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Destiny's Play-LXXXVIII,LXXXIX,XC-129,135,140-27/3 (Page 101)

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On the same evening Sameera was at Dev's office discussing with him the designs that would be selected for their spring collection when she received a call from NIMHANS, the hospital her mother was being treated in. On hearing what the caller had to say she turned death pale and slumped on the nearby sofa. Dev was alarmed to see her reaction and rushed to her side asking her what was wrong. She whispered that her mother had tried to commit suicide but was saved in the nick of the moment. With tears streaming down her cheeks, she looked at him pleadingly and asked if she can go to meet her.   Dev assured her that she can and said that he will accompany her as he did not want to send her alone in this distraught state. He buzzed his secretary and asked her to cancel all appointments for the next three days. He called in his chief accountant, financial adviser, designing head, marketing manager and legal adviser, assigning them the tasks that they need to carry out in his absence.  He also called Mr.Jaswal to inform him that Ms.Singhania will not be there for some days and he will have to assume her responsibilities in her absence. He then escorted her to his car. The company driver was waiting for them and he drove them to the Singh residence.  



On reaching his house, he quickly alighted and opened the door for her. As she stepped out, he asked her to pack her clothes and rushed to his room to pack his own. When he dropped in her room later he noticed that she had still not started her packing. She sat stiffly on the bed with a picture of her mother in her hands, staring at it with tearful eyes. He opened the wardrobe and picking up an airbag from inside it, he quickly took whatever clothes he could lay his hands on and stuffed them into the bag. He realised she would require undergarments too.  Asking her to pack them along with the rest of the clothes, he turned to leave. She did not respond but sat rigidly on the bed, tears still streaming down her cheeks. Shaking his head, he looked into the wardrobe drawers and grabbed a few pieces of under garments and stuffed them in the airbag and pulled her up. He slung both the bags on his shoulders and dragged her out of there. She still had her mother's picture tightly clutched in her hand. He told Nandu kaka that they will be away for a few days and took her to the waiting car.   



As the evening traffic was heavy it took them an hour to reach the airport. Asking her to wait at the gate he rushed to get their tickets. They checked in and soon they were on the flight to Bangalore. Although her eyes continued to stream, she maintained a cold silence throughout the journey.  Dev understood her pain and did not press on. 


Once they reached Bangalore, he took her directly to the hospital. Before he could pay the cab driver, she ran down the corridors towards her mother's room. Dev followed close at her heels with both their bags. When they reached Amrita's room they realised that there was nobody there. Sameera panicked and ran to the reception with Dev in tow. She tried to ask the receptionist where her mother was but she was choked for words. As she stood there gasping for breath, Dev stepped in and asked the receptionist where was Mrs.Singhania, patient in Room No.302.  The receptionist checked her monitor and said that Mrs.Singhania was still in the ICU.  


The two of them then rushed to the ICU and through the glass door they saw Amrita strapped to various medical gadgets. The doctor attending to her had just then come out of the ICU.  Sameera asked her what had happened and was told that Mrs.Singhania had been emotionally depressed of late and kept asking to meet Monty. When she was served the breakfast that morning she refused to have it and threw the plate down.  Suddenly she got into a frenzy and started throwing things around. The nurse attending to her rushed out to get help to calm her down but before they can get to her, she had slashed her wrists with a blade which they did not know from where she got. She had lost quite a lot of blood but was out of danger now after being given blood transfusion. They wanted to keep her under observation for another 12 hours before moving her back to the ward.  After that she will be on anti-depressants for some time before they decide on the next course of treatment.  The only permanent cure, however, would be to find Monty and bring him to her.


After the doctor left, Sameera crumbled onto the nearby bench and let out a heart wrenching cry. Seeing her in this emotionally distraught state, Dev's heart went out to her.  He had never seen Sameera lose control of herself before. She had always been bold, facing all challenges with a brave face but seeing her lost and defeated like this just sliced him up. Not knowing what to do, he sat beside her and tentatively put his arm around her shoulders to comfort her. She buried her face in his chest and wept uncontrollably. Soon his shirt was drenched in her tears. He patted her head comfortingly and whispered that everything will soon be alright but she was inconsolable.


"Dev, I can't afford to lose her. She is my only family, Dev, she is my only family," she kept repeating between sobs. "I need my mother, Dev. She may not have been a perfect mother but the fact that I have a mother who needed me kept me going during my most difficult times. I need her as much as she needs me. Dev. I can't imagine a life without her. I lost my father, Dev, I don't want to lose my mother too."

Dev did not know how to console her. Holding her face between his hands, he wiped her tears with his thumb pads.


"I will not let you lose your mother, Sameera. I will do everything there is to keep her safe. You can trust me. I will find Monty and bring him to her.  By the way who is Monty? Is he your father?" he inquired. 


She nodded her head.  "What is his full name?" he asked. She shook her head saying she knew nothing about her father other than his nick name.  He knew that it was not the right time to keep pressing for more information. He said that as she would require energy to take care of her mother when she comes around, she needs to have some food.

