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Jenny's Gallery#13: JW/AN/DE/IN/Leo-Katepg 146 (Page 70)

JennyPenny IF-Addictz

Joined: 03 July 2005
Posts: 90751

Posted: 03 April 2011 at 6:28pm | IP Logged
^ Thanks Binu. Yup, that's his kids. Sara and Arjun.:)

JennyPenny IF-Addictz

Joined: 03 July 2005
Posts: 90751

Posted: 03 April 2011 at 6:33pm | IP Logged
SO random, but I love this song from Faltu. It's been playing on the tv all day long.

I need a break from CHAK DE INDIA man. Been listening like crazy.

Oh god. the feeling still HAS not sink in yet.. did April 2, 2011 really happen?

Ahh, well, I also want to thank three teams for playing really well. Aussies - jokes apart, but i remember biting my nails when we were playing them. and as ICC 2015 said correctly, the cricket's toughest backyard indeed/ Thank you Aussies for playing your game well.

Contary to popular belief, I don't hate Pakistan Cricket Team. Whatevr there is, past issues and all, I think they were outstanding in this world cup. I have seen serveral of there matches including the famous Aussies won.. GOOD JOB.

SRI LANKA: Okay. I had a feeling we were gonna cream them and I wanted us to do that after reading something about their team and at the same time, it was just all about the WC, but I bow down to this team. Superb bowling and batting as well that's why I made a sig on them, because they are superb.. I AM a huge fan of Kumar Sangara. Man, he was so humble and so amazing that he's earned himself a new fan from me.. Like you are so down to earth man.. and every person in SRI LANKA gave a real fight./

Cricket is only amazing when it's a nail biting performance and trust me, these three games were.

Just cause you lost does not make you not a winner. It is these defeats that make you a winner in a true sense..

wow, that was long.. hehehe... 

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notfadedaway IF-Addictz

Joined: 11 May 2006
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Posted: 03 April 2011 at 6:43pm | IP Logged
heyy jenny ;)
Well said, I hate to see hatred over the INDIAvsPAK match ;( Pak played awesome (:
India deserved the world cup becus they played awesome :)
I loveee the interaction between Afridi&Sachin. I love Sachin. He is such an humble man.
I love both of this kids. Sara is soo prettyyy :) LOL! but honestly, both teams played very well.
India's fielding is AWESOME! and batting is very good. They need to work on their balling. We suck at fielding & kinda batting! ;( haha. Our balling is pretty good. We are known for our balling!
Dhonii was awwesome! :D I felt sad for Gambhir becus he was about to get a century...he needed only 3 more runs ;( its suckkss! 
Overalll, India deserved it :D they worked hard and when it comes to cricket, they are very organized & clever :)
LOVE the crick siggs as always :DD
Congoo to yoouu!
Pimp IF-Rockerz

Joined: 24 March 2010
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Posted: 03 April 2011 at 6:55pm | IP Logged

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JennyPenny IF-Addictz

Joined: 03 July 2005
Posts: 90751

Posted: 03 April 2011 at 10:36pm | IP Logged
Originally posted by indiandoll89

This update is amazing Jenny. Amazing is too small a word to explain how great they are. The stuff you said before the sigs, all the text you've used and the fact that I'm still listening to patriotic songs, I'm an emotional mess right now Embarrassed But these sigs are great! Big smile Definitely gonna use one soon! Big smile

Thank you so much Meera.:) My mom was like I witnessed two WC. I was like ahh, this is just a great feelings/
I am still reeling from the shock and keep watching the match.. Ahh, we are winners!

Originally posted by sweet.melody

ahhhh the sigs!!! love each and every one of them so much. 

and completely agree about our Team respecting the game that is cricket. We don't have bias based on only praising our own team, if someone if truly a legend in cricket, our team will praise them. Our team is so very humble. No matter how much all previous captains of other teams were talking against India, no matter what all those people were saying that Team India only looks good on paper, not on performance. They proved them all wrong, with their actions. I love how our team isn't one to talk big, they DO big!!! 

about the parents always reminiscing back to the 1983 match, same here! They talk about it.. and they always talk to highly about it. But that same feeling they have when talking about that match doesn't come till you experience a winning world cup of your own. I know, I know fully that this world cup is something I will be talking about for a long time. So so proud to be an Indian. If I ever get an opportunity to pick, I would beg to be Indian every time! and that's not due to win, that's cause of what India and Indians stand for, the kind of people we are. our culture.. everything. So proud!

