat Chinese.' He is about to serve. She stopped 'wait Prem. First this.' He 'why? This is nice.' She 'i know but i want to taste this for long.' He 'okay.' he is about to serve the dish in her plate. She 'stop Prem.' He 'why Heer?' she 'is not snake na?' he giggled 'ha snake only.' She 'no' she turned away. He 'you wanted to taste this na.' He laughed. She 'i thought its prawns.' He laughed more. She angrily 'why are you laughing? You like all these. Why you ordered snake?' he continued laughing and said 'i like it so ordered. How do i know you won't like all these?' she 'i don't want. You eat.' She got up.

He held her wrist. She stopped. She shivered in his touch. She slowly turned to look at him. He is looking at her with teasing smile on his face. She blushed and smiled. He pulled her down to sit. She fell next to him in the couch. she sat without a word staring at the plate. He leaned forward to her ear. 'its prawns only.' With a shock he looked at him. He assured her with his eyes 'believe me Heer.' she smiled and shook her head.

He is watching TV and eating. She took time to adjust after his touch. Knowing her emotion he stayed staring at the TV more. Both were silent.


Veera dumped a bunch of papers in front of Nihal. He pushed the bundles aside 'Veera, what are you doing? What is this? Don't you find a good place to dump these garbage.' He sat straight on the bed 'by the way what are doing in my room. Go to your house.' Veera sat in the bed folding her legs. 'finished asking your question. Now listen.' She started taking out papers.

Nihal wondered about Veera's action. She gave him few papers 'here check for Sanjana' Nihal 'are you gone mad?' Veera 'ha. Yes. I'm pagal. I'll became pagal.' Nihal stared at her with a worried face. Veera 'i'll go mad if i didn't find that Pari. Prem's Pari' Nihal 'its not our job.' Veera 'but i can't bear this suspense anymore.' Nihal 'so' Veera 'i went and collected all the names from the schools in Pune.' Nihal shocked 'what?' Veera 'ha. I did'. Nihal 'so you took leave today for this.' Veera 'YES.' Nihal 'you said you are going to temple.' Veera 'that is to fool that manager.' Nihal 'i'm your manager.' Veera hit his forehead 'yes. I know my manager won't give leave unless i give some sentimental reason.' Nihal 'you. see trow i'll give you double work. Your leave for trow is cancelled.' Veera 'no you will take leave with me trow to celebrate'. Nihal 'celebrate?' Veera 'ha. But listen now.'

Nihal looked at her confusingly 'Veera, its not possible to find a girl.' Veera interrupted 'without making any effort we can't come to any conclusion.' Nihal 'what is your plan?' Veera 'I collected name list of girls from all the schools roughly 11-13 years before. We'll search for Pari or Sanjana.' Nihal 'why Sanjana?' Veera 'she is the one trying to prove herself as Pari.' Nihal 'not abad idea. But' Veera interrupted 'first search.' Nihal shook his head. Both started their mission of searching Pari.


Prem is sitting in one corner of couch working in his laptop. Heer is in other corner of the same couch playing with the remote. She is randomly switching between channels. He looked at her several time and noticed her uninterested face in TV programmes. He closed the laptop. He relaxed a bit in the couch by starching his legs. He stretched his hands and released his stress keeping his eyes on her. She didn't turn to look at him. He took out a book from his laptop bag.

He started reading the book. She turned to look at him reading and went back to switching to another channel. She stopped few seconds and thought something. She again turned to look at the cover of the book. She shouted 'The Secret of the Unicorn'. He looked at her lowering the book without any expression. She switched off the TV. He went back to concentrate on his reading. She jumped next to him. Feeling weight settling next to him, with half closed book he looked at her. She is sitting like an excited kid. He lifted his eyebrow in questioning way. She smiled pointing the book. He asked her back in action 'want?' she shook her head up and down like kid. He went to reading 'wait until i finish.' She 'can't.' He 'i too can't.' She pleaded 'please Prem.' He looked at her pleading face for a second 'okay. wait' he sat slightly sideways resting his back on the sides of the couch. 'come closer'. She without thinking went closer to him. He 'lean back' she 'why?' he 'how can we read together?' she 'but we can't sit like this.' He 'then wait until i finish' he started reading. She couldn't resist herself by watching him reading her favourite book.

Few seconds of confusion continued in Heer's mind. She started talking in her mind 'what will happen if sit close to him to read this book. No one is here. We are just reading the book.' She pushed away 'no its not good.' She looked at the door 'its locked. No one can come in without knocking.' She looked at book in Prem's hand. 'he won't keep that down. just now he started.' She looked at the TV 'can i manage watching TV until he finishes?' she pushed her thought away 'no i can't'.