Leading her to the hospital canteen, he bought her dinner and coaxed her to eat. She looked listlessly at the food but did not eat. He finally had to feed her forcefully. After having his dinner, he took her to the company guest house. The next morning they returned to the hospital. By that afternoon, Amrita was shifted to the ward.  Sameera broke down seeing her mother's unemotional face as she lay stiffly on the bed. She buried her head on her chest and poured out her anguish. Amrita kept staring at the ceiling unresponsively.


The next two days were pretty traumatic for Sameera as she witnessed her mother's lifeless existence.  She knew that her mother was suffering deep within although she did not display any emotion or feelings on the outside as a result of the medication. Dev tried his best to cheer her up but to no avail. He consulted all the doctors in the hospital about her mother's condition.  The doctors said that they will do their best and keep her away from harmful devices but they unanimously felt that the only way her suicidal tendencies can be expunged for good is to bring Monty back to her. 


When Sameera was reasonably composed, Dev tried to again find out as much information about her father as he could. Sameera told him the circumstances under which her parents got married, her grandfather's suicide, her father setting off for the Gulf to seek his fortunes, leaving her mother and her behind with her maternal grandmother and their coming to Mumbai when she was barely two years old.  She mentioned that her grandmother had once told her that they were from a small village by the name Hasampura in Ajairajpura panchayat which was a part of Jaipur district in Rajastan. Dev felt that this information could help him unravel the mystery about her father, although he did not tell her anything, lest she gets her hopes up high.  


Sameera was back to her old self in three days but Dev asked her to stay back as long as she wants in Bangalore and he made arrangements for her stay at the company guest house.  Sameera insisted that he gets back to work and he left for Mumbai with the assurance that whenever she needed him he would be just a phone call away. Sameera then called up Maan and informed him what had happened to her mother. When Maan volunteered to come to Bangalore to help her, she forbade him from coming, saying that his wife needed him more at this juncture than she did and she can manage on her own.  


As soon as Dev returned to Mumbai he set the ball rolling in tracing the whereabouts of Sameera's father.




It was New Year's day. Geet woke up early in the morning to find her handsome husband's protective arms around her huge tummy as he held her close to him from behind. She turned back to see that he was still fast asleep. Looking at his tired face she guessed he must have returned home very late after the New Year's Eve Party he hosted in his hotel. After the experience with the Christmas Eve's party, Maan refused to take Geet along saying that she needed all the rest she can get in her condition. Geet could not protest because she too felt pretty fatigued.  So she turned in early the previous night.  Since she felt refreshed after a good night's rest she thought she will do the puja for the well being of her family and friends on this auspicious day. She gently lifted his arms off her, careful not to wake him up and finished her morning routine before doing the puja. 



As she took the puja thali to Baba's bedroom she noticed him struggling to sit up on the bed on his own. She rushed to help him up but he stopped her and said he wanted to do it on his own. And sure enough he managed to sit up on his own although he had to struggle a bit for it. Geet was elated to see the vast improvement in his condition.  She then extended the puja thali to him and later received his blessings for a safe delivery and a happy life with her husband and children.  Baba told her that he was eagerly looking forward to running behind his three grand children and he was getting himself fit enough for it, faithfully following the exercises the physiotherapist taught him. Geet nodded her head in agreement as she had noticed the enthusiasm with which he was exercising in the past few weeks. Father-in-law and daughter-in-law were merrily chatting about the babies when Maan made his appearance.  Geet informed him of what Baba managed to do that day. Maan was happy to see his father progress well.


After breakfast, Maan and Geet went to Handa House where Rano and Anwesha were waiting for them. Arjun had already left for work, so thankfully both of them did not have to see him. Anwesha hugged her brother, who gifted her a silk saree, and enquired with Geet about the progress of her nieces/nephews. On being assured that everything was fine, she patted Geet's stomach gently and said she was eagerly awaiting their arrival. Maan and Geet took the blessing of Rano. Maan gifted her a beautiful off-white silk saree with red border and pallu. She thanked him and in turn gifted both of them new clothes. Maan protested, saying she has done so much for them already but she wouldn't take no for an answer.  Maan did not want to offend her, more so because he was aware that Rano was a little upset with him for repaying the money she had spent on Baba's treatment. He decided to let her have the small pleasures of giving her daughter and son-in-law gifts on special occasions. Rano wanted him to stay on for lunch but he excused himself saying that there were a lot of pending items of work awaiting his attention at the hotel. He left Geet behind though and said that he will pick her up that evening.  


Geet was in the garden chatting with Anwesha when Dev dropped in at the Handa House to meet Rano and receive her blessings.  Despite the broken engagement and the subsequent death of Mohinder, Dev still maintained cordial ties with Rano, visiting her every New Year to receive her blessings. The previous year too he had come to take her blessings, but Maan and Geet had not seen him, as he came very early in the morning and had left long before they had come over to the Handa House. Rano still had a soft corner for him inspite of everything that had happened.  Soon after the funeral he had met her and explained to her the circumstances that had led to the unfortunate chain of events. As Rano is a woman who believed in not holding grudges, she readily forgave and accepted him. She had heard of his divorce and the disintegration of his family and felt sorry for him. Her maternal heart ached for him and she hoped that someday he will find a woman who would make him happy. 