I especially love that newspaper sig. Just amazing!

Someone give me tickets to Mumbai right now pleaseeeee!! I so wish I was there..

Thank you so so much Shilpa!! I know man.. I seriously feel so proud of our team. and I love Dhoni as the captain. From the start of the WC.he never said we are gonna so win. He said that we will try our best.. I love this guy!

I am just so proud of our team. Yup, not only on paper. It's for real.. Ahhh. I wish I was in Mumbai too and joining the celebrations!!

Originally posted by --Naina--

Fab Update ! Specially these two siggies ! Amazing !

Thank you so much hun. I am so glad you liked them:)

Originally posted by kashkasukajenn

beautiful siggies jen amazing update bleeding blue love sachin and dhoni and of course rest of the team are amazing  :) India rocked man and ur siggies captured every amazing momment jenny thank u soo much for this beautiful work I wish gambir made a century but his runs are gold :) love u team india love u jenny 

Thank you thank you so much hun. Yes, I swear, why did he get out? It would have been epic for him!

Originally posted by -Aish129-

Jens I can't explain what I felt this morning having gotten up and finding out that yes, it is actually ours, and no it's not a dream. I didn't watch the match and, I do regret it. I can say that for sure. But was watching the news channel this morning. And yes. I did cry. It's definitely one of those proud moments for me as an INDIAN. I can't even BEGIN to imagine what it must be like for them, their faces, and the pictures alone just say so so so much. And the second time after that I cried again. Now. Right now. God knows for the how many-eth time. But Im feeling proud. For the first time I felt the energy, the excitement and just the wave running through me all night. I don't even know how I got to sleep, but I did. Praying. Thank YOU for all that you have done for me this WC season. it's just another way to show how proud I am of our Indian TEAM.
I don't know where I'm going with this, but too emotionally mucked up to think right :) I can't say much about the sigs. Except that they are beautiful. Ad what I like most - they express the mix of emotions so damn well. I love your work. Hands down.
I feel like I will use a lot of these. When I get myself together :)

Awww. Aish. This is so so sweet. I am so touched to have made this difference in your life.. and I am so glad you kept the spirit in WC. Your sigs are outstanding and I look forward to more from you.. 

I am so damn emotional too,, esp after reading that article about sach and his fan and in general all the blogs. makes me feel so proud as Indian. I am just touched right now. by your words and our win.

Originally posted by :.Roshni.:

OMG Jennyyyy!!!
I was jus waitingggg for ur update after the most terrific win everrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrBig smile
What a match!!!! The most cherished moment of evry indianBig smile

And your update!! I want to use each and every signature!!! Each and every siggie out there is so so sooo beautiful!!!!! A terrific update! 

Have you made any avis??


Thank you so much Rosh.. Seriously, it's an amazing feeling because it's something we will able to connect like the people of 1983.  
Nope sorry, haeven't made an avi's. My avis suck,Embarrassed

Originally posted by anwaya

hwy jenny u knw wht i LOVED abt ur this update? its GARYYYYYYYYYYYYYYY!

i mean he is such a gr8 man n if he dis-continues this coach contract tht will be our loss, thr wont be nay garry after this! 

he is A-mazing!

I so agree with you Ani yaar.. Gary .. will always be our real hero. He took our team and shaped them into champions man!

Love him. I seriously wanna believe Yuvi and hopefully Gary stays. He deserves all accolades man!

Originally posted by -x-Reshu-x-

awesome sigs JennyClapClap

for now i m using Kirsten oneEmbarrassed i want to thank this guy from bottom of my heart who worked so hard for our team and brought that positivity which lead them to win this cupClap

Thnaks so much Reshu. Yes, Gary is the true hero. Viru said nah, He told them they will be the ones winning the cup. Please Gary, stay nah! 1.2 billion people should pray that gary stays.

Originally posted by -Arjunlicious-

OMG Jenz the Update is trully one of urrr most amazing update!<333

Thanks so much Sam:) I don't know if I could even go beyond this update, it's one of my favorites. Might haev a creative block soon.