Sound of him turning to next page stopped her mind from further thinking. She shouted 'wait. I want to read that page.' He 'but you are not ready to listen to me.' She gulped 'ya. I'm ready.' He smiled 'then come fast.' He opened his hands. She slowly moved showing her back to him. As soon as she came closer he closed his hand holding the book infront of her. Her heart started beating fast when he moved closer towards her. As soon as she saw the book she became normal and started reading the book. Internally she is confused about their current closeness. She adjusted herself inside his hand. She held book in her hand to steady herself.

He gazed the side of her face as she immersed in reading. He leaned forward a bit closer to her shoulder. He slowly rested his chin on her shoulder. He sensed her shoulder stiffening in his chin touch. He didn't pull back. He stayed quiet looking at the book. She looked at him through the edge of her eye. His smell made her go weak. Her shoulder loosed after few seconds. By the time she took finish the first page he understood she is nervous. Still he doesn't want to lose this chance. He thought 'i came all the way to see you.' she felt little crazy to allow herself lean on to a man. But her heart convinced 'its not new for us.'

Next few minutes both were immersed in their reading. Heer announced 'finished.' He closed the book. She didn't show hurry in moving out of his hand. He didn't show any hurry pulling himself away from her. Both sat together silently staring at the closed book which is in Prem's caged hands.

Prem mobile rang. Both came to sense. She quickly got up. Prem took the mobile on the small table infront of them. he attended the call. Heer ran to bedroom to compose her shivering body. She went near the window. She looked outside. She smiled 'is he found out about me?' she played with curtain edge 'that is why he asked me sit like that. But why he didn't tell that too me?' he entered the room telling 'trow evening is perfect.' She looked back at him. He 'ha confirmed.' He disconnected the line.

Prem placed the mobile on the dressing table 'Heer, you sleep here on the bed. I'll sleep in the couch.' Heer tensed 'why Prem?' inside she wanted to sleep on the same bed. Eventhough she feared their closeness will end up doing something wrong, she want him to be in front of her all the time atleast throughout their Singapore trip.

He wanted to be with her. But his early move to sit closer with her during their reading made him take this decision. He thought 'i know Pari you will want to be with me. But i want you to tell that with your mouth. I can't force you to be with me all the time.' She thought 'i won't let him to go to another room.' She stepped forward 'Prem' she looked at the bed 'its bigger enough for both of us.' He 'ya. I know but.' She 'i don't have any problem. You take that side. I'll sleep in this side of the bed. There is so much space in between.' She declared it one streach and waited for his response. Inside her heart she is telling 'say yes Munna.'

Prem looked at the bed as if he is measuring the length and breadth. 'ummm. Okay as you wish.' Her heart jumped in happiness. She calmly walked passed him to wash room. He sat in the bed thinking with a smile on his face 'let see who makes the first move.'

After few seconds Heer came out and went to the other side of the bed. She sat on the bed stretching her legs. He got up and went to washroom. She pulled the covers. Then only she realised that is single covers. She didn't show her shock. She inserted her legs under the covers and pulled it up till her chest. She turned to other side so that her he can see only her back.

Few minutes later he did the same facing other side. He switched off the light. Darkness and silent filled the house. Their hearts were filled with last few hours togetherness. She is smiling herself feeling his touch on her shoulder, wrist. She blushed thinking herself inside his hands. She tugged herself tightly inside the covers. She drifted into sleep with her dreams of Prem.

He smiled thinking her blush when she held her wrist. He recollected her cheek going pink sensing her presence closer to hers. He wanted to kiss her cheek while reading the book. He didn't dare to do it because he wanted to place his step carefully. He kissed his palm thinking it as his Pari's cheek. he drifted to sleep hugging her in his dreams.


DJ is busy in her thought. Ash 'ma, did you spoke to Chachu today?' DJ 'no Ash. I went to meet them. but they were not at home.' Ash 'ma, you need to talk about this before Prem returns.' DJ 'I know Ash. But we should mover carefully. First you need to find what Prem has in his mind.' Ash 'why ma?' DJ 'Prem grew up in Canada. He won't be having any traditional thoughts.' Ash 'but he obeys to his parents. That i know.' DJ 'that is true. How far he respects tradition and Indian girls is important.' Ash 'in the office he is very decent and gives respect to all ladies. No one has any complaint on him. He has name as angry man with good heart.' DJ 'listen Ash, before Prem returns you gather some info to give bad name to that girl. What is her name?' Ash 'Heer.' DJ 'ha Heer. She should be kept away from Prem until Lalit bhaiya accepts for you and Prem marriage.' Ash agreed. She thought 'Heer seems to be perfect in everything. Prem also supports her.' DJ 'what are you thinking?' Ash 'finding a way to trap Heer.' DJ 'do it. Prem should be in high anger on her when they return.' Ash 'sure. I'll do.'


