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*Love Psychology* maaneet ff- Updated pg. 30 8/4 (Page 12)

dc00380215 Groupbie

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Posted: 11 April 2011 at 2:31pm | IP Logged
loved it update sooooooooooooooooooooon

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richiiiii Goldie

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Posted: 11 April 2011 at 6:55pm | IP Logged
Originally posted by AliceT

No update for sooooooooo long....what's going on dear.

9th April is long gone...I'm so angry with you.Angry Here I was demanding an update on daily basis and now even after your exams have got over you are not coming back...uff!! what to do with you.

Chalo,chalo move your lazy butt LOL and bring it to the IF dear.You better give us a long update for making us wait so long and also for not updating even 2 days Angry after your exams got over.

actually my three days were compltly booked after know shopping sightseeing etc etc the usual after exams.... i will be relatively free from tomorrow hopefully (but u never know my friends they might plan sumthn else for coming three days too)
so i will get on the update from tomorrow.... though can't guarantee when will it be done with ....sometimes i have this writers block every 5 min..LOL
and i will try to compensate the wait with a long update(hopefully)...

p.s awwww now cummon don't be angry....i was just enjoying my free life <pouts>

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richiiiii Goldie

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Posted: 15 April 2011 at 8:13pm | IP Logged
updating Big smile

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richiiiii Goldie

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Posted: 15 April 2011 at 8:34pm | IP Logged
hello folks...i know i am late...sorry ALICEEmbarrassed but nevertheless, here it is .Silly and i am warning its full of mistakes as i couldn't bring myself to read it once ignore the mistakes pleaseEmbarrassed

                                                  PART 3

As we know everything about life is clashing or contradictory or paradoxical or maybe even charlatan, or atleast about my life. For example just the take the case of my parents (and I think everyone else's too) .They ask me to be independent (yes they do, I am not making it up) and then when I say I will choose my own career or my lover (or I will say in future) or my own clothes or anything in general, they tell me to cut the crap as I am not INDEPENDENT or sensible enough (Yes not sensible enough for choosing my own clothes).

Now moving on from my parents let's talk about the person in question itself, yes that would be ME, and ponder over my contradicting and coward-y nature. So when I had very haughtily and self importantly dashed from the washroom towards the psychology lab with the motive of:

a)      Showing meera that I was hurt by her lack of interest in my life and emotions

b)      Well I hate admitting it but I knew I was late, so in an attempt to salvage the situation I thought it is necessary to reach the lab before meera.

c)       I had realized that it was only few minutes from the bell to ring  making the class to come to an end, I sooo wanted to see my hunk-dude(teacher) one last time so that I could remember all his features, his beautiful eyes, sinewy arms, amazing contours etc etc and fantasize about it when I go to sleep tonight.

d)      And most importantly, I didn't wished my classmates or my hunk teacher to assume that I had been caught in the whirlwind of loose motions.(specially not this)

But to my utter dismay or realization or horror (whichever fits the best in the present situation) I DIDN'T GO IN THERE. Not that I absolutely didn't go in there, just that I couldn't summon up my courage to enter the room alone.  So I waited for meera to catch up and then together we went inside, receiving a very amused look from everyone, especially FROM THE HUNK GOD (yea I know I am using the word quite a lot but hey I can't help it if he IS a total HUNK). So now do you get what a total coward and a charlatan I am. However I ignored my minor little insult and very graciously sat down on my seat and took out my book when HE( yes the hunk-y teacher) asked me to introduce myself. Now this is the thing I hate about new teachers or a new school or a new class: the introduction part. Though I would like to thank him for not asking what took me so long in the washroom. Obviously I couldn't have said that 'hey I was busy hyperventilating over your looks' or 'I was actually having a very interesting conversation with my journal-cum-diary about my latest crush over you and your oh-damn sexy body' , certainly not very intelligent thing to say.  And even if I would come up with a lie, what would it be? That I was having a twenty minutes long pissing off session? Again not a very flattering thing to say.

