fF : iShQ hUa!-II-NOTE pG-148 (Page 56)

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di... I edited my post on pg 49 & 55

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Originally posted by shumi.

Originally posted by Eden_luvsKriya

Hi! di......hi edenBig smile......First of all sorry 4 nt replyin 2 d previous worry forget about it..Big smile.m goin so crazy studin 4 my final exams very gud keep it up...Thumbs Upna dat i hardly get tym 2 cum on d forum....gud for u.Big smile..studies ff u can read even after ur exams...ffs can wait but not the exams Big smile...

 Thank u Di
ok nw getin bk 2 d chaps.-dat sumitra part was hilarious...i can imagine wat she must hav made out of dat kitchen..hehehe...LOL.Omg she doesn't knw hw 2 cook...she knows to fool around and do nothing but dadakiri...Angry.she injured herself,burnt her fingers,had flour on her...gosh her halat was so bad.....ab pata chala na kya hota hai papad belnaLOLLOLLOLLOLLOL exactly...LOLWink
Part 64 was damn gud.....really enjoyed it thanksBig smile
'DHAAMMM...'the ball went and hit on his fore head.his turban flew away(ROFL.....)

shyam saxena:'yaa rabbhaaaaaaaaAngry...mera bheja hilgaya....Ouch  Bahut jaldi pata chala tubelight kahin ka...hahahaLOL.'his bald head started shaking....(ROFL....).
shyam saxena:'catch kay bachchay...Angry'he got up from the sofa angrily and try to catch lucky.his toe got stuck with the carpet 'D...H...A...DAAMMM...' he fall upside down flat on the carpet with his hands and legs apart like a frog.(ROFL.....) his mouth wide opened.the paan he was chewing spill out of his mouth....making his chin and carpet wet(ROFL....)

lucky:'looser.... looser..ClapROFL...'Rightly said lucky.......ClapClapClaplol so u r in lucky teamWink ofcourse
from distance krishna saw shyam saxena falling flat on the carpet like a frog...his turban was missing.

krishna:'Shocked...unclejiiiiiiiiiiiiii...Shocked'he ran to his help.(krishna calls shyam saxena uncleji...ROFL)...very soon he'll b callin him sasurji.....LOLLOLLOL...sureEmbarrassed...if he call now he will be thrown out of the haveli...LOLLOLLOLLOL

krishna:'omg...Shockedhis mouth is bleeding...Ouch'

krishna:'lucky...tamasha kya dayk raha hai?.dadu ko khoon araha hai.ja.. jakar paani la...Ouch'he helped shyam saxena to get up and wiped his mouth with care thinking that it is blood.

lucky:'friend....wo khoon nahi... paan hai...ROFL...'ROFLROFLROFLROFLROFL

krishna:'khoon nahi!!!!!!!!!!! Shocked...paan...Shocked..yuck...'he took his hand immediately from his opened mouth....Yuck Krish wiped paan n dat 2 frm shyamu's moutn..Ewwwwwwwww.......Poor Krish..bechara...pyaar kay leyeh kya kya karna padta hai... i knw bechara Krish

krishna:'excuse me.....'he left shyam saxena randomly on the sofa and ran to bath room to take a shower(...ROFL...).....gud decisoin Krish u really need 2 hav a bath........aft dion dis 'gud deed'LOLLOLLOLLOL...nothing but gud deed ka anjaamLOL
lucky:'mujay dadu ne maara...dadu ne maaraCry...uuunnn...Cry' Hw sad!
pratigya:'tu kyun dadu pe ball fayinkaAngry...?'she was feeling sorry for her papa.

lucky:'dadu ko catch karne nahi aata tho mai kya karta ?...Cry'The million dollar question of d day is ki uske dadu ko sada hua munh banana or uchalne ke alawa kya aata hai? exactlyBig smile...did u notice how he is behaving in the serial now...pratiya is in death bed...he has no money in his pocket...but he don't want to take any one's yeah i noticed...i jus fail 2 understand these sax y r they like nutshells????? I mean hw dumb can 1 get....i guess they hav no lines in d show so d writer had 2 do sumthin in order 2 show theur presence in d show
 Wow di nxt part only Kriya , eagerly waitin 4 2nite.....yep...hope u will enjoyBig smile..... Update soon..updated lol.luv ya me 2Big smile

