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piyarapiyari IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 11 April 2011 at 11:53am | IP Logged
Originally posted by KriYa_life

My Sweetu is hiding somewhr.
kon sweety everyone is here h r u?

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Aziya IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 11 April 2011 at 11:53am | IP Logged
Originally posted by KriYa_life

Oh Hello Azi Darling.
hi ramona babes. .kaise ho ji?;-)
PristineSoul IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 11 April 2011 at 11:56am | IP Logged
Originally posted by piyarapiyari

Originally posted by KriYa_life

My Sweetu is hiding somewhr.
kon sweety everyone is here h r u?
Im fine.

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piyarapiyari IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 11 April 2011 at 11:57am | IP Logged

where were u today was  missing  u

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piyarapiyari IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 11 April 2011 at 11:58am | IP Logged
today my bro wanna sit here and wants to do some work bari muskil ho gae shayad aj me comp se bahir hahahha

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PristineSoul IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 11 April 2011 at 11:59am | IP Logged
Originally posted by piyarapiyari

where were u today was missing u

I was here only

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shumi. IF-Sizzlerz

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girls this up date is purely for offense please!Big smile

krishna's bed room: 
rolli send krishna's girl friends to his room to fresh up. all 42 rushed in to his was jam packed by his 42 girl friends.all of them were excited to see his big bed covered with satin spreads and satin covered decorative square pillows on it.
sun7shine aka binny went fast pushing roshna1020 aka roshna.
roshna:'Angry itni bhi kya jalti hai?...where are you going?Confused'
binny:' Tongue...without caring roshna she went and fall flat on the bed spreading her hands wide and rolled on it.(ROFL....)

roshna:'yeh kya kar rahi ho????Shocked......tum teek tho ho na?'Confused

binny:'wow! i love this bed ...Tongue'she rolled again.
roshna:Shocked LOL
binny:'this is where my sweetu krishnu sleeps every day...Tongue'she said while rolling from one end to other end,due to her excitement she over rolled ... 'DHADAMMMM....' fall from the other side of the bed , her butt hit on the floor and became flat.ROFL
roshna:ROFL  all the 41 girls started ROFL.
binny:'ouch! is not funny...Ouch ok....Angry'while others were busy laughing she got up on her own and sat on the bed with her flat butt...ROFL keeping her face inflated.
Natasha aka natasha:'me too too...Tongue'she jumped and sat on the bed beside flat butt binny(ROFL...)

piyarapiyari aka muskaan was seriously shuffling krishna's dressing table.

hamisky aka hamida:'what are you looking in to...?Big smile'she asked muskaan and curiously peeped in to it.

muskaan:'i want to know what are the cosmetics he is come he look so hand some...?Tongue'
she opened one of the cream bottle , took hand full of it and  put it on her face.her whole face was covered with face cream.she was like Clown
look at the cream!Tongue

ninita aka ninita:'HAHAHA ROFL...look at this crazy! ROFL...looking like a clown ...ROFL'she could not stop laughing.

muskaan:'you told me crazy Angry...Clown'she got angry and tried to put the cream on ninita.

ninita:'omg Shocked...NO...'she moved away.muskaan chased her with a big lump of cream in her hand and end up on vaishu2 aka vaishu's face .now vaishu was like Clown

vaishu:'you idiot Angry...Clown'she ran towards krishna's wash room to wash her face but she could not find the wash room.
vaishu:'where is the wash room?....Angry Clown...'where is the wash room?....Angry Clown'she yelled
hamida:' LOL...yaar wo khabi left mai rahata hai, kabi right mai...pata nahi aaj kahan hai!Confused...LOL'
vaishu:'what the hell....Angry Clown' she wiped her face with her dupatta.
Eden_luvsKriya aka eden:'wowShocked...'she took krishna's perfume and sprayed on herself.
look at the perfume!