 So yes I was quite happy that he didn't ask me about my rendezvous with the washroom, but not  pleasing enough as I am now standing giving my introduction while he is STILL  watching me with that bemused look as if I am the biggest wonder he has ever come across. But how do I introduce myself? i guess name hobbies and ambition would suffice.

'My name is geet handa and my hobbies are reading novels, and collecting different types of coin. My favorite subject is psychology and I aspire to become a clinical psychologist in future.' I finish hoping this would be enough of an introduction and he won't be interested in other boring details of my life like how I hate dieting yet I am dieting as I recently discovered that I am putting on weight, that I don't have a boyfriend, or that my father's job is the biggest tragedy of my life, I love eating more than anything, and I that I have recently developed a crush on you? well obviously not.


'Hello geet my name is maan and I am your new psychology teacher, as I presume you already know. And yea, if it's of any consolation then trust me, I will try not to 'ruin everything' whatever your previous teacher built for you' he said with a little smirk while I turn beetroot with embarrassment realizing he had heard my whining and ranting about him. If only I knew that HE was going to be our new teacher I swear I would kept my mouth shut before blasting about him.

'Hmm yes sir

Babaji please do something. Make him to ask me to sit down. I promise I will be prepared next time. Infact I will go home today and write a long introduction speech about myself so that I won't be making a fool of myself in future.and I swear I will never ever comment on anyone'atleast not until I see them. Please babaji.

 'Well as we don't have much time left before the class gets over, why don't you tell me more about yourself. I have already talked to rest your friends and they have told me loads of interesting things about themselves and I was wondering if you could do the same, as it would help me to understand you all a bit more closely' he says with a smile, a very irresistible sexy smile which can make any girl loose her senses, as I lost mine. But then I frown realizing I need to introduce myself better. So babaji didn't listen to me. Fine. I won't talk to him for next one hour.

 Now, what I am I suppose to say? That, 'hello my name is geet and I love sleeping, shopping, eating and lazing around. I don't have a boyfriend hahaha'you see I have some weight issues which I am trying to control by sacrificing my yummy diet. I hate matar, economics, informatics and not to forget my snob sister, whose exciting life contrasts very sharply to my boring life. I still haven't got my first kiss, actually not even a first passionate hug when other people of my age group are busy losing their virginity. I have drunk vodka thrice in my life and never managed to get drunk which was the sole motive of drinking it in first place. My friends have got these wonderful handsome boyfriends while I have got irritating Romeo as my not-so-secret admirer. I wish to top in my class despite the fact that I suck at studying and I want to earn loads of money in a jiffy so that I can go shop till I drop and buy a home of my own and live happily ever- after with my soul mate'..'. ok certainly not, so instead I say  'Umm like what '?

'Anything'.. tell me about your friends, your life and routine in general' he says shrugging.

Though I could have described all three of them in just two words that is 'it sucks', I don't want him to know what a total suck-up my life is so I instead try to give a interesting and impressing answer.

'Umm well my best friends are pinky and meera' I say pointing towards both of them and they smile back in return, not to me but to him 'and as I told you before, I love psychology so..Umm in my free time i study psychology, do my homework and revise the material taught in school'you know that sort of things. And I umm as I said I want to be a clinical psychologist, so I ummm work towards it'.like finding all the good colleges and their cut off list and then set my goals' I go on fumbling, realizing how stupid it sounds. Well there goes my plan of impressing him.

'That's good geet that you are so focused in achieving your goal, shows how hardworking you are' he says quite sincerely, so sincerely that I find it a little patronizing but it's still better than him saying 'ummm geet don't you think you are trying too hard to impress me with your silly talks about how dedicated you are? I am psychologist so you better not lie to me.'

Thank god he didn't say that, but he nonetheless continued much to my horror.


'But what I really wanted to know was how are your interpersonal relations, your family and school life' he says in a somewhat amusing sense, or maybe I am getting a bit paranoid here.

