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Blab 2: Ayaz-Nikita, TP, requests pg.143 (Page 6)

Sunshine Girl IF-Stunnerz
Sunshine Girl
Sunshine Girl

Joined: 25 November 2008
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Posted: 24 March 2011 at 1:36am | IP Logged
Hey Ravz whattay shop.....loved it......gorgeous stuff......droolicious gallery.......
Awsm awsm awsm stuff.......

MagadhSundari IF-Rockerz

Joined: 03 November 2008
Posts: 8240

Posted: 24 March 2011 at 4:49pm | IP Logged
Ravssss Hug
So sorry I'm all late in coming to congratule, my midterms are on *wish me luck*... but huge congrats on making it to your 2nd shop, woohoo Party
Your stuff is really really beautiful and unique, I esp love this one cuz the style is awesome... looks kinda Christmas-y, if you think about it LOL

And the MJHT Holi sig is stunning too, love how you used so many pics!!

Keep rocking hun, can't wait to see many more Star
Anu*Gayani*Anu Goldie

Joined: 25 October 2006
Posts: 1772

Posted: 25 March 2011 at 10:47am | IP Logged
Hey Ravjot congratzzzzzzz on your new gallery ..........................
Lovely creations dear .............. Clap Thumbs Up All of them are simply awesome. Loved SD, Priyanka, Karnika & SG siggy the most. Smile Keep up the fabulous work & looking forward to your next update.
Luv Gayani.
-Ravjot- IF-Sizzlerz

I-F Crazy Creatives
Joined: 13 April 2008
Posts: 19663

Posted: 25 March 2011 at 6:56pm | IP Logged
Originally posted by -Aish129-

re... too bad if I can't cause I have already CoolLOL Oh wellLOL

on your BLAB?
it's okay, I'm not going to start naming unnamed documents blab as well, under your influence(: ROFL GoodROFL Trust me you'll never find anythingROFL
That just goes to show how WELL I read your intro (: Glad you took the time to do thatBig smile
THIS is the name you came up with when I couldn't suggest you anything? Whatever, I like it Cool It's the name I use for everything so I thought, why not thisROFL
AND you are making it sound as if I threatened you like ANYTHING to hurry up and start this. Well you were pretty demandingStern Smile Trust me if it would have been anyone else at all then you would be complaining 10 times as much cause I was way too nice with you(; EmbarrassedROFL Really?ROFL Why would you have kept asking them to update till they did?ROFL Don't talk about proof Ravs, it'll work in my favour ROFL To anyone reading this, I just like to say that Aish has altered the evidence so please ignore itSmileROFL 
But thankyouuuuuuu for thanking me(: Mention notBig smile I'm there anytime for WHATEVER you need < and yes you can take that whatever to mean whatever you like(; So any time i want a siggy I can ask you?LOL Don't I already do that?ROFL
To anyone else reading this Stern SmileLOL then it may sound like I threatened bechari Ravjot but on PM she is secretly telling me that she expects some LONG speech from me Big smileROFL To anyone reading this, like I said, evidence has been altered so please ignoreBig smileROFL
So I'm doing that in a few minutes LOL Will edit this in and seems you FINALLY updated which made me reserve two times on the same page Ermm you should be proud of this(: I amBig smile 
I'm gonna stop talking here and move onto the next speech which should live upto your expectations I HOPE(::: It always doesBig smile and just because you like purple, I shall end it with some purple ROFL ThanksROFL
Originally posted by -smiley-

.....Congratulations Ravzz.... Thank youuuuu!

Finally got time to edit my post LOL thought of unreserving my posts Wink That's something I always forget to doROFL ok coming to point hope that you open lot......many bladz.......Hug Thank youuu!

this one..................OMG............Shocked ..........Shocked.............Shocked..............Shocked
just stunning that word is perfect for this The teddy's pretty cute no?LOL

@This......too good man love the coloring to the core Embarrassed and happy holi to you Hug I acutally liked that one even though I don't like AshLOL Only cuz it was colourfulLOL Aww thank you! Happy [late] Holi to you tooBig smile

wishing that you will open up lot..many shops and make me amazed with your work.....Hug Thank youHug



