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Devil's Den- The Sherni is back..... (Page 2)

panchjun5 IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 21 March 2011 at 9:45am | IP Logged
Hoping for a karara jawaab from Geet to Dev.....Ermm...Reserve

Wow....At least One good thing happened to me today....Since morning I have been having mishap after mishap and by evening I was feeling rotten.....Then I wished for Geet to give karara jawab to Dev.....And it came true.....Dancing

And Mahii......came today....I'm so has been so long since I heard that tune....that it felt fantabulous to hear it once again......LOLLOL

Loved the scene where Geet was talking to Maan's photo.....It was so natural and she knows him so well.....She knows that he will do anything to make her smile.....And when she said I Love You Maan and hugged his photo....I was like Awwwww....EmbarrassedEmbarrassed....

She was so eager to go and meet Maan at the farmhouse....She knows that the past few days have been tough for them and this time-alone would be good for them......

Daadi runs into a roadblock while trying to get Maan to the farmhouse at the same time as Geet when she finds out from Adi that Maan is busy in a meeting and has switched off his mobile.....Even then she leaves a message with Adi to make sure that Maan gets to the farmhouse

Dev decorating the farmhouse....Ewww.....Somebody kill me...Or just give me an AK-47 so that I can kill him...That meddling, no-good, idiot.....I don't like him....AngryAngry...How can he even think that he can be instrumental in getting Maan and Geet together....Ewww...the thought makes me wanna puke.....Gadha, Khota, Kutte ki Dum.....Angry...Phir Office pahunch gaya...Whatever work was assigned to him....that tho he won't do properly...But here he is acting like a Marriage Counsellor out to salvage the Marriage of his brother....Where's that AK-47 I ordered.....Angry

Geet's expression when she entered the farmhouse with Mahiii playing in the background was beautiful.....And the note was so sweet....EmbarrassedEmbarrassed...Hamare Bacche ke saath humne apne jindagi ki nayi shuruwaat ki thi....woh hamare pyaar ki neev thi ...Geet Chalo ek baar phir se hum apne nayi zindagi ki shuruwaat karte hain....Maan.... That was so touching...Embarrassed

All because of that idiot Dev...Geet couldn't get it the last time when Maan wanted to surprise her ...And now that dimwit thinks that just because he has presented that note in such a romantic surrounding in the name of Maan...Geet Khush Hogi...Sabashi Degi....Hata Sawan ki Ghata.....AngryAngryAngry

Finally Adi managed to pass on the message to Maan to get to the farmhouse...but that imbecile Dev thinking that Maan won't be able to make it reached their first...Arrrgh.....I'm still waiting for my AK-47.....once I get it next stop is Mehrauli Farmhouse to blow-off Dev's head....AngryAngryAngry

Awww.....Loved the FBs that Geet had....She was remembering many of her intimate moments with MaanEmbarrassedEmbarrassed....and blushing away to glory.....and I think she got goosebumps too ...coz the way she shivered and blushed after the last FB I'm sure she was thinking something naughty......BlushingBlushingBlushing....The waiting and anticipation was getting to her....Embarrassed

And when she hears the footsteps.....she was so happy and when she turned around and saw Dev...she was flabbergasted.....And she was confused ...And when he started explaining she started losing her cool.....And our Sherni was back.....WhopppiieeeeDancing......What a reply she gave him.....I loved it.....Geet tujhe salaam.....ClapClapClap

When he said that he didn't want to be the reason for the misunderstanding between her and Maan...that's when Geet lost it...And she told him without mincing words that....There was never any misunderstanding or distance between Maan and Geet....and there never will be....We r just going thru some tough times, that's all and irrespective of that..... We have always lived together and will keep on living together in the future too...And whatever your intentions....let me make one thing clear to you...To maintain Maan and my relationship, we don't need the help of any third individual....and least of all....I'm warning you the last time ....stay away from our lives.....

After hearing all this, the guy still has the audacity to tell Geet his sob story....Hey Babaji....mera AK-47 kab aayega......AngryAngry....He tells her that he didn't intend to help or butt in Maan and Geet's relationship but was just trying to pay penance for the sin that he had committed....He says that he is just trying to lighten the burden of guilt that he has weighing down on his shoulder....If it was as easy as that....Ermm....Anyways, I liked Geet's indifference in this scene.....And SS once again was excellent in his repentant avatar.....

The precap was once again intriguing....I'm guessing Maan just sees them together and doesn't hear what Geet is saying....Puts 2 and 2 together and comes up with 2000 and leaves from there......HE has always been like this ...He reacts first and then thinks...but I feel that he will still give the BOD to Geet but once Geet comes and tells him about Dev's neki...He might really lose it....

