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Destiny's Play-LXXXVIII,LXXXIX,XC-129,135,140-27/3 (Page 47)

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Posted: 22 March 2011 at 1:42am | IP Logged
Originally posted by ajenn

amazing updates..
i was jst kept reading n reading.. din realize it finished Confused me captivated...
I really like dis sameera.. so much of attitude n workaholic as well.. Work comes first.
no wonder Dev is smitten by her charm.
BUt wat would Sameera's reaction be.
As he had ruined her bestie's life.
Its so complicated.

So dis is anwesha's mega plan.
yes was yash doing is good for her.
Rather den jst running away from Arjun its best to make him pay for his sin
Tats so sweet of Yash.
But me biting nails to think of maan's reaction.
Will geet be able to hide dis from him

Thanks. glad you like my Sam. She is a strong woman but not an arrogant one. Things are a bit complicated as Dev was in a way responsible for Geet losing her dad.  Lets see how they work around that. right now Dev is unaware of Sam's connection with Geet.  Anwesha has taken Yash's advice to fight back. Their battle could have its own repercussion on Maaneet later. Lets see. 

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Originally posted by mrk_1

wow i hope maan dosent mistake geet again
Maan still does not know anything. Lets see what he does as and when he comes to know.
Opti IF-Stunnerz

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The next day was Geet's birthday. When Geet opened her eyes that morning she saw her husband intently gaze at her face with great love. He leaned in and kissed her tenderly on the lips and wished her a happy birthday saying that he did not want to be accused of forgetting her birthday like last year.  She smiled and said she will not accuse him for she knew that he will never forget anything that is associated with her.  Just then she looked up to see a large picture of herself as a new born baby in Rano's arms right at the centre of the wall before them.  She turned around and saw that the entire room was adorned with framed pictures taken on each of her preceding twenty three birthdays. There was one taken of her on the chawl terrace during Maan's surprise party the previous year.
"Maan, where did you get all these pictures from?" she asked in surprise.
Maan smiled and said, "Except for the last one which I had clicked on my cell phone and hence it is not very clear, the rest were given to me by your mama. I got it from her last week and had them all framed."   
"Maan, you never cease to amaze me!" she exclaimed and hugged him.
Maan then took her on a guided tour of each of the photograph, telling her what he liked about her in each one of them.
"But my favourite one is this," he said stopping in front of the picture of her as a newborn.
"Do you know why?" he asked her.
She shook her head.
"Because you are in minimal clothes, in just your nappy! I wouldn't have minded it if you weren't wearing even that," he said naughtily and ran away before she could hit his shoulder.
Assuring her that the reason he loved that picture was because it was the first picture of his beautiful wife and secondly, it gave him an idea how his babies will look like if they take after their mom, which he hoped they would. He then asked her to finish her morning routine fast because they needed to go to some places. As she stepped into the bathroom he asked her loudly whether she needed help bathing. She replied that she was more than capable of taking care of herself.  


When she stepped back into the room she found a beautiful magenta georgette saree with matching blouse and skirt lying on the bed. Maan was not in the room. Smiling she slipped into the skirt and just about managed to fit into the blouse although it was a bit tight in the front. She had tucked in one end of the saree and was about to wrap it around her when Maan walked in with a tray with two cups of tea. 

The minute he saw his wife had not yet draped the saree, he hurriedly left the tray on the side table and jumped to her side. He insisted that he should be allowed the honour of dressing her up, at least on her birthday. She smiled and pulling the pallu over her shoulder and pinning it up so as to ensure that it does not fall down like it did the last time he tried draping a saree on her, she let him take the pleats of the saree. He knelt in front of her and expertly folded the pleats. He was about to tuck in the saree when he caught sight of the gently rising mound of her stomach. He bent forward and placed three kisses on it. Geet shivered at the sensation and caught his head between her hands in an effort to stop him. He looked up and said that he was not kissing her but his three beautiful babies inside and kissed her stomach again. He then gently tucked the pleats in and got up. He removed a jewel case from the cupboard and took out a delicate slim floral patterned diamond necklace. Seeing her widened eyes, he smiled and asked her to turn around. Slipping it around her neck, he tightened the clasp. He leant forward and kissed the nape of her neck sending another wave of shiver down her body. He then led her to the bed and offered her the tea.


Later they went to Baba's room to seek his blessings. While blessing her, Baba exclaimed at how time flew by. It was not long ago that she was a baby on his lap and now she is a mother-to-be, whose babies will soon be sitting on his lap. She smiled shyly as Maan wheeled him to the dining table where breakfast prepared by Krishna kaka was awaiting them.  Ever since Geet started having morning sickness he had been managing the cooking, apart from taking care of baba.


After their breakfast Maan drove her to a mandir and offered prayers for her and his three unborn babies. Later he drove her to Handa House, dropping her off before leaving for work. As he turned to leave, Geet held his hand asked him if he can bring her something for her when he returned home that evening. 


"Of course, darling. What is it that you wish for?"  

She then hesitatingly told him that she had a craving for strawberries.

"Strawberries?" he asked amusedly.

