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OS-Soniyo (Page 9)

crazedfan19 Senior Member

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Posted: 19 May 2011 at 7:29pm | IP Logged
Hi All! I am completely fine and ready to write my update of soniyo! thank you for bearing with me! I am finally done with exams for now.. and Soniyo update will be done in an hour or so.. Thank you for waiting!! and double thank yous for all the concerns! LOVES YOU!!! Wink

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ninavi IF-Dazzler

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Thank You

For  beutiful os Hug

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sarzah Senior Member

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Continue immediately!!!Big smile
Loved reading the first part!!!
Can you plz PM me when you write the next part? I have already sent you a buddy request!!!Smile

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shalini01 IF-Rockerz

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please continue soon and please PM me.

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crazedfan19 Senior Member

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HI everyone! 
Soniyo will probably have about 4-5 more parts. I am really sad with the lack of comments CryCry. If you all dont like the updates, please let me know and I will stop it right away anyhow thank You all for bearing with me. I am still learning the simple things of writing/posting updates Wink plz forgive me for any mistakes. and thank you times two for those who commented!!! ( LOVE YOU ALL!!) 

For those of you who havent read first couple of parts, here are the links to them. 

As always, please give me looong comments      they make me happy and encourage me to update frequently!! and also press the like button!! Tongue

Part 6

Geet ran to the bathroom to take a shower, still feeling Maan's love inside her, she turned a shade of crimson while applying  pink grapefruit body wash to her body. She then washed her hair with Maan's favorite scented shampoo- peppermint orchids and dried her hair while still thinking about her charming devil.Wink She was thinking out loud while drying her hair.. hmmm, either he is outside the bathroom waiting for me or planning to pounce on me since I teased him this morning, I am gonna peak outside first before going out. She peaked outside her bathroom and saw maan was texting someone while sitting on the bed, she felt like he was mad at her for what she did to him in the morning. Her mom had told her that when men want THAT something and you deny them, their ego is hurt, you are soo stupid Geet, geet cursed as she went back in the bathroom, what was the need to tease just because you were behaving like the sharmilee bahu type? tu to sherni hai na? Dat kar samna kar! Halla bol! With that she looked up and said, Jo bole so nihaal sasriyakaal! Babaji! Bacha lena apni Geet ka rumaal! Wah kya baat hai! she smiled at her own rhyming abilities! wait that didnt make sense! Chaddo! sorry Babaji! 

She stepped out with her hair semi dry in a leopard print towel hitting a little above her knee, her shoulders were bare with water dripping from one side, she walked out humming a song all to familiar to Maan. She was whispering 

Maan's ear immediately shot up listening to her humming. He smiled and got back to his texting. Geet saw his grin and went about doing her thing while humming the song. She knew he would be naughty later! She went up to her wardrobe and was deciding on what to wear. Since it was her first day, she wanted to go traditional but Dadima had had told her to not abide by any customs since only family members will be present and she could still do everything even if she had a western outfit on.  Geet thanked her  Babaji for such an awesome Dadima! Smile

She finally decided on wearing leggings with a teal one shoulder anarkali. Her outfit looked something like this 
 Maan's eyes were fixed on his Jaan, his life's melody, his Geet. She was tormenting him with her innocence, her raw illuminated figure. He could see Geet had decided the outfit and now was about to go the bathroom to change. M: How could I leave such an opportunity to romance my stunning wife? time for some teasing and getting my morning dessert, he thought with a grin Embarrassed he walked up to her and held her close to him right by the bathroom and winked at her. Tongue
M: main kabse dekh raha hoon ke tum mujhe seduce kar rahi ho? is it a delibrerate effort? 
G: achcha, maine to kuch bhi nahin kaha ya kia, she replied innocently. 
M: leopard printed towel mein lipti hui ho meri Jaan, bheege hue aapke baal and gaana Khwaab dekhe, aur mujhe seduce nahin kar rahi? Subah mujhe beech mein choda tha na, uska badla loonga mein ABHI! He got closer to her and smelled her hair, her bare shoulder. hmmm Geet mar hi dalogi kya? Embarrassed your scent is driving me insane! ab to main tumhe aur nahin chodooga! mujhe ek french kiss chahiye! 
G: MAAN! aap pagal to nahin ho gaye ho? Raat ko bhi french kiss se hi shuru hua that aur dekho kitne saare love bites diye hai tumne mujhe! She pointed to her one shoulder. 
M: bas wahin pe love bites hain? 
Geet came close to him and whispered in his ear, baaki ke raat ko dikhanogee, nahin to aapki badmaashi shuru ho jayegi! Chodo mujhe! 

GEEETTT! shouted Annie who was home for the day! 

Maan chodo mujhe! Annie kya sochegi! 