Originally posted by mjht_one

thanx for the pm
yaar i loved everysinglr sig....saved them nd going to make a slideshow of them nd then use them as my sig....thank  so much for such lovely word nd creations
proud to be an indian
vandae matram

Thank you so so much hun!!! Proud to be an Indian with a bIG BLUE heart<3 Seriously, Maa Tujhe Salaam was the perfect song to hit in the end<33

Originally posted by sidsk

Absolutely brilliant sigs Jenny! You have captured the happiness, glory and excitement really well!

Thank you so much Sidra:)

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JennyPenny IF-Addictz

Joined: 03 July 2005
Posts: 90751

Posted: 03 April 2011 at 10:56pm | IP Logged
Originally posted by .Lone_Persona.

Hey Jenny, I've been fan of your work and have always visited your gallery as a silent member. But I had to post this here. The cricket stuff is just WOW. I mean I really don't know what else to say cuz your work has left me speechless like the Indian Team did, yesterday.
It was such a proud moment for me seeing the Men in Blue creating history. They did it and we are proud of them. It was pure team effort. Each and every member of the team and also behind the scene contributed equally to repeat the history but have to mention 4 people - Dhoni, Gary, Gambhir and Yuvi. These four people brought out the best in them!! So proud of them!!
Again, gorgoeous work, Jenny
I absolute adore it!!
PS: Using Yuvi sig :)
x x

Thank you so much hun.. Your comment is totally right. Hate us, love us but we cannot be hidden and that's what India said on sat.. We are the real champions man. We def proved to some people * cough cough* that India is the real star here. and move away. 2011 is so our year.

Proud of Gary man. He def brought this change on. Yuvi back to form and to think he was gonna be off the team.

Gauti  -- so proud of him. I mean I must have cursed him so much before for always losing his wickets, but proud of him.

Dhoni - mr. Cool. Love this mann!!! and I think every player barring Shree, cause I just don't want to say something ba din such time, deserves praise!!
Thank you so much for  using the Yuvi sig:) Means a lot:)

Originally posted by Parachute.

Personal success and hapiness on one side.. and the feeling of watching your country be world champions on another level all together. I had tears of happiness along with the team. Thankyou team India for giving the nation something they will cherish for all their life and beyond :) Beautiful sigs Jen, gonna use some :)

I agree with you. I loved what Sach said today. He was like personal records would be amazing even it was not a WC. The fact that India brought home the cup was just something else.. I agree with you. Thank you team India for being our new inspiration! We cannot thank you enough!

Originally posted by sidma_love

Eeeeeeeeeeekkksss I love love love this update <333
Love each & every one of them soooooooooooo much <333 

I agree wid each & every word u ve said b4 the update Smile







^ ^ Moments that r etched in my memories forever EmbarrassedEmbarrassedEmbarrassed


^ ^ this is the thing I love most abt our team Embarrassed



^ ^ Guru Gary
The best coach India ever got
I wish he can stay as team's coach
He led our team to win dis cup Embarrassed


^ ^ I love love love this sig <333



^ ^ Gauti Embarrassed
The way he controlled the innings & his partnership wid Virat & Dhoni was just BRILLIANT 


^ ^ Captain Coolllllll Cool
What an innings by dis man 
Pressure match & What a performance 

Gauti & Dhoni r BIG match players Big smile 


^ ^ GOD tussi great ho Embarrassed
I am blessed to b born in GOD SACHIN's era Embarrassed


^ ^ Aww Happy Family Embarrassed


Just look at the innocent smile on his face
Ahhhhh I can't express dis feeling in wordsEmbarrassed



^ ^ Aww Yuvi 
I had tears in my eyes seeing Yuvi , Bhajuuu , Sachin , Dhoni & Sehwag in tears
It was a beautiful moment , a moment which i'll remember foreverEmbarrassed


^ ^ Except the toss they played really well & gave us a tough fight
Thank u SL for being a great opponent Smile

Love uuuuuuuuuu Team INDIA <333
You made allllllllllll of us proud & we r proud of uuuuuuuuuu Embarrassed

PROUD to b an INDIAN Big smile 

Still bleeding blueeeee Cool

Thank you so much hun! Yup, gonna be bleeding blue for a while.Might not change my sig box for a LONG time.. This thrill and this gift from team India is such a historical moment and such amazement that, I will be bleeding blue for a LONG time!