Seeing him that day though, Rano was a little worried as to what Geet would say if she saw Dev in the house.  Dev had heard that Geet was in the family way and had brought with him a huge parcel of maternity clothes which were manufactured in his factory unit. He had personally selected the fabric and had his best designer design them. Handing her the parcel, he asked her to somehow give it to Geet without telling her it was from him. Rano was about to inform him of Geet's presence in the house when at that precise moment Geet entered in. Her face first drained of colour before flaming up red with anger. Not wanting to stay in his presence, she turned to leave when Rano pleaded with her to grant Dev a chance to speak. Although Geet was livid with anger, she stayed back for her mother's sake. Rano discreetly left the place to enable the two childhood friends to have a heart-to-heart conversation and thrash out everything. Dev hesitatingly walked up to Geet and extended his hand, "Congratulations, Geet," he said, trying to sound cheerful although deep within he was apprehensive of how she will react.


She turned her fiery eyes at him and ignoring his extended hand, she asked him why he had come to her father's house. He told her that he had come to take Rano's blessings for New Year as he always does. She was shocked to realise that Rano had entertained him in the house even before. Has her mother forgotten that he was responsible for her losing her husband, her sindoor, her mangalsutra?  Even if her mother has forgotten everything, she cannot forget that he had robbed her of her father. She cannot forget that he broke her trust. She cannot forget that he failed to confide in her the most important detail of his life when she had shared with him even the most innocuous detail of hers. Why did he mislead her? Why did he mislead his parents? Why did he wait till the engagement day to break the news that he was already married? Now what did he want with her? To see whether she was happy? Yes, she was happy. She was happy with her husband and his family. She was glad that he broke her trust for she does not want to be associated with such a self serving, secretive, traitor. As she lashed out at him loud and hard, pouring out all her anger, anguish and disappointment, he stood tamely, his head bowed down.


When she was finished, she was panting.  She suddenly felt dizzy and weak.  Seeing her sway, Dev was alarmed and he rushed to her, holding her before she lost her balance. He led her to the sofa and immediately called out to Rano. Hearing his call, Rano and Anwesha rushed in and attended to Geet. In the meantime he enquired who her doctor was and called her on the phone. Anwesha gave her some water to drink and massage her forehead which was throbbing by now. Both Dev and Rano were feeling very guilty. While Dev's guilt stemmed from inadvertently provoking such an extreme emotional reaction from Geet, Rano was weighed down by the guilt of letting Geet face Dev alone in her condition. She had not expected that Geet would still feel so strongly about the past events. She thought that with time her emotions would have mellowed down. She completely misread her daughter, though.  


The doctor soon arrived and checked her up.  Luckily there was no cause for concern although she advised her to be more calm and relaxed as undue anxiety and stress at this stage of pregnancy is not good for either her health or those of the babies.  After making sure she was alright, Dev left Handa House, not uttering a word in his defence. Rano was in two minds to call Maan but decided against it since it would only serve to accentuate his concern. Anwesha tried to divert Geet's thoughts from what happened between Dev and her by showing her the sweaters and stockings she was knitting for her nieces/nephews. She asked her if they had found out about the gender of the babies. Geet shook her head saying that they would like to be surprised. Soon the unpleasant incident which had occurred earlier in the day was forgotten and Geet returned to her old self.


That evening when Maan came to pick her up, Rano took him aside and told him what had happened that morning. Maan was alarmed to hear this but she reassured him that the doctor had examined Geet and there was nothing to fear. She, however, requested him to gently explain to Geet, Dev's side of the story because she felt that Geet might still be bottling up a lot of resentment subconsciously and this was not good for her or the babies. She tried to tell him about Dev's life but Maan raised his hand saying that he already knows about it. Rano was surprised that he did, but he did not elaborate that Sameera was the one who told him about Dev.  Rano also gave him the parcel of maternity clothes Dev had brought for Geet and asked him to give it to her at an opportune time. Maan nodded his head and assured her that he will take care of everything. Returning back to Geet, he asked her to take leave from her mother and his sister and slowly led her to the car. 

Continued here

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wow that was an awsome one yaar ...finally samerra and dev coming together ....waiting for the maneet babys to arrive .....loved it yaar ..

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loved it 
awesome update
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Very nice....Hope Geet understands she needs to take care of her babies first...then worry about Dev.

We appreciate all your efforts of updating so quickly....

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Wonderful updates. I'm just worried now how Geet will react once she realizes Dev is Sammera's boss and they have feelings for each other. It'll be interesting to say the least! Continue soon...
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awesome awesome update
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great update
that was sweet of Dev to bring her maternity clothes and he supported Sameera as well 
I think he will track down "monty" now too
love Maan!
con't soon
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hey opti
gr8 parts..

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