Nihal leaned back on his chair stretching his hands and legs 'waste of time.' Veera with a disappointment 'i thought we'll be able to get some clue.' Nihal felt bad for Veera. She is so excited to get some way. They searched all the details there is neither Pari not Sanjana. Nihal 'Veera do you think childhood promises comes true.' Veera 'read some real time stories.' Nihal '10 and 12 are very young to think about love and promise. Moreover she must be 22 by now. Parents would have settled her marriage life.' Veera 'too young to get married.' Nihal 'mostly it happens to middle class girls.' Veera 'one second. Middle class?' Nihal 'ha Pari is middle class girl.' Veera 'why you didn't tell that to me?' Nihal 'what is so special in it?' Veera 'then Sanjan can't be Prem's Pari.' Nihal 'why?' Veera 'she is rich for past two generations.' Nihal thought for a second and leaned forward over the table. 'you are right.' Veera and Nihal in one voice 'she is not Pari.' They laughed. They stopped laughing 'then who is that Pari.' Veear 'ha, how to find the girl now. Her father must be working in some company for salary.' Nihal 'umm. her father was working in central Govt.' Veera 'so we should search by father's job.' Nihal 'good you Xeroxed full detail of every student.' Nihal dragged one paper 'we will first take out all the father working in centratl Govt.' Veera 'ya. You write in this paper.' She offered him one white sheet. She took one. Both started writing down few names on the paper.

Veera suddenly shouted 'Nihal'. Nihal 'got any clue.' Veera showed the paper to Nihal 'see this name.' Nihal with a wide open mouth looked at the name then Veera. Both in one voice 'Heer Mann.' Veera couldn't control herself on her finding. She closed her mouth with shock and happiness. Nihal recollected 'did you remember the day she came to interview?' he looked at Veera unbelievably 'eventhough she had qualification and experience for MD's secretary post she applied for receptionist.' Veera 'so she came to Pune either knowing about Prem or in search of Prem.' Nihal 'surely in search of Prem. Like Prem she too don't know his real name.'

Veera 'did they know each other?' Nihal 'from his action i think he knows Heer as his Pari. She is always soft towards her.' Veera 'Heer too.' Nihal 'how do you know?' Veera 'Heer didn't like Sanjana visiting Prem.' Nihal 'okay i understood why Prem taking Heer to Singapore.' Veera 'he will propose her there.' Nihal 'hope so. We'll wait for some good news from them.' Veera 'okay come we'll go for dinner. I'm super happy. I want to celebrate.' Nihal agreed 'me too.'



Big smile

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will be sending PM trow.
don't get angry

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Wow u updated. I m so happy. Hmm so finally heer knows that prem is her munna and prem knows dat heer is her pari. But wen will they cofess it. Eagerly waiting for confession. I hope dat nihal prediction is right dat prem will propose his pari in singapore.
And god save our heer wid that ash nd dj.
Pls pls next time update soon
thank u so much for the update.

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repunzell Goldie

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Was waiting since agaes for thiz update...superrrbbbEmbarrassed

u are amazinggg girl, u write such wonderfullyyyStar

can't wait for the next part...can't wait for the proposal...can't wait the way heer will react...can't wait can't wait

i hope everything goes welll breaksss

and please please update soonnn...don't linger us arounddd pleaseee!!!!

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luvharshiti IF-Dazzler

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thanks for the update ...
fabulous update ...
loved premeer secnes...
waiting for the next update ...
please update soon ...

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Wow finally an update
I am super duper happy
That was such a sweet,cute,awesome update
I can't say how happy I am to see your update
Was waiting for this so long
Yippee prem and heer both know each other as pari and munna yay
nihal and veera too found itParty
Now I think prem will propose heer
The scenes and the description was so so so cute
Heer's blushing and prem's naughtiness was so amazing
The part I liked the most was the book reading one
You have recreated the old memories
That was so beautiful Heer's hesitation and prem's naughtiness was really adorable
It was like so real and the way you described added life to it.
That's why we had waited for this long
Now please update next chap fast
Don't make us wait too long like this.Please
And for this update,Clap
Thank you so much and so so much.
Do remember that we are waiting for your update
Love you
Take care 

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