fF : iShQ hUa!-II-NOTE pG-148 (Page 89)

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saxena haveli:
as soon as saxena accepted the proposal rolli and krishna over whelmed with joy .pratigya stood still .she don't want to show her excitement in front of her family.rolli moved forward and hugged pratigya.

rolli:'omgTongue...i am so glad..Big smile issi din ka hi mujai intazar tha...congragulations...Hug'she hugged her tightly.

krishna:'thank you so much nitin.thank u soooo much...HugCry'he hugged nitin with tears.

nitin:'suchchaye aur achchaye ki jeet zaroor hoti...wohi tho hue!...Big smile suchcha payaar kabhi nahi haarta...'
krishna:'you know what?...Smile'he separated nitin from him and stood holding his shoulders.
krishna:'you are not at all my brother in law...Ouch'
krishna:' you are my broBig smile as best as shakti bhai...aaj kay baad mere do do bhai hain....Hug'he pulled him forward and hugged him again.

sumitra:'tum such kahe rahe ho krishna....nitin damad kam beta ziyada hai...he is big blessing to our family...Hug'she too hugged nitin with motherly affection.every one hugged each other.the saxena family stood mouth opened looking at the way singh family was sharing their happiness.
krishna:'amma.....mai chahata hun hamare shaadi kay saat nitin aur komal ki shaadi bhi ho pure riti riwaaj se...Approve'

rolli:' wow...that was an excellent idea...Big smile...krishna i can not believe that your brain can work so brilliantly...Tongue'


shakti:' you are right rolli. it works brilliantly ...some time in anti clockwise direction too...LOL'
they sat together and decided to have marriage of KriYa and NiKo in singh house very next week.

sumitra:'ab hum chalte hai.we have lot of work to do...Big smile'she said to saxena family.

shakti:'amma hamai jalt se jalth delhi wapas jana chahi yeh....'

nitin:'true...we will start tomorrow...Smile'

sumitra:'well...hum shaadi mai milte hai...Big smile'they stared moving.krishna was seriously chatting with naina. looks as if he don't have the idea of coming with them.

nitin:'enough.....ab chalo hamare saat....Smile'he teased him.
krishna:'just a minute...'he said without looking at nitin continued talking with naina.
nitin:'a minute is over chalo ab....Big smile'he hold his right hand with his left hand and started walking towards the out door.

krishna:'nitin....let me say bye to pratigya...please...Approve'he pulled nitin towards him.

nitin:'teek hai...bye...'he hold his hand with his, raised up and waved it.

nitin:'say bye....Tongue'he was holding krishna's hand moving right and left.

krishna:'Disapprove...' his hand was showing 'bye' to pratigya  shaking by nitin.


rolli:' bas..chalo...Smile'she pushed krishna forward.

pratigya:'bye.....ROFL'she waved her hand.

krishna:'atleast let me say bye to DII...'he still refused to go.

shakti:'dii!!!!...amma you never told us that we have a elder sister too...Shocked'
sumitra:'batameez chupkar...Angry'

naina:Embarrassed.....dii mai...Embarrassed'


naina:Embarrassed...Big smile..'

komal,nitin,rolli,shakti,aman mathur, anuradha all burst out .the whole saxena house was echoed with laughter.

lucky came running from some where and hold krishna's hand.

lucky:'friend tum ja rahe ho..?Confused'he raised his head and looked at krishna.

krishna:'haan...Ouchyeh log mujay le ja rahe hainUnhappy' he showed his unhappy face.

lucky:'nahi...chodo maire friend koAngry...wo yahin rahen gay...'he pushed nitin's hand.

krishna:'thank you lucky....Smile'he bend and carried lucky.lucky circled his neck tightly.

lucky:'maat jao friend....Ouch'nitin and singh family wondered to see the intimacy between them.

naina:'krishna bete ko aaj ek din kay leyeh yahin rahene do na...Big smile'she recommended.

finally they decided to leave krishna in saxena haveli for the sake of lucky.

sumitra:'you should join with us before we leave sarangpure...remember that...Angry'she too cannot deny lucky.

krishna:'i will...i will...Big smile'

krishna:'bye....Wink'he winked at nitin and said a big bye.he hold lucky's hand ,waved to nitin and gave a smile of victory.

nitin: Angry LOL...he pasted a false anger on his face.soon the singh and mathur family left the haveli.
saxena haveli:

around 7 pm krishna searched for pratigya.she was not in her room.she was neither in the main hall nor in the kitchen too.
krishna:'dii...pratigya...Smile'finally he asked naina.
nainaji:'wo ghunti lal ko ghaas khila rahi hai...Smile'she was busy preparing for dinner.
krishna:'oh!....mai thaykta hun...Smile'he went to back yard.

it was a full moon day.the whole back yard was shinning with moon addition to that all the lights of back yard were was as bright as day light.pratigya was feeding and talking to her ghunti lal the COW.

krishna:'ummm...tho tum yahaan ho?Big smile...'he asked her while he was walking towards her.his hands are in his pant pocket.

pratigya:'haan...Tongue'she was standing beside the ghunti lal near her head holding her horns.

krishna:'aaj tum bachne wali nahi ho...Angry'he tried to be angry.

pratigya:'kyun? mathlab?...Confused'she don't under stand his anger

krishna:'to safe guard your self you were about to put the blame on me.isn't itAngry?'he tried to catch her.

