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Kill MSK - Bring Vicky :-) (Page 13)

_Invincible_ IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 17 March 2011 at 1:47pm | IP Logged
Originally posted by Geekgod

To add another dimension to this saga, lemme introduce Champa the horseyROFL
MSK to Champa

The beautiful glistening skin
Its so white,you can see the sheen

The glossy, thick hair
So long and fair

The sweet, seductive shape
makes me scream like an ape

That tossing of your mane
Its driving me insane

Are you playing hard to get,miss
Come here Champa, give us a kissROFL

Non-Devils.........just kidding, remember the shoes


Everytime I looking to ur eyes
I see my paradise
These stars are shining were up in the sky
Painting world of desire
You are the one I wating for
Everytime I looking to ur eyes
I see my paradise
These stars are shining were up in the sky
Painting world of desireLOLLOLLOLLOLLOLLOLLOL


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Taiyo IF-Stunnerz

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Originally posted by 49erFan

Heres the thing guys...I just found a "WOH" he said Vicky had a sex change and is now Anne!
Bhaago!  I see a talwaar after me! ROFL

AngryAngryAngry  Geetu ... tussi taking the name of NES in this Pavitra like Ganges thread... how could you ... AngryAngryAngry Danda on you and sword will follow soon LOLLOLLOL

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Amiiish IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 17 March 2011 at 1:47pm | IP Logged
Originally posted by kuls11

Originally posted by Amiiish

For saying MSK is a bore
Many phangirls heart will go sore
Pls bring a change
cuz we need variation in wide rangeLOL oh this sucks


I am very very hurt........
you treat THE  MSK like dirt..........

Now see tears on rolls
with Kills MSK your new goalLOL

omg kulsLOL

no one treats him like dirt
but moslty ppl wants to see him without shirtLOL
dont cry my sweety
next time I will write something meatyLOL 

kuls my rhyming sucks nowdaysOuchLOL

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maneet_forever9 IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 17 March 2011 at 1:47pm | IP Logged
Originally posted by an12345678

maneet_forever9: Point is ... are you enjoying? If yes: It's the biggest joke ... if you are taking it seriously, it's not ... Depends on how you see it ...

the answer to your question is no Smile.... but if yall are joking then its okay (i dont like to joke when it comes to MSK or GEET) ...  i just didnt want another fight to start on GF Big smile thats why i was wondering if yall were joking or not Big smile

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SecretKhabri420 IF-Addictz

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Posted: 17 March 2011 at 1:47pm | IP Logged

@Dakku: Vicky is 10 years bachcha, What do u want from him? ROFL

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Poli.Geek IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 17 March 2011 at 1:47pm | IP Logged
Vicky talks going on and no one thought of letting me know....Angry

Anyhoo.....Daaku I am totally with you...Thumbs Up

Let me remind you all what I had to say months ago....

Vicky Babu...hum kab seh tumhara intezar kar rahe hain...abh toh aaja...

Okay we all know why we are here- to celebrate a character whom we haven't even seen yet, but are crazy about.ROFL ROFL  Polki doesn't care what you all think but today Daaku's and Polki's opinion are paramount, so our opinions today are your opinions today.  Tomorrow you can go back to thinking for yourself... LOL

But those are the realities of life..Polki is super psyched to talk about all things Vicky...Polki's ownVIRILE Vicky who is not SICKY but really LICKY ROFL ROFL ROFL (The last adjective was provided by my sister)

For once Polki has decided to have a really mature post about all actually fell for that.  ROFL ROFL

Well before you all read who my Vicky is?  We bring to you for your manoranjan some Anmol Motis created just for your viewing pleasure. Wink

Come on you really didn't think that with Daadku and Polki opening the den GEEKY wouldn't 
be mentioned...LOL LOL

And the story continues....

See Dulhan Vicky lejayega...ha woh lejayega...aur Maan dekhta rehjayega...ROFL ROFL ROFL

There maybe more posted, so keep on checking.

Told you all there was more coming your way...this Video is the fruit of my Poti's (Sigma's) hard work....Poti, you make Daadi proud everyday.Clap

In case you all are wondering who the winner is Aditya Redij

Now Polki's take.  Yes, I actually wrote a you better read it.  Varna Angry

Where is he? Shocked 

The sibling that everyone wants to see, (kaha ho tum Vicky meeri jaanErmm) he is the one who couldn't handle being home and decided to leave.Cry  He seems like an illusion at times, we wonder if we actually heard that there was another male Khurana sibling or were we exercising our over active imaginations and making him up.LOL  He was introduced to us through the plea of a Grandmother, who only wanted all her grandsons to be with her and nothing else.  We were never really told more about him, hell we don't even know what his real name is- is it Vikram, Vikrant, Vireen, Vