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Originally posted by vaishu2

hi shumi r u?  gud gud v gud Big smile i haven't commented last 3 chapters......Cry  it is ok...Big smile all the chapters are superb and hillorius..THANKSBig smile............what condition of krishna's room we have done................LOL...hahahaLOL......we all r dancing on sheela ki javani.............Wink  just imagine if it is vaishu ki javani...LOLWinkand i don't about innocent........Embarrassed wo tho haiWink
 dinner party....with krishna loved it.....thanksBig smile....mitu and sweetu have always kante ki takkar....hahaha make for each otherLOL....i loved my and shehnaz di scene......shehnaz di on diet.............Shocked   heeee LOLdiet pe nahi hogi to kya kya hoga unki dish pe hai to poultry farm khola hai  LOLLOLLOL aur nahi hui to kya kya kholegi.....can't even imagine heee..LOL......

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Originally posted by shumi.

Originally posted by -radhi-

Originally posted by shumi.


girls my next up date will be on 18th April, 11:10pm IST.
3 DAYS HALT!Big smileWink

cant wait till mondayCry
no worry...monday is aheadTongue...btw do u changed ur user ID?Wink

Yeah (swtgrl92)

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advance res LOL

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all 44 so called girl friends of krishna were in his bed room.they all wore a casual, loose night dress and were preparing themselves to sleep.
mitaly:Shocked...romanu ...look at the sofa!Tongue...morning it was not here....ShockedConfused' she said looking at the long sofa in one side of the room.
romanu:' haaaa! sofa...Tongue' she ran towards it.
mitaly:' heyyyyyAngry...i showed you first...'she chased her. both of them ran and fall on the sofa one over the other.
romanu:' i am going to sleep here...Tongue...this is my bed know yeh sofa krish ki sautan hai...Day Dreaming'
mitaly:' are am going to sleep here...Tongue...'
romanu:'argh! not U.... I...Angry'when they were arguing chandu kaka came in with mattress.
prettymeena:' kya hai?Smile' she asked chandu looking at the mattress in his hand.
chandu kaka:' ammaji ne yeh sofa hata kay mattress daal ne kay leyeh kaha hai....Big smile'
prettymeena:' sautan gaye tel lene...ROFL..' she ROFL looking at mitaly and romanu.
chandu removed the sofa out of his room and spread mattress on the floor for them to sleep.
prats333 aka priya opened her baggage and took her video camera.

priya:'friends!Tongue.....we got a rare opportunity to get in to krishna's room. issa mokha zindagi mai kabhi kabhi hi mita hai...let us capture it ...Tongue and make it memorable...'she started taking video of every nook and corner of his bed room.

swtgrl92 aka radhi ran with her camera to krishna's bath room to take the snap of it.
b2011:' are crazy...ROFL'she laughed looking at radhi.

radhi:'i don't careAngry....i love his bath room...Tongue'
b2011:' tujay kya krishna kay bath room se love ho gaya?ROFL'
radhi:Angry...janedo ...tu nahi samjegiOuch...bath room se pyaar karna tere baski baat nahi haiAngry...'

natasha took the pictures of his big  bed from different angles....above the bed...under the bed.

glitter411:'bed kay neechay kya kar rahi ho?Confused...Big smile'she  asked natasha.

natasha:'taking snaps...'
glitter:'are you in CID?Confused...'natasha could not heard her. she was sincerely taking pics under the bed.
b2011:'e lo...issko krishna kay bed se pyaar ho gaya...rolling under the bed...ROFL'

shehnaz was walking here and there holding her hip with both her hands.

roshna:'i am noticing you for a long timeBig are looking restless, ...are you ok ...?Confused'she asked shehnaz.

shehnaz:' stomach is hurting...Ouch'she shrunk her face and showed a painful expression.

azi:'hahahaha....ROFL...dear it is nothing but just chicken... it is working in your stomach...just chill........hailaShocked...why my stomach is paining...?Ouch'both hold their stomach and raced to toilet.

vaishu:' the way i have never seen commode in krishna's wash room...ROFL'she yelled and laughed behind them.

shehnaz &azi:'what!Shocked no commode!...Shocked' they put break to their legs and looked at each other.

eden:'go down to ammaji's gusul khana ...ROFL'
shehnaz:'yeh haalat mai...i can not get down steps...Ouch' she said holding her stomach.

in addition to his big bed krishna arranged lot of mattress and spreads for his girl friends to sleep.all were brand new.they placed the mattress here and there, almost every were in his big bed room to sleep.
unfortunately there was a shortage of mattress.odd woman out was piyasiya.she could not get a separate mattress to sleep.she looked around and found radhi on a separate mattress.immediately she jumped on her mattress and said i want to sleep here.she did not even care to ask radhi's permission.