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-Ravjot- IF-Sizzlerz

I-F Crazy Creatives
Joined: 13 April 2008
Posts: 19663

Posted: 25 March 2011 at 7:11pm | IP Logged
Originally posted by -Aish129-

I should res again Stern SmileLOL first one was for congratulations and this is for the update Big smile Whatever floats your boatLOL
I'm editing in case you didn't realise it yet Ermm I didn't thanks for telling meSmileROFL not sure whether you have ROFL btw I MUST tell you this, random kinda thought..but whenever I look at your current title, which reads Arjuhi/KK/MN/SG/Kareena/PC/holi stuff pg.1 < I read the bold underlined part andStern Smile I keep reading it as Choli for some ODD reasonROFLROFL anyway I thought you should know that Big smile OmgROFLROFLROFL It does! Only you would notice thatROFL
So you wanted a longggggggg comment didn't you? Maybe i did maybe I didn'tCoolROFL let me try considering this is ME it shouldn't be hardLOL and even though i'm about 4-5 days late I guess it doesn't matter because YOU haven't updated yet. UPDATEErmm I've been lazyLOL
AND- I know exactly which textures you usedddd Big smile just like you know the same in most of my update nowROFL This is what happens when I send you texturesROFL The Sharad-Divyanka one is so pretty!<3 I love the blue-ness of it and the style is really very pretty Embarrassed ThanksBig smile I miss them :( I wasn't very happy with the style thoughLOL I just liked the blue-y nessROFL
OMGG I LOVEEEE the blending and colouring on the PC one,ThanksBig smile I didn't like the dress or her hair for a change though It wasn't a dressROFL I never like her hairLOL Except I thought it was nice in Dostana and AAShocked..but you made her look beautifuuuulLOL Aww thanksBig smile don't glare at the number of u'sStern Smile I didn'tStern Smile The Kareena one is gorgeous(; I love how you made the pics dark and the text white so it stands out. ThanksBig smile It took me forever to do that cuz her face wasn't clear enouhgROFL
Hrithik-Kareena LOL Do you have any idea how much I loved them once upon a time?(: Same hereStern Smile And then she had a bunch of movies with Tushar and I was like noooo go back to hrithik!ROFL I still wanna see them togetherLOL not more than Kajol in K3G thoughROFL I love KajolROFL but yeah I did. and your sig is preeeeetty<3 ThanksBig smile
Arjuhi ones Embarrassed you make me want to watch that show. Watch it! Maybe...maybe notCoolROFL see? Copy catROFL
I lovee the second(: Thank yousBig smile and the third for the way you did the text on itLOL You gave me the textLOL
The Karanika Holi one is tres adorableeeee..x goshh! those two are one of my favourite offscreen couples ::: I know! I love them <3
MN:O credit to me for text of course Big smile Of courseBig smile BUT credit to you and you onlyyy for making it so beautifully, Whatever you sayLOL I love the colouring on it and the textures look great(: and yes I get credit for the SG one too(: yet I must say the colouring on that is beyond GORGEOUS<3 I heart the style of that. Thank youEmbarrassed I don't even remember how they look so I keep looking back while I commentROFL
You made a Sholay sigStern Smile Yes I didCool and OMGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGG:O I remembered what we were talking about then lost track of Stern SmileROFL it was the diff between Hema Malini and BasantiStern Smile go on now explain to me you smart childLOL I told you I didn't wanna explain and to figure it out yourselfROFL
Goshh how many holi sigs are thereStern SmileROFL Quite a fewROFL my fav AFTER the Sholay one of course(; has to be the lastEmbarrassed the way you did that text is beautiful(: Which one was that?ROFL Nvm I saw itROFL ThanksBig smile The text took forever cuz they say hori instead of holi in the song and I didn't know which word to useROFL
LOVE LOVE LOVE the one for Pari, I know she lovess it too(: I actually love it tooStern Smile That's my fav SD performance and half way through I didn't wanna give it to herROFL the colouring is prettyfulLOLOMGG another teddy bear sigStern Smile I love teddiesBig smile you have no idea how cute it is I just want to awwwwwEmbarrassed And I love the reqs for Gagan and Preeti cause they are awesomeness just like those twoCool ThanksBig smile And I'll let them knowLOL
see? Preeti on one hand complains to me about chheening you from her and here I'm doing her tareef. What an achhi bachchi I am Big smileROFL Yes you areROFL Which reminds me, I need to figure out if I'm having an affair with her or notROFL
And I'm done too(: is it long enough for you? Yes it isBig smile Is it colourful enough?wait it has no colourUnhappy lemme go change this and see what I can doROFL NOW there's colour..it makes you happy? Yes it doesBig smile And I added more colour to itCoolROFL
I'm waiting for another update Ermm I'll see what I can doLOL
Originally posted by Gaganjot.S


yayyyy its soooo gorgeous!!!!!!! Glad you like itBig smile

me will comment in Detail as these days NO one is satisfied with my comments hmph I think we both know you're not coming backROFL
Originally posted by daffodils.dudu


do me a favour lets play holiDay Dreaming
I don't wannaStern SmileROFL
Originally posted by -Arjunlicious-