Then, soon I realize that he is asking me to enter the forbidden territory- my school and my home. Babaji'.oops sorry I forgot I am not talking to you for a umm ..god, why is he so interested in my boring life? And why can't this damn class get over, I am sure it's already more than fifty minutes and our each class is for forty-five minutes, then why isn't this getting over? Is there something wrong with the school bell? Or is babaji having fun putting me in this situation? Maybe he is thinking 'hey well I am getting bored so why don't I put geet in a embarrassing situation and enjoy a good laugh. Anyways she keeps on pestering me every two seconds with her 'babaji''.even though she has pledged she won't talk to me for a while, much to my relief. Sure, I can have fun seeing her speechless for a change and give a rest to my ears'.

'Geet, is there something wrong'? Maan (hunk sir) question brings me out of my silent musing and I grasp I haven't replied as yet.

'Nothing sir I was I was just thinking about how I should start'' and before I could complete my little cover-up lie, by babaji's grace, the bell finally rang and I heaved a sigh of relief. My belief in babaji which had wavered for a while was rock solid once again. And babaji congrats I am talking to you again now. HAHAHA poor babaji.

'Well folks the class is over so we will have to wrap up now. It was nice knowing you all and I hope we will get along well as this is your crucial and last year of schooling. I will try to make the classes as informative and fun-filled as I can and I hope you all would return the favor by being cooperative and willing' he says fluently, his eyes dancing on our faces. He then turns to me and adds 'well you couldn't the chance to tell me about yourself today but don't worry we will continue it tomorrow and then finally we will start with your course. Umm well that's it you all can advance to your next class now.' As he finishes his little speech and everyone starts leaving, while I curse my fate. Babaji's revenge I guess as he is still adamant on knowing more about me. Argghh.

 I gather my books and was about to get out of the door when he calls me again.

'Geet I think you left your umm diary' he says looking at interestingly while I once again curse myself for being so absent-minded. Since when did I become so careless about my diary? It's precious to me more than my life and today I was about to leave it behind and risk all my private, personal, stupid thoughts to be expose.

'Umm ya that's mine'thank you for telling me' I say hurriedly as I pick it up from the table and starts to leave when his question stops me again.

'So you have a habit of writing a diary' he asks sounding a bit impressed.

You see' what I couldn't do, my dear diary did, and that is making a good impression on him.

'Yes sir' I reply a little proud of myself.

'It's a very healthy habit I must say. By the way I saw you carrying it with you when you went to the washroom'I found that very'..interesting'. There is a spark of amusement in his eyes, and I feel myself redden.

'Actually I never leave it alone'you know'.it's quite personal and important to me' I hear myself stuttering. Just two minutes ago I was leaving my 'personal and important' diary behind without even realizing and now I am talking its importance and blah. Great. He must be thinking what a big liar or hypocrite or mad-girl I am.

'Oh I see. Then I presume it must be very important if you can't bear parting with even for a second' he says totally deadpan and for some outlandish reason I feel like laughing. But obviously i don't.

'Err yes sir''

'You know even I keep a diary' he says with a warm smile and I can't help marveling how contagious it looked.

'Umm same pinch' I reply lamely, recovering soon, not sure what to say.

He lets out a small laugh and asks me to leave, much to my relief.

 When I reached the classroom I realized that the news had spread like a wild fire. There was a staff meeting going on so all the teachers were busy in it while we had a free class to discuss HIM.  All the girls were huddled up near naintara's seat while she went on describing his drop dead gorgeous looks, sexy voice, dreamy eyes'etc, and the girls were busy 'oohing-aahing', some jealous of us , others even planning to take up psychology as their sixth subject.

Guys were a little miffed at having a new competition who happened to be way way ahead from their league.