Yes, SL was really well. They so cheated in the toss, but hey. it's okay.. WE won! and broke this whole myth of losing if you don't bat first!!

Originally posted by Shona93

Awsumest update!! i love love love it!!!! We WIN! Congrats to every Indian out here! Party

Thank you so muchh!!! Yes, BLEED BLUE baby! Blue hearts are so special! I watch Phir Bhi Dil Hai Hindustani today and got all tearyed.Cry LOVE the country & the sprit!

Originally posted by -Untamed-

Amazing siggies Jenny :))
Such an emotional & beautiful moment for us Indians Embarrassed

Thank you so much hun for using 5 of my sigs. It's more beautiful for me, because of that:) This is the most proudest moment we can ever get. After 28 years, our wishes, and that gold trophy is here to STAY!!

Originally posted by shona.

LOVE the update...still cant get over the fact that we won!!
words fail me to say anything else
Keep Bleeding BLUE!!

Thank you so muchhh!! I know.. I am STILL reeling from shockk.. and yes, BLEED BLUE baby.. Bleed BLUE & sport BLUE always!!

Originally posted by sv003

awesome update jenny...Embarrassed
i loved all ur siggies of india winning the WC 2011.....Embarrassed
plz PM me wen u do the update nxt time......
plz... its a request.... can u make a siggy for me... ?
i want u to make a siggy of dhoni...where is wearing a sleeveless jersy while talkin to ravi shastri?

Thank you so much hun! I will try to make a sig of that pic, though I don't have that pic. If you have that pic, please PM away.

Originally posted by kriti_binal

Wow Jenny!!!! I m actually Speechless!!!! You Are Simply Magnificent!!!! I wish we had a 'Love' Button!!!! All the Sigs are Spectacular Loved all of them!!!! I actually re lived Our Winning moments again!!! Simply Stupendous!!!! Incredibly AWESOME PIECE OF WORK!!! U Are the BEST Clap Clap Clap

Thank you thank you so muchhh!! Awww. How sweet! I love watchinng this match. Gonna save it on a CD and then when we get old, show it to our kids! This was an epic moment!

Thank you so much hun. Your words truly give me a high!

Originally posted by -naina-

oh my my wat an update....
reservedBig smile

Thank you hun:)

@ Ravs: Still reserved? but thank you for the likeEmbarrassed and same goes for Yams, did you two forget??

@ Anku: also on the reserved mode? I guess words fail you but thank you for using those sigs. that;s something that means that you liked them so you are using them!

Originally posted by Kritz08

 Wow wow wow....what an updateClapClapClap
We are the championsPartyI'm still dancing
Congrats team India....u made ur proud!!!

YES. Team IndiaParty You showed us that it's only fighters that win and we are so so proud of you!!!

Thank you so much hun for liking my work:)

Originally posted by JanakiRaghunath

WOW Jen, LOVE this one, using!

Thanks SO much Janu:) Means a lot to me;)

Originally posted by luv_wacko

aahhhhhhhhhhhhh d WC siggs..god im reliving deja vu!
jen its os hard to choose between dese ..beautiful n proud dis moment is!
love dis one
awesome work jen!

Thank you so much hun:) I am so glad you liked the sigs. 


Originally posted by wida

love thee sigs
omgg im all emotional again  heheh
andd agree sri lanka gave though competition and thas so amazingg
cause you can see how much effort india put to winn..
you could see itt

Wids, I can never forget this WC. Not only was it memorable and we had such blast updating!!

4's and 6's got amazing likes and we had all the people on shock when they were runs out and all.:)

Thank you so much for liking my work:) I got emotional too to see them chase it and India -f irst to win on home soil!!

Originally posted by AngelTeen

Lovely sigs!

Jeet gayye! Vande Mataram!! <3

PS - I am using your "Champions" sig as my wallpaper! :)

Thank you so much hun! I know.. we won.. It still feels like a dream.

Originally posted by ..-Kaju-..

