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~Its my fault~ AR Mini FF => IMP- pg 16 (Page 14)

armaan_tina Groupbie

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Posted: 05 April 2011 at 4:26am | IP Logged
Originally posted by anumeha_rajat

that is such an amazing story..

loved it..

plzz continue soon..

n do add me to ur pm list...............

thnx a lot...glad u liked it!Smile

i'll cont asap...and u'll get the pm if u're there in my buddy list...

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armaan_tina Groupbie

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Posted: 05 April 2011 at 4:36am | IP Logged
Originally posted by ammy_ka_ashu

omg this is the saddest ff i've read thusfar! even worse than those that ended with either armaan or ridz dying (or both!)

im cryingg!


pleaseeeeeeeee add me to your ppm list! (i sent u a buddy req) and cont super super soon!


seriously????The saddest one so far???????okay..i didn't expect that...but i'm glad u liked it!Big smile

I'll cont asap..
vin0211 Senior Member

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Posted: 17 April 2011 at 11:49am | IP Logged
ur an amazing writer i really loved d concept of ur story...! its a little sad though.... its seriously awesum!!!!!!!!
keep up d good jobWink
and plz pm me wen u continue with d story......
update sooooooonnn
waiting desperately to read :)

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armaan_tina Groupbie

Joined: 07 August 2010
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Posted: 01 May 2011 at 2:01pm | IP Logged
Originally posted by karanshilpa22

ur an amazing writer i really loved d concept of ur story...! its a little sad though... its seriously awesum!!!!!!!!
keep up d good jobWink
and plz pm me wen u continue with d story...
update sooonnn
waiting desperately to read :)

thnx a lot!
I'm glad u liked it !Smile
i'm trying to update asap...Smile
armaan_tina Groupbie

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Posted: 08 June 2011 at 9:02am | IP Logged
Okay,I don't know how many of you guys remember this FF!Confused
It's been a really long time since I've updated and I'm really sorry for the delay..And guys believe me, I was supposed to put up this part last month itself but I couldn't..and I'm sorry!

Please do comment/criticize..

Previous part : pg 10

PART 3(b)

On the other hand, Padma told Armaan everything that happened which led to all this, though she cut out the clinic part.She wasn't sure if this was the right time to inform Armaan about Riddhima's pregnancy.Armaan was too tensed and thought of meeting Riddhima.He was about to go meet her when Padma stopped him,"Armaan..beta leave her alone for some time..give her some time..."Armaan thought about it and nodded.He had put up a confident face all this while, though he was scared from inside..very scared.He was scared of losing his princess..the thought itself was painful.But all his confidence went down the drain and he finally broke down when the doctor announced that Rishika was dead.His princess was no more.


Armaan ran towards the f.e..but he found it empty when he reached there.The next place was the terrace...but nobody seemed to be present there, either.He rushed towards the store room, children's ward, canteen...he scanned almost each and every corner of Sanjeevani, but Riddhima was nowhere to be found.It was really petrifying now.For crying out loud, he'd already lost his princess...and for nothing in the world could he afford to lose his wife...she was the only reason he was alive right now even after losing his princess.

He ran his fingers through his hair and ran back to the gang.His eyes overflowed with tears.This man was totally different and unknown to the people around.None of them had known this Armaan.They only knew the hot, naughty, romantic, congenial, caring, loving, altruistic, funny, charming side of him.But today, it was a totally different human-being...they couldn't recognize him as he was no longer their jolly, happy-go-lucky Dr.Armaan.He was surely shattered.So broken.

It hurt him a lot when the nurses, ward boys, doctors looked at him carrying their sullen expressions.He was already so hurt and to top it off everyone's sympathetic looks made him feel worse!!

Armaan ran through the corridor and finally found everyone in the same place, like before he left to look for Riddhima.

As he got closer to them, he noticed that Billy and Ananya were also there.He assumed that Rahul or Atul would have informed them.But he was grateful to them that they had called his parents here.All he knew now was that he wanted to feel his mom's warmth.That Motherly-warm embrace.
(Billy and Ananya weren't very close to Rishika because they'd shifted to the US immediately after Armaan-Riddhima's marriage and visited India only once, or sometimes twice, in 1-2 years.They used to keep in touch via cell and net though.But they'd had to shift back to India 2 months back for some business purpose and were currently in Bangalore.As soon as Rahul informed about the present situation they'd caught the first flight to Mumbai.)

"," he choked and started sobbing.

"Armaan...!"Ananya made her way towards Armaan and hugged him.

"Mom...Rish'Rishu chali gayi..hum sab ko chodkar!"he said, with his head placed on his mom's shoulder.

"Ssshhh.Armaan...please sambhalo apne aap ko...beta, tum aise toot jaoge toh Riddhima ko kaun sambhalega huh?batao mujhe?" Ananya tried to make him understand..though she knew that he was going through a difficult time..

"main koshish kar raha hoon, Mom...par main..main kya's so..the pain is unendurable! hurts...a lot...," with that he fell down on the floor sobbing and Ananya immediately caught hold of his shoulders and sat down with him on the floor.She couldn't see her son in this state..but she could do nothing.Tears ran down her own eyes.

"nahin bachey...aise nahin rote..shayad yehi bhagwaan ki marzi thi...aur hum unki marzi ke saamne kuch nahin kar sakte..."

