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plz add me in pm list

continue soon

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Hi all! thanks so much for the wonderful comments! here is the next part
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Part 8:
geet and maan were in the same flight but not sitting together. boy did Geet know how to assert her Mrs.Khurana title. She almost punched the air hostess to get seperate seats which were initially staged so that couples sit together. Adi-pinky, Maan-Geet and Arjun-Annie but now it was a different story. How everything could change within minutes. Great going Maan, mumbled maan as he glanced at his beautiful wife who was ordering a Margarita while chitchatting with a man who was almost bewitched by her beauty. Maan was obviously jealous out of his wits. 
" you are an idiot Maan, why did you have to open your mouth, now look at him ogling your WIFE! he pointed up, " Geet ke Babaji, Mujhe kabhi kabhi na, mera moo band karne ke ishare de diya karo" (Dear geet's God, sometimes give me some techniques to shut my mouth) Geet looked from the corner of her eyes as they were seated almost adjacent to each other and smiled looking at Maan talking to her Babaji. 

" One large vodka please" ordered Geet while PInky and Annie ordered Margaritas. She eyed Maan who pleaded with his eyes to forgive him but knew there was no chance she would. Adi and Arjun didnt even try. 

The rest of their flight journey was quite with all couples glancing at each other. Finally their first destination arrived which was Paris. 

Maan's Monologue: 
aah Paris, the city of love. Geet meri Jaan ( my life) mi amor.. I will see to it how you dont forgive me here of all the places. 
Geet's monologue: 
Maan, I know you will try to entice me here, I know that smirk of yours, you are cooking something evil.. but I will not fall for it unless it is something amazing and will impress my likes. 

The couples got off the plane and went to their hotels in separate limos. after finally reaching their hotels, the girls immediately made plans to shop without telling the guys, Geet wanted to go immediately but pinky and Annie wanted to rest a lil bit, so Geet went alone. Maan knew that and so he hired someone to notify him of Geet;s whereabouts and then followed her wherever she went. 

By the time geet took a shower, it was around 5 in the evening and frankly she was really tired as well but if she stayed at the hotel then Maan would want to talk to her and she was no mood to reconcile. She put on a red outfit, out on some chanel no 5 perfume, and left her wavy wet hair open with no accessories except her wristlet which had her basic necessites. At the mall, Geet went to boutiques and looked for dresses, shoes, bags, earrings, belts, perfumes, you name it, she looked for it but  her heart wasnt in it. She hated to admit it but she was missing her Charming devil, her Maan. Meanwhile, didnt see what she was wearing, so when he saw her at a boutique, he was in for a surprise. 

Geet's outfit 

She was looking for dresses and whatever she touched or tried, Maan sent to the casher to pack, he loved seeing her in color, so he also bought her something special which will be revealed later Wink

Meanwhile Geet had already bought about 10 dresses he was told, while she actually bought 25 total outfits with the help of Maan. When she walked outside the mall, she was really tired, she almost called Maan but stopped at her tracks
G: no geet, control yourself, he will make up to you, you know he cant sleep alone that too in PARISEmbarrassed
 Maan who was watching her from far, knew she was thinking about him, he was already one step ahead of her. He booked another suite ( a honeymoon suite to be exact) and decorated it in a way that blended his and her taste. He followed her in his black limo while she was in the white limo. they finally reached the hotel
G: driver, take this bags to my room please, and ill meet you there. 
D: sure maam. 

