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GHSP- Does the audience's opinion matter? (Page 5)

lemongrass Senior Member

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Posted: 20 March 2011 at 9:00am | IP Logged
thank u for starting this topicSmile
 i never really worried about the various tracks and plots all these months...coz i thought come what may..geet getting justice and maaneet's love story continuing to grow..was a given..but  the past few irking and alarming me to quite an extent...maybe all CVs are trying to do is revamp maaneet romance..but the means used to reach that is downright revolting..
some pointers....
-what happened to the case filed against dev??last we know..he was out on bail...even geet seems to have forgotten abt it..
-dev might be repentent..but that does not make him less of a culprit..he remains the cheating rapist..when is he going to be punished??NT is in coma...maybe thats her punishment..what about dev??he's a bigger criminal..
-geet once accused maan of siding dev.leading to a huge showdown btwn them..whats happening now..?
-geet shown indifferent to dev due to various circumstances was acceptable to an extent...she now lets her rapist drive her to some function..does not hesitate in mentioning his name with a though nothing happened...feel bad for maan...he's fighting for geet not knowing it doesnt matter to her anymore..
-dadi has forgiven dev..afterall its a mistake from his part .right CVs?and he gets the license to float around the house..casually walk into have his food..
-since when did dev become an expert on husband-wife dynamics??from his colorful life must be...
-what right does dev have to butt into maaneet relationship..other than the one the confused dadi has bestowed on him??
-and it takes a criminal called dev to try make amends btwn maaneet..?
-maaneet relationship is almost divine..yet very real.its ok to show them bickering...but not always..where's the passion.the romance..??the fun??they are married afterall..
-dev may soften towards geet...but geet doing the downright revolting and totally wrong...
what i want to see-
-geet giving a royal thrashing to dev..when he tries to play cupid btwn maaneet...and tell him to stay away from their lives...
-maan and geet resolving their differences soon..and let the love and passion and understanding and romance and the magic flow..
-maan is itching to punch dev..let him do it soon..plz...
-maan and geet together resolving their issues...hoping this is the last MU to come their way..they can fight...and make up..not let others try to do it for them
-geet realising that maan is grieving for the baby as much as her...and telling him she understands..
-dev shuld be kicked out of KM and KC....
-dev repenting or not..has to be punished...he's a criminal..
-anne and arjun and co..nthing to say abt them...if u cant do away with them..atleast cut down their screentime..
lastly..CVs......the crux of the show lies an imp social msg...its ur responsibilty to show it right..good winning over evil...and the powerful true love of maan and geet ..anything swaying away from this..will kill the show..literallySmile

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mnbv1Hate_youchipGeekgodserialwatcher16-pixie-SoapoperasrfunRageOfAnAngelFallen Angelmysterygurl1427Serendipity..

Fallen Angel IF-Sizzlerz
Fallen Angel
Fallen Angel

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Posted: 20 March 2011 at 9:05am | IP Logged
Thanx for this post...we seriously do need to do something now to save our show otherwise it'll be ruined beyond repair...

Thanx soo much for the contact details...!!

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priyaoct Groupbie

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Posted: 20 March 2011 at 9:09am | IP Logged
@excellent post pixieClap Clap Clap. i myself shocked to see pics , i dont understand what writers are upto??? if they are heading towards dev geet  or any kind of triangle then they are doing grave mistake. 

i have no issue for dev track, instead i want him to be negative. but dev geet triangle is a big no

as far as AA track is concerned i have yelling for last three months now its the limit cant take it more.

