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Devil's Den- The Sherni is back.....

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Today's episode touched many of the show's underlying themes after a long time…


A young woman's quest to rebuild her life after going through the worst betrayal possible

  •          I think we have all been wondering why Geet is welcoming Dev back into her life. Or, rather accepting his interference in her life, her relationship with Maan without a single protest. Today's episode laid rest to all the speculation regarding this whole Dev-Geet-Maan mnage a trois. In no uncertain terms, she told Dev that he had absolutely no right to interfere between Maan and Geet and that they do NOT "need" him- no matter what his intentions. I absolutely loved they way she put him in his place- This was the Geet that we knew- the one who never shied away from saying what needed to be said or meeting a challenge head on!
  •          Ever since the loss of their baby, Maan and Geet have been drifting apart slowly and steadily. This time it is not just miscommunication but a complete breakdown of all communication channels between them. Communication has never been their strong forte and this silence is going to prove detrimental to their relationship. Today for the first time we got a glimpse of what has been going on in Geet's mind besides dealing with her grief. She is not upset/angry at Maan- and clearly has been missing his strength and support. I hope she can rectify matters before its too late.


Forgiveness and redemption for a criminal

  •          I have mixed feeling on the forgiveness and redemption track for Dev. I was just wondering in real life...wouldn't someone who was truly sorry, was willing to give up his wicked ways, was willing to pay penance for his sins- be given another chance? I do not know whether Dev will turn positive or negative in the future, as I possess no crystal ball or birds, bees and such like…but so far I have seen him repent in plenty, apologize in plenty, not resist arrest as he wants to pay penance, try and save Maan/Geet from NT (to the best of his abilities), save Maan when Maan and Geet needed Dev's help. Nothing to suggest that he is not a man who deeply regrets his actions. There is a part of me that wants to do unspeakable things to Dev for what he did to Geet and there is another part of me that wonders whether forgiveness is truly an outdated virtue in today's society!
  •          Initially I was wondering what justice will Geet get by sending him to Jail? Isn't the fact that he lost everything he held dear- his wife, his family, his life while Geet gained much- a partner, her independence, her voice- hasnt life anyway righted the grave injustice done to her? But then on discussing this with a few people I realized that he may be forgiven by the victim but he cannot go scot free. No crime should go unpunished and while punishment is a signalling exercise, nobody is above the law. (thanks Janaki!). Depending on whatever charges Geet brought against him- law must take its own course. How she chooses to deal with it in her personal capacity is an entirely different matter!
  •          However, what is a stretch is Dev staying in the same house as Maan and Geet, Dev being allowed or rather encouraged to interfere in their relationship- This needs to stop ASAP. He can regret and repent all that he wants- but trying to play marriage counselor (especially since his went downhill quite spectacular) or good Samaritan is a strict NO NO! The right to forgive, the right to allow him any role in her life- is strictly Geet's and he needs to respect her wishes!
  •          I wish Dadi would wake up and realize what she is encouraging- and how catastrophic it can be to the peace of her entire clan!


Dealing with a partner's past

  •          So far we have seen the good and virtuous side of Maan- after initial hiccups his complete acceptance of Geet and her past, his love and affection for Geet- but I guess now Maan is going to get tarred with the same human brush like other characters in the show. Its easy when the perpetrator was out of sight- but is becoming extremely difficult for him to deal with the situation as Dev is in front of him 24X7.
  •          Maan's insecurities are coming to the fore and I don't know how long before last straw breaks the camel's back. His insecurities stem from seeing Dev in close proximity to Geet time and again, inability to share his grief with Geet and an inability to share any of his doubts or fears with Geet. I guess most of us already know that this is building up to a confrontation between Maan and Geet.
  •          The precap looks interesting- since Maan is going to become spectator to Dev-Geet conversation. I will withhold judgment till the show airs as I don't want to jump the gun.


On Arjun, Annie, etc etc- that track is stagnating- We get it that you are trying to mock us by making anything with XY chromosomes fall in love with Annie- Yeah she is immensely desirable we get that. Now, can we move ahead please! What is happening to Arjun's revenge plan (atleast he can mention something), where is NT-has she passed on or is she still in a Coma, can we start building up to a Dev and Arjun confrontation, rediscovering Annie- the modern woman's self respect!! There are loads of potential possibilities here – utilize them instead of going down the clichd pentagon, hexagon, and octagon route!