radhi:'Angry...Ouch...'she just controlled her self for the sake of krishna.

aleena looked at radhi's weird face expression.she closed her mouth and try to check her laughter.

radhi was so tired.she don't have the strength to argue with piyasiya.with no other go she closed her eyes and started sleeping beside piyasiya neglecting her presence.

in the middle of her sleep radhi had a dream that she was getting crushed under a huge mountain.she could not breath.she suddenly got up from her sleep and tried to get up from her mattress,but could not.

radhi:'omgShocked...what happened...?Ouch i am dying i could not get up...Cry'she screamed.but no one listened to her. all were in deep sleep.finally she opened her eyes and checked what was wrong.for her shock she found piyasiya's huge fat thigh was lying on her hip.

radhi:'omg...Angry...uuummmm...uuummmmOuch....uuummmmm...OuchShocked'she trid to take her leg off , but she could not even move it.

radhi:'please ...some one help me'she cried.fortunately shruti sinha woke up.

shruti:'what happend...?Sleepy'she rubbed her eyes and came for her help.


shruti:'omgShocked...what the hell is this!!Angry...uummmmmmm....ummmmm...'she hold piyasia's leg with both the hands and try to take out from radhi.

shruti:'uffff...she is so heavy.i cannot...Ouch'

radhi:'Cry.....she was still lying under piyasiya's big fat thigh and crying.
shruti:'don't worry radhi...i will wake up others for help...Smile'she went and called romana, roshna, natasha,azi, mitaly , binny etc.all together hold her one single leg of piyasiya and pulled.finally with a great difficulty they took it away from radhi

natasha:' uufff...i wonder...what the heck she eatsAngry...' she said looking at piyasiya's fat short leg, who was still sleeping like kumbakarn.

radhi got up crying from the bed.

radhi:'i don't want to sleep here...unnnn...Cry'

pheonix1:'don't worry...come and sleep on my mattress...' she made radhi to sleep beside her.

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shumi di........two chapters for me it's a treat..... first chapter was very good......LOLLOL  just loved it......
azi and shehnaz di.......LOL  poor radhi........we all r totally behoodis...
and 2nd chapter  kriya them....krish is such a crazy person.....Embarrassed

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Shumiiiiiiii diiiiiiii, awesome chaps.... First chap was too good, all behoodapan of girls was amazing to read... Wt say of d second chap, the Kriya scene was beautiful... And OMGEEEEEEEE, shyamuuuuu romancing Naina , di here u had me in splits... All in all, excellent chapsss... Lub ya diiiiiiii, update soon...   

Edited by Sun7shine - 19 April 2011 at 11:06am

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this part was dedicated to eden caz it was written on her request...Smile.hope you all like it.
Originally posted by Eden_luvsKriya

Di jus one request plz try 2 add some naughty KriYa scene in Pratigya's mehendi na......i'd love 2 c Krishna climbing d pipe n reaching Pratigya's room...plz plz give a cute n naughty scene between KriYa.........