Geet walked up to the elevator and was almost going to press the button 21 as thats where her room was but Maan suddenly walked in and pressed 35 and waited for her to start complaining with a smirk on his face. 
G: Maan.. what is wrong with you? I am not going anywhere with you. I am not your wife during this trip remember? We are complete strangers!! Maan started walking up to her in that tiny space as if that was possible...Do NOT COME any closer to me!! Maan I am warning you!! there will be really.. he touched her cheeks.. her tone changed and became a husk.. really bad consequences.. she held his hand that was on her cheeks and looked into his deep brown sincere eyes.. they had nothing but love and guilt.. she thought.. GEET DO NOT look in his eyes, she said out loud.. I wont forgive you this time Mr. Khurana
M;  walked closer to her if it was possible and captivated.. almost prisoned her with both his hands on either side of her and whispered in her ear.. Jaan while caressing her bare shoulders.. I love you soniyo.. please dont do this to me.. while kissing her bare skin... please dont be sad.. 
G thought.. darn you Maan, you know how to seduce me. she mumbled: Maan, tere dil mein jo bhi chal raha hai, wo aaj pura nahin hoga, ( Maan whatever your heart wants, you wont get tonight) she almost pleaded. Maan knew how he effected Geet and thought he knew it was bad morally and eithics... oh who cares.. I cant stay away from her.. He held her chin and made her look and held his ears and whispered
M; Jaan, main jaanta hoon, meri galti thi, lekin aaj to tumhe meri baat sunni hi hogi( Jaan, I know I messed up but you have to listen to me) he whispered as he kissed her shoulders, her collar bone, and her cheeks. before he could devour her lips and she would not be able to control herself, she pushed him, the door opened to 21 and she almost slipped away until Maan held her again. 
G; Maan, you know I hate when you think like that, like... like a...overpossesive MORON!
M; you called me a MORON????!! 
G; YESS! HAPPY! you are not Maan singh khurana but MORON SEXY KHURANA! 
Maan almost said something but he stopped and smirked.. Geet you look quite sexy yourself when you are agry.. and before she could say anything, he picked her up like a sack on his shoulder and went towards their honymoon suite.

G: Maan leave me!! while punching his back as he held her legs firmly. He dropped her on the bed and went to lock the door. MA... she was speechless as she looked around the room.. 

The whole room was decorated with roses and orchids, and candles were lit everywhere. She loved the interior. it gave a feeling of being under water with the ocean wallpaper.The illusion of being under water created known ripples inside her body, she knew that Maan knew how much she loved water. She was happy inside with the surprise but deep down, she knew she cant give in that easily. She looked to her right and she saw almost 10 shopping bags on the floor by the pool. 

She was curious but chose to be mad at her charming devil. Maan was standing right next to her without any shirt on with his hands folded on his chest with his famous rather killing smirk.. 
M: so you called me MORON sexy Khurana huh? 
G; I meant the MORON part.. she blurted out as she started getting up.. Maan leaned in to her and prisoned her again with his lean biceps.. he whispered.. you dont think I am sexy.. huh Jaann.?. he emphazised the last part.. she was quite but a smile appeared on her lips.. he further leaned in and now they were both on the bed with Maan kissing her and torturing her senses again. Geet protested but Maan pinned her hands on either side.. 
G: Maan.. I only wore a dress.. why did you say what you did? 
M: I am sorry Geet.. I know I am a little possesive when it comes to you but even the idea of you being with someone else bothers me.. and I saw how to shopkeeper was flirting with you at the mall today! 
G; I knew you were stalking me! and by the way.. when you dissappeared somewhere.. we went in the back of the store and he kissed my hand.. ohhh how I loved it! 
Maan's anger knew no bound.. GEET! He kissed you! only I have that right! HOW DARE HE??? 
G: Maan, he wanted to know if I knew you and if I could set you up with me.. 
M: huh? 
G: he is GAY.. JAAN! He is from India and his name is Manisha.Wink. with that Geet started laughing. I think you should go out with him.. he is sooo cute!.. she said in the midst of her laugh.. LOL
M; I will get you for this, and he claimed her lips. He kissed her.. wanting her.. longing for her..he bit her lower lips a couple of times to tell the world that Geet's name can only be joined with Maan. She belongs to him and only him.. they stopped and looked at each other.. Geet I am really sorry.. 
G: you should know that I only LOVE you Jaan.. I can never even think about anyone else.. I belong to you mi amor ( my love).. waise bhi agar main yeh nahin karti to tum mujhe yahan nahin laate na? ( and by the way, if I didnt do this drama, you would have never brought me here) Embarrassed where did you dissapper to anyway? 
M; one minute Jaan, he went to the closet and took out a gift box from victoria secret Embarrassed and handed it to her... 
G; hawww, Maan, tum victoria secret gaye the? as she opened the gift.. she had an inkling of what it was.Embarrassed. she knew her devil was cooking up something naughty with that mein change kar ke aati hoon.. she got up but Maan held her.. 
M: Geet...Chodo na. ( leave it) ..tum mere samne change kar sakti ho.. mujhe koi problem nahi hai.. ( you can change in front of me, I have no problems! he said with a devilish smile Embarrassed.. MAAN! bohot besharam ho aap! JAANE do mujhe! ( you are shamelss, leave me) . 