"Yep!  My tongue is itching to have strawberries in cream," she said with enthusiasm, rolling her tongue and smacking her lips to indicate how much she would enjoy the fruit.

"OK. If that is what you want, that is what you'll get." 

He pecked her cheek and took leave of his mother-in-law and Anwesha.


At the hotel he called up his friend in Mahabaleshwar, which is about 250 kms from Mumbai and is famous for its strawberry farms and asked him to send across ten cartons of strawberries as soon as possible. The cartons arrived by that evening and he loaded them in his car before leaving for the Handa House, satisfied that he would be able to fulfil Geet's first pregnancy related craving.


As soon as he reached the Handa House, he picked up one of the cartons and rushed to the main door excitedly.  His mother-in-law opened the door for him and seeing his searching look, informed him that Geet was upstairs in the guest room taking a nap. Maan thought he would wake her up with the strawberries. So he quickly opened the carton and picking up a dozen strawberries in his hand he quickly went to the kitchen and washed them. He removed the stems and cut them carefully in the shape of X and set them aside in a glass bowl.  He then took a bowl of fresh cream and whipped it till it was thick and of a smooth consistency. He added ground sugar to the mixture and filling this up in a pastry bag with a star shaped opening at the end, he squeezed the bag to extract the cream on to the cut openings of the strawberries, filling each one up carefully.  

Once the strawberries were filled with cream, he set them up in a glass plate. He then took it up to the guest room and waited patiently by Geet's bed till she woke up so that he could serve her favourite dish. After fifteen minutes Geet fluttered her eyes open to see Maan hastily retrieve the plate of strawberries from the nearby side table and stretch it towards her with a broad smile on his face.  The sight of the strawberries made her stomach churn and she quickly got up, rushed to the bathroom and threw up. Maan who was expecting Geet to excitedly delve into the strawberries was stunned by her reaction and his smile quickly vanished.  Setting aside the plate, he followed her into the bathroom just as she was washing up.
"What happened Geet? I thought you wanted to eat strawberries."

"Yes, I did, Maan but now I just can't stand them. Can you please take them away?" she begged.

Maan nodded his head dejectedly and took them away from her sight. As he came down the stairs with the plate, a forlorn expression on his face Rano asked him what was the matter.


"I can't understand Geet, Mama.  Only this morning she said she was dying to eat strawberries and cream. I had the strawberries specially ordered from Mahabaleshwar. But now when I served them to her she threw up at the very sight of them."

Rano smiled and said that this was common during pregnancy. Sometimes the woman has a sudden urge to eat something but this urge does not last for long and the very thing she had craved for becomes repugnant to her.
"It has nothing to do with your serving them, Maan. Blame it on the hormone changes she is experiencing now. Let me pack them up. For all you know, she may want these strawberries by tomorrow."
Maan nodded his head and gave it to his mother-in-law who neatly packed them up in a container.

Soon Geet came down and they left for their place.     

That night Geet woke up in the middle of the night and headed towards the kitchen. Opening the refrigerator door she caught sight of the container of strawberries filled with whipped cream. Excitedly she took it out and hurrying to the dining table, she sat down to relish the strawberries. Just as she put one into her mouth, Maan came out of their bedroom, rubbing the sleep off his eyes and seeing Geet finally eat the strawberries, he smiled happily. Geet turned around just then and catching his eye she returned the smile.  He walked up to her and sitting in front of her, he picked the strawberries and fed them to her one by one till the plate was clean.  
"Geet, do you know that strawberries are good for pregnant woman?" he asked as he put aside the plate.

"Are they?" asked Geet in surprise.

"Yes, I read that they contain folate which helps the body make healthy new cells. Folate also helps to reduce the risk of premature births. It is said that eight medium sized strawberries provides nearly 9 per cent of the daily requirement of folate "
"Wow, Maan. You seem to be well informed about what is good for pregnant women."
"Now that my wife is expecting, I should ensure she has everything that is good for her, shouldn't I ?"

"Oh yes, Sir!" she laughed even as Maan playfully tapped the back of her head.  
Geet finished the ten cartons of strawberries over the next two weeks.

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Originally posted by seemamary

Very nice update, plsssssssssssssssssss continue soon.
Thanks posted my next update
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Originally posted by vrsharma

wovvvvvvvvvvvvv nice parts
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Posted: 22 March 2011 at 2:11am | IP Logged
Nice strawberry filled part....Tongue...Made me want to eat them too...Will go and buy some in the evening....ErmmLOL.......

I knew Geet's every craving will be satisfied by Maan without any delay.....Smile.....And he read up on the nutritional quality of strawberries and how it was beneficial for pregnant women....That is so sweet....One big warm huggy for you Maan....Hug

Waiting for the next update Opti....Smile
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Ten cartons!! Maan is so sweet!!
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part 72
wow Dev should never get into the bad side if Sameera................shes has got temper..............but she controls her life and emotions so well...............

part 73
OMG Arjun is a...........all bad words are less for he was having an affair when Anwesha was suffering.................Yash cares for her...................and Anwesha trusts him..................hope this plan brings down that scoundrel Arjun...................if they are planning like this what will happen to the Handa Hotel then?

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