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Originally posted by piyarapiyari

dii me aggain 1st  woooo...again! Clap let us see whether u r able to make a hat next one for me also hai na ...sure Big smilesooooooooooo happppppppppppppppppppyyyyyyyyyyyyyy love it  let us see whether u it after reading the up date Big smilewell dii the chp was so awsome i lost in them  thanks muskaan Big smilelucky was cute and our kriya was so romantic thanks again dear Big smiledii i mostly love that type of hug which u mentioned becoz it,s a hug which tells us that there is someone to protect and care and love us i love it dii ...great defination for a hug...WinkTongue

i toooooooooo loveeeeeee kulfii and eating it like bacha wowie moo pe panni a gaya me i have eaten varities of ice creams ....but klfi is the best...Tongueand u know me said to my bro go and bring for me really u make me so bhukki for kulfiiiiiiii  hahaha...yaar in my next update cotton candy is awaiting hope u don't trouble ur bro to buy LOLand i enjoyed the chppp very much love u dii and love itClapStarSmileBig smileClapStarStarStarWink thank u sooooooooo much muskaanBig smile
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Originally posted by Sun7shine

Shumiiiiiiii iiiiiii iiiiiii diiiiiiii iiiiiii iiiiiii ,hi binnyyyyyyyy nny nny nny...nyy.Big smile wow wt a cute chap... Luved it... Wonderful Kriya scenes....thanks Big smile Krishu z so naughtyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy.... obviously...ekko moka nahi chodta...behooda...EmbarrassedTongueOh di Lucky on krish's lap, I agn wish I luckyyyyyyyy...   Tongue  haahaahaa....don't u think that u r greedy LOLGtg, hav to get ready for clg,gud Big smile byeee  byeee tc Big smilemuaahzzzzzzzzz  muahhh to u 2 Big smileand eagerly waitin for nxt chap....tonight Big smile 
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Originally posted by surbhisachwani

oh i came thirdd .very gud...Clap.but nott badd ..not badd
not at all Big smilethe chapter wsa so cutee diii .......kriyaa lookedd so sweeett thanks Big smile
ahh kulfii ..lubb ittt .me 2 Tongue.krishnaaa is actualy veryy naughtyy ..took her half eaten ice creamm .....lolLOLWink..
giant whell ...omgg even i m scaredd off itt 2 yaar....girrr....Angry i hate that...for me merry go round is the best LOL......krishnaaa was soo caringg rather i would sayy soo romanticcc ...two in oneTongueEmbarrassed.
awesumee chapterrr thanks surbhiBig smile
update soonn sureBig smile

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Originally posted by shefads

Shumi Ji! Love you loads.! Muahh.... for this exqisite part,Dancing THANK U SP MUCH SHEHNAZ Tonguebut right now i am feeling sleepy so i'll come back 2morrow for my comment!  no worry...good night and sweet dreams TongueWinkLUB YOU!Thumbs UpHug... lub u too Big smileOutstanding! aw u r back....good morning sweety Big smileThe whole chap was delight to read! ...thanksBig smile loved the way Krish eyes popped out when he sees prats looking elegant and classy!  first time he is seeing her in that get up that is y EmbarrassedTongueand hilarious this line when he said" Kaash mai wo kapade hota!Wink behooda...LOLThe whole atmosphere of the mela brings back memories of the movie dilwale dulhaniya le jayenge!  oh! do they show mela in that movie?Confused i don't remember it...saw that film long long The kulfi scene crack me up!ROFLahhh what a bliss!LOLyummi yummi kulfi!ROFLno wonder baba is up to his teasing tricks again..!Winkso cute when krish keeps the kulfi stick as a memory lol...he is going to keep in in his  treasure box along with her  ear ring   ROFL...and i adore the green bangles! is it?Tongue thanks Big smilebut the wheel ride is my fav scene.!oh i see!Big smile it was so sweet when krish takes care of lucky and prat! great! Thumbs UpClap thanks Big smileand when krish whispered sexy girl uff my heart nearly i think here after u have to read my ff on ur own risk... ROFLreminds me of my Shah Rukh!EmbarrassedHeart  my shah rukh! ROFL
 yaar for the past few days , from the day you changed your font with this blue colour and i wanted to tell u remind me my old reader ( married) swan20 and her sweet comments....and she too was die heard fan of shah rukh...Big smile.i am here with posting one os her comment and see how similar to yours...Big smile