"par meri nanhi si prin..princess ne k..kya bigaada that unka??...meri beti toh itni pyaari aur..aur maasum thi...phir ky..kyun..," he asked Ananya..the tears didn't seem to stop at all..

"nahi, Armaan...aisa nahin hai..humari princess kyun kisi ka kuch bigaadegi ..aisa bhi toh ho sakta hai ki shayad...shayad Bhagwaan ko wo itni pasand aa gayyi ki unhone usse apne paas bula liya, hai na?" Armaan looked up at her...he looked like a small and innocent kid right now while asking Ananya his questions.Instead of saying anything else he simply hugged her..though his sobs had subsided, his tears still didn't stop.After a few seconds, Billy caught hold of his shoulder and made him stand up.He seemed exhausted.

"Armaan...please, son...u have to be strong now.Hum tumhe aise nahin dekh sakte...tumhe himmat rakhni hogi ! Mera beta aise toot nahi sakta..c'mon stop crying.Agar tum aise karoge toh meri bahu ka kya hoga, huh??!!" Billy asked...

Suddenly, everyone was wondering where Riddhima was.Hadn't Armaan gone to look for her and tell her everything.Wasn't she supposed to be here right now?

As far as they knew Riddhima, she would be blaming herself for all this.

"Armaan...beta, Riddhima kahaan hai..tum toh uss se sach bataane gaye the nah...kya kaha usne..kahaan hai woh?kk..kaisi hai woh??" it was Padma who spoke first.Everybody had the same questions but Padma was the most tensed among them 'coz she was the only one who knew about Riddhima's condition and the thought of losing her daughter, after losing her granddaughter, was beyond horrifying."Armaan...tum kuch bol kyun nahi rahe ho...kahaan hai Riddhima??!!"she yelled.She was probably freaked out with Armaan's silence.

"...pata nahin..."Armaan whispered while looking down.

"pata nahin???kya matlab pata nahin????"Shashank asked him.

"maine poore Sanjeevani mein dekha...par woh mujhe kahin nahin mil rahi...pata nahin kahan challi gayi -- "Armaan was cut in between by a furious Padma.He himself was worried about her(knowing her capability to blame and hurt herself) but he wasn't able to figure out why Padma was so scared.Whatever was the reason, even he was getting scared now.

"aise kaise keh sakte ho tum - ??!!" Padma was screeching at him but just as she was about to continue, one of the doctor came running towards them and exclaimed, "D..Dr.Armaan..maine thodi der pehle Dr.Riddhima ko bahar jaate dekha..aur unke chehre ko dekh kar lag raha tha ki unhe pehle se hi sab kuch pata hai...mein aapko pehle hi batane aa rahi thi per ek surgery mein thi..isliye aapse mil nahi paayi.."

"kya?? usse kuch ho gaya toh...woh..iss haalat mein..nahi...par..nahi..kuch nahi hoga usse..main Rishika ko kho chuki ho..ab Riddhima ko khone ki taakat nahi hai mujhme..!!!!Armaan, please meri beti ko dhundo..please..i beg you...,"Padma joined her hands in front of Armaan and sobbed her heart out.Next second, Armaan reached out to stop Padma from joining her hands.

"nahin, Mumma!!!!aap haath kyun jod rahe ho.Riddhima is the sole reason for my existence.I'll not anything happen to her.Par aap aise kyun keh rahi thi ki Riddhima...iss haalat mein..matlab??kya hua hai Riddhima ko?" Armaan asked..but did get any response from Padma so he continued,"aap kuch bol kyun nahin rahi, Mumma...please boliye na..mujhe darr lag raha hai...," Armaan asked with tears flowing down his cheek once again.

"beta...Riddhima..Riddhima pregnant hain..aur aisi condition mein uske liye itna stress's maybe dangerous for her and the baby..," she managed to say between her sobs and looked up to see Armaan's reaction..but how could he react to anything?!He felt so helpless at the moment.It was like as though Fate had adamantly decided to test him - his patience, his love, his capability to overcome this tragic situation, his level of tolerance of pain.It was all too much.But he had no other option but to face it.'Yes.I've already lost my princess but I cannot let anything happen to Riddhima..and my baby.I don't care if I have to fight with my fate,life...or even God for that matter!!Nobody has the right to play with my life!', he thought with sudden determination.

"I won't let anything happen to them!" he muttered under his breath.And the next second they saw him running towards the hospital's entrance door, getting into his car and disappeared.

Sorry for the errors...

~~ TiNa ~~

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punamluvshilpa Goldie

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Posted: 08 June 2011 at 9:49am | IP Logged
hey this is awesome...but sorry i havenot read  part 1, i want to read them...then i  will understand the whole story...i will be busy for a few i read them when i will be free,this part is very nice,well written...liked it so much...
shami810 Senior Member

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Posted: 08 June 2011 at 10:01am | IP Logged
Awesome part dear..!!
Poor armaan...God is really testing him hard..!!Cry
Do cont soon nd thnks for the pm..!!

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shaaz_91 Goldie

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Posted: 08 June 2011 at 10:15am | IP Logged


amazingly written...

dey r suffering so much...d whole situation iz so depreesing n to top it ridzy iz nowhere 2 b found...specially wen shez expecting...

cont soon


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