All I can say is WOW! ShockedSeriously the most amazing update ever!
I LOVEE every single one of them..it's such a proud moment for Indians everywhere and your sigs reflect and show the Indian team spirit sooo well..the text on each and every sig is just amazinggg...seriously, a total fab watch and the match was def a fabulous one..the Sri Lankan cricket team kept all Indians at the edge of our seats, but in the end, thanks to some amazing play..WE WONNN! Big smileEmbarrassed
Fab job on all sigs..and I love them all..specially this one

I was soo impressed by his perfomance in the final..the text you used 'A hero is someone who can turn the loss into a win' totally amazing..and agree fully..he was amazing and so was Gautam..
Anyways, I still can't get over the fact they won..I feel so proud of them!Approve
-Kajal x

Thank you so much Kaju.. It still feels like a dream. I pinched myself so many times to think was this real? I am still reeling fromthe shock.

MS Dhoni. SO damn proud of you man. A hero. a captain. A new hope for India! I am so glad he batted 4 and Gary supported him!

He deserves much more credit tha anyone else!!

Originally posted by AbhayVakil_1992

Ahhhhh I LOVE them<3<3 Omggggg I have no words for how amazing the game was yesterday<3 Sri Lanka put up an big fight for that score..but India did it<3 After 28 years..the cup is finally India's<3 Such  an amazing game<3<3 They were amazing<3 LOVELY sigs hun<3 Just love how you captured all the amazing moments of the game into the sigs<3 Just beautfiul<3 LOVE the textures and the colouring<3 Beautiful<3 USing these two:)

Just beautiful hun<3 LOVE India<3
Keep rocking hun and cant wait to see more:)

Thank you so much Sneha:) Your comments truly mean a lot to me;)

It was such an epic moment. I am still reeling from it. Did we really win? This is no dream? nah?

Thank you for so much for uisng my stuff;)

Originally posted by -Skye-

Gorgouess creations!!!! Love all the Cricket stuff!! WE WONNNN!!!! =)

Thank you so muchhh!! YES we won! Man, we won!! is still something I am reeling from!!

Originally posted by cutelove1111

outstanding creations. i just love ur creations.
using them.

Thank you so much hun!!! 

Originally posted by vaish04

Jensssssssssss...AWESOMe update...LOVEEe the sgis :D

Vaishu.. LONG time!! Ahh, thank you thank you so muchhh!!!

Originally posted by utfracks

RESERVEDDDDDDD! OMG, this is so good Party



I still cannot believe we actually WON! I mean, India are the new champions now. Correction, we always were the champions, it just got officially proven yesterday ApproveCool

Dude, the Sachin sigs. MINDBLOWING. Absolutely LOVED them. This is completely dedicated to HIM. What an amazing Farewell gift He's got. I am SOOOOOOO HAPPYYYYYY!

Your sigs are just so freaking gorgeous. I have no words seriously. They make me so teary-eyed. (tears of joy!). After the long wait of 28 Years, we finally did it. I so knew it this WC is ours Party

And even though England started the game, India EXCELS in it. Approve

I am so proud of them!


Rahcu, thank you so so muchhh!!! Yes, India were always the champions. THEY just have a new tag on to them.

I really hope Sach does not quit. I cannot imagine Cricket without Sach! He was amazing in WC!

Thank you thank you so muchhh.. 28 years later, the cup is where it BELONGS!

I know England was the one that started, but from the start of WC, India kept making a point each time they played.. and in final, to SL: We are just too good. Try to defeat us!

PROUD is such a short word for them.. I am just overwhelemed by them!

Originally posted by mishti_17

Awesome update... Men in Blue rock..Party

Thank you so much Mishti! Yes, they rock!!

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JennyPenny IF-Addictz

Joined: 03 July 2005
Posts: 90751

Posted: 03 April 2011 at 11:04pm | IP Logged
Originally posted by _Ananya_

Jenz *hugs* :*
Such GORGEOUS sigz!! They all make me relive each and every moment of the match and rejoice at our victory.. So,so Proud of Team India and Proud to be Indian. I'm especially thrilled to hear of foreign media praising india and our champion team :D :D
Going back to the sigz, I looooove the pictures you've used and the texts <3 <3 Makes me swell with pride and patriotism just by looking at them.. Absolutely glorious and stunning update :)
I'm so glad you made sigz for Gary,he's truly the hidden hero who made this victory possible. I'm also glad that u made a sig for sri lanka, they truly put up a splendid performance yesterday and deserve a round of applause.
Anyway, STILL BLEEDING BLUE and at least for the next 4 years(I hope more), WORLD CUP HAMARA HAI!!
Lovelyyyyy update!!