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Arwenish IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 20 March 2011 at 9:11am | IP Logged
I cant here explain in words how much i love your post......... You have said all that is in my head from last few days more appropriately than i could have said.........
recently what they has shown in Geet is beyond me to comprehend.......
The reason should be big enough for Geet to get immune to the presence of Demon Dev........ She could have called Adi and asked him to send office driver to home as she wanted to go out..... if drivers are not available at home....... she counld have hired a taxi....... But just because Demon Dev insisted she agreed to it........ me not able to comprehend this...... the situation reason has to be strong......... Earlier the Blood Group fiasco gave the entry ticket to Dev to enter KM and now KC...... and now Demon Dev trying to be a Santa and making efforts to bring Geet and Maan close by becoming Mahan in Geet eyes....... Creative ka brain gya Ghass kahny...... Atleast they should give solid and strong reason which do not have any loop for the doubt....... and as far as precap is considered..... i have closed my eyes and ears till the time episode is telecasted fully...... but i did not like it and it did confuse me.............ConfusedErmm
Also one thing that i m not able to understand is Geet's sudden changed approch towards Demon Dev........ She is wrapped in her depression that she is not feeling anything around her....... fine....... this happen when a person is in pshychological stress they fail to see beyond their feeling........ But what i m unable to comprehend here is that depression and pain through which Geet is going has even blinded her from the events of her past...... She seemingly has forgotten what Dev did to her........ 
Opti quoted in her indifference forgivness and forgetting post stupid never forigives or forget, navie forgives and forgets, but wise forgive and do not forget....  Geet is not that Naive....... She is inocent not foolish...... Their is a child in her but she is a women although she grow up befor time............
How can creatives forget the pain and hell through which Geet went in Hoshirpur............ How Demon Dev trapped her........ out of his lust slept with...... ditched her helplessly on airport....... afterwards she went through hell........ Does that pain from which she went hold any importance......... I agree she has now moved on in life....... Demon Dev is indifferent to her........... He does not exsists for her....... But when he insisited she agreed to his suggestion......... How??????? the reason has to be strong enough........ How can one's pain blind them from the events of past.........
Creatives has to show drama........ and running drama 6 days a week is not joke......... They need to show a story...... but not the pathetic twists like that....... Alone in this forum member write so many beautiful ideas and stories...... Why creatives cannot think like them....... Why they dish out crap like this..........

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mysterygurl1427 IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 20 March 2011 at 9:12am | IP Logged
Aaj to starone wale bach gaye....Holi haina.....kal unki khair nahin

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Hate_you-pixie-Fallen Angel

-honeydew- IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 20 March 2011 at 9:12am | IP Logged
hey ya !
i agree with the absurdities bit, i have stopped reacting to it for the simple reason that its a waste of my time and energies..
the crowd for which the makers seem to be making the show are only content with candyfloss stuff.. and the makers have grown complaisant...
i am totally for all that you said on a personal level, but have stopped expecting that out of a show.. since i realised, its not me they are targeting... cos had it been, i would have loved Maan teaching Geet, encouraging her to perhaps study, take up a career of her choice, Dev would be behind the bars and if he had to come out he would with a valid reason and then seek repentance...
As for Arjun and Annie, i dont know why they are stuck at a point where they were a month ago! They could use the complexity in Arjuns character to explain why he loves her and cant be with her at this moment atleast, rather than showing him to have sexually exploited her.. at the end of the day, its the treatment that matters.. not once have they shown his helplessness or his side of emotions.. he could be masking it, but we need to know he is doing it.. not once have they shown him with his sister after a few episodes, they need not necessarily show NT, they can cheat her close and show Arjun talking to her, or him thinking to himself at home, they could show is dilemma, as to how and why he cant be with a girl he was so drawn to in the first place, i totally enjoyed how they got together during the Maaneet wedding phase where Arjun didnt realise why he was getting sucked into all this .. it was real ..
lastly, as to why they are getting so much screen time, i can only support the makers and say, it is a production friendly decision, and what they are showing is the best they can do, if they need a bank, as well as air the show 6 times a week, i think we should support them in this .. whenever they can they have managed to give us more maaneet... like the MC time.. there was a whole episode only on Maan and Geet ..

Originally posted by -pixie-

Hey honeydew,

I totally understand and respect their creative license. That is one of the reasons I have never spoken up before- whatever be the issue.

But the inconsiderate and frivolous way in which the channel/PH is showing sexual exploitation and to an extent even propagating it- does offend my sensibilities as a woman. I am raising my voice against that. Abuse is a reality for millions of women and TV is a powerful medium- Lets not make light of serious issues

I have no issue with their plots- I have stuck to the show for almost a year now and watched what they have shown. Today I feel that the plot is reaching absurd levels and needs course correction.

The idea is not to attack but to give feedback as a woman- that such trivialization of serious issues is not acceptable to me!

Thank you for stopping by and sharing your thoughts.

