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GHSP- Does the audience's opinion matter? (Page 4)

Infinitedreams IF-Stunnerz

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Posted: 20 March 2011 at 7:47am | IP Logged
Secondly, I do not understand this romantic angle between Dev and Geet that is being built. Where are the CVs really going with this track? Can a woman who was sexually violated by a man, who was publicly betrayed and humiliated due to him, almost lost her life- can she really ever even imagine having cordial relations with her tormentor? She may have moved on from her past due to the support and love she got from Maan but showing her as welcoming towards Dev's overtures just makes her character look weak and totally not in keeping with her character that has painstakingly been sketched over the last 1 year. She has always been a strong woman- every time when faced with adversity she has come out fighting- please don't turn her into a hormonal, always weeping and screeching caricature of a woman- that is just not the Geet that we all fell in love with! What message are the creatives trying to send that it is alright for a victim to get back together with her abuser because he has apparently had a change of heart?


I am totally agree with you....How can 1 rapist freely walking and the victim has no problem....Seriously it's rubbish...CV's should has to understand our sentiment....Already people are grieving for not getting MaanEet, and they are showing Dev in between...I am hating to see less MaanEet screen space, and now this seriously hating it....


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RageOfAnAngel IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 20 March 2011 at 7:51am | IP Logged

Thanks Pixie for the post Thumbs Up

Very true surely the story has gone for a toss . But still I have hope to bring the old charm back . Am just stating these points what I felt as a viewer of GHSP to the cvs  ...

1. End the non-existence sibling track . Sorry but the character of Annie lacks depth & seriously hurt the eyes while watching her .

2. Please DON'T ASSASSINATE the character of the leads i.e. Geet & Maan NOT Annie & Arjun with Nitya & Sangram .

3. Please have some respect for the characters of Geet & Maan & DON't use the same BG score for Annie & Arjun. 

4 . PLEASE close the Open Loops of getting Geet justice , VICKY , Fate of Naintara & Dev , Maan's past ... to name a few 

5. Geet's education & her resuming job @ the Khurana constructions .

6. Development of potential parallel tracks that of Adi & Pinky who have been there since the beginning of GHSP rather than introducing random nonsensical tracks i.e. Annie & Sangram

7. Please don't WASTE talents  ; good sub - plots could have been developed with the characters like Yash , Meera & Arjun . But alas the cvs either ended or distorted their tracks .

A humble request please utilize Samir Sharma properly . The guy is Brilliant in negative roles .

8. Give more screen time to the good actors still present in GHSP like Romeo , Manisha even Nitya is fine ; but make sure they interact with the Geet , Maan or Dadi  as that makes the scene much more sensible & appealing.

9. In terms of romance & passion I understand its not possible that we will  have it  with  the same  fervor coz 1stly their love has matured & also that now they have confessed their feelings . But still a very important aspect to make this marriage complete is untouched Blushing ; so @ least the desire for each other can be shown than their non - stop bickering.

10. With due respect to the new cvs if a new plot is introduced please make sure it has @ least some bearing with the past . 

11. Am still not going to the technical & scientific bloopers that that the cvs  made in terms of editing & the pregnancy track in the name of CREATIVE LIBERTY .

Ok all set & done I don't expect any overnight transformation but @ least these points can be kept in mind while formulating a track or dealing with the current one .

That'ts all from me & the above said was not meant to offend anyone but are just inputs as a loyal viewer of GHSP who does not want the show to dip for all the wrong reasons ... Smile

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_Rashmi IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 20 March 2011 at 8:01am | IP Logged
nice's high time we do sumthing to protect our beloved show.thnnx 4 the numbers

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-honeydew- IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 20 March 2011 at 8:20am | IP Logged
i personally feel we should let all this be, not cos any of what is being shown is right or wrong, but cos its their show !
we on our part can say things here on a fan forum we are empowered to do so ...
when your neighbours fight in their own house, you could tell them out of concern for once...
if they continue to do so, you just leave them to deal with it themselves ...
i think over interference from the fans and the so called well wishers has already messed up the story to a large extent...
by the looks of it, StarOne does look like a channel that goes by popular opinion.. and thus compromises its story !
For once, for the love of TV, lets just watch a show, see what turn it takes, make suggestions at our level and leave to them to take action...
If they dont do it its their loss...
Calling Production houses/Channels, bombarding with emails, telling them what they are supposed to do in a harsh tone is a very mob/union leaderish according to me !!
take it as a request from me, let all this be ... if u dont like what you are watching dont watch it, dont tell them what they are supposed to do just cos you love the show !
they respect you cos you are the audience, but repeated telling will only irk them...
have you ever wondered why GEET has stopped talking to people directly when it was regular feature earlier! When an attempt was made to be on a one on one, and people starting bombarding, i am sure they couldnt handle it beyond a point...
Lets care for the show, but not in a suffocating way !! 

Its ultimately your call, i would never tell anyone what they should be doing, but i for sure can share what i feel... I am doing the same here as well..

Its up to you now !!

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-pixie- IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 20 March 2011 at 8:29am | IP Logged
Hey honeydew,

I totally understand and respect their creative license. That is one of the reasons I have never spoken up before- whatever be the issue.

But the inconsiderate and frivolous way in which the channel/PH is showing sexual exploitation and to an extent even propagating it- does offend my sensibilities as a woman. I am raising my voice against that. Abuse is a reality for millions of women and TV is a powerful medium- Lets not make light of serious issues

I have no issue with their plots- I have stuck to the show for almost a year now and watched what they have shown. Today I feel that the plot is reaching absurd levels and needs course correction.