ANUUUUU!! Anku kept giving me your updates as well. I am seriously so thrilled.. Watching CNN and Washington post praising India was just something else. So proud of OUR TEAM, Gary and everyone with Team India.

Thank you so so much for liking my work:) Truly means a lot to me:)

& yes, let's beat Aussies on their home ground.. VICTORY!! INDIA will always be a champion for me;) Love love them!!

Originally posted by mrs.MSK_GurTi

Jenny!! OMG! OMG!! I dunno what to say!! Ur sigs left me speechless && ur quotes brought tears in my eyes!! I can't tell you how much I lOve ur creations && how much I lOve my Indian team!! Proud to be an Indian!! Thank You so much Jenny fo making these AMAZING sigs!! using one of them! It was hard to choose but I chose one!! Loved ur creations gurl && hats off to your creativity!

Thank you so much Shilpa!! Your comments mean a lot to me;) and I swear, the team India left me in tears. I cried for 2 hours last night.

I was like, is this really for real? It's like we are in a dream within a dream:) Thank you so much for using them!

Originally posted by aa123.80

Oh god, FAB FAB stuff Jensie!!!! Just FAB/ I don't know what to use and what not!!!

Shit, can you still believe it? We've won it! I still can't! This seems SO unreal. Till yest, we were all thinking what'll happen, how will it go, and we'll win. But this feeling is SO different. It feels soo great, so proud.  I guess ths is the biggest day in any Indian's life. Seriously. 28 years later. 
I guess in the end, it was written in destiny for the cup to be Sachin's. God couldn't let his most precious son's wish go unfulfilled.

Oh my, I've totally deviated. Sorryyyy/ Anyways, back to the siggies, they're EPIC. I don't even have adjectives. Stunning work! 

Thank so much Ishu! Means a lot to me;) Yes, yest we were sitting and thinking, then the moment came, and we were so damn nervous when Sach and Sehwag got out and then, few moments later, it was declared we won. Cannot describe this feeling !!

I know, I love how you said that.. 1.2 billion prayers could not go unheard and add more people there as well. Almost 2 billion people prayed!

Originally posted by rima791

so agree on your match review!!!
theya re so so so good....truly unbelievable!!!! so many fab stufff...don't know what i will use soon...but i will use it soon!!
love your texts...might steal some!!
love how you made the tuvi one...its a fab none...he was so emotioanll..i was like aww!!

Thank so so much Rima! Yes, It's so unbeliable that we won.. I am still in shock;) and Yuvi was amaizng.

Did you hear what he said? I have not even cried this much during an exam failure.LOL

Originally posted by monty22

SPEECHLESS BABY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I DON"T KNOW WHAT TO SAY YOU !!!!! I CAN"T FIND WORDS !!!!!!!!!!!!Clap

BOW DOWN MYSELF!!!!!!!!!! Embarrassed



Thank you sooo sooo muchhh!! Ahh, this is so sweet of you MONTY! Love to youuuu!!!

Originally posted by subia-17

OMG jennyy its gorgeous!!!!

agreed with each word u said!!!

wadda moment 2 watch n experience!!! historic!!!

thank u GOD n thank u team INDIA!!!!


each siggie has every emotion attached 2 it!!! awesoem work!!! cant get words 2 describe!!!

surely d moment which will be always cherished by us!!!!

Thank you so much hun! yes, I am not that great with words, but I am glad the sigs showed that..

Thank you God for listening to every prayer we said. I msut have prayed like never before;) love to God and team India. thank you for giving us moment we will always cherish!