krishna was sitting in nitin's room and trying to call pratigya.
'tch!Ouch...why she is not attending my call?Unhappy'he was worried and upset. 'she might have slept....itni bhi kya jaldi thiAngry...abh abhi tho 1 am hua haiDisapprove...'he was tired of his continuous try. he threw the cell and fall on the bed, but could not sleep.'i would like to see her mehendi design and want to know how it came out!Tongue... pakka ya fhika?... jab tak mai pratigya se baat na karlun, usski mehendi na dayk lun mujay neend nahi aane waali...Disapprove'he understood that.
'she is in the same street... matter of few houses difference...'his thought gave him courage.he got up from the bed,grabbed a grey shawl,covered himself with it and came out of singh house.he walked fast in the street towards the rented bungalow where mathur and saxena family were staying.with in few minutes of his walk he reached the bungalow.the outer elevation of the bungalow was beautifully decorated by blue serial bulbs.he raised his head and looked at the bungalow.
looked at the bungalow!Tongue
' omg!Shocked...all the doors and windows are i am going to get in?Confused Shocked' krishna wondered.' aur sara bungalow light se saja hua hai...highly impossible to get in without touching the wires...Ouch' he went thinking to the back side of the bungalow.he went round and round around the bungalow to find a hold or support to get in.usually hero get in to the house by climbing drainage pipe...yahan tho kucho pipe nahi hai...Ouch'finally he decided to climb on the big gulmohar tree in the backyard whose top most branch was touching the balcony.
he never climbed trees in his life before. he surprised looking at the huge tree and he remembered the boy climbed the coconut tree in saranpur.he quickly removed his shoes , tried to imitate that boy and some how manage to climb half of the tree.' uff...Ouch'he sat on a big branch to rest and wiped his face with the shawl. while climbing his hand rubbed with the rough bark and got scratches near the left elbow. he blew on the scratches to reduce the burning sensation.after a while he climbed again and reached the top most branch which was not that strong, because of his weight the branch swayed.
'god! me!...Shocked'he leaned forward carefully, caught hold of the balcony rail and jumped in to it.' yea...finally!....Tongue' with a victory smile he moved near the window and checked to get in.unfortunately all the windows were closed.he kept his face on the window glass pane, peeped in and found that it was a bed room.' thank god! bed room haiBig smile...pratigya yehin hogi...Tongue' he slowly managed to open one of the window, put his leg in one after the other, ultimately got in to the bed room.
he stood silently for some time and looked around in the dim light , preparing him self to meet pratigya.without making noise he walked on his toes and reached the bed.'top to bottom cover kar kay sone ki kya zaroori hai...Angry' he thought looking at the raised that dim light he could see the quilt was shaking and he could hear 'ichhh...puchhh...' sound from the quilt.'ander kya kar rahi hai?Confused...' he slowly pulled the quilt and found...........bald head saxena without turban hugging and kissing naina....LOL
krishna:'Shocked....ewwww....'he closed his eyes and turned to other side.
saxena:' kun hai?Shocked Angry...' he jumped out of the bed.
krishna:'Shocked....'he quickly covered his face with the shawl.'kal beti ki shaadi hone waali hai.yeh bhudao beneath the quilt romance kar raha hai...ewww...'he slapped his own forehead more than once.
saxena:'kun ghusa?...pati patni kay kamre maiShocked...behooda...Angry'he yelled while searching his that time naina got up and put up her ghunghat on.
krishna:'wo mai...mai...mai...ConfusedShocked'he try to speak without turning towards saxena.naina found out that it was krishna.
saxena:'mai...mai...mai...kun...?Angry'he was still searching for his spectacle.
naina:'yeh pratigya ki dost hai...shayad galti se yahan aagaye...Smile'she took his spectacle and hid it.
saxena:'pratigya ki dost!Confused...naam kya hai?Angry'he asked while searching his spectacle. 
krishna:' kris....'by mistake he was about to tell his name.
naina:'kiran...kiran....Smile'before his tongue slip she corrected him.
krishna:Approve he stood covering from head to bottom with the shawl and showing his back post to saxena.
naina:'kiranSmile...patigya bagal waale kamre mai hai....Big smile' she want to send him as quickly as possible.krishna rushed out.
finaly krishna was in pratigya's addition to pratigya few more ladies were sleeping here and was a ditto bride room with half opened baggage, scattered clothes and cosmetics everywhere.he slowly and carefully reached partigya's bed.she was sleeping on the bed, without covering herself, keeping her hands apart and palms wide open . her palms were beautifully designed with fresh mehendi.
look at her mehendi!
he moved the shawl from his head ,put it around his shoulder , sat beside her on the bed and looked at the mehendi admiringly.his sight gradually moved from her hands to face.she was in her mehendi dress, wearing lemon green halter neck short blouse beautifully designed with sequins,beads and resham with matching bottle green raw silk full length flared lehenga. her odhani was kept aside , he could see her fair flat, narrow belly. her chest was steadily moving up and down as a sign of breathing.her messed up front hair was covering her forehead and the whole room was smelling with fresh mehendi.without touching her with his finger tips  he gently moved the hair back, slowly bend down and softly place his lips on her forehead.