The idea is not to attack but to give feedback as a woman- that such trivialization of serious issues is not acceptable to me!

Thank you for stopping by and sharing your thoughts.

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SahSah IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 20 March 2011 at 8:37am | IP Logged
I guess it is too early for us to say that geet has forgiven dev.....well at least for me...i will wait for more to decide on that....obviously i will not want her to forgive dev
hope the CV's are listening....we all are here for maaneet and it is their story and we would not tolerate dev being the third wheel...he has wronged geet and has to through jail term and so does NT....
I hope dev stays away from geet.....maaneet do not need any of his help...plz CV's saint act of dev is so not working.....he has to go negative for the story to move ahead...I know it is a daily and things will take time if the show is to run for another year but please make sure Devtara are punished for their deed...otherwise the show will be a lost case...
NT can we please have her back....she spice up the show...and you have superb actor for that role..karishma lits up my screen....would love to see dev and NT together plotting...
can you just get rid of annie and her romeos....if arjun was not enough....we have that don...what a joke...and nitiya another despo...if annie was not are you portraying women...and what morals they carry...that's not how it is....disgusting....
you have such fab actors in preneet, aditi,abhishek and manisha ( what is the name of the actor)...use them wisely....can we have pinky and adi story..they look so nice together...sweet and can be such a nice parallel track....
romeo and manisha has became annie's bell boys...running around her and i am not liking it....where has KC disappear....were they not working in KC.....
Dev dare hold geet's hand....I know i am seeing the pixs only but that has left bad taste in my mouth....hope geet give him tight slap and tell him off firmly to stay out of husband and wife's matter...

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-Deepzz- Moderator

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Posted: 20 March 2011 at 8:48am | IP Logged

Some ideas to move the story forward:

1.       Do not even think about Dev-Geet romance trackDead...That will be the final nail in GHSP's coffin...

2.       NASA track is the worst migraine inducing track...Annie is shown to be worst kind of characterless girl...who chases a guy who dared to sleep with her..All for cold blooded revenge..Totally puke worthy.

3.       Romeo is one of the most underutilized characters...He had a good chemistry with Nitya..Rather than Nitya falling for Arjun and playing femme fatale in the AA track and slithering away once her role is done....'Keep Nitya and develop her story with Romeo...'A rich girl-poor boy wooing track with comedy...Romeo saving Nitya from the domineering and manipulating Sangram , who is using her.

4.       Rather than showing Geet being a suburban wife waiting for Maan to just come home..'.bring in a college track...'Geet is a young girl who has vast riches of Khuranas at her disposal'.....Make Geet worthy of being Mrs.Khurana'....She should take up the initiative to keep herself occupied by pursuing her education'....Maan getting jealous of her new found college friends, trying to help her study and some nok-jhonks , being proud of her achievements'....Who knows she might even meet the long lost brother Vicky also.

5.       We have never seen the Khuranas attending any party..even though they have won a Rs.400 crore worth project'....We want to see Maneet attending a party dressed to kill and a dance sequence as a bonus...'A jealous Maan seeing his wife being praised by some client friend...Rahul and Mr.chopra  can be in the party'Geet can come to know why Rahul was out of the project'..

6.       Sasha disappeared without a trace''Close the loop'.....Clarify if she is dead or alive'....Even now it rubs many viewers that Maan was unaware of Sasha's true colors.

7.       Keep Dadi's character consistent'..Initially she was a very principled woman''....who passed on her traits to Maan'.....Then why is she behaving so callously with Maan and Geet's feelings' constantly shoving Devil Dev's  in front of them''.....Day by Day Dev seems to be coming inside KM even though he was supposed to stay at the outhouse'........'Where is Dadi's sensitivity?

8.       Dev has done such a grave sin'.....asking sorry is not enough'......'we do not want karmic justice sitting merrily in KM enjoying a rich spoilt brat's life.....'.We demand his prosecution and Jail time where he does time like any other convicted rapist'....

9.      Is Dev aware of Arjun's existence...What does Arjuna actually think about Dev...We were waiting for their confrontation....CV's missed a golden oppurtunity when Geet had a MC......Does Arjun actually know what his sister and BIL have done.....No clarifications as yet....Confused........It seemed ridiculous that they did not even look at each other in the hospital ..Wacko


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Serendipity.. IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 20 March 2011 at 8:50am | IP Logged
Manishaa 's character is played by Amit...
I would say GHSP CV's are lucky in this case.. Thy have a whole bunch of people who are taking out time to analyse the story.. And giving them feedback about it.. ... Cuz we love the show and will never want it to lose its essence...So its totally upto the Cv's how thy take it... If thy show AA track, ispite of audience against it, then how are we responsible for the crappy storyline?  Its all upto the CV's how thy handle feedback of the audience and go on with it ...
And im not tht types who will analyse the serial deeply, i never cared about logic too.. But when it comes to geet-dev... I surely want justice to be done.. I want geet to realise Maan is not talking to dev cuz of HER ... this thing seems hav to died away.. here i dont blame geet.. but the CV's who are showing maan having problems with dev, so geet too has Confused and not the other way ...
I always hav adored GHSP for doing things differently.. This is what attracted me to this show... And when i see it going the cliched way , im like.. damn, this is GHSP.. this cant happen here...LOL
Well we all are crazy about this show... and so tht no further damage is done, we all shud support this post and ddo halla bol..!!Tongue

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