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Infinitedreams IF-Stunnerz

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Posted: 20 March 2011 at 9:26am | IP Logged
Originally posted by -honeydew-

i personally feel we should let all this be, not cos any of what is being shown is right or wrong, but cos its their show !

Totally agree with you, but they have started with the social issue, and people started watching cause they wanna know how Geet would get justice, but rather than showing the justice factor they are showing 1 rapist is free to walk, and victim has no problem to see him around...Totally wrong message.....

we on our part can say things here on a fan forum we are empowered to do so ...
when your neighbours fight in their own house, you could tell them out of concern for once...
if they continue to do so, you just leave them to deal with it themselves ...

Tell you honestly nihu, here specially in US if neighbor causing problem, you have all right to call 911, and kick them out from the neighborhood......Even problem in their house, wouldn't have to effect other neighbors, and if it's doing then that's not there problem anymore...1 problem shouldn't be out, and if it's out then it wouldn't be personal anymore...

i think over interference from the fans and the so called well wishers has already messed up the story to a large extent...

I don't think so, you know why, cause fans can give ideas, but implement or not it's their choice..They don't wanna listen it's fine, but the issue like Dev, they should have to deal with senstivity... Before bringing certain track they should have to think, when they knows that viewer are strongly attach with it, specially the social issue...

by the looks of it, StarOne does look like a channel that goes by popular opinion.. and thus compromises its story !

I am kind of agree with you that fans shouldn't have to pressurise them for any little little things that they have to compromise, but Dev issue is very sensitive, and they have to deal this with the fan opinion, and morethan that i think they should have to know that the rape is very sensitive issue, woman will ripped them apart....

For once, for the love of TV, lets just watch a show, see what turn it takes, make suggestions at our level and leave to them to take action...

That's we are doing, but as i said Dev issue is very strong issue, and they have to deal this with sensitivity, without involving Geet much...His interference can bearable, but involving Geet to extent where she is talking about her own rapist in sweet manner, very much shocking..And wrong message as well....

If they dont do it its their loss...

Yes of course, but we don't want their loss at any cost....

Calling Production houses/Channels, bombarding with emails, telling them what they are supposed to do in a harsh tone is a very mob/union leaderish according to me !!

Even i am with you in that, but in good manner we have all right to convey our message...They should have to understand what their viewers want....

take it as a request from me, let all this be ... if u dont like what you are watching dont watch it, dont tell them what they are supposed to do just cos you love the show !

Agree with your request, but if 1 feel satisfy by doing that, better let them do...Rest last call always by channel and production....Atleast 1 shouldn't had to feel that they haven't tried....

they respect you cos you are the audience, but repeated telling will only irk them...
have you ever wondered why GEET has stopped talking to people directly when it was regular feature earlier! When an attempt was made to be on a one on one, and people starting bombarding, i am sure they couldnt handle it beyond a point...

I don't think so Geet stopped talking cause fans were bombaring their requests to them, but moreover people were attacking on actors, and openly demanding things which were very much wrong..And not demanding actually forcing them....I think purpose of Geet page would be to get fans ideas, and they are very much getting it even now....

Lets care for the show, but not in a suffocating way !! 

Yes exactly, but where fans are feeling that things are wrong i think fans has all right to convey their message to CV's and they have to concern about that...

Its ultimately your call, i would never tell anyone what they should be doing, but i for sure can share what i feel... I am doing the same here as well..

Yes you have all right to share your POV Hug.....

Its up to you now !!

I always respect your suggestion and ideas Nihu, still do now.. My reply in red...


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maansa IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 20 March 2011 at 9:28am | IP Logged
it does seem like the CVs are lost in a maze and so they dont know what they are doing.

The AA track keeps on stretching when it should have ended way back! the growing screen time they are getting is another reason maaneet scenes keep losing their magic!

the issue with dadi going back and forth between supporting dev and maan is another problem for me! i think she should take a firmer stance.

finally creating MU for the sake of drama is fine. but i am hoping this MU wont lead to any romance between geet and dev. not only is it wrong on so many levels, but audiences are not stupid to lap it up!

dev's character seems to be stagnating. it appears he is remorseful now, but how long will this bring in the drama factor.

there is also a lack of a proper villain to spice up this drama and it needs that does of masala soon!!!

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