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GHSP- Does the audience's opinion matter? (Page 7)

Geekgod IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 20 March 2011 at 10:11am | IP Logged
Well, what can I say about the Ridiculous Rectangle. Their existence in the show is not even giving the comic relief that you'd expect from a cast as ridiculous looking as them...and thats a big bummerOuchOuch 

I wish they would indulge in some comedy
For their existence that's the only remedy

There was some talk of Arjun's vengeance
It turned out to be sheer nonsense

Right now they are giving a geometry lesson
Leaving me befuddled beyond reason

Please, someone explain their existence
Defying the viewers resistance

Yup, at least give them some humor
Seeing them romance is causing a furor

I will keep my trap shut about the other stuffLOL There are folks wiser than me and they  know a lot more about it.LOL

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Janakivallav IF-Addictz

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Posted: 20 March 2011 at 10:13am | IP Logged
@ -pixie- very much needed post.
thanks for point out those imp things.
thanks for those contact no.

as per the new track, I don't know exactly what to say. but I guess new writers , cvs r don't aware of the main essence of the show, the real character of Geet, maan or Dev.
they (writers , cvs) don't know what dev done with geet in past.
ok we know geet is dpressed mood and know the reason and understand her sadness.  but I just don't understand when she not react well with maan then  how could  anything done by dev , acceptable by geet with smiling face.
this is the geet who came to delhi to punish dev.
this is the geet who fought with her family against their wrong
this is the geet who mu maan and dadi's conversation on dev
this is the geet who want's justice .
this is the geet who always stand for truth

but right now I don't know this new geet .
Geet who always stood for right and fight against wrong 

ok let me think geet is depressed but y the need of reacting on dev with smiling face.
she went with dev cause maan is not there, neither, cars, nor dadi ma but she can hired taxi but y the need of taking help from dev.

in precap she is smiling(ok me still thinks it's misleading precap like before ) and taking name of dev  in front of maan like ntohing happen in past.
like cvs and writers forgot their onw show the change of cvs and writers causing the problem.
I don't want to trust any article or sbb or sbs  but some how my mind is still creating a problme after read and heard those things like geet will support dev or take his side or fight with maan or leave the Km for this.
it's highly undigestable.

today I seen those pics in FB feel like AngryDead
I don't know what to say.
 any reason ,if dev want to help maaneet or wahtever but how dare he touch geet.  still I'll prefer to judge after the scene , may be geet slapped him there and show him the path.
I want geet will tell dev not to intarefere between maan and her life.
 maaneet r more than capable to handle the problem.
 After MC maaneet need each other more to heal each other wounds.
 they don't need dev or any other helps.

this show is  for geet's struggle and wants justice and intense love story between maaneet.
with out this I don't know anything left for the show.
yes I also think justice may be not coming now but that doesn't mean dev will stay happily.
it's maaneet who struggle more than culprit.

if my mind will set in peace then I'll defo add more points.

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hegdemedha IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 20 March 2011 at 10:18am | IP Logged
GHSP creatives, rest assured, we do not begrudge you your creative licence,
But draw a line you must at showing, for sexual exploitation, tolerance or silence.

Be it the female protagonist or antagonist or even the non-existent sister,
Do not portray them as those who let violence against women pass muster.

In days gone, 'twas often truly said, "The pen is mightier than the sword."
Many a strong tale was penned about a woman who against her oppressor roared.

You showed us a glimpses of such a woman who would, to her rights, proudly lay claim,
Who, after her tolerance threshold was breached, against prevalent mores did war proclaim.

Remember the television provides a medium mightier than the famed pen of yore,
To challenge prevailing societal attitudes, make appropriate use of it, we implore.

Would you now, once again, towards gender violence show your abhorrence?
Would you, once again, against all forms of gender violence break your silence?


PS: A quick hello and bye to all.

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mysterygurl1427 IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 20 March 2011 at 10:30am | IP Logged
Originally posted by 49erFan

Here is my say so in all this!  Maybe Im biased, but this is the way I feel.  we always tend to react instantly.  As soon as we see something we form opinions, yes our own.  why is that so, well its just human nature...stir the pot!!!

On the precap,  Maan is upset that Geet credited Dev for bringing smile back to her face.  Maan's instant reaction walk away from the situation.  Isnt he always like this, when it comes to handling domestic issues he doesn't know how.  He goes to dadi to ask if his dad was like he is now.  He doesnt even know himself how he reacts na.  In the past we've seen Geet manao him when he's upset and im sure the same will happen here. 

On the pictures, well I think Dev is just trying to stop her from leaving home.  She prepared this nice romantic evening and Maan has left for the jungle to cool down.  Well if ur husband cant see the fact that u love him so much and cant talk and decides to leave what's the point of staying.  I know two wrongs dont make one right, but she thinks MSK doesn't trust her so whats the point. 

Again all this is to build the hype and when GC returns I guess he's out he will get Geet back and things will be fine. 

I truly believe Dev has good intentions now, but Msk might ignite his butt later.