pratigya:'when?....ROFL'now she understood what he is telling.

krishna:' tum ne kya kaha tumara khadoos papa se? ....maine mana kiya tha.par krishna sir ne...Angry'he said in her tone.

pratigya:'oh!...that one!...ROFL...i don't mean it...Evil Smile'she left ghunti lal's horn and moved back.he too moved ahead to catch her.

krishna:'you crazy frog...Angry'he caught her arm.
maasi:'MOOW...MOOW...'she nod her head.she understood that pratigya is in trouble.

pratigya:'leave me...really i don't mean it...ROFL'she pushed him back and ran around ghunti lal.

maasi:'MOOW...MOOW...MOOW...'she moowed as if she is calling others for pratigya's help.' tin tun tin tun tin tun....' she made sound with her bell by nodding her head left and right.unfortunately no one heard her.

krishna:'don't mean it ?????you idiot Angry...say sorry to me...Angry'he chased her.she left ghunti lal and ran. she could not run fast because of her long skirt.

pratigya:'pleas krishna....don't....ROFL...everything is fair in love...ROFL...'she hold her front part of the skirt up with her right hand and try to ran away from the cow shed.while running she stepped on cow dung.

krishna:'sorry bolo...Angry'he reached her.

'DTHHHUUUMMMM...'pratigya slipped and fall up side down on cow dung.'NACHHH.....'her face went and buried in to the fresh cow dung lump.

pratigya:'MY...GOD...AngryShocked'for a moment she could not get up.her face got jammed with fresh cow dung.she pulled her face from the dung and got up.her whole face was covered with green cow dung.


pratigya:'HAYYYNNNN....Cry....i hate you...Cry'she wiped the cow dung from her face.her both the hand became green with cow dung.

krishna:'tumari ghunti lal kya khati hai??...ROFL'

pratigya:' idiot.. Angrycome and help me.khade khade tamasha kya dayk rahe ho...Cry'she tried to get up.

krishna:'tumai mehndi lagane ki itni bhi kya jalti thi...ROFL'he teased her looking at her green hand socked with green cow dung.

pratigya:'UUUNNNN....Cry i hate you...Angry'she tried to rub her eyes but could not.some how she manage to stand up on her own.but she cannot see properly.her face was covered with cow dung and her skirt too became dirty.she tried to walk ... tumbled again.

krishna:'ok ok...i will help you...ROFL'
pratigya:' thanks....' she gave her hand.
krishna:'ewww...i can not touch you...'he stepped back. he looked around and found a thick long stick.he bend down and took it.

krishna:'hold this stick and come with me..ROFL' he hold the one end and other end showed it to her.

krishna:'aur kya karta? kya tumai godimai le jata...?ROFL' are so mean Cry'
krishna:'you are dipped in cow dung...YUCKI....i cannot hold you and take you in.only this much i can help you.....ROFL...if you want you can hold this stick...other wise i am going in....ROFL'he tried to go in.

pratigya:'i will see you take me in...Angry'she hold one end of the stick.

krishna:' holding the other side of the stick krishna walked in .pratigya followed him with cry face.still she cannot see properly.they came in.

lucky:'friend kya hua aunty ko...ROFL'he saw them holding two end of the stick and walking.


pratigya:'chup karAngry....he is another idiot Angry....'
lucky:'..aunty mai idiot nahi, smart hun...ROFL..'

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Hi summiBig smile  my Star

nice chapTongue
hmmm shadi juldi hi hoggiEmbarrassed
yaar krishna ko ghunti kaa gobbar hath may lena tha
BTW : i have tuched in my childhoodBig smile many timesBig smile
who bhi kaa din they,...Cry
very well written chap.ClapClapClapStarStarStarStarStarStarStar
aikdum badiaaStarEmbarrassed
Aub  yeh mat kehna ki toronto may nahi miltaLOL varna hamy bhejna padegaa
another one of my fev jak fruit for youBig smile
bachpan may peedo sey utaarkar kayya karty theey
yahha per store seyOuch  
i had last 2 weeks a at   frd's homeLOL




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Yaar.. mai hamesha 2nd kyun aati hu?? Cry Cry



this update was.. ROFL ROFL ROFL ROFL

KriYa..... I just couldnt stop ROFLing...

Pratigya fell in the cow dung..

Lucky & Krishna were so bad..
Bechari Pratigya...

Krishna... toh kabbo nahi sudharega...

Abhi bhi Nainaji ko Dii bula raha hai..

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Shumi diiiiiiii, hw r u?? Lallantop chap, so Niko gona marry agn, spoilt brats.... LOL.. Yuckyyyyyyyyyyyyyy, Pratz fell on cow dung, poor she but krishu z vry intelligent to help her through a stick... ROFL... Wow now waitin for kriya wedding, and ofc d nxt chap.. So update soon

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Originally posted by KriYa_life

ROFL again 2nd ! ROFL  but seriously  v gud attemptClap

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Originally posted by Mitaly..

hi summiBig smile
hammo aa gayeeLOLEmbarrassedEmbarrassed
wooooooooooooo Dancing

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Originally posted by Mitaly..

hi summiBig smile
hammo aa gayeeLOLEmbarrassedEmbarrassed
Sweetu, Ur First

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