Bechara, how much more can he take?? He is also sad and lonely and the one person he thinks the world of and with whom he wants to share his everything comes to him praising the one man he loathes......Well, I won't comment on the why and how of Maan's outburst and will just wait n watch what he does.....Ermm

DD and SS were excellent today and GC in whatever miniscule part that he was present in was very good although he didn't have much to do.....ClapClapClap

I'm loving the way the execution, screenplay, camerawork, editing and all the other behind the scene things have been flawless the past few days......ClapClapClap

This crisp and taut progress of story is giving me hope that the coming days will be fantabulous....Smile

P.S- I don't consider NASA part of the story so didn't comment about them......LOLLOLLOL

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taqdir IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 21 March 2011 at 10:34am | IP Logged

Hello everyone

For me, it was a wonderful episode because things are going really perfect at all end. Now let me explain why.


Dev, who miraculously got the permission to stay in the KM and also work in the KC is trying hard and fast to do something really good to lessen his crime a little. He wants to be accepted by his family and be trusted by them all. He doesnt wanna live in his own house like a criminal and so he believes that if he can do anything good for maneet then his sin would haunt him less. Yes, he is actually trying to help himself. I'm not judging if dev is right or wrong but only that his efforts to help maneet or do something for maneet is natural from his POV.


Dadi, who is always interested in patching everyone up is naturally happy on dev's every attempt in helping maneet. Elderly people usually like to see their offspring together and happy no matter what. We all know if maneet forgive dev dadi will be most happy. She wont bother if dev was punished or not. To her, dev feels guilty and asked for forgiveness and that's all that matters. And right now, when maneet is going through an emotional roller coaster, dev's attempt to unite maneet is too good a treat for dadi. Its like killing three birds in one shot!

Maan, who has been controlling himself till SR has finally found a good reason for "you know what" but his ill fate never lets him get near his wife while his spoiled younger brother kept advising him'..gggrrrrrr! Anyways, the real thing is maan hates dev for what he did with geet and can never forgive him. He would have never allowed dev in KM if dev hadn't donated blood and saved him. But that doesn't allow dev to stay in the house like any normal young bro to maneet. He can never be that. Because he deceived geet and slept with her. Things can never be normal with dev. But seeing geet easy and comfortable around dev is wondering and annoying maan. Its not that maan suspects geet having any special relation with dev but that why geet is behaving so normally with dev? How could geet go out with dev? How could she meet dev in the farmhouse? Doesn't she remember anything that dev did? Doesn't dev's presence disgust her? Why not? Well these are all maan's questions that will be answered when he stops being so introvert.

Geet, who is now comforted and secured in maan's love and shelter, obviously forgot all her bad experiences in the past. Life is too good and beautiful to her and no bad experience can overshadow her joy and new life with maan. Maan means everything to her and she is certain about her love for maan. Which is why she begged dev to save maan and even lost her child worrying for maan. Today her reply to dev was too good. Whatever she said regarding her relationship with maan can only come from a person who trusts and loves her partner the most. A round of applause for such beautiful dialogues. A very common human psychology is that when we are happy we want to do good things and make others happy. Most importantly we kind of forget our miserable times in life. So dev may be a dark episode for her but maan's love is so bright and beautiful that the darkness dev creates becomes blur in front of that sunshine. Unfortunately since maneet last really communicated like ages back, they don't know their current feelings towards each other and the people around them.  Its natural maan is confused and angry when he sees dev and geet together because he doesn't know that dev has become very much unimportant to geet now. Well he will know but at a greater expense. Education are too expensive these days!

Now it looks like maan may mistakenly say something hurtful to geet that will cause geet to leave the house. We know geet, her self respect means a lot to her. Besides, if maan makes the mistake of distrusting her love for him then all my prayers to maan. He would need a huge lot of protein shakes this time. Because manaofyiong wifey is not so easy! And I sincerely wont mind seeing maan running after geet and manaofying. That's the kind of grand treatment geet deserves while maan needs to put aside his ego, open up more and learn to trust his partner. Hoping for some good episodes in the future. Fingers crossed.

Loves and prayers''..


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swaram Goldie

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Posted: 21 March 2011 at 10:36am | IP Logged
Geet guesses that if Maan has called her to the farmhouse ,it must be to surpise her and bring a smile on her face. Loved the way she fondly looks at the photo feeling her love for Maan.Heart

Dadi informing Dev that Geet will be there. Dev saying something imp. here that he should get out before they come but only from there but outta their lives!Angry
Again AA do Maaneet inspired scene of the thorn.Thk god they didn't show Arjun plucking the thorn away like Maan.Anyway, less said the better.ConfusedOuch

Just loved to hear the good old Mahi in the BG when Geet was entering the farmhouse. Brought back old maaneet memories or should I say that feel back instantly. Just get the feeling will get to see Maaneet magic again pretty soon!Day DreamingDay Dreaming
Maan impressing his clients.Folks we have competition or shall we say company here. Even his clients are phankas of MSK!LOL

Geet waiting for her beloved and who turns up, the Dev-il turned Devta! Shocked
Dev telling her how his great act of concern for them failed but Geet not really impressed!