Just one more thing, I felt like we skipped one episode today. What happened to the lost project, Geet saying Dev made her smile etc etc. There was no continuity- at least for me- which left me feeling very disoriented for the first few minutes.


Overall a pretty decent episode- 7/10.

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Never judge a book by its cover!!!!

Loved what I read, I've been saying let's not judge on precaps and spoiler pics!

Geet will never and I mean never go back with Dev or even allow him to interfere in their lives! 

Have I not been screaming my lungs out!

Will come back and write more after I watch the episode!

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u r my wifeys DEVAR! HAAN!
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so shut it goody two shoes.. u r the bad guy! HAAN!



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The baby always bound Maaneet together as long as it lived. Even when Maan was angry with Geet for not revealing the truth about her pregnant state before he started developing feelings for her, he still cared for the well being of the baby she was carrying, the reason why he pounced on the plate of papaya and ate it full. Even during their MU phase, it is only when he temporarily forgot about the baby's existence that he behaved his harshest with Geet, under the impression she excluded him from her life. The minute he was reminded of the baby by the phone call from the hospital, he ran to Geet's side. When he felt that they were bringing out the worst in each other and hence need to separate, it was Geet's impassioned speech about how without him she and her baby will face a dark future which made him accept her apology and take her back into his life. Now with the loss of that baby which inadvertently bound its parents so tightly to each other, both are trying hard to cope.   The baby's loss has resulted in Maaneet turning rudderless and drifting apart emotionally without their realising it.  Maaneet will now have to relearn to live together without that binding factor of the baby.

Dev always broke Maaneet whenever he made his appearance. The first time Geet confronts him after he ditched her was on her engagement day. She ends up panicking and running away from the venue causing a lot of worry for Maan who later has the lift mishap. When she confronts Dev again after he was released for a day on parole, she ends up having the first MU with Maan after their confession.  Her third confrontation with Dev in Shimla led to her fainting and Maan deciding to leave the place immediately. This later led to the highway accident. Dev may have saved Maan by donating his blood but his return to the Khurana house has only brought more misery to the couple. So if Dev really wants to help Maaneet, he should stay away. The fact that he does not makes me wonder what he is really up to. Maaneet will have to learn to tackle this thorn called Dev and not let him tear them apart.

Coming to today's episode, Dev's so-called well meaning act failed to achieve its purpose. All it did was to plant some more seeds to doubt in Maan's mind. I dont think Maan would suspect geet's character but he is definitely irked by her entertaining that worthless brother of his. I think he will not confront Geet then and there but will keep simmering till the Holi day and maybe erupt thereafter when some more incidents add fuel to the already burning fire.

As I said earlier, he is like a grumbling volcano waiting to erupt and when he does, the scorching heat of the lava he spews is going to burn Geet in the short-term. But then she will survive it as she knows deep down the man loves her to death.  Once the lava, hits the soil of Geet's heart it is going to prove fertile for Maaneet's relationship because it will help Geet realise what is ailing their relationship right now.  It will also make Maan rethink where they were going wrong and together they will rise to face the nemesis called Dev.  

I loved that Geet made it crystal clear to Dev that she will not tolerate anyone interfering in their relationship, thereby reiterating what Maan had told Dev earlier.  She has come a long way since the time she asked for Dadi's help to find out why Maan was upset right after the sauna incident and the hard choice he made in favour of her over the baby. She has taken seriously Dadi's advice to tackle their problems herself and never let a third person between them. We saw her decline Dadi's help not long ago when she volunteered to talk to Maan and explain why Geet met Dev at the outhouse. She tackled the bull by the horn. Today she declined Dev's help to get back with her husband.  There was one thing she was made aware by Dev though. That Maan was suffering as much as her all this while and may have felt lost because she shut him out.  This would bring about greater empathy for Maan's pain.  Unfortunately I think the before this feeling can take route, Maan is going to have the outburst, hurting Geet's sensitivities.

Coming to the so-called forgiveness by Geet of Dev's sins. Today we heard from Dev's own mouth why he wants to do his bit to bring Maaneet closer. It was for his own peace to mind, to ease his own guilt and not for Maaneet's sake. If he succeeds in his plans he may feel that Maaneet  would owe him one and that way they are even. His bad deed has been negated by his good deed. If Geet forgives him, he will owe one to Geet.  So his bad deed remains a bad deed and now he has the additional burden of also carrying the obligation of Geet's good deed of forgiving him. What does Geet gain in the process? she can completely sever herself from the past.  Although she has been astutely ignoring Dev till now, we saw that she was disturbed seeing him at the farm house and realising that he did all the decoration. This goes to show that the pain of what he inflicted on her all those months back was still there. He had wooed her then with read rose petals and today it was red curtains. By telling him that she forgives him, she will ease her soul from her past. Will she forget his deeds? No she will not. That will be her lesson, never to be as naive and trusting of that snake again.  I dont know if this is what they have thought of as far as the forgiveness thing goes, if at all there is such a scene, that is. But if they go down this road, I hope this is the explanation they give for it.