M: Annie, Geet yahan pe nahin hai, shayad yoga kar rahi hai! 
A: thik hai bhai, main wahin doondh leti hoon, annie left smiling! 
G: haaw, apne apni behan se jhooth kaha?? chi chi! Maan chodo mujhe, main bohot odd feel kar rahi hoon bina kapado ke! 
M: achcha? par mujhe to unke bina hi achchi lagto ho Embarrassed
G: sachi, main dadima se bol doongi, aap bohot shaitaan ho gaye ho! 
M: bol do, maine kaha na, mujhe kiss chahiye!! 
Geet knew, she had no chance of winning in this circumstance. She leaned closer and kissed his perfect M shaped lips, he loved her soft lips on his warm ones. When their lips met, it was like the world stopped for the upteenth time. They had kissed like a thousand times before but each time embarked a new sensation in them. Maan invaded Geet's mouth with his tongue, Geet reciprocated with equal passion! her hands were in his hair, she grabbed his hair and pulled on it, Maan groaned in pleasure. They stopped to breathe! Geet took this opportunity to put some clothes on! 
M: GEEET suno tho! koi baat nahi soniyo! bach ke kahan jaogi! 
Geet came out in the one shoulder anarkali, covered her lovebites that were seen on the exposed shoulder with makeup and ran out before Maan could catch her again!

geet went to see Dadima and touched her feet. 
D: aaj aap bohot khoobsurat lag rahi hai geet! 
Arjun: haan geet, you look stunning! 
Annie: Geet I am jealous! mujhe nahi pata tha ke tum aur maan yoga apne room mein karte ho> 
g: oh please, tu kya bol rahi hai? she replied innocently and gesturing her to shush in front of dadima.  look at the glow on your face Annie! 
annie blushed, while Maan joined them for breakfast. Adi and Pinky also walked. Pinky is Geet's sister while Adi is Maan's personal assistant and is married to Pinky.  
Maan sat close to geet and texted her 

Kal ke baad meri sherni abhi abhi blush karti hai? Wink waise I was thinking to take a vacation for some time, hamara honeymoon bhi pending hai Embarrassed, to tum kahan jana chahogi? 
Dadima: Maan Geet, aap log kahna ghoomne jana chahenge? app log sab ko ghoomne jaana chahiye
Maan's face lit up! I LOOVE you DADIma! he said out loud! everyone looked at him with winking eyes to each other. 
emhmm! said maan! Geet blushed and pretended to eat her food! 
Dadima: so its settled! since we cant decide on the spot, ill send you guys to a europe trip so you could visit any site in europe you want for a month! 

Geet was smiling and thanked Dadima while Maan winked at geet! Arjun and Annie had their own plans while Adi was too shy to face pinky and pinks was too excited! Embarrassed

Precap: Modern wives, traditional men in europe Tongue hmmm

Please leave your comments for frequent updates! ( yess I am bribing all of you lol)  and thank you for reading! and add me to your buddy list if you wanna get updates!!

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mitzi11 IF-Sizzlerz

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awesome part
love it
thanks 4 pm
crazedfan19 Senior Member

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LOLConfusedSO, in the midst of all the confusion and me figuring out how to send pms and such, I might have send out a previous update to some of you, I am truly sorry for that, Confused I hope you all forgive me. To make up for it, here is a long update but before that! 
I want reallyyy long comments!! also If you could point out where I can improve, I would be really happy! and what scenes you guys would like would also help me write better! 
Without further adieu, 

Part 7: 

aaj ki raaat, hona hai kyaaa, pana hai kyaaa, khonnnaa hai kyaaa ( from Don) sang Maan while working on his laptop around 11 at night just as Geet entered. She knew her sexy soniyo would not leave her tonight, he wanted to "Prepare" for their honeymoon, almost like trial and error or so he said when he texted her right after dinner. She walked past him and went to change in the bathroom. 
Geet as always thinking out loud but didnt know that Maan and peeped toed right by the bathroom so he could hear her. 
G: pointing up, Babaji! Prepare? who quote on quote Prepares for their honeymoon, madhumas nahin koi jung ka maidan hai jahan sargeant maan singh khurana, shorya dikhane ja rahe hain, aaj to main gayi!! hmph! Babaji, bacha lena, She folded her hands, and changed into her black short shorts with a peach colored laced cami

