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@SOCHA NA THA@ MG ff-ch 14, pg 54, 16th may (Page 16)

MysticalRealm IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 25 March 2011 at 9:08pm | IP Logged
Hey sam!!

Chill yaar!! I noe yo imma in ninth and its hard so u take ur time and start a Maan POV after both fics!!

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preethia IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 25 March 2011 at 11:10pm | IP Logged
hey if it is difficult for u to do the both @ same time then i am ok with geet part 1st & later with maan..........
samaira39 Senior Member

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Posted: 28 March 2011 at 11:07am | IP Logged

hey evryoneSmile....ok i have PMed everyone coz i am tired and my mind is not working. well i have decide, i'll write MAAN's POV once i am done with geet's. i dont want to mix up things and screw up the story. if anybody has queries abt this, plz PM me. now enjoy the update

plz ignore the mistakes and errors!!!

ratna dear thanks for the pics, i have not yet found the time to update in my post but i will you!!!

this part is dedicated to RATNA AND SANYA!!!!!

Chapter 4:


When I got up, the clock was running 8am. Damn! My routine went to drain. For the first time in my life I had missed my small trip to the central park and that enough was for a frustrated day ahead. Something told me that this was going to be a long bad day!!! I sighed gritting my teeth as the anxiety inside me was taking it's toll on my mind not letting me to think clearly!!! "screw it", I murmured to myself. I got out of the bed, pushing my disturbing thoughts aside to some corner my head not wanting to be late to office. It unusually cold today, the first signs of winter had already begun. After a good hot shower, I chose some warm clothes to adore my not so perfect body. I went down to the dining table. My breakfast waiting. Well it was nothing special, it was the usual "cereal". I took my place. Mom looked at me suspiciously! I wondered why??????  "what is it mom?', I asked irritated. "well I was just wondering why you missed ur jog today?", she said serving sandwiches to jia. "I don't know", it wasn't an answer but I dint want to dwell  too much into that matter. I thanked my stars since mom dint prolong the subject. May be she understood I would be mad at her if she did. Daadi seemed rather silent today. Probably my words last night was still ringing in her ears. That reminds me, she dint even sing today!!! Wow, that's a good improvement. I eyed daadi naughtily. Mom smacked on my head understanding my gesture. "owww, mom that hurt", "concentrate on ur breakfast geet, you'll be late otherwise!". I sighed making a face and finished my cereals in a jiffy. "I'm done, I'll take my leave now, see you later", I said to all at the table, including daadi. Oh well she dint heed to my words though. She was deeply immersed in her own world like my aunts. "troublesome, three some", I muttered under my breathe and left the home.


To my surprise, pari was up and ready already!!! Ok, thats a miracle. I looked at the sky trying to find some grey clouds. She poked me, "what are you doing geet?'. "umm, well I was wondering if it's gonna rain today". "rain?? In winter??? Are you mad?", she asked still not understanding my sarcasm. "no but since you are up and ready so soon, I was thinking that it would definitely rain today!!!". that was it, I fueled her anger and she smacked on my head really hard. This time I was seriously hurt, "owwwwww, stop it! You dint have to do that. You hurt me!!!', I yelled at her. "enough geet, shall we move? It'll be late', she dint seem to be worried at my state at all. I walked with her rubbing my head where it hurt!!! We reached our office. "we have an important meeting today at 11, don't forget", she told me, actually she warned me. I nodded like a child and moved towards my cabin. It was unusually good today, totally opposite to what I had thought in the morning. I wondered what GOD had in store for me today, after all when it came to trouble and pain, I was his favorite candidate! I dropped the thought and concentrated on my work.


It was 10.50am when the strange sensation started bothering me again. I don't know what had gotten into me at that very moment. I felt a sudden urge to get up and run towards the elevator. I tried fighting the sensation but my will power seemed to be fading away. I got up from my seat and ran like a horse towards the door and towards the elevator. It was perfect timing when the elevator door opened and to my dismay, my speed was so overboard that I almost dashed into the elevator. I dashed into someone and was about to trip and fall on the ground when 2 strong arms caught hold of my waist. Everything happened so fast that I couldn't register a thing that happened. I saw that the elevator door closed behind us. I was anxious and scared. What was happening??? I blinked numerous times before I looked at the person holding me in his arms. It was DEV!!! It took me few seconds to register that it was indeed him. He made me stand on my feet with a sweet smile on his face. Oh how I loved his smile!!! Wait a minute, what was I thinking??? When did I started liking his smile. "geet, shut up!!! Will you? You always liked his smile!!! Why are you acting so weird today???", I scolded myself. It was true, I liked his smile. It had nothing to do with he being handsome. It was just that his smile gave me satisfaction. I flinched when dev snapped his fingers, "where are you lost?". "what are you doing here dev?", I eyed him with suspicion evident in my tone. "hold on, don't get any ideas, I was just passing by your building so thought I could drop by, that's all", he said as a matter of fact. "oh", was all that I could utter. We went to my cabin and chatted for like 2 mins and then he left. He had dropped by just to say "hi" to me. I dint understand his actions at all. It was 11 and I rushed to the conference room. Pari stopped me midway, "I have an urgency, you gotta seal this deal alone geet. Please be patient. Ok?". "yeah ok", now what was that??? I had to do it alone??? This was horrible coz I always ended up ruining things. I dint know why I said yes to pari. I closed my eyes and breathed heavily to calm myself and then I entered the conference room. There was only one man, standing with his back facing me. He was keenly observing the streets below from the window.


