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ATfan Senior Member

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Posted: 15 March 2013 at 10:04am | IP Logged
where hv all the writers disappeared?

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Khushboo_AN IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 15 March 2013 at 2:46pm | IP Logged
^They've disappeared into the oblivion. Been sucked into a black hole.

You know, they've just...gone. *mysterious voice*

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DelusionalMe IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 11 September 2013 at 12:13am | IP Logged
This used to be place of best creative people...where is everyone??? Going though old works of everyone, makes me feel proud.. ApproveThumbs Up

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DelusionalMe IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 04 December 2013 at 6:22am | IP Logged

Hello to everyone (if only everyone drops by) I have a msg of Namy for all the readers (and non readers as well). Namy says hi to all of you. 

And coming to point, here is a small OS from your beloved writer and friend for you (all those Yous who are still interested to read stuff on AN like me) Wink
Here it goes:

Work by Amy_an (Namy)

"Nikki, DARWAZA KHOLO.. dammit" Abhi banged on window loudly, no longer trying to keep his temper in check. He knew from the beginning that he'd made a terrible mistake by taking charge of this medical camp.. But when he got to know that his sassy intern was making a smart attempt of shunning away from his punishment by volunteering for this camp, he decided not to let her bait him..again. So here he was, stuck with her in some deserted place at a middle of night. Damn.. He muttered under his breath and counted five.


"Nikki, I am telling you last time. Open the door." He exasperated. She stuck out her tongue waving car keys which irked him even more. Gritting his teeth he banged his fist loudly on the car roof and turned cursing loudly.


Plating a Mission "Irritate Modi" accomplished' smile on her lips, she made herself comfortable in the car and closed her eyes.


 "Nikita, tumhari stupidity ki wajah se hum dono ko puri raat car mai bitani padegi.. God, I cant believe this.. you are suffering from Direction Dyslexia'!!" He'd accused her few minutes ago. Momentarily, she was flabbergasted by his accusation. And the next thing she knew, she'd snatched away car keys from his hand and had locked herself inside his car. He'd called her Direction Dyslexia patient'?? Was she?? She wondered.. Agreed, she was very poor in giving direction but she was not... Whatever, she was not going to be a guilty party here.

His accusation had made her angry.. Angry?? No actually she was feeling nervous, jumpy, edgy, angry.. All at the same time.. Throughout day she'd done her level best of overlooking his " I- am- your- boss- and -you- better- not- mess- with- me' attitude,  his implied stern and obnoxious gaze'.. his witty' taunt.. . If she'd known he was going to accompany her for the camp, she would have continued with rectal examination than volunteering for this stupid camp.. Muttering sadu, khadus', she made herself comfortable in the back seat of his car and closed her eyes. In no time her mind and body surrendered herself into an unconscious sleep.


She stirred at the sound of raindrops falling on the car roof.


 "Abhi.." She jerked up. She lowered the window glass and looked around. Her surrounding appeared dark, unsafe, dangerous and fuzzy. Growing increasingly taut, she lowered window glass and tried to look through dark. Finally, her eyes found him making a room to sit under a huge tree. Her heartbeats calmed at his sight. Immediately, she got out from car and jogged towards him.

Abhi heard the car door open and looked up. He shook his head in disbelief, "What the hell she wants now?" He gritted his teeth.

 "Ab tumhe kya chiyye?" He asked fiercely.

"Umm sorry.. Abhimanyu. Woh.. woh muje pata hi nahi chala kab meri aankh lag gayi.. Chalo.." She spoke hurriedly.


"Hun?" Abhi looked at her incredulously. She spoke with such a concern that it took him precisely three long minutes' to recall the reason why the heck he was hell angry with her.

"Abhimanyu soch kya rahe ho? Chalo.. Baarish shuru ho jayegi." She spoke tenderly.


"How thoughtful of you Nikita!! But .." He spoke with gritted teeth and looked down at his already drenched' clothes, "as u can see, baarish ho chuki hai.. Aur mai already bhig chuka hu. So thank you!" He sneered with a livid gaze.


She shivered a bit under his gaze but didn't show any sign, "I.. I m really sorry.. woh.."


Abhi gave a humorless laugh. He braced himself as he knew exactly what was coming from that sassy mouth of her.

"Sorry bola na. Ab zyada attitude mat dikhao." She sulked.


He was amazed to find that he could somewhat read her mind and he suppressed a smile "No."   