Congo on ur sec shop:D

Lovee ur teddy staff's:D every time u make on them<3 and all the ArTi MN staffs are my fav:D
Thank youBig smile And glad you like emBig smile
Originally posted by -Preeti-

Originally posted by -Ravjot-

Preeti  [-Preeti-] for being my source of inspirationLOL

I have no Clue how and what should I say on this I dunno eitherLOL
Still shocked at this One Are still shocked now that we've talked about it?LOL
But me Loved that Sig you made for MEApprove ThanksBig smile

Originally posted by -Ravjot-

^ MehLOL

So I kind of made a lot of Holi siggies cuz Preeti suggested it and I always  listen to Preeti =) But then after the Waqt one I got too lazy to make a Mohabbatein one so I kind of stoppedLOL Those who requested, they'll be done by the next updateBig smile
For Preeti
And that's itBig smile 

Ehem Ehem
I Miss Jotty at this MomentROFL Same hereROFL She'd probably say something sarcastic or about me lying to you or somethingLOL
I love this SigDay Dreaming MN and AA
They both are so Cool Yes they areBig smile

HugIts Gorgeous RavssssssssHug Glad you like itBig smile

And Special Mention
In a way you too made Ravs do loads of work today
HugSo Bravo to you tooHug 
^No commentStern SmileROFL

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Smileyface IF-Veteran Member

Joined: 07 July 2005
Posts: 5140

Posted: 25 March 2011 at 7:14pm | IP Logged

*looks around at people staring as if ive gone crazy...straightens clothes and talks politely*

oh hi...hello...how are u doing???...so went through the siggies and omggg i love em!!!! AWESOME JOBBB!!! u are sooo good at it =D I will definitely make requests and requests and MOREEE REQUESTS...MUHAHHAHAHAHAA *realizes shouldn't have an evil laugh if im asking for something* Umm...hehehehehhe???



THANKS DOLL <33333333

ps: Don't u love all the pretty colors??? =D

-Ravjot- IF-Sizzlerz

I-F Crazy Creatives
Joined: 13 April 2008
Posts: 19663

Posted: 25 March 2011 at 7:24pm | IP Logged
Originally posted by -Nitya-

blab? ROFL what a nice name. I know right?CoolROFL

Firstly, congratulations on blab#2! May you have many many more..blah, blah, blah. Smile ThanksROFL

Dude, I LOVE the teddy-sigs! All of them! ThanksBig smileI'm stealing all of them..imma use 'em one by one. Knock yourself outLOL
OMGGGG! this one is so adorable:

 I love the colouring in this one as well! ThanksBig smile

The rest of the sigs are amazing as well. Especially the holi ones! Glad you like emBig smile Holi ones pissed me off cuz I had to take caps for emROFL
The blending on the sig with PC is awesome!
I love the Bhagban sig! That song was so amazing..but the sons are all such jerks. ): Them being it in ruined the song too. Yeah they wereStern Smile That's why I tried not to have in the siggy muchROFL

Update soon! with more teddy-stuff. :D I'll tryBig smile I'm almost out of teddy picsROFL

Originally posted by -Aish129-

Originally posted by -Preeti-

And Special Mention
In a way you too made Ravs do loads of work today
HugSo Bravo to you tooHug

See Ravs... at least meri partner is thankful to me unlike YOU who thinks I blackmailed you hmphhh Ermm You didStern SmileROFL I will make up for this delusional feeling of yours by long commenting Big smile Stop calling me delusionalAngryROFL
hahah Preeti do you know I love you for this HugROFL not only this but I still do ROFL
Stop ganging up on meROFL 
Originally posted by lipshaa

Lovely update....
SD Siggis is sooo good....
N ur entire HOLI Update is Mindblowing.....Esp. Action rply n baghban...

Thank youBig smile
Originally posted by indiandoll89

Gorgeous gorgeous updates as ALWAYS! Big smile Thanks M partnerBig smile

Firstly congratulations Ravzie on gallery numero dos Big smile Thank youuuuuBig smile I knew you'd get this far even if you doubted it yourself, which I'm pretty sure you did LOL How'd you know?Stern SmileROFL

Secondly, shouldn't have thanked me Embarrassed But I didBig smile You know I'm always glad to help you Big smile I just feel special knowing that you think I'm worthy enough to be asked Embarrassed Tongue Of course you are! You're always honest and tell me if the siggy sucks or notLOL Except you say it in a nice wayLOL

Now onto the update Big smile I loved the Arjuhi sigs Embarrassed They're so adorable together I know right?Embarrassed (even if I don't watch the show LOL Watch the showLOL And eeks the Kareena/Hrithik one was too cute Big smile I miss their jodi so much sometimes. I do tooUnhappy I hope they work together again in the future =) I loved ALL the SD stuff from before, ThanksBig smile seeing it and then seeing the bday siggy just brought back all the good memories Big smile The holi ones were fun too Big smile

Love you loads and loads,

Agent M Cool <- I remember thatROFL Omg i remember how we came up with that too! Gaurav Sharma right?ROFL
Originally posted by ..Ragzz..