M: ok, how about I tie a cloth around my eyes, and dim the lights and change. waise bhi, mere hote hue, tum takleef kyun kar rahi ho? ( with me here.. why are you bothering yourself) Embarrassed
G. no maan.. M: geet.. let me make up to you na... tonight is the night you will never forget.. I will love you until you plead me to stop.. 
G: I can never let you stop loving me.. but that will not happen.. but when we get back to India.. and Pinly gets married, and I have henna on my hands.. you can change me into whatever you want. she winked Wink and kissed his lips and ran to the bathroom and came out in this.,r:7,s:310&biw=1024&bih=677

Maan was speechless... how could someone look so stunning? GEET! you will kill me today! Geet blushed and hugged him.. 
M: uh uh uh.. you are not hiding within me.. Embarrassed he held her chin and kissed her eyes and almost kissed her lips when she said.. 
"love me like you have never loved me before MAAN! .. Embarrassed be the devil that you are Embarrassed

Precap; she was breathing heavily.. and he kissed her.. ahh MAAN! I LOVE you soo much!! I LOVE you too JAAN! 
another precap: what is in those bags Maan? I bought you some things when we in the mall.. can we focus on what we are engaged in right now?.. sorry Jaan..replied Geet as she kissed his chiseled chest.. 

I know.. I stopped in the middle.. please dont hate me or throw sade tamaters at me...Smile I will update soon, in the meantime.. I want lots of comments!!! and please also press the like button!! 
also I have not edited the update...plz ignore the mistakes :) 


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lovely update, please continue soon and thanks for translating.

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love it love it
cont soonnn
thanks 4 pm

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wonderful update...thanks 4 da pm! Update soon
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Hi everyone, 
sry for the later update, I have been super busy with school and work. So without further adieu, here is the next part 

Part 9: 

Maan was speechless... how could someone look so stunning? GEET! you will kill me today! Geet blushed and hugged him.. 
M: uh uh uh.. you are not hiding within me.. Embarrassed he held her chin and kissed her eyes and almost kissed her lips when she said.. 
"love me like you have never loved me before MAAN! .. Embarrassed be the devil that you are Embarrassed

Maan lost all his composure when Geet uttered those words, after all how could he not listen to his soniyo! He pinned her to the wall and kissed her senseless. Her lips were like a drug to him, driving him to ecstasy, they were like a fountain of water for starved nomad. He was thirsty to drink in her love, in his passion, to make her his till his last breath. Geet loved when he kissed her with such passion and assertiveness. She matched his eagerness with the same fervor. 
    they both stopped for a second to breath when Maan pulled Geet's hair and she moaned in pleasure, her head was arched backwards and she felt  gentle yet aggressive kisses on her neck and collarbone. Maan kissed her neck, collarbone, her cute jawline and slowly came back to her cheeks. He looked at her with yearning eyes. Geet had her eyes closed and opened them when she felt Maan was staring at her with outmost love. She couldnt take his gaze anymore and kissed him all over his face while repeating 'I love you" with every gentle kiss. Maan was heavily aroused with her sensual torture on his face but her hands on his bare back and chiseled chest was wreaking havoc everywhere else on his body. Her nails were scratching his bare body sending tremors through his sensitive areas. He lost all control when she kissed him close to his lips and started traveling down to his adam's apple and scooped her up and laid her on the bed. He hovered on top of her and kissed her collarbone, bit her shoulder, neck, and everywhere his lips could find skin. "maaan" moaned geet with the immense pleasurable pain she was going through as even his bites heightened her arousal. 
'MAAAN" please stop teasing me, she moaned as she clenched the sheets. She pulled his hair and brought him close to her face. "Maan", love me like you have love before. I want you now, she whispered in his ears while breathing heavily. Embarrassed