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Today's Episode was good if I ignore the NASA-TortureBig smile...Highlight of the episode was Geet's fitting straight reply to Dev without any melodramatic and filmy dialgoueThumbs Up...

Today Geet has proved that she is no Ichha or Prerna of TV who will either keep sulking/crying or keep her mouth shut and prove her weakness in front of her culprit...Instead she knows how to reply back to her culprit without giving over the top reaction or any unwanted bhashan but a simple straightforward message to her culprit to stay away from her personal lifeThumbs Up ...
So moral of the story is lets not jump to conclusions based on spoiler pics or misleading articlesSmilePrecap might give us the impression of Geet telling Dev that I hv forgiven u (if we can do a bit of lip readingWinkLOL)...but her face expression clearly says that dude I might hv forgiven u but not forgotten get lost from our lifeBig smile...Mayb thats the condition Geet will put in front of Dev that if u really want my forgiveness,then go out of my and MSK's life forever and mayb Dev will agree to this conditionSmile...But MSK will only hear half part where Geet will say "I hv forgiven u" but he will not hear the other half part of her condition and thats where we might see the misunderstanding happeningErmm
Now I get the holi precap that was shown last saturday and might come tomorrow after this whole Dev-Geet confrontation scene Cool
In that Saturday ka precap which is yet to come Geet says that  "Today I m smiling because of Dev's mahaan kaam"Big smile.,.So  Here the mahaan-kaam might b equal to Dev going out of their lives forever(if my above prediction is true) but MSK might feel that Dev's mahaan-kaam is equal to bringing smile in Geet's face which he failed to do because like I said MSK overhears only half of the dialogue spoke by Geet to DevOuch...
I guess Geet will just cut off all the ties of her past and will detach herself from all the pains that she has got because of Dev in this very Dev-Geet confrontation scene by forgiving Dev and telling him to go out of their lives because she can never forget what he did....reason why  during Holi she is smiling and she is trying to tell Maan that "Because of Dev,I m smiling because finally I realised that my past makes no more difference to me..I m all yours"Embarrassed...but MSK din't listen to full sentence of Geet and walks off thinking she is praising Dev again because today as per precap we saw MSK doesn't listen what exactly Geet is telling on holi day too he doesn't listen to the full sentence spoken by GeetOuch
MU happens again because of lack of communicationOuch....last time Maaneet separated because Geet hears the wrong words spoken by MSK to Dadi regarding Dev.....this time again MU happens because  its MSK who hears the wrong words spoken by Geet to Dev....both times Dev is the cause of MU and separation.....Dev is not at fault on both occasions but he is like a black spot in Maaneet's life because of whom Maaneet r not able to take their relationship to the next they go from here is the question to which only CVs hv the answer.....but mayb this time they both will realise what really is lacking in their relatinoship once they both separate because under such circumstances when both r at loss of words and dunno how to communicate to each other  and r going through such complex emotions,mayb a bit of distance not only makes your relationship stronger  but also make one realise the importance of each other in their livesEmbarrassed
I loved what Geet said to Dev today that "We might b going through tough times right now...but we don't need a third person to solve Maan and Geet ka issues...Maan-Geet together are enough for each other to solve their own u better stay out of this"....WOWWWWThumbs UpStarStarStarStarStar ...I remember when Dev came to advice MSK that he is not doing the right thing by shifting the nursery, MSK gave similar dialogue to Dev by telling him that "Geet is my wife..she has the right to b angry with me..and its between us how we both sort it out..we don't need a third person between us to tell me whats right and what's not"Thumbs Up...Now if we compare both these dialogues of MSK and Geet we will see that both hv similar thoughts in their relationship...but the problem is both r unaware and unable to share the same with each otherOuch...So thats the basic problem in their relatinoship...they don't need a third person to solve their problem but they do need to find a way of how to communicate with each otherSmile....What Geet told Dev today or what MSK told Dev in the earlier episode,same they could hv told each other ...right ?Embarrassed...Sometimes in a relationship when  your love for your partner goes to the limits beyond obsession and possessiveness , then u feel scared to share your emotions with your partner fearing that he/she might get hurt and in this process u end up creating a vaccuum in your relationship which eventually results in separation or break-up whenver a certain tragedy strikesOuch .....Here the same vaccuum in Maaneet's relationship is created because they both love each other to extreme limits and always fear of hurting each other and in this process they never really share their pain or emotions with each other....and so when finally tragedy hv stuck in their lives with this MC,they r unable to share it in words with each other....What is the solution then ??Mayb physical separation might  just fill in the mental vaccuum that has been created in their relatinoship and they might just learn the importance of communicating with each other not only in times of happiness but also in times of crisisEmbarrassed....