CBrocks aka Jasmeet :'let me try...Tongue'she grabbed the spray from eden.
eden:Angry...hey no...'
anushkab aka anushka:' give it to me too...Tongue' she tried to snatch it from her.all three fought for the spray. in their fight the bottle got pressed and the scent shot straight in to prettymeena aka meena's eyes.
meena:'argh!!!Angry....who the hell put spray in my eyes?Angry...' she screamed closing her eyes.all the vanished before she could open her eyes.
surbhisachwani aka surbhi:ROFL

while others were doing masti kriya_life aka romana opened the wardrobe to see krishna's shining and colourful tight shirts.
romana:' wow! look at his plain shirt! unique colours...dark blue,'while she was wondering zash_LubUKriYa aka azi grabbed a dark blue shining shirt from the hanger.
look at the shirt!
romana:' yeh kya kar rahi ho?Shocked...' she asked looking at the blue shirt in azi's hand.
azi:' i want to try...Tongue' quickly she pushed her hands in and put up the buttons.
azi:' omg!Tongue....Dancing'she spun holding the shining shirt wide with her both hands.she was excited!
azi:'wow! i am looking like a little princess Embarrassed...!Dancing' she danced with joy.
romana rolled her eyes and looked one corner she found krishna's big shoes.
look at the shoes:
romana:' mil gayaTongue.....' she left the shirt and ran towards the corner to take the shoes. due to her over speed 'NUCHHHH...'her fore head bang on the corner of the wall.
romana::Ouch Shocked Cry...idiots...Angry... raaste mai kun diwaar khada kar di?...Angry '
SadieLuvs Suku:ROFL  laughed looking at her fore head.
romana:'Shocked....' with doubt she touched her forehead and found a big bump on it.
romana:' ewww....ab mai yeh shakal se mere krish ka saam na kaise karun gi???Cry...'
SadieLuvs Suku:ROFL 
mitaly was keenly watching romana and her failed mission to reach the corner.while romana was worrying about her bump and beauty mitaly slowly took krishna's shoes and pushed her feet in to it.she stood straight with krishna's shoes and found that her height was very much increased suddenly.!Tongue...' she was excited with her new height and tried to walk with the back ground music playing in her mind  mitalyyyy...mitalyyyy...mitalyyyy... just like krishna...krishna...krishna...'
romana:Shocked Angry...youAngry...i was about to is mine...Angry'she tried to catch mitaly.
mitaly:' is mine...Shocked i am the one who got is go and mind your bump...LOL' she tried to run with those heavy shoes.
romana:' no it is mine...Angry'she chased her.mitaly could not run fast because of her extra height and heavy shoes....'DHADAMMMM'she fall flat,upside down facing the floor.'TAKKK...' her left leg knee hit the floor with coconut breaking sound.
mitaly:'AAHHHH.....OuchShockedAngry....' she yelled with pain.
romana:'ROFL.... ...yeh tere bas ki baat nahi hai...tu kaante kii takkar nahi karsaktiTongue...'
mitaly:Angry Ouch...i hate these shoes...'with no other go she removed the shoes and threw it in two different direction.
romana:Angry...she too don't want to take the shoes which were discarded by her competitor mitaly.
mitaly:'ouch!Ouch....' she tried to stand straight and walk but she could not. she was limping, hopping with one leg.
romana:ROFL...i think my bump is better...atleast i can put some make up and cover up...ROFL'
mitaly: Angry Shocked...
sweet_bhanki:'omg...i got krishna's brown bodhi seed wala bracelet...Tongue'she jumped with excitement as if she got a treasure.
look at the bodhi seed bracelet!

