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Destiny's Play-LXXXVIII,LXXXIX,XC-129,135,140-27/3 (Page 129)

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Three weeks later


Yash met Anwesha at a coffee shop at the other end of the town, far away from Arjun's office.  He gave her a rundown of the things he has made Arjun do without his knowledge. He has made him sign cheques which were apparently meant for various 'vendors' of the Handa Group of Hotels. In reality all these 'vendors' were benamies of his friend from the U.S. who had lent the same money back to him at exorbitant interest rate. In effect Arjun borrowed his own company's money without his knowledge. Yash also encouraged him to invest in shady land deals, giving him false hopes that the price of those properties will rise in the near future.  These deals were also financed through the ciphoned off money from his company. As of now Arjun was in Rs.200 crore debt and Yash was waiting for an opportune moment to pull off the rug from under his feet. Anwesha was happy that Arjun was blissfully digging his own grave.


Yash looked at Anwesha's happy face and felt a strange tug to his heart.  He always had a soft corner for the girl right from their college days. Although he was in his final year of post graduation and she was doing her first year under graduation, they had met on a couple of occasions during inter-collegiate events. He was silently observing and admiring her ever since, impressed by her smart looks and perky personality. He had thought that he will reveal his feelings for her after making a name for himself. When he returned back to India after his stint abroad, he thought of looking up the alumni list of his college to trace her but before that he had met her at the bank and was shocked to know that she was already married to Arjun. Although he was disappointed, he genuinely wished her well. That is why Arjun's betrayal of his marriage was a rude shock to him and he could never forgive him for that. When Anwesha too came to know his true colours, he decided to support her in bringing him down. He knew that Anwesha did not have any feelings for him other than as a friend. Right now he was not hoping for anything more.  All he wanted is her happiness and peace and he will do his best to ensure that she gets them.



On the same day at Dev's office


Dev got a call at his office from the private detective he had engaged to track down Sameera's father.

"Yes, Mr.Vasvani, any progress?"

"Sir, I have some good news and some bad news."

"Give me the good news first."

"I had sent my man to Hasampura village again. While he was unable to gather any information the first time around, this time he has managed to locate the old village chief who recollected the suicide of one Dayanandh Singhania after his daughter eloped on her wedding day with another man. Pressing for more information he found out the name of the man Ms.Amrita Singhania eloped with."


When he heard the name Dev was shocked. Could it be the same man? As quickly as the thought entered his mind he dismissed it, thinking it was not possible. The name must just be a coincidence. He then asked if they managed to find any more details about where he could have gone all those years back. He said that the village chief's nephew was a friend of Sameera's father. All he knew was that the man left for Oman about twenty four years back but he had lost touch with him after that.


"Sorry Sir, that is all we managed to get, just the name and where he had gone twenty four years back. No one seemed to know whether he is alive or dead now and if alive where he could be."  


Dev hung up the phone and was lost in deep thought. Should he ask the man from his business circle who had the same name as Sameera's father whether he had ditched his wife and daughter twenty four years back? Now that would be positively indecent, especially if the man is not connected to Sameera's father in any way. Moreover, even if he was, would he accept that he was a family ditcher? He needed more information before he can proceed. He decided to do a thorough background check on the man he suspected, before confronting him. While he could have entrusted the task to Mr.Vasvani, he thought it best to do his own independent research discreetly because he did not want to bring disrepute to an innocent man if his hunch was proved wrong. He first browsed the net but could not get much information about the man's past although there was a lot written about his current achievements. He then decided to visit the city library over the weekend to find any news item in the print media which could give him some clue as to the man's background.   Little did he realise then that he would get the answers to his questions from totally unexpected quarters.


One week later

That morning Dev called up Sameera at the Bangalore guest house and asked her to report back for duty.


"Sameera, I need you back at the office. I know I was the one who assured you that you can stay in Bangalore as long as you want but work is piling up here and things are in awry.  Only you are capable of settling all the pending orders. So, can you please come back and help out?"


He did not let her know that there was another reason why he wanted her back. Ever since he stumbled on the truth quite by chance, thanks to his good friend, Mulchandani, he left no stone unturned to trace Sameera's father.  Finally, everything fell in place. He had taken this decision after he had spoken to the man himself.     



Sameera agreed to report back for duty the very next day.  She too was feeling guilty for staying away from work for so long. She knew that no other boss would have let her have the luxury of taking care of her mother at the peak season of activity. Moreover, there was a vast improvement in her mother's health.  Deep down the real reason was she herself was dying to get back to Dev. She missed seeing his dear face, morning, noon and night. Notwithstanding their long phone conversations, she terribly missed his company. She understood the full meaning of the saying 'Absence makes the heart grow fonder' in the last one and a half months she was away from him. She finally realised that she was head over heels in love with her boss and felt extremely happy and contented with her life.  


The next morning when she knocked at his door and heard him call her in, her heart skipped a beat. Dev welcomed her with a broad smile, wondering how she could look so breathtakingly beautiful, much more than he remembered her to be. He briefed her about the things which needed to be taken care of and soon she got busy with her work. As she wanted to clear the cases as fast as she can, she decided to have a working lunch and ordered for sandwiches in her cabin. She got to speak to Dev again only on their way back home that evening. He enquired about her mother and was told that the hospital had promised to engage a full time nurse for her to keep her mother from trying to harm herself again.


