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The Assassin's Fascination(ArSh):NOTE PG52 7/11/12 (Page 43)

desikalakaar Goldie

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Posted: 27 June 2011 at 3:30pm | IP Logged
Loved the update!! :) 

Please do continue soon :) 

We missed you <333

Now I'm off to read your OS :)

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..ayaan.. Goldie

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Posted: 29 June 2011 at 8:14am | IP Logged
nice update
Continue soon

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s4mosa Senior Member

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Posted: 29 June 2011 at 1:28pm | IP Logged
@-Aliya-: Thank you!

@kajenkashkriya: Thanks! I missed all of you too! Smile

@sweet_shilpa: Thanks!

I'll be updating later tonight. Big smile

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anumeha_rajat IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 29 June 2011 at 4:02pm | IP Logged

aww...that was a cute part...

ArSh were looking sooo happy n content...

hope all goes welll...

thnx for the pm...

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s4mosa Senior Member

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Posted: 29 June 2011 at 9:31pm | IP Logged
@anumeha_rajat: Thank you! Smile

Part 11

"Yes?" Shilpa answered the door in the morning to find a man standing outside.

"Who has come this early in the day?" Shilpa's mother appeared behind her and stared at the man with questioning eyes.

"Vivek sir has sent me to remain with the bride's family for protection."

"Oh! What a kind soul!" Shilpa rolled her eyes at her mother's response. "Shilpa, how lucky you are to be his bride!"

"Yes, mother." Shilpa said with an attitude as she abruptly turned and headed back to her room to get dressed for the occasion.

"Tell me, when are we to leave for the arrival? And what is your name?" Shilpa's mother asked as she ushered him into the home.

"Abhi is my name, M'am. And your family is to arrive before the grand arrival. Therefore you all must leave the home in a matter of a few hours."

"Oh my! We must ready ourselves! Abhi, you may take a seat and do not feel bothered to ask for anything. I must go get dressed!" She ran off to her own room after receiving a nod from him.

"Muskaan, can you tie the back of this dress?" Shilpa stood in front of her mirror struggling with the strings of her dress. Muskaan arrived early to be Shilpa's help and support through the day.

"Coming." She crossed the room and stood behind Shilpa tying the strings to the dress. Afterwards she helped with Shilpa's hair; a neat bun with some of the finest flowers to adorn it. "You look amazing, Shilpa." Muskaan said with a smile as she observed Shilpa who stood in front of the mirror checking everything. Shilpa turned and looked at Muskaan with a smile.

"Only for my Armaan."


"Take your positions." Armaan commanded. "They shall be arriving soon." He stood there quietly and watched them scurry away. Once they did he took a few steps closer to the edge of the shadows he stood in. He looked out at the crowd that had formed to see the arrival. He closed his eyes and looked up at the sky. Exhaling a deep breath, his eyes opened and observed the peaceful skies. His head shot back down at the crowd when they broke out into cheers.

Armaan was about to proceed forward, thinking it was the Khannas' arrival; however he was mistaken when he saw who exited the carriage. Abhi exited first, followed by Shilpa's parents who were waving at the crowd with smiles on their faces.

"Presenting to you all, the bride of Sir Vivek." The head guard announced as Abhi forwarded his hand for Shilpa. The mere sight of her hand created chaos and merriment in the crowd. Armaan unknowingly held his breath, waiting for her to step out of the carriage. As soon as she stepped out, Armaan exhaled and felt a cold rush run through body. She looked absolutely breath-taking in the body-hugging, cream colored gown. A veil draped over her head and stopped right below her eyes. Nothing big, but just enough to add an elegant touch to the whole attire.

He watched as they were led up the steps of the town's central building. Shilpa's arm was linked with her father's as they turned around to face the crowd. Armaan saw a smile on her face that could fool anyone but him. He saw her unwillingly wave at the audience in front of her and took a few steps forward.

"He's arrived!" "Look there!" The mass of people screamed in excitement as the carriage made its way down the same path as that of Shilpa's. Flower petals began to fly in the air to welcome the father and son. Armaan stepped out from the shadows and began to make his way through the large groups of the townspeople cheering. He immediately turned heads due to his hooded attire. A guard from above noticed him and aimed his rifle at him. Armaan knew there would be guards on the rooftops as well, but he continued to walk. One of Armaan's men quickly took care of the guard up top, along with all the other guards up top as well. Allowing Armaan to continue through the crowd without any interference.

As he approached the guards that created the barrier between the crowd and the royal subjects Armaan slowed his pace slightly. The gasps from the crowd quickly made their way to the few guards nearby. They immediately turned around and rushed toward him.

"You may not pass'Ahh!" He screamed in agony as an arrow broke through his armor and went through his chest. Another guard approached with ready to swing his sword but was stopped in his tracks as an arrow flew into the side of his neck. Armaan quickly walked past the royal subjects. Two guards who happened to be standing in front of him turned around to see what was happening but Armaan pulled out two daggers hidden within his sleeves and stabbed them both.

A guard following behind the carriage noticed the commotion and turned to capture Armaan but Armaan both of the daggers at him; both stabbing him right in the chest. At once the nearby guards on foot surrounded Armaan, making him have to stop from going any further. Armaan lifted his gaze and turned a full 360 degrees looking at the guards. He looked ahead at the carriage door opening and a smirk emerged on his lips when he saw Vivek step out snickering.

"Armaan! How brave of you to stand alone against my men!" He spread his arms gesturing to the numerous guards that stood by his side, on foot and on horseback. Armaan shook his head at him and gave a light chuckle. "However it is also quite foolish, assassin." He hissed, giving an evil smile as he watched Armaan who turned his head toward the top of the steps where Shilpa stood. He saw her take a few steps forward when he looked at her but her father held her back. Abhi at once walked out in front of them all and nodded at Armaan. Without sacrificing anymore time, Armaan looked up to the top of the building and gave a quick nod before looking back at Vivek. The guards surrounding him dropped to the ground, one by one by the arrows that his men shot from above. Vivek stood shocked at the occurrence and at once ordered the guards on the horses to attack.

"Go! Attack!" Vivek shouted and watched them gallop the horses forward with their swords pulled out. Armaan swiftly grabbed one of the swords on the ground and slashed across his neck followed by the same movement to the other guard on horseback who slumped off the horse in a matter of seconds.

Vivek gave two sarcastic claps, "You have trained well. However, it will not be enough for my best men! Send my guards!" He called for them. They quickly assembled in two rows behind him. "It seems you still stand alone. No matter, your death shall be quick." Vivek pulled out his own sword and ran his finger across the blade as he smirked at Armaan.

"That won't be the case, Vivek." Armaan spoke. His hooded men casually strolled to his side with their own weapons, challenging the guards in front of them.

Shilpa walked to Abhi's side with worry in her heart and eyes. "Oh no." She let out a faint whisper as she saw them pull out their weapons.

"M'am, I advise you to stay back." Abhi outstretched his arm in front of her preventing her from stepping closer. She watched Armaan and his men slowly step forward before breaking out into a run towards Vivek. Shilpa held her breath as she watched them swing their swords and other weapons at each other. She knew that fighting would be part of the whole plan, but she didn't expect it to be so gruesome.

"What is this!" Her father exclaimed and stepped forward filled with rage. "Why is all of this happening?!"

"Shilpa, my sweet. Please stand back here." Her mother tugged at her arm and forcefully pulled Shilpa to where she was standing.

"Sir, please stand back."

"To hell with that! I demand to know what is happening!" He pushed Abhi aside and walked down the steps to meet with Vivek's father who stood at the carriage's side. "Sir, what is-" He was cut short by a raised hand.

"Let them fight." His eyes remained on the battling men. "I, myself, do not know what is happening. But let it happen. They are clearly outnumbered by my son and his guards. It will be over soon."

"But what if something is to happen to Vivek?! What about the wedding later?" He exclaimed.

"He may earn a few scars, but he shall be fine. Now quiet down." His harsh tone shocked Shilpa's father. Instead of arguing back he turned his head and watched the fighting.

The crowd watched eagerly awaiting the outcome of the fight. Every cut, sever or even a missed attack caused them to gasp. Armaan's men continued to take down the guards one by one. They were outnumbered; however they were much more skilled in fighting compared to their opponents. In a matter of moments they had evened the playing field. In some time after that, the only men standing were Armaan, his men and Vivek.

"Armaan, let us help."

"No," Armaan declined as he backed a few steps away from Vivek. "This is my battle, I will fight alone."

"But, sir-!"

"I SAY NO!" He turned his head toward them and shouted.

"ARMAAN!" Shilpa shrieked and began to run forward but was withheld by Abhi. Armaan quickly turned to her and then back around to find Vivek rushing toward him with his sword ready to kill. Armaan managed to move aside but wasn't able to avoid the hit. The blade sliced through the robe's sleeve and his upper arm. "Release me!" Shilpa argued with Abhi, trying to get out of his hold. "Armaan!" Her yelling persisted.

"Shilpa! Quiet! How dare you call for that scoundrel! Vivek is your future husband!" Her father marched up the steps and stood in front of her.

"NO! I have quietly taken your orders, but I will not listen today! I do not wish to marry Vivek! He's the blood scoundrel, not my Armaan!" She spat back at her father with tears running down her face.

"SHILPA!" He raised a hand to slap her but Abhi held it in its place.

"Sir, I advise you not to do such a thing."

"Who are you to say what I can and cannot do to my daughter!" He pulled his hand out of his grip and grasped Shilpa's arm tightly. "You will shut your mouth and not speak a word more!" He sternly told her as she writhed to free herself from him.

"I will speak! I wish to be Armaan's bride! Not that filthy rat named Vivek!" She harshly yanked her arm away, part of her sleeve ripping in the process. "You are the worst father anyone can have! How can you not wish for your daughter's happiness? My happiness is with Armaan! I do not care if that pleases you and mother or not!" Seeing the anger boil in his eyes, Abhi took the initiative to stand in front of Shilpa and whatever blows he wished to throw from him; after all he was there for Shilpa's protection, more so than her parents'.

"Do you really believe that you will defeat me?" Vivek snarled as he took another series of swings at Armaan.

"I do not believe in that," Armaan said as he dodged the swings. Armaan held his sword up at the last swing and resisted the force being placed on him. "I know that you will be defeated." Armaan smirked and pushed himself away from Vivek, unharmed from his attacks. His answer only infuriated Vivek more; he rushed forward once again not wanting Armaan to have even the slightest bit of a break from the fight. The swords continued to clink as they hit each other.

"Vivek! If you're a Khanna you will defeat him!" His father pressured him.

"Yes, father!"

Armaan took a stab at Vivek, but he moved aside just in time. He knocked the sword from Armaan's hand and took advantage of the shocked position he was in. He knocked Armaan down and held the tip of the blade at Armaan's chin and scoffed a laugh. "Not so great now, are you Armaan?" He placed his foot onto Armaan's chest. "You see Shilpa," Armaan turned to look up the steps at his lady love; who had tears pouring down her cheeks. "You'll be marrying a real man, not this weak piece of filth." He turned his head towards her and only received a glare from her side. In one swift movement, Armaan hit the sword away not caring for the fresh cut it produced on his forearm and kicked Vivek away from himself. Too surprised to do anything, Vivek took blow after blow, not lifting his sword once in defense.

"Vivek! Defend yourself!" His father screamed at him from afar. Before Vivek could counter Armaan's attacks he was knocked down to the ground. Keeping his eyes on Vivek he signaled for a sword from one of his men. Vivek crawled backwards on the ground.

"Not so confident now, are you?" Armaan sarcastically asked as he grabbed the sword and spun it around in his hand.

"You won't do anything..." Vivek scoffed at him.

"I won't?" Armaan asked back before swiftly moving the sword towards his neck. Vivek's eyes widened as he saw the sword coming down on him but Armaan stopped the sword just inches from his skin. He heard the crowd's sharp intake of breath.

"Get up Vivek! Prove you are a Khanna!" He started to get up but Armaan kicked him down once again.

"Before I only disliked your rule over our town because of how corrupt you and your family are. But you have completely destroyed what was my family. And for that you must pay!" He slowly slid the blade against his cheek, creating a straight, clean cut.

"Father!" Vivek called as he turned his head.

"You are a Khanna. Do it yourself or die." He crossed his hands across his chest and glared at him.

"Sir! What about my daughter? What will become of her?"

"Father! I have already said that I will not marry him!" Shilpa screamed. She turned to face in the direction of Armaan. "Finish him Armaan!"

"Anything for you my love." He whispered before lifting the sword and stabbing it right into Vivek's chest. The crowd burst into murmurs and gasps as his screams filled the tense air. Armaan pulled out the sword and strolled toward Vivek's father, who began to move back. Armaan's partners followed from behind. "What's wrong Khanna?"

"Back I say! You will regret what you have done!" He said with hesitation in his voice.

"I do not regret a thing. Vivek has caused me much pain. He deserved what he received." Armaan responded proudly. "However you are an elder so I shall give you two choices."

"And what are those?"

"Back down from your ruling position," Armaan started.

"Well, that will not happen." He snorted, slightly amused.

"Let me finish, Khanna. Back down from your position or..." He took a step forward holding his sword up to him. "...suffer the same fate as your dear son over there." Armaan smirked as he pulled the sword away.

"The choice is yours."


I tried my best to make the fight as clear as possible. I'm sorry if its hard to understand!

**PMs have all been sent, some of you still need to clear out your inbox though. So sorry if you didn't get one! If you know you aren't on the PM list and want PMs, let me know. Smile**

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lil_desi_goddes IF-Rockerz

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Fantastic update! :)

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ksg_ritika Goldie

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awesum update ... loved it ... thanx 4 d pm ...


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KaShforever06 IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 29 June 2011 at 11:12pm | IP Logged
Awesome update...
The fight was super good...
I hope Armaan and Shilpa gets together soon...
Thanks for the PM...
Countinue soon...

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