shalinikanagu aka shalini :'give me.... give me...i want to try...Tongue'

sweet_bhanki:' nahi...first me...Tongue'she put it in her neck.
sweet_bhanki:' Cool kitni sunder lagti huna?Tongue...'she said holding it in her hand and looking in to the mirror up and down.
shalini:Ouch Unhappy...gale mai nahi haat mai pehen te hai...Confused'
sweet_bhanki' pata haiSmile...but i want to try it in my neck... close to my heart....Tongue
sweet_bhanki:' try Big smile....'  looking at her unhappy face she gave the bodhi seed bracelet to her.
shalini:' thanks Big smile...'she wore in her left hand wrist. 
prats333 aka priya:'woooo....i got his belt...'she pulled out his belt from the ward rob. lucky girl...'she rushed to her to look at the belt and its buckle.
priya:'i know i am luckyTongue...'she wore the belt on her long gown.
tukun2009:' you look funny....ROFL'
 priya:' you are jealous....Angry'
shefads aka shehnaz:'let me also try my luck....Tongue' she checked the wardrobe drawer.....and found an amazing item... GUN!
look at the gun!LOL
natasha aka natasha :''she stammered looking at the gun.
shehnaz:' wow...gun! lovely it is! Tongue...' she took it in her hand and kissed the gun.
natasha aka natasha:'argh!AngryShocked....kissi ko gun lovely lagta hai kya?ShockedAngry....behoodi...Shocked'
shehnaz:'krishu ka har ek cheez lovely hi hota hai....Big smile'she kissed it again
premprem1:'abey...goli chal gaye tho tera moo laal hojayeh ga ...Shocked LOL'
AKSHAYA.ISHA aka pradisha:'Shocked....hey goli gili lag jayeh gi...Angry'she warned looking at shehnaz rotating the gun in her fingers as krishna does.
shehnaz:'Tongue...aaj kay baad yeh gun mera hai...Big smile'she said in don style.
muskaan:'kyun? tuje pratigya forum ko goli maarni hai kya?...Big smile' she interfered looking at the gun in shehnaz's hand.
shehnaz:'wo tho mujay nahi pata ...Ouch...par saxena family ko ek na ek din mujay goli maar naahi hai...chun chun kay marungi...chun chun annoyingAngry....girrrrAngry...'she grinned in gabber singh style.
muskaan:LOL....but don't forget they are all krishna's in laws...Wink'
shehnaz:'wahi tho!Ouch...'
on the other side pheonix1 was playing with the audio cassette player.
look ate the player!Tongue
pheonix1:'arey wa! cassette player! that too with double speaker!! Big smile...' she tried to play by pressing random buttons and it started playing loudly.

b2011:'S..T..O..P....Angry'she closed her ears with her fingers.

krishna heard the music sound and came running to his soon as he entered his bed room he was shocked to see 42 crazy girls making his room up side down and shehnaz was standing with his gun in her hand.

krishna:'Shocked....what the hell you are doing here?'he asked them in his loud voice.other wise his voice cannot reach them.the room was so noisy and messy.

shehnaz:'wo hum...Cool.....'she tried to act innocent.
krishna:'GOD! Shocked GUN!Angry.... give it to me....Disapprove' he took the gun from shehnaz.
muskaan:LOL she giggled looking at shehnaz's upset face.
as soon as krishna entered, all the girl's concentration turned towards him.'...krishna...krishna...krishna...'he was surrounded by them.

krishna:'party neechay ho rahi hai . tum sab neechay jao....amma is calling you . all of you go down....Smile'he tried to send them out in a polite soon as they heared sumitra's name they all  went down one by one.

while getting down they saw shumi  entering the singh house.
'Ohhhh....shumi dii came...Big smile'they all came down to join shumi.
premprem1:' look gorgeous...Big smile'she complimented her as usual.

shumi:'thank youEmbarrassed...'when they were talking piyasiya entered.
prettymeena44 aka meena:'omgShockedAngry...this idiot piyasia came!'
                                              piyasiya aka moti...ROFL

sweet_bhanki:'who invited this moti??...Angry'

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piyarapiyari IF-Sizzlerz

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where sweety aj dopahar missing u in beehooda thread hahahahah

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