I can say the same about Geet as well. How can she even utter the name Dev and say the reason why she is smilin is because of the man that ruined her life? How do you expect any husband to react? Oh my wife was raped by my brother and was pregnant with his child.......and now today she is smiling and happy because of him, yey lets have a party.Ouch
Yes, Maan walks away from geet so that he doesn't say anything that would hurt her. U see him leaving to talk to dadi, but did u forget that everytime geet pisses him off, he always tells her to chill a bit, or else he will say things he does not mean in anger and she won't like it?
(your prediction from the pics)
So what if he left for the jungle to cool off? The first rule in a marriage is that if you are angry, leave the house and cool down for a while so that when you come back you can at least think straight.
Nothing wrong in coolin down.
Also when geet ran away from the engagement that night, should she had not talked with Maan before doin that? I mean, had realized after that she should have not run away but the damage was still done no?
here before any damage can be done, Maan will leave to cool off of ur prediction without sayin anything that would pierce geet no?
Also, if you are sayin that Maan doesn't see Geet's love, then here we can also say that Geet cannot see the love and pain he is in because of the loss of their baby. She doesn't see how much Maan loves her as well, that whatever he does is only for her. She knows how maan is; this is not the first time that Maan has been silent; she should know that her husband pines in the inside, he never tells her his inner feelings...and he himself has told her one night before they went to manali....that he never tells anyone his it shows his shouldn't geet feel that she should too talk to Maan? Perhaps ask him what is wrong, going on in his head....and initiate him to talk what is going on in his heart. Has she ever asked him, how is he doing, is he okay......
Maan has always allowed geet to say what was in her heart....and this was shown many times....back to hp......RTM night.....first confession night....durin their wedding.....she was always given the chance to tell what was in her heart and he listened to her....
but right now, geet is drowned sooo much, that she won't listen to him, but will have a reason to smile due to dev?
Also, why would maan talk to her and make her feel more stressed? He doesn't want to say anything that might put her further into depression!
Also Geet herself said that she has nothing to look forward to in life now that her baby is how can u say that maan cannot see the love in geet's eyes? Didn't dadi too give her advice like how she talks to maan?
We cannot forget that he fought his family, media, people in his business because of the Dev issue. Now that same Geet is allowing Dev to interfere in their lives as well.
everytime maan has told dev straight forwardly that stay out of his and geet's life......he hasn't allowed dev to enter their life.....but sadly geet is makin way for him to enter; not once has she told him to keep in limits....nothing she is allowin him to create problems for her.
So this issue can roll both ways Geets......if geet can feel this maan too can feel this....
Sorry if i said anything offensive.......
but here we are here to just tell the Cv's that whatever it is, Dev and Geet should not be shown in this is disgusting.....and we know they may not be going this way.....but just in case if they are plannin to....we can let them know, that it won't work.

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polly23 IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 20 March 2011 at 10:45am | IP Logged

Shards Thank you voicing out the audiences opinion.  They are the CVS who created the GHSP so they knows better what to do, but we audience do have some important logical opinion that should be considered.

Jyo I liked ur crisp 10 points CVS needs to consider.  

Jhan great  analysis 

A big no no for Dev, Maan and Geet triangle .  One thing is that Geet did not forgive Dev yet and should not do that either in future. That will kill the character of Geet we all feel proud of.   One thing until now Geet was ignoring Dev's presence, he is indifference to Geet which is far more worse than hate. Because  hate is also an emotion and for Dev Geet does hold hatred anymore.  So CVS keep that in mind .  

GHSP seemed like any other typical show the day Anwesha Khurana was introduced  out of blue.   And then Arjun who was suppose to take revenge behalf of his sister is just being playing event event which does not have head and tail.  Arjun take revenge of Khurana via Annie very cheap way. When he revealed his revenge intention to Annie the Despo girl is still going behind him and playing u love me  u love me not.  Till date I have never seen thier scene more than 2 sec and that too when  Fast forwarding the scene and i m sure everyone is doing the same. So CVS what is ur success when average 7-8 minutes of the show is not being watched by anyone.     Moreover instead of ending their non-existence u  keep introducing one character after another. 

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liv2laugh IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 20 March 2011 at 10:46am | IP Logged
OK everyone take a deep breath and remember one thing - NO GEET BASHING PLEASE. Big smile

This is exactly what we are trying to prevent and Geet bashing solves nothing.

So let us try to offer constructive feedback so that they can get the story back on track.

This may be the buildup for a Dev-Geet track (excuse me while I go puke Dead) who knows what these people are thinking Dead.........we need to stay on target and let them know we do not want Dev interfering in Maaneet's life........Geet needs to put him in his place Big smile

We need to shout from the rooftops and send mails and make phone calls until they hear the message loud and clear




Please do not get distracted and please stay on message. GHSP needs all of you. Remember UNITED WE STAND DIVIDED WE FALL. We must all yell in one voice and yell loudly so that they hear us.

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sun29 IF-Addictz

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Posted: 20 March 2011 at 10:46am | IP Logged
 girls ...beg of you no maan vs not drift from hte problem here..............we need maaneet back ............i pray plzz stick to the discussion
will post my thoughts tomorrow

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ARMaanEet IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 20 March 2011 at 10:46am | IP Logged
couldn't agree with you more, will defo email them.

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