Once they reached home, he carried her bag to her room and as he turned to leave he said breezily, "I'm happy you are back."

"I'm happy to be back too," she quipped.

Although they both tried to sound nonchalant, both meant every word they said.

As they were having dinner that night Sameera asked if she can take half a day off the next day to attend the Godh bharai function of a very close friend.


"What a co-incidence!" he exclaimed. "I was about to tell you that I will be late by a couple of hours tomorrow to attend Geet's Godh bharai!"


"What? You are attending Geet's Godh bharai? Are you sure she would want you to attend it?" she asked apprehensively, "I mean, with the kind of history you two share."


"Don't worry. Geet and I have made up. She has forgiven me and accepted me back as her friend."


"When did all this happen?" she asked excitedly.


"I am sorry I did not mention this to you earlier in all our long conversations. Somehow it slipped my mind."


The truth was the minute he heard her voice on the line all he could think of was her and no one else.


He then gave her a detailed account of how he had met Geet quite by accident at the Handa House, how she had lashed out at him and finally how she patched things up with him the next day.


"I owe a lot to her husband who explained to her everything and helped her reconcile with me."


"Maan did that?" she asked him in surprise. "I wouldn't have believed that he was capable of being a peace maker."


"You know Maan?" It was his turn to be surprised.


She looked down guiltily. "I have a confession to make," she murmured haltingly.


"I know both Maan and Geet quite well."


"Wait a minute. Don't tell me you are the Sameera Geet always used to mention in her telephonic conversations with me all those years back!" he exclaimed.


"Guilty as charged," she smiled. "Geet is not only your best friend but also mine. We studied in the same college. I knew who you were the moment I first saw you in our Bangalore office but did not reveal my identity to you. We had seen each other briefly at the hospital on the day Mohinder uncle passed away. I think you had too many things on your mind that day to remember my face."


"Now I know why I felt your face looked familiar! So you kept silent all the while I rambled about my past without uttering a word that you knew about it," he looked offended.


"Well, I did not know the whole story. I only knew the story from Geet's perspective. Although I was indignant about what I thought you did to my dear friend, I decided to give you a chance to explain your side of the story. That is why I did not let you know who I was. Later I felt awkward bringing it up and thought that you may not like the fact that I did not confide in you in the beginning itself. I am truly sorry."


Dev brushed it off saying it did not matter anymore. He was happy that Geet was their common friend. "By the way, how do you know Maan?" he persisted.


"I know him since childhood. We lived in the same chawl and are very good friends like you and Geet." She hesitated for a moment and then decided to come clean with everything. "In fact we even dated for sometime but things did not work out and Maan married Geet."


Dev felt a pang hearing that there was another man in Sameera's life before. Seeing his expression she hastily added that she had no regrets.

"Maan and I are so not suited for each other. While we still make excellent friends we would have been hopeless as life partners.  In fact, I am glad that destiny intervened and Geet found Maan and he found her. They are perfect for each other, true soul mates."

"Do you believe in soul mates?" he asked disbelievingly. He always thought that Sameera was not the romantic kind.

"Well, seeing Geet and Maan together, I believe they do exist."

"Have you found anyone whom you can consider your soul mate?" He awaited her answer with baited breath.

"I don't know," she shrugged. "Maybe, maybe not," she smiled mysteriously.

"What about you? Will you give yourself another chance at love?" she asked expectantly.

He decided to pay her back with the same coin. "I don't know. Maybe, maybe not."

On that note, they wished each other good night, excited to meet their friends the next day.

Continue here

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Krishnaluv94 IF-Rockerz

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yay! I'm first! Loved the update! Meera and Dev's love story is starting, slowly byt
surely. Godh Bhariah (sp?) is going to be awesome. :)

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I will just say this. Worth the wait.

Although I miss not reading about Maaneet, I am so in love with Sameera and Dev that a couple of mentions of Maan and Geet will do LOL.

Hummm, so the next part is Geet's ghod barai. Awesome. Waiting to read it. 

Thanks Opti 

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serialwatcher16 IF-Rockerz

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i repeat my jaap, I love Sameera and Dev's story. I was thinking in my mind as i was reading that Sameera hasn't told Dev that she knows Geet and then you brought it out, Bingo. So sameera's dad's story is going to come out.

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-Deepzz- Moderator

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I think SamDev love story is on par with the Maneet .....I love them both so much I cannot pick favorites......Looking forward to God-bharai.....
simi91 IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 26 March 2011 at 9:02pm | IP Logged
wow i'm in love
with sam & dev
track i didnt miss
maneet love there
conversation was
so cute thank god
evil arjun going
down soon
yash heard feeling
for anie in college
time interesting
all parts brilliant
sorry i havent comment
a few a updates was busy
my dear going UNI
pls cont soonnnnnnnnnnnn
thank yu

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maaneetkimeet Goldie

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lovley update it dev  conversion with sam.................  love dev  own one  maan ha love ........................let c godi barhi ...................superb ......................hey opit how much time dev and sam will take to confess they are love ..........
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I never thought sameera nd dev could make such sweet couple..... Loved it.

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