She tied her wavy hair into a loose pony, and stepped out of the bathroom and almost colided into Maan who changed into hi black trousers and black vest. Their skin touched and sparkles could be seen and Mahi played in the background, Maan's eyes were full of desire and a glint of mischief while Geet was ready to give him her everything as if she hadnt already done that. 
M: Jaan.. he said huskily as he kissed her soulful eyes, main apse bohot mohabbat karta hoon, is nigahon mein apne liye itni chah dekh kar, mujhe lagta hai ki mein hamesha ke liye apne aap ko in mein kaid kar loon.. he concluded as he kissed her cute nose, her beetred cheeks, and moved towards her full lips..
G: oye Soniyo, uski zaroorat nahi padegi kyunki in ankhon mein hamesha wahi pyar rahega, woh bhi sirf mere Sexy se soniyo ke liye and with that she lessened the gap between her quivering lips and his anticipated ones. Their kiss turned passionate and almost violent, Maan wanted to make sure that Geet was his while Geet asserted her love by reciprocating with equal fervor. They stopped as both were breathless. 
Maan grabbed geet and threw her on their massive bed, she landed on her back with Maan on top of her kissing her collarbone, her bare smooth shoulder, and her long swan like neck.
G: kya baat hai Mr. Khurana, aaj aap wadde willld ho rahe ho? Embarrassed
M: Kyaa karein? meri Jaan mujhe hamesha uksati hai, aur waise bhi hamare Europe trip pe tum poora din Pinky aur Annie ke saath shopping karogi aur rat mein mujhse chipak kar, mujhe seduce karte hue so jaogi to mein abhi hi apni manokamnayein poori kar raha hoon Wink he said he began sliding off her cami. 
G: maine socha to nahi tha but shopping... not a bad idea as she helped him take his vest off and then she took his pants off, while he took of her shorts. Geet smiled and blushed at his rushed antics. 
G: Maan, please dont bite me, use chupana bohot mushkil ho raha hai har din, she complained innocently as she looked up to see him smirk. 
M: I havent thought about that but BAD idea reminding me Jaan, before she could complain, he bit her collarbone, her neck, her womenly assests, and her plump lips. He could hear her moaning his name in her husky whispering voice. M: Jaan, my name never sounded sexier than it does night now. Geet blushed and bit his neck as he entered in a thrush. 
G: ohhh Maan, I love you so much, she moaned silently giving him immense pleasure Wink  she scratched his back and curled her toes as he went in deeper and deeper almost touching the soul and her essence of being. 
M: Jaan, I love you more...with that he kissed her lips as if claiming her his for eternity as they almost screamed Embarrassed in pleasure. 
They both wanted to give pleasure to each other and thus were rewarded multiple times that night. they fell asleep with Geet lying on Maan's chest and Maan's hand tightly holding onto his Soniyo. 

Next morning, Geet woke up early to pack and get ready for europe as they had to leave that evening. As she wrapped the bedspread around her, Maan pulled her back, she knew he would not let her go, so she stayed there for another half hour admiring her husband's stunning face which slowly formed a smirk. 
G: Maan, I know you are awake, let me go, I have a lot to do! 
M: hmmm, I want a kiss first, he sleepily replied as he caressed her messed up hair
G: Maan, she started huskily, you are such a great lover Embarrassed and you are hot and I am in loove with you...she said the last part slowly while giving him a kiss... Maan, I have also planned a surprise for you, so if you please let me go, Ill show it to you later.  
Maan slowly let her go and then hugged a pillow. Geet got ready and packed everything required for their europe trip, while maan got ready to have the time of his life Embarrassed with the love of his life! 

M: Geet jaldi karo, kitni der hai tum ladkiyon ko? 
Adi: Pata nahin, kya karti hain yeh log itni der tak? 
Arjun: inhe na, kal ka time dena chahiye tha tabhi aaj tayyar hoti time pe. they highfived each other with that comment Wink

G: Hold your horses boys, here we come! 
M: Finally! Plane maine ...Maan Turned around and even forgot to finish his sentence. Adi and Arjun also turned around. 

 with her wavy hair down. 

G: Mr. Khurana, aap kuch keh rahe the? 
M: whispering closely in her ear. jaaann...he said dreamily he couldnt finish what exactly was in his mind. 
Same was the case with Adi and Arjun.  
M: came to his senses. Geet yeh tumne kya pehna hai, tum jaanti ho na, ki mujhe achcha nahin lagta ki tumhe koi bhi dekhe mere alawa aur ab to airport mein aur bhi log tumhe dekhenge. You know how possessive I am, He said, realized what he said. in his head he thought, Geet ab meri band bajaygi, woh samjegi ki woh meri equal nahin hain. Great going Maan singh Khurana, as he turned to face Geet again, He saw Annie, Pinky and Dadi with the same look as Geet. Boy was his Soniyo angry! 
G: now you wait Maan singh Khurana! I will show you who I will force to look at him, so you want me to be all sati savitri in the house and a vixen in your room but I cant be modern just so people dont look at me? you wait MAAN SINGH KHURANA
Pinky: and you too Adi SIR! 
ANNIE: You also got the hint MR. Rathod

saying this the girls left in a huff! 
Dadi stood there waving her gingers..with a look on her face that did it now boys...Wink
boys walked towards their respective cars, sacred to go in when suddenly a red convertible zoomed past them with their wives in it. Maan had just bought a red convertible for Geet as a wedding gift which came in handy now. 
G: Catch me if you can, Mr.Khurana cuz I am officially single for this girls month out trip
P and A: so are we said pinky and Annie! 

Boys: oh oh! kya se kya ho gayaa... bewajah tere pyar mein...LOL

  PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE comment!! and press the like button!! 


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Awesome update!!!
That's hilarious single girls trip :)
Though I feel geet won't be able to stay away from maan for long ;)

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