as soon as his hot lips touched her she shrunk her face and opened her eyes.
pratigya:Shocked Shocked Shocked...aaaapppp!Shocked Shocked Shocked....'she tried to get up.
krishna:' ussshhhh!....ussshhhh!....Approve' he placed his index finger on his lips and singed her not to speak.
pratigya:'isss waqt...aap yehaan!!!!!!!!Shocked...'she whispered looking around confirming that every one is in sound sleep and looked at her cousin meena sleeping beside her at the same time she was taking care of her mehendi too.
krishna:'ussshhhh!....Approve' he helped her to get up from the bed and took away from the bed.
pratigya:'Shocked...kahaan!?...Shocked' she whispered again.
krishna:'ussshhhh!....Approve'he moved behind the long curtains along with her.
pratigya:'yeh bhagwaan!...Shocked'
krishna:'chup!...'both were behind the curtains.
pratigya:'what are you doing here?Confused'
krishna:'what a question!...LOL...'they were facing each other and standing. krishna hold her shoulders.pratigya looked at his scratch near his elbow.
pratigya:'yeh kaise hua ? ShockedOuch...'she asked looked at his pink elbow.
krishna:' this one...while i was climbing the tree...Tongue...'
pratigya:'god!Shocked ped chadne nahi aata tho, ped pe chadne ki kya zaroori thi...Angry Ouch'
krishna:'ped pe chadne ki zaroori tho nahi thi...Ouch'
pratigya:'wahi tho...Angry'
krishna:'tumai daykne ki aur tumse milne ki zaroori tho thi na...Tongue'
pratigya:'krishnaaa...Cry' she moved in to tears by his reply and leaned on his chest.without disturbing her mehendi he hugged her.soon she was back to her sense.
pratigya:'god! why you came here? Disapprove...'she again started worrying.she was scared of her relatives and friends who were sleeping in that room.
krishna:'LOL...i was trying to call you for the past one hour...Ouch'
pratigya:'tch! i was sleeping...Disapprove'
krishna:'i want to see your mehendi...Tongue'
pratigya:'Ouch...pata hai mehendi kay baad aur shaadi kay pehele dulha dulhan ek doosre se milna apshagun hota hai....Ouch'she was worried.
krishna:'yeh rasmai mai nahi jaanta aur mai nahi maanta, waise bhi hamari shaadi tho hochuki hai...Big smile'
pratigya:'teek hai...ab tum jao na...Disapprove'she tried to come out of the curtain.she knew it is next to impossible to convince him.
krishna:'ja wun! ...isse kaiseDisapprove... you know how much strain i took to come here...Disapprove'he pulled her back behind the curtains.
pratigya:'krishnaaaa....matter of few hours for us to get married...Smile'she said in a pleading tone.
krishna:'i know...after that life won't be as interesting as now...WinkTongue'
pratigya:Disapprove...krishna...aap bhi na...Disapprove'
krishna:'ussshhhh!...chalo mere saat...'he hold her upper arm and walked towards the door.
pratigya:'Confused....' she could not even ask him where he is taking her.she could not take her odhani either. holding her hand krishna took her out of the room, down the stairs and out of the main gate.he came to the main road with pratigya.
krishna:'woooooo....Tongue'he left pratigya and twirled keeping his hand wide open.
pratigya:'Shocked....krishna you are unbelievable...Tongue'she was standing in the road without dupatta with long lehenga , short choli and green mehendi in her was 3am then.
krishna:'pata hai?... isse chup chup ke chori chori pyaar karna....amazing experience...Tongue'
pratigya:Tongue....she knew that he was right.the chill weather and moon light made the situation more romantic.without dupatta she felt slight was all fun to have that feeling!she to enjoyed that chill and shiver.
krishna:'....khula aasmaan....yeh khoya khoya baadal...yeh thandi thandi maasti bhari hawa...yeh chaand taare...saat mai tum...Tongue' he pulled her in his arms and enveloped her with his shawl.she needed that warmth and went in to his hug. they were under one shawl, his strong arm was circling her around her hip below the short choli,other hand was around her shoulder.her face was close to his chest. his haldi and sandal smell intoxicated her. she quickly buried her face in his chest and enjoyed his smell.
krishna:'...Tongue' he gripped his hug, he has no words to say.pratigya was zealous , she raised her face and looked in to his eyes.
krishna:Tongue...Embarrassed...'he slowly bend down to reach her lips.
pratigya:'krishna....please...Embarrassed'she tried to avoid him controlling her emotions.
krishna:Ouch Unhappy...'he moved back.
pratigya:'achcha teek hai...Smile...jaldi se koi dayk lega...Approve' she agreed looking at his unhappy and upset face. she closed her eyes tightly and showed her shrunk face to him.she was looking funny with that expression.
pratigya:'Tongue....kya!...Confused' she opened her eyes and looked at him.
krishna:'Big smile...mere leyeh tum kuch bhi karne ko taiyaar hojati ho...Big smile...i am very lucky ...i love you...Tongue' he took her hands and kissed her mehendi.
pratigya:'Tongue....Embarrassed'the chill breez turned in to wind and started raining as if the grey clouds want to bless them..' tip... tip... tip ...' big big big rain drops started falling on their face.
pratigya:'wowTongue... 'she raised her face and enjoy the rain drops falling on her face.
krishna:' is raining...'he separated her from him.covered her with his shawl taking care of her mehendi and send her in to the bangalow before she become wet. he too ran back to singh house with a wide  happy smile on his face.

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Originally posted by KriYa_life



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