"I said "No".



Abhi opened his mouth and closed it. A moment ticked by, he spoke, "Oky. Admit you are scared and therefore you want me in the car with you." He baited her with a shrewd smile.


Nikki appalled. Many expressions passed over her face shock, disbelief, annoyance and then settled in "trademark Sullen". He braced himself again for the final stroke.

 "You know what, Bhad mai Jao" She riled with blazing eyes and turned.

"Sure.. After you." His tone matched with hers.


She turned to face him again, "Ji nahi. Woh jagah sirf tumhare liye hi bani hai." She retrieved her steps towards him and glared at him" And for your information, mujhe kabhi bhi kisi se bhi dar nahi lagta. Remember that!" With that she turned again and marched back towards car.


"Oh really? " She heard him chuckle and it irritated her more. She wanted to throw something at him but she contained her urges. She knew she was going get plenty of opportunities to put her thought into action in the next three days.

Half an hour passed, Abhi glanced towards car for any movement but no luck. He knew that he'd acted foolish by staying out of car. But the moot question was when did he act sane when she was around him?? He shook his head in annoyance and got up, started walking towards the car. His clothes were dry now but it felt a bit frosty. As he neared the car, he saw a small light in the vast distance and sensed some bizarre movement. He removed his cell. Still no network.. He activated torch light and started tip toeing towards the light.


Nikki woke up at the sound of crunching dry leaves. She sat up and it took her a couple of minutes to register reality. She was in Abhi's car and they had lost direction.


"Where's Abhi?" She turned her head in the direction where she'd seen him last through glass. Place was vacant. "Ab yeh kahan chala gaya?" She feared and swallowed hard.


She removed her cell but it was dead. She would have to find Abhi. Hesitantly, she got out of the car once again and looked around, petrified. "A.. abhimanyu..." She spoke with a trembling voice.


No response. She was scared of dark but she needed to find Abhi. Frantically, She took trembling steps towards the direction where she'd seen him last. "Abhimanyu.." Tears of worry and fear now started welling up her eyes.


She sensed crunching of dry leaves again and heard foot steps from behind. She gasped as a hand clamped over her mouth. Before she could react, a powerful arm grabbed her around the waist from behind. She froze to her place and a frantic cry died in her throat.

"Tum pagal ho gayi ho kya, Itni raat ko chilla kyo rahi ho? Koi janwar ko party ke liye 
bulane ka irada hai kya?"Abhi hissed in her ear.


Nikki's chocked out a cry of relief at his sound. Hearing her chocking, Abhi loosened his hold around her. Unexpectedly, she turned and clasped her hand around his waist. "Thank God, it's you."She breathed in his chest.

He was bowled. This was extremely unexpected reaction from Dr. Nikita Malhotra. An electric jolt passed through his body at her unexpected response. Flabbergasted, he stood there for a couple of minutes.. Battling within whether to hold her or to stand there like a 
statue. Finally, when he made up his mind, he astonished to realize that his hands were already holding her, secured in his embrace.


A long minute passed, Nikki shift a little in his embrace. He sensed her nervousness and he removed his hands to his side, she came out from his embrace.


Their eyes met, she struggled to survive from drowning in the pool of his magnetic eyes. Abhi perceived anxiety in her gaze. Out of the blue, he remembered how she'd faked bravery lecture just few minutes ago and he smiled. He felt safe to tease her at that moment, "Umm.. Nikki..Tum..."


She saw his lips twitched in a smile and a spark in his eyes as he spoke. Grr... And she did 
the only thing that she knew when she felt trapped.. Time to turn the table.. " T...tum samjte kya ho apne aap ko?" She cut in and snapped.

Abhi stunned, " M..mai?"

"H.. han, t..tum.."

"Excuse me! Ab maine kya kiya?" Abhi puzzled.


"Tum Muje dara ne ki koshish kar rahe the?" She snapped with hand on hips.

Abhi regarded her through his narrowed gaze and then smirked. "Par abhi thodi der pehle to tumne kaha tha kay tumhe kabhi bhi kisi se bhi dar nahi lagta, Dr. Nikita." He sneered mimicking her action.

She gulped. "Zyada smart ban ne ki koshish mat karo. Muje dara nahi rahe the to kya itni raat mai janwaron ke sath hide and seek khel rahe the?" She retorted

"Ji nahin, tumhare "junglee" doston kay sath hide and seek khelne ka muje koi shaukh nahi hai."