Ravzzz ..Hug u did it...Congrats on your second shop hon Thank youuuu! Credit goes to you for this cuz I was trying to finish mine before you did but you still beat meROFL Why I was trying to do that I have no ideaROFL..Beautiful update this time as well...i adore the Sajan and Monaya ones so much Day Dreaming others are so beautiful as well Embarrassed Keep it up and may you have many shops more Big smile Thanks RaginiEmbarrassed
Love ya lotsss! Hug
Originally posted by starry.phoenix

Conggratss Mommaaaaaaaa!!!
2nd Mansionnnnnnnnn..waohh!!!Party
and gawjusss creationsssssBig smile

Thanks Shikhu betaaaaHug
Originally posted by siddhi209

Congratss on the new gall Party Dancing And awesome update!! Loved all the sigs, beautiful work
Thank youBig smile
Originally posted by JanakiRaghunath

CONGRATS RAVJOT!!!! I'm so happy you opened another shop!Dancing Thank youuHug Credit goes to you too for being a regularLOL 
OMG! Your update is so cute! LOVE this sig!Day Dreaming WOWWWW, where do you find these pics? ThanksBig smile Got em from tumblr and weheartit.com Just search teddy or teddy bear and tons will show upBig smile
Originally posted by ksg-kash-kajen

waooo congrtaulationzzz n all d creationzz r greaatt...stunning creationzz!! love all of thm esp Arjuhi nd MN stuffs too n also of PC...n yeah res 4 req as i hv seen ur rep in ur first gallery:):) thnxx!!:)
Thank you and sure request away =)
Originally posted by _darklove_

                Congratz on your 2nd Blab 

     You are so creative I love your siggies and U Embarrassed.I really really really really really really really really really really really really really really really really really really really really really really really really really really really really really really really really really really really really really really really really really really really really really really really really really really really really really really really really really really really really really really really really really really really really really really really really really really really really really really really really really really really really really really really really really really love Preetu's Request and i want that siggy Stern Smile.
Aww thank you! So sweetEmbarrassed 

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-Ravjot- IF-Sizzlerz

I-F Crazy Creatives
Joined: 13 April 2008
Posts: 19663

Posted: 25 March 2011 at 8:40pm | IP Logged
Originally posted by -Durgavnii-

Congrats on your 2nd Shop!Big smile Thank youBig smile

Hope you will open many many moreee...
Awesome update ..
Loved the first 2 sggs the most..saved!
also the Holi sggs are AMAZINGGGGGGG!!! Thank you! Really means a lotEmbarrassed Btw did i ever tell you I love the colours you use for your comments?ROFL No seriouslyLOL
Keep rocking like this!!
Originally posted by -Fatima-

Congratz on urz 2nd gallHug
wish u made many many more
update is damn damn stunning
keep rocking
Thank you so much Fatima!
Originally posted by desigrl05

congo on the new shop ermm..blab ravvss hheeh..me loves arjuhiiiiiiiiiia;sdfja;lsdfkja;ldskfj
Thanks Jhanvi. Nice title no?LOL Omg Arjuhi is just Day Dreaming
Originally posted by -Priyalicious-

congo on ur blab
Thanks Priya =)
Originally posted by -Pooji-

Congo on your new shop ravz!
beautiful stufff
luv it

Thanks PoojiBig smile
Originally posted by Angelic_A

OMGGGGGGGG new gallery!! :o YeahShocked

Congrats!! ThanksBig smile

I totally lovee your work. You are soo creative and talented. Cool Aww thanks AmanBig smile

LOVE LOVE LOVE the new update kareen, PC :o, Arjuhi.. simply AMAZING.Hug Thank youEmbarrassed

I may chori a siggy later. Approve You didn'tStern SmileROFL
Originally posted by mohitkideewani

Res Approve
I know you're not coming backStern SmileROFL
Originally posted by -Sky-

Blab? What a creative title ROFL Anyways... A big congrats on your new shop Ravz! Keep up the amazing work!
Love the new update! Waiting for your next one! =D
I know right?ROFL Thank you so much Manisha =)
Originally posted by Aahaana

Congo on your 2nd Blab, RavsParty Thanks MeliBig smile

I loved the one you made for meApprove but the rest is equally gorgeous Cool Glad you like em =)

Cant believe you were like an robotic siggie maker that dayShocked Proud of you, nikammiApprove Why does everyone keep calling me thatStern Smile

Originally posted by Angel-Jot.