Dev had the gall to pick up and present the personal note and card of Maan and cheek to tell Geet about thatAngry. Dev trying to impress upon Geet that he was trying to clear their MU.Geet rightly put him in his place saying they don't need anybody's 'visesh tippani' on their relationship, certainly not his!Clap
Dev must be disspointed he could not get any brownie points here! Geet making it very clear to him to back off but Devta doesn't want to listen. He wants to show Geet what a Devta he has become by trying to repent!Cry

The makers have tried to show Dev as a repenting soul, good intention but not convincing because his attempts at that are rather trivial. If he truly wants to repent, he should surrender to law.Agreed Naintara manipulated evidences and got them bailed out but now since she is in coma, Dev can get the witnesses and prove their crime.But, just by trying to do some so called favours on Geet and Maan, he can't redeem himself. Of course this is the character  of Dev as we have known it as he always has chosen the easy way out (maybe without his realising it too!)Disapprove

Precap : Makers want to keep us guessing whether Geet has forgiven Dev or not. We can see her say aomething to that effect but don't know the full context like our MSK.So, would like to wait and watch!

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Armu4eva Coolbie

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Posted: 21 March 2011 at 10:39am | IP Logged
Subhan allah .. isse kehte hain... Hoshiarpur di sherni...!! Cool

What a rocking answer to Dev...... 'Maan aur Geet ke beech na kabhi duri thi.. na hogi.... Haan waqt thoda bura hai.... par Maneet sath the.. hain aur rahenge..'  Oyee balle balle....  Dancing

Aab bolo DEV-il.... aage ka kya hai plan?? Evil Smile Maneet karenge tera kaam tamaam Approve

Nice epi... especially Geets bit... of wanting to move on n smile for her MAaN ... and her immediate disgust at seeing Dev ..... Thumbs Up and Geet ka Dev ko mashallah. .kya karara tha jawab..!! Luvd it ..Heart

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loveableangel Goldie

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Posted: 21 March 2011 at 10:40am | IP Logged

When the episode was about to finish i was like 'hmm its a nice episode'geet gave a nice fitting reply to dev and i for once did not mind NASA because i wanted to see less of dev and geet. Anyway then what happened i saw the precap and GEET FORGAVE DEV!!!!! she says maine tuhme maaf kiya' if you read her lips at the below video at 20 second in, you will be able to tell. I hope they get rid of that like they did when dev grabbed her arm.

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jyoti06 Channel Moderator

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Posted: 21 March 2011 at 10:49am | IP Logged
Geet has proved that she is no Ichha or prerna of TV...
So moral of the story is not to jump to conclusions based on spoiler pics or misleading articlesSmile
Precap might say I hv forgiven u...but her face clearly says dude I might b forgiving u but not forgotten get lost from our lifeBig smile

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adits7 IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 21 March 2011 at 10:50am | IP Logged
the epi was good.....

geet n Dev convo scene.....Talking Through...... ws d highpoint...Thumbs Up.

i m likin dis Geet -dev jodi....not as romantically linked as such .....dont pounce on me Maaneet fans..Bravo!.

m talkin abt d presence of dev n geet ...der screen presence is gud..dialogues ..expressions perfect...i like wathcing der scenes together.......

both DD n Samir did gud in d scene..Thumbs b honest i watch it more for dev Aka samir now a days.....Blushy 2.....LOL..

Annniiieeeeeeeeeee- errrrrjunnnnn.....Thumbs Down.....i dont understand how many guyz dey wanna mk fall for NNNIIIIIeeeee to make arjun realize his love.......hey bhagguuuu itne ladkon ko pasand aati hai annie..Shoot Me..who eva comes in d show falls fr her..Huh? 2..

itna privilege toh lead actress ko bhi nahi..Laughing 2...

precap : cud kinda get an idea abt tomm frm lip readin....i mean geet ws like main tumhe maaf...sumthin sumthin...n MSK off course ovr hears...

also dt disastrous combo of MSK aka GC dt blue shirt black waiscoat n sum kiddish color dark red trouser ws coz of BDs i guess...dey jus took close-ups of him wearing dt combo....gud fr dem n fr us as well......dey spared us dt horror...LOLLOLLOL

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Arwenish IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 21 March 2011 at 10:51am | IP Logged
Inocent are burning and demons are repenting.......... what an irony........
Bravo Bravo........... My Geet has finally reverted.......... The way she answered Demon Dev........ My heart is all garden garden......... She grounded him just like she grounded Sasha and Brij......... So pain was the thing which did not let her to feel Demon Dev presence around her and as soon as she let go her pain and felt yet again Maan love she is back............
Demon Dev is kota.... gadah.... ula ka ***........ gadahy ki dum.... idiot.... and all the other galin that exsist in world i name them for Demon Dev....
Wow what a saint he turned out....... how can anyone be so shameless... Despit Maan's warning not intrude into their life..... Dhiton ki tara he is after them....... Redemtion ka nai tariqa..... what an idea sir ji........

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