I think the reason that I don't have a boyfriend is because none of the guys I know are man-enough. Now when i say 'not-a-man-enough', I am not referring their manhood (okay that was gross). I am referring to their manly qualities such as constructive competitive nature, 'maan'ly voice (I know I am being biased here but whatever),intelligent, accomplished( like him) and a well maintained physique. I mean common half of the guys in my class are shorter than me, and I have I all this height and hug theory, eye theory, kiss theory, circle theory(this one is irrelevant but still), etc etc which needs to accomplished or proven by me. This reminds me, I haven't discussed my theories with pinky as yet. Oh god'she will kill me. Okay. Do not panic. I till her today. Yes. Huff.

 'Geet did you look at his eyes. God they were sooo deep, I swear I could drown in them' says pinky in a very 'drown-y' voice and I want to shout  'yes pinky , not only did I notice them but as you would put, 'drowned' in them as well' but instead I say 'umm pinky you have boyfriend, I think you  should drown in adi's eyes'.

'Geet please don't talk like some old-fashioned tit-wits. Having a boyfriend doesn't mean that I can't admire true beauty. I am not blind in love as yet' she says as if i have offended her.

'Yea I guess' I reply moarsely. For some reason I can't bring myself to tell them what a huge crush I have developed on him. It feels way too personal and I don't know why. Thankfully meera came to my rescue.

'Guys, can we please stop talking about him so that I don't get distracted thinking about his oh-so-sexy features. Dev got really angry. And it has taken a hell lot of effort to pacify him. It's so awful  he can't handle a bit of healthy competition 'and here I was thinking about making him jealous so that he would pay more attention' meera says cribbing and then she notices pinky's sorrow-stricken face and hastily add, 'why don't we have a sleepover tonight'umm at my house'anyways we haven't done it for so long and we have so much to talk about'..and we can also discuss about HIM without making our boyfriends behave like jerks' what say?' meera's eyes are roaming on us with delight for coming up with such a brilliant idea and I can't deny it' is a brilliant idea.

 We haven't have a sleepover since ages and now when she has brought it up I can't help  but reminisce how much fun they were.  We would spend all night discussing our crushes, our imposing parents, annoying siblings,  marriage plans-how all three of us would get married at same day, same venue ( obviously not with the same person), then how we would have three weddings (again with the same person of course) - one in traditional Indian style, other in Christian style, and last one would be theme wedding'I had suggested a horror- face wedding which was instantly refused by both of them'.well I can go on but I think they are waiting for my answer.

 I can see pinky is also thrilled at idea as is giving a vigorous shake to her head implying she is ready. I too  join her by shaking my head quite vigorously, I just hope it doesn't come off

'So guys it's done.TONIGHT. SLEEPOVER. AT MY PLACE. WITH FOODS AND GOSSIP'. Be there by eight.' Meera chides in a business-y tone.

Yayaiiieee!!! A sleepover. I can't wait.


                                                               part 4

ok do try commentingLOL

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pickachu IF-Stunnerz

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Posted: 15 April 2011 at 9:06pm | IP Logged
Loveeeee the part!!!
Poor geet!!
Maan will continue his lecture after geet will tell about her family.Lol!!
Continue soonnn.
Thanxx for the pm.


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RageOfAnAngel IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 15 April 2011 at 11:10pm | IP Logged

Dancing penguin emoticon (Dancing Emoticons)   Dancing penguin emoticon (Dancing Emoticons)   Dancing penguin emoticon (Dancing Emoticons)   Dancing penguin emoticon (Dancing Emoticons)    Dancing penguin emoticon (Dancing Emoticons)  Finally you updated Party

The entire update was hilarious ROFL   ROFL   ROFL  ROFL   ROFL
I cracked up big time LOL
The convo between Geet & Maan , Geet's hilarious monologue , Meera & Pinky's frustration over their boyfriends for Maan ..... & so on 
In short the update was FANTASTIC Clap   Clap   Clap   Clap   Clap

LOVED it .
Eagerly awaiting the next part ..... 

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Bkhas Senior Member

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Posted: 15 April 2011 at 11:19pm | IP Logged
Superb update... Loved it...

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zaara2212 IF-Sizzlerz

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hmm falling for a teacher interesting Embarrassed

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