"Terri toh mai.."Nikki muttered but jumped frantically towards Abhi as she heard a rough voice of a man.



"Hey bagha he ikde aahet (Look there they are!!)" A rough voice spoke to other men in marathi. He walked towards Abhi and spoke with a smile, "Tumi Sanjivani madhun aalele dactars aahat na? (You are those doctors from sanjivani na?)"


Abhi nod his head in affirmation and blew an air of relief.


That man looked from Abhi to Nikki and smiled again, "Chala (Let's Go)"


Nikki looked at Abhi, uncertainly. Abhi sneered at her confusion. "These guys are from the same village where we are going to set up our Medical Camp. Let's go" He conveyed.


" Umm.. han han pata hai.." Nikki cleared her throat and gave a sugary sweet smile to other men.


As they neared the village, Abhi taunted her in an undertone "Waise Mumbai mai tum kitne time se ho, Dr. Nikita?"..

"Well, let's see I came here on 14th Jan... "Nikki started and stopped as she registered note of taunt in his tone. "What do you mean to ask?" Nikki pouted.


"So far as I know Nikita, tum mumbai mai kafi time se ho aur tumhe basic Marathi bhi samajme nahi aati."He lectured.


She glared at him and then arched an eyebrow, "One more reason, you should throw me out from Sanjivani."


Abhi sighed sicken, "You know what, you really tempt me so much.. to do that.. But..." He smiled slyly," Consider yourself lucky."


He winked at her and marched forward, deliberately barring her from any kind of retort. She fumed and grin spread over Abhi's handsome face.


In an hour, they were seated in Sarpanch's house. Sarpanch's wife brought lemon Juice and offered it to Nikki and Abhi.

" Namste Dactarni Sahiba" She beamed at her.

"Namstey." Nikki smiled back.

"Tumhi navra bayko aahat ka? (Are you husband and wife?), Sarpanch's wife failed to hide her curiosity and enquired shyly.

"Umm.." She looked at Abhi, confused. She saw the same humorous spark in his eyes and it unsettled her. She wasn't going to let him bait her again.. so what she doesn't understand this language. But she could atleast try.. "Yes.. I mean han.. bayko.. and navra.. umm.. ." Nikki smiled bravely. This language can't be that difficult.

Abhi chocked his drink and coughed hard. Sarpanch's wife panicked. Nikki heard someone telling her to pat his back. Finding perfect opportunity, Nikki raised her hand to give a solid blow on his back.

"Don't you dare, Dr. Nikita. I am oky." He muttered hoarsely with gritted teeth.

"Me paani aanu kay? (Shall I bring water?)" Sarpanch's wife asked anxiously.

"Han. Please." Abhi gave her his charming smile and she colored.

Nikki raised her eyebrow at Abhi. Abhi wiped smile from his face and looked at her fuming, "Do you have any idea what you just answered her?"

Nikki narrowed her gaze and then smiled," Oh.. that.. sorry for hurting your sentiments.. par muje thodi bohot Marathi aati hai.."

"Oh really?" He bristled.

"Han. Really. " Another brave attempt.

"You understand what did she mean by Navra & bayko?" He asked in an undertone.

"Ofcourse yes.. bayko means.. umm lady.. woman.. that's me'.. And Navra means .. umm may be Useless person'.. that is.." She pointed a finger to him, you', She finished.

Bingo.. he looked petrified.. She felt like grinning but then she heard a chuckle.. she mystified.

Abhi was stunned for a moment. Then he couldn't help and chuckled. No, he hadn't made a terrible mistake by taking charge of this camp. Three more days to go with this sassy person' sitting next to him and he was sure that she was going to make this medical camp exciting and unforgettable for both of them.

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mitzification Goldie

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Posted: 05 December 2013 at 2:20pm | IP Logged
aww cho chwwet , love u nammy , good one ... wapis if aaja roj batein karenge 

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mitzification Goldie

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Posted: 25 December 2013 at 1:09pm | IP Logged

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Khushboo_AN IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 26 December 2013 at 11:15am | IP Logged
I shall get back to this someday and read it and comment as well. :D

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DelusionalMe IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 27 December 2013 at 2:42am | IP Logged
Originally posted by Khushboo_AN

I shall get back to this someday and read it and comment as well. :D

yeah, you do... Tongue
As far as I know you, you would probably forget about

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