PartyYO. Second thread! Dancing YupBig smile
That's A W E S O M E. Ya happy dungar? Approve Should be. MaybeLOL

And Blab huh? Like..seriously? BLAB? Wacko Wow.
Very creative no?Cool
You're one weird person. Stern Smile You have a problem with that?Stern Smile

*whistles* I'm waiting for my request to be done. Stern Smile And make sure it's one of the first Request sigs you post. Stern Smile I already gave it to you. You impatient childStern Smile

And the update...
*squeals* Dudette! Or..yoette...since i'm so obsessed with saying yo. ErmmROFL How about Ravjotette? ROFL I should totally start calling you that. You weird childStern Smile

*ahem* The Hrithik-Kareena sig!! *grins* SOOOO CUTTTEEEEEE! Gosh. I LOVED K3G. *wipes tears feeling nostalgic* Same hereBig smile Ohh..the good old days. Don't you miss em? ..Wait..of course you do. An old person like you would definitely miss her young days. Approve--->>As much as that sentence makes me grin, i know it also it didnt make any sense. ROFL I'm not that much older then youStern Smile IdiotLOL 

And the holi sigs..=] Gooodd jobb. Berry good job Old one. Approve ThanksBig smile
Dungar..khoti....  I'm tired. Unhappy Go take a nap


Bye. Toodles


Originally posted by --blossom--

Congo on new gallery ravz diHug

I loe the update..its amazing..Smile
Thank you =)
Originally posted by Anhdara13

congrats on the new thread!

siggies are pretty. (: 
Thanks RadzBig smile
Originally posted by nikita_88

Congrats on the new gallery Blab 2 ROFL ThanksROFL

(This section is here is to say how much I love your creationsLOL)

Aww I love the new update everyone's requests look awesome,

The Arjuhi creations are great and I love all the holi ones at least this year for holi I wasn't plastered with colours! Aww thanks and I guess that's a good thing?LOL
Originally posted by -Rinki-

Ayeeee! This is my first time I'm replying here and I'm pretty much annoyed why I haven't tapko-fied here earlier. Stern Smile Oh well you're here nowBig smile
Firstly, Congo Shongo on your 2nd gall :D May you have many more :)) Love the title, very creative :P Aww thanksEmbarrassed And it is isn't itROFL
& wow, I LOVE EVERYTHING!! Your colouring is fab on each n every sig :O Stop filling your sigs with awesomeness. Embarrassed ThanksLOL
Eeeeeeeks! The Teddy sigs! awwww, awwwwww and awwwwww. They're SO omnomnomnom. Sorry I had the urge of eating them but realised its a bad idea so I think I'll just aww :) Yeah I don't think you'd wanna do thatLOL
The Holi sigs are really pretty ;D Aiwaaaa, your blending is nice&shine too. LOL Love the blending on the Priyanka sig, really pretty! Thank you =)
Shiyaaaaaat, the reqs are so..perfect? How much I wish my mom changed my name to Preeti or Zunni or the others and I could chori the sigs. Cool ChorShockedROFL muhuhahaha but I'm shareef enough

So I think I should end this reply here as I think there's no more Nautanki I could add to this, great gall :D Thanks for the aweosme commentBig smile It made my dayLOL

Originally posted by aisha_1992

congrats yaara..
love ur work alot. like new update too

Thank you =)
Originally posted by shininggal2008

Ravz, AlishaBig smile
Congratz on your 2nd Blab [?] ROFL ThanksROFLI just had a question for you. If you name all your doc(s) Blab then how exactly do you figure out what is what? Ermm LOL Just kinda curious! Tongue No I call em blab, blab 2 blab 3 etc. But that's the thing. I don'tROFL I go through em all before I find what I'm looking forROFL
Kk, as I always keep ranting I love your creations. Love them to core! I wish you make more more more more more more more & more..... NOT only siggies but as well Threads Big smile Thank you sooo much! =)
Keep updating more.
Originally posted by Additi_sjfan

OOOOH... new shop...i mean BLAB Big smileBig smileBig smile

love love the holi siggies... they look super awesome... n the req r just fab......ClapClapClap
Thanks SJBig smile

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