Idle swan20


Memeber Scrap

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Direct Link Report Quote Posted: 01 February 2009 at 6:14pm | IP Logged
Shumi thanks for the laugh....ROFL....i think all of us needed this to get out of the gloom because of whats happening in the serial......Tongue

Tiku is tooooo cute..........whenever i read about him i imagine a smaller version of Tiku from the serial........ROFL ROFL ROFL

i wish i was in robbie's place........i would have loved to see  raunak with chashma & banana smashed on his bald head........ROFL ROFL

very hilarious part.....LOL
look at the date shehnaz! Big smile it was 1st feb 2009, after solid 2 years i am refroming this ff for kriya...Big smile. look at her font and colour!Tongue
now coming to your commentsTongue
many thanks for this romantic part ShumiJi!  thank u dear Big smileYou are a rare talent!StarStarStarStarStarStarStarClapClapClapClapClapClapClapClapClapClapClapClapClapClapClapClapClapClap woooooooooo...i always lub uuuuuuuuu Hug
Breath-Taking pics! especially the kulfiLOL and the green bangles!Hug thanks againBig smile i think u r the one who admires my pics the most Big smile 
Sorry for this long commentwa! hope you won't find it boring!Wink yaar...i just love reading  your commentsBig smile and i always eagerly await for it.Tongue.Day Dreaming.Please update soon! yepBig smile


Edited by shumi. - 31 March 2011 at 8:19am

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Originally posted by KriYa_life

Originally posted by vaishu2

Shumi di .how r u?
nice chapter.TongueTongue mela ,Kulfi,giant rideDancing i love all this things. krish is very chalak and cute.
i have 7th rank biggest rank.Dancing
update soon.Tongue

@bold: can you explain how?? ROFL

let me explain
seven is bigger than 1, 2 ,3,4,5.and 6.LOL so  i have big number.LOLLOL any doubt.Angry
7 is lucky numberTongue. my krishu's lucky No also 7.Tongue he loves saat so i do.Embarrassed
Embarrassedour captain no is also 7.Smile

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Originally posted by roshna1020

yeah m 5th.PartyDancingParty......LOL fot the 5th place u r throwing a party!LOL@ last i hve rched 2 top 5 wo tho hai.Tongue..
wow!!! shumi dii ...... wat a lovely & sweet chp  Star StarStarStar  thanks roshna Big smilekriya moments r jst so cute & lovely..... i lykd the kulfi prt  & lved the way krish tesng her.....oh !!! wat  a cute romantic coupleHeart  dey r....thank u very very veryyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy much for liking each and every part Tongue
sach mein  gaint wheel ride kay bina trade fair ka maza adura hai .....true Big smile as i m frm hyd ... her  exbition happ once n a yr for 45 days ....even in channi it was the same Big smilem 2 enyed dis gaint wheel ride ....but mne mom does'nt allow m Ouch..hwevr i mnged Tongue....evn my grandmom nvr fails 2 attend dis exbi. going to a  exbition is a true fun dear Big smile Comments, Mickey Mouse, Animated Comments, Thank You, Keefers so much  shumi dii for sch a lovely chp..... wtg for next chp...sureBig smile

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