Was Dev-Dadi wrong today in trying to get Maaneet together in their farmhouse for a romantic date ?Ermm..I guess no...they hv been noticing for last few days that Maan-Geet themselves r not ready to share their pain with each other or sort out their issues and when outsiders come to know the weakness in your relationship...either they try to take advantage of it or they try to play the peacemaker and get some credit out of itWink..Dadi-Dev r doing the same thing hereSmile....
Coming to NASA Track....Now its Arjun's turn to get jealous seeing Annie-Sangram togetherConfused...its moving in circles ....Sometimes Arjun getting jealous and sometimes Annie getting jealous...but no real progressConfused...Its high time the whole track gets a closure and more focus is given on Maaneet track once the Actors r back from their vacationSmile...
About the upcoming separation track,I hope this new journey of Maan-Geet brings in the passion,romance,excitement ,thrill and freshness in the showEmbarrassed...It should really take Maaneet relationship to next levelEmbarrassed....I dunno how CVs will do it..bas make sure that the real essense of Maaneet is not lost and this small separation only brings them closer than before where they r able to understand each other in a more better waySmile
My Episode Rating:8.5/10..My rating is strictly based on Dev-Geet confrontation scene and Geet's wonderful reply to Dev showing her strength of character ,and Ignoring all the other non-existent NASA-Torture partsLOLBig smile
Apart from the Episode I would like to say that CVs hv every right to move the story in the direction they want..but there r few things which need to be set right as we love this series and we don't want it to become another twisted saga of a girl getting sandwiched between two brothers...

So CV team,PH and channel...plss look into these 10 following things that every viewers out here wants to see...











Try out these above 10 steps ...and viewers complain will automatically stop....So get Maaneet romance back on track...thats the USP of the show don't loose it ever... Embarrassed

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spshastr IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 21 March 2011 at 9:41am | IP Logged

Geet impressed with Maans surprise and says she loves him..Embarrassed

Dev has good intentions but we dont want him between Maneet.. Dev can be forgiven but he needs to be out of Maneets life.. No Deb between Maneet.. No geometry lessons please CVSDeadCry
AA ke  beech blood waala scene..DeadAngry and eyelock.. ok I will tolerate AA  but no Dev between maneetDead
Maneet Chemistry is the USP of the show .. No Dev between them haan
Ok so MSk gets the message and will go there and meanwhile dev will hold Geets hand wah wah.. kya MU hai.. Bechara MSK..
Ok i think Geet needs to get this out of her system and I am happy she is telling Dev abt her and Maan..
THe confidence and trust she has on the relationshop is amazing.. People may say taken for granted but no its trust..
She says Maan and her dont need a third person and definitely not Dev.. Hmmmm...
I am happy about that... maybe she will forgive Dev witht he condition that he wont interfere in their lives.. dunno kal ki kal dekhenge..
Waise Maneet forever Maneet ROCK LOL

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liv2laugh IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 21 March 2011 at 9:45am | IP Logged

Maaneet are forever
Dev needs to disappear
This repentance with me my does not fly
More of this crap do not even bother to try
Geet needs to tell Dev to buzz off
Why does he have to interfere non-stop.

A rival channel cashed in on Maaneet's chemistry
Why you are not using it? To me that is still a mystery Confused Confused Confused
Maan and Geet are your biggests assets capitalize on them
Instead you seem to be stuck on OTT drama
Non-stop drama is annoying to the core
Your series is in real danger of turning into a bore

The AA nonsense has now reached a new height
All this will in the TRPs come back to you bite
Sit down and figure out how to get your groove back
I think we have cut you all enough slack
Get your act together and work on the execution
You can still get fans back to watch with the same passion

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