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JennyPenny IF-Addictz

Joined: 03 July 2005
Posts: 90751

Posted: 03 April 2011 at 11:10pm | IP Logged
Originally posted by Zaynoo2320

Okay, although I'm inactive, I HAD to come back to IF because I knew you were gonna update! AHHHH! WE WON! Even though I don't live in India, and live in the USA, the pride i've felt for USA, is NOTHING compared to the pride I feel about India winning the WC. This awesome WC 2011 will be etched in my memories forever! I still can't fathom the fact that we ACTUALLY WON IT. That we Indians ACTUALLY DID IT! And we wouldn't stop praying, and we kept on believing. I'm beyond proud, and thankful that I'm Indian. God listened to MORE than 1.2 billion people's prayers, and that itself also astounds me! Jai Ho & Vande Mataram! Heart Same here. I don't live in India either, but It was such a moment that I can never forget. Felt so proud wearing blue on Sat. Kissed my blue shirt like CRAZY man!

Now for the udpate; BEAUTIFUL, BEAUTIFUL sigs Jens! I think this has to be one of you all-time BEST updates! Forgetting the Tellyworld and just being Indian really stands out here!  Thank you so much Zaynooo!! Yes, seriously I also feel the same. It's like my heart just spilled it's emotions over this epic win!

Gautam Gambhir: I've actually fallen for the team all over again, especially Gautam. He was very calm as well, and did an OUTSTANDING job, he was a huge, huge, hugeeee pillar in winning. And he almost got a century, but it's completely okay, because we KNOW he has the ability to get a century, so sure next time! I was crying when he got out! :'( && he's really cute... <3 I'm deffo gonna use this one! Btw, thanks for making sigs on him, haha! I had to make sigs on this guy. Seriously, he was OUTSTANDING . I must have cursed him as he always threw his wicket away, but on Sat. He was there exactly when we needed him!

SACHIN! : I'm gonna miss Sachin so, so, soooooooooooooo much. Cricket is NOTHING without him! The entire time, even through watching the semi-finals, I was thinking, "Is Sachin's dream gonna come true?" I was so worried that it wouldn't, BUT IT DID, and I'm so happy that he had his wish fulfilled. And the quote just makes you want to cry because of how much he has done for the Indian Cricket Team! Love this one Jens! I cannot imagine Cricket or Team India without sach. I am just like sach, don't play WC, but damn it, don't quit on us.. U just have to always remain with us. I love Virat for saying that! His first WC. and a epic win for India .. MAN!! Thank you so muchhhh!!

this is so creative! Makes me want to swell with pride even more, even after looking at the newspapers, the fact the we won is STILL taking time to sink in! GOD BLESS INDIA! <3 Totally. One of the best moments was my American friends calling up and saying India won and I was like how did you know? and they are like it's in Washington post? I was like OMG. this is OUR MOMENT!!!

And this is PRICELESS. This picture is etched in my mind&heart, I CAN FEEL IT. Look at their big wide smiles! ;) They deserved it! WE definitely fought like tigers, and won like champions! Beautiful, beautiful sig! Thank you so much! Seriously, our team deserves so much praise.. Fielded well, bowling was well - Zac, Yuviiiii!! and OUTSTANDING Batting by our crew. Showed it that it's okay if we lost our two gems, U still cannot beat us!!

I'm so proud of our team, TRUE sportsmanship is definitely seen here, and I LOVE THEM FOR IT! <3 Looooove this sig Jens! I'm really running out of words, sorry buddy! :P It's okay Zaynoo. This moment made me so proud.. The loudest cheer came from our team. They were so happy for him! and of course, SL clapped as well so it was a great!

THE ULTIMATE moment, the best, couldn't have asked for a better hit by Dhoni! Seeing his face RIGHT after he made that chakka, you could tell that he knew he had it in himself that he could make that shot, and I'm so proud of him! He's an amazing, amazing captain! I loooove Mr. Cool. <3 Hismoment was amazing. Normally a person screams, but he was so fixed on the shot like it was a 6 nah? and the way his eyes reflect that yes, we won was amazing<3

And lastly, this sig is wonderful, thank you SO MUCH GARY! 

Sorry for the long rant, my Indian pride kinda just spilled my heart out here, haha! LOOOOOOVE the update girl! And love you, haha! <3

Thanks so much Zaynoo for such a long comment. U made me go back to those moments I etched in the sxigs! Seriously, my Indian pride is taking me somewhere as well. Just soo touched by your comments and the moments, have tears in my eyes now!

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