That was it, they were both bare in no time and Maan entered her aggressively. Their bodies were dancing on the rhythm of love, like two souls meeting after a long sabbatical. 
"Jaan, your are beautiful" murmered Maan in the curve of Geet's neck. She was heaving heavily and clutching his back, as if holding onto her life-her Maan.  He kissed her everywhere he bit her earlier. ahhh MAAN! ohh I LOVE YOU SO MUCH! Embarrassed

Maan paused, frozen for a moment against the mocking sky above her then moaned in an ecstasy of whimsy love and moved with her ' I LOVE YOU TOO SONIYOEmbarrassed'

Hanging onto her dear life and thrilled by the ride, she arched her back, shuddering against the heat of his body, the night-wind's touch felt cool and electric on their bare flesh. Trembling and moaning, she melted against the bed. Her legs were wrapped around his body like an accordion creating magical sensations on his bare back. She let her head roll to the side and languidly opened her eyes, she noticed the shopping bags on the side. 
"what is in those bags Maan? I bought you some things when we in the mall, But Ma... can we focus on what we are engaged in right now?Embarrassed.LOL. sorry Jaan..replied Geet as she kissed his chiseled chest, she whispered, you are in such a hurry Maan Embarrassed. He smirked against her lips and teased her by brushing his firm lips against her soft rosy ones. Geet was teased enough so she bit his shoulder and neck while he moaned in pleasure. Both panted after reaching the epitome of pleasing each other and slept in each other's arms content and thoroughly rewarded by loving each other. 

Geet's back was facing maan while was engulfed in his protective arms, both were smiling while dreaming about their life together. 

Next morning, Maan woke up first to see his life cuddled into him. he smiled and kissed her luscious lips and went to freshen up. He came back within a couple of minutes and laid next to her wearing only cargo shorts and his bare chiseled chest. Geet woke up from a blissful dream to find her sexy soniyo sleeping next to her with a lopsided grin on his face. 
g: he is not sleeping. I know he is teasing me with his enchanting cologne and sexy smile Embarrassed ill show him. She woke up, wore Maan's white shirt and went to freshen up and came back to lie down next to him again. 
Maan came close to her and cuddled against her, he put his legs on her and kissed her cheeks Embarrassed
Geet who was half asleep whispered. Maan, you are so shameless, you teased me, mujhe tang kiya, and didnt let me sleep at all last night, and you have started again? let me sleep! 
Maan: waise madam, I was not the one who teased you, you wanna see all the bitemarks that you left on my hot body, he whispered with a wicked smile by her ear. 

She woke up and sat on the bed and clutched on to the sheets and looked at him wideeyed LOL "lets not talk about bitemarks Mr. DUsht Danav! you really are a monster, Look at all these love Bites! she opened the top two buttons and showed him her next and collarbone which showed scattered marks of his intense longing for her. 

Maan smirked and grabbed her hair and pulled her towards him and whispered by her lips, Jaan you really tempting me to kiss all of them and then you know what happens next Wink saying so, he pushed her towards the bed and kissed her aggresively! Embarrassed

'MAAN chodo mujhe ( maan leave me!).. I am so upset, I was gonna wear a sexy dress today but I can;t all thanks to you DANAV! 

YOu are right geet! I was gonna wear these shorts with a vest only and go sighseeing and then tonight wear the same when we leave for italy but then girls will see how my wife tortures me! 

I am going to kill you if women look at you!! LOL Soniyo! you belong to me! 
I am always yours geet! and you will be mine forever! they hugged! 
lets go and see who else was tortured by their wives geet! 


last part coming soon! 

not many people are commenting! AISHA is really sad and upset! I wont write after this os is finished as I feel like no one likes my updates...CryCryCryCryCryCryCryCry

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