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This is Life--AR ff new thread link pg 151

sejal719 IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 23 March 2011 at 3:44pm | IP Logged

Hey guys, its Sejal you may call me Sejal, sej, seju, or w.e you guys want lol ;p ( just make sure its nice and nothing mean lmaoo naa i joke lol ;p)

I am not new to IF' some of you may have seen me commenting on other ppls ff'.

I have read like over 50 FF and so I'm attempting to write my very own FF

Its my first time so I may ask for help from the readers and I will only continue if I get a good response from my readers' I am notQ sure if this is going to be a long ff or a short because I have many ideas in my head so ye I will let you guys know later :P

Feel free to drop in your opinions and advice I love to read them :D


So here we go'..

<p>This story will mainly focus on the life of Riddhima and Armaan how they meet and how everything changes. How both of them learn the importance of love, life, family, and friends is what the story is about'.. And the rest I will tell you as I write the FF :P<p>

Please let me know if i should continue because i will only post the first part after i get a good response :) lol i no mean lol ;p

don't forget to like the post :D

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sejal719 IF-Rockerz

Joined: 07 June 2006
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Posted: 23 March 2011 at 3:45pm | IP Logged

Character Sketch:

 Armaan Malik: hmmm what to say about him he's everything a girl wants, strong, hot, sexy, and beautiful are words not even close to Armaan. Strong, smart and caring towards his bro, and his two best friends. He loves his family but doesn't show it ( y you ask read on and find out lol) He does not believe in love at all he thinks love is just for time pass and nothing more. So what happens when destiny makes him fall in love????


for ridzi u can chose any of the 3 pretty girls :P

Riddhima Gupta: A sweet innocent girl that believes in her self. Has awesome friends everyone in uni called them the 5 stars group'. Loves her family and her sis' will do anything to help anyone' and she is a die heart romantic but doesn't show it. She is very pampered by her family because she's the angel in the Gupta house. Smart, beautiful, talented and very mischief loves to play pranks'. Wht happens to Riddhima when her prince charming is a nut head? How will she react?


 Rahul Malik: younger bro of Armaan loves his bro works in the Malik and sons group Inc with Armaan and his father. Rahul is fun caring and is looking for love because he believes that love makes the world go around. And he also prays that his bro gets someone to love as well.


 Muskaan: fun bubbly girl that has no care of the world. Loves her friends and parents till death. Trying to find the Raj from DDLJ but is very unsuccessful'.. anger always stays on her nose so beware of her lol


 Anjali Gupta: older sis of Riddhima loves her baby sis and her nani and parents. Both gupta sisters are very different' very bold and is not scared to say what's on her mind


 Sid: lets just say he's one of the 5 stars.. the rest will be coming later in the story


 Abhi: Sid's cousin and another 5 star member 

 Atul same as dmg but hes just more confident and bold and smart :D

 nikki same as dmg and atul rahuls and armaans best freind :D

the rest of the characters will come in as the story goes on :D

first part coming up soon :D

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Stupidcupid1234 Senior Member

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Posted: 23 March 2011 at 4:12pm | IP Logged
You should continue
Add me to ur pm list if u have one

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sejal719 IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 23 March 2011 at 4:31pm | IP Logged
Ok here is the first part :D
if you like it plz press the like button and tell me if i should write more or not ...

Part 1--- Dostanna


Some where in a foreign country ( Paris) we see an apartment'.. Apartment has two rooms one room is messy and looks like a bunch of pigs live there.. While the second room is kept beautiful''


We see a girl packing her clothes while taking to her self''

R: ugh I cant believe they are making me do this ugh cant they wait for another week before they call me back home L


She keeps taking to her self and packing all her stuff

Meet Riddhima Gupta a cute innocent girl who at the moment is very angry because she is getting called back to her home country India ( forever!!!!!!!!)'.. not that she doesn't miss India and her family but she loves Pairs ( the city of love and dreams) and she's very sad that she has to leave it and that to soo soon '.. shes done with her packing so she moves on to her next mission

she slowly grabs a jug full of ice cold water and starts to walk across the hall to the other room


Across the hall in the same apartment we see a guy in his night suit on the bed not worrying about anything that goes in the world. Sleeping away dreaming bout his next girl friend'..





RIDDHIMMMAAA I WILL KILLL YOUUU UGHHH'. Wakes up sid with a sudden shock to find him self after having a cold shower that to in bed' all thnx to his best friend Riddhimma ( sid is exactly like in DMG sweet and carefree)


R: ahahahahahahaha sid you should look at your face OMG its sooo hilarious ( she's dieing of laugher tears coming out of her eyes)' while Mr. Sid is fuming with anger'.

S: Oh missy you are not getting away today u better run or else you will be dead meat'..


Riddhima stops laughing and sees Sid approaching her and before she knew it she was running for her life screaming for mercy'..

R: Sid im sry please forgive me please please ( shows him her cute puppy face)

S: ( ugh don't show me that face its sooo cute.. w8 dude what are you thinking about she just gave you a cold shower) Ya right riddzi ur going to die ( and he runs after her)


After about 5 mins of tom and jerry both drop on the couch sucking for more air


S: Rizzi I cant believe that ever since uni you have been giving me cold showers every morning'.. I mean if you want to give me showers that badly then just tell me na I will willing jump in the shower with you'.( had the biggest grin on his face)

R: ( while catching her breath and giggling to her self stops as soon as she hears those words from sid's mouth) EWWW YOU JERK, MORON, EVIL LOSER I cant believe you could even think that ewww'' ugh I hate you and here I thought that you treated me as your sister and you have these dirty thoughts is ur mind oh god why did you keep me alive to see this day ( getting fake tears in her eyes and acting like a total drama queen)

S: oi shut up ok I was just joking' I mean you in my shower ewww I have standers understand ( stands up and starts to move toward the kitchen)

R: so so so ur trying to say im not your type ugh offended ( talk to the hand symbol' and fuming with anger)

S: ye I just said that' wht you going to do midget'

R: don't call me midget I'll kill you

S: ok'. MIDGET'. Anyways what did you cook me hmmm?

R: (thinking to her self ' did he forget im going away today) nothing ( with a sad tone)

S: turns around and is a little shocked'. Why not you make he breack fest every day so why not today'

R: because I didn't want to ok ( gets angry and is very disapoointed)
S: shocked to see that his midget is sad'. Hey( walks up to her to hold her close) wht you think im going to let you make breakfast on your last day in Paris no way'.. and gives her a big hug

R: frown turns to an instant smile' you didn't forget' I thought you did and you no u didn't care and blah blah' ( trailed of talking)

S: hey look at me I will never forget you ok I love you and no matter what happens I will always be there'. So now smile and plus with you around I get hot girls so y would I forget you' LMAO

R: jerk'.so what are you making "US" for breakfast

S: US?... who's us????


Just then a door slams open and a build up guy walks in.. in his track suit

Meet Abhi smart, loving guy but hates the word love and anything related to it' even hates girls except his best friends'


A: by US she means ME and her right Riddzi

R: ( gives abhi a big hug) yep' so mr chef what will it be' oh and what ever it is make  sure to make it quick you see I don't have time to waste' toddles I shell be in my room ( and with that she goes in her room)

A: me to bro call me when breakfast is ready I will be in the shower :p

S: What im not a chef nor your servant what do those 2 think of them self's ugh ( yells at both of them' and heads to the kitchen to make food) '


After 5 mins mr. sid has failed epically so he sits on the floor and wishes that misski was there cause then he would not have to make the food all by him self''



That's all for today.. tell me how you like it :D

Preview of next part: Riddhima has landed in India and is going home. Meeting of ridzi and Armaan.

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sejal719 IF-Rockerz

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Character Stetch: Pg 1
Pm list: Pg 1
Part 1----Dostanna:   Pg 1
Part 2----Farewell:     Pg 2

Note pg 4
Part 3----Back Home: Pg 5
Part 4----Parents = Trouble 4 me: Pg 8
Part 5----six O Clock Doom: Pg 11 
Promo 1---- Pg 16
part 6----Its Back to Paris...Or not...: Pg 19
Note Pg 23
Part 7----Don't lose Hope: Pg 24
Part 8----Hello Stranger: Pg 30
Part 9----Full of Love: Pg 35
Part 10----Opposites Attract Part A: Pg 41
Part 10----Opposites Attract Part B: Pg 48
Promo 2---- Pg 54
Part 11--- Master Plan: Pg 58
Part 12---Mission Break-Up: Pg 65
Part 13---Success: Pg 73
Part 14---Parents are always one step ahead of kids...: Pg 81
Part 15---Tough Decisions: Pg 91                              
Promo 3---- Pg 97
part 16---Expectations, responsibilities, and new relations: Pg 103
Part 17---A New Start: Pg 112
Part 18---Welcome Home Rahul: Pg 126 
Part 19---My Parents and ME: Pg 137 ( ONLY INSTALLMENT ONE)

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sejal719 IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 23 March 2011 at 4:34pm | IP Logged
PM list:























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Aanya. IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 23 March 2011 at 8:00pm | IP Logged
Hey! This is nice!

I like their relationship so far!

Please, don't EVER make this a SidMa FF in future okay? Seriously....I love them both separately but together I hate them! LOL

Continue soon!


MY AR FF: LOVE IS... : Link -

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sejal719 IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 23 March 2011 at 8:13pm | IP Logged
Originally posted by Aanya_taanu4evr

Hey! This is nice!

I like their relationship so far!

Please, don't EVER make this a SidMa FF in future okay? Seriously....I love them both separately but together I hate them! LOL

Continue soon!


aww thnx so much for liking it and dont you worry i will never make that mistake ;p AR are always going to be together lol ;p

MY AR FF: LOVE IS... : Link -

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