My anxiety was increasing every second and I tried to suppress it the very next moment. I heart was beating like crazy. What the hell was happening to me??? I was finding it difficult to breathe. Something was seriously wrong with me. I was feeling dizzy, I took the support of the chair near me and I jerked it. Everything was blurring around me and I was falling. It was then that  me in total reflex and caught hold me. I couldn't see his face as I was suffocating. I needed air. He seemed to have understood the urgency of the situation. He took me in his hands, sat down, he came closer and kissed me. my lips burned under his soft lips. He was trying to breathe in air to me. His touch, his lips on mine, they were ruining me. I could hardly concentrate. His lips were moving on mine, deeply. He was careful not hurt me. Then I coughed real hard and suddenly I could breathe. He let go of my lips and soothed my head gently. He made me drink water and made me sit on a chair. "are you alright???", he whispered trying not to scare me. I was not an asthma patient but I dint understand what caused my helplessness. He was kneeling infront of me, waiting for me to calm down. It took me 10mins to calm down. It then struck me, this stranger infront of me had KISSED me. How dare he??? Anger rised to my eyes, as they turned red. I looked at him with sheer dislike. I gritted my teeth real hard, my hands turned into fists. I got up from my chair and moved back in disbelief. He got up, confused. "how dare you?", I asked him. "excuse me???", he asked trying to understand what I meant. "how dare you kiss me???", now it dawned on him. He nodded his head, "I am sorry but I saved you. I was not kissing you. It was CRP". "you jerk!!!", I was yelling at him nonstop. I cursed him like a dog and all he did was stare at me with a smile. " who do you think you are??", I asked him and he replied "I am exactly the person who you think I am!!!" with a broad ,flashy and ever so gentle smile. I hated him!!!


I stared at him with utter frustration. His smile made my anger increase every moment. I was feeling that my head will blast any moment. He came forward and stood infront of me with his hands extended, "I presume, you are Miss GEET HANDA". How did he know my name and what was he doing here? It was then I remembered that I had a meeting with this stranger. In a hurry, pari had forgotten to tell me anything about the meeting and it was obvious I was blank. What is happening with me??? " yes, I am", I whispered. I wonder if he heard it. "please to meet you miss Handa, I am MAAN SINGH KHURANA", he took my hand in his and shaked it. He seemed to be enjoying my plight. Somehow I felt, I have heard his surname but where??? My mind was too numb to think. I just stood there frozen. His every touch was making my senses go void. How can a man be so gentle and careful yet send shock waves through one's body??? I gaping at him open mouthed and blinking. Words seemed to be caught midway in my throat. His eyes had that sparkle in them to hypnotize everyone. GOD, he was handsome as hell. He pulled out from the hand shake. It was then I realized what I was doing. Embarrassed I looked away. I think he understood my uneasiness and he changed the topic. "shall we continue with our meeting?", he asked sweetly. Wait a minute, my mind snapped open. What was I thinking a few moments ago??? I hate this guy, to the core. It's strictly business. Screw pari for fixing me with this jerk. I wanted to kill him but pari had informed that this meeting was important, so I calmed myself somehow and nodded to him. JERK!!!!!


Precap: "you??? This cant be happening".

link to next chapter

so how was it??? like and comment if it was worth it,....thanksSmile!!!

if u want me to PM you plz add me as ur buddy OR PM me, thanksSmile



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awesome update di
loved it loadz
cant wait 4 da next part
con soon
thanks 4 da pm

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maansi007 Goldie

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Posted: 28 March 2011 at 11:29am | IP Logged
nice part nd yaayyyyy maan intro nd entry atlast

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7thHeaven IF-Dazzler

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cont soon

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-afsha- IF-Sizzlerz

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Nice update
Geet is one bonkers for sure
The way she was behaving
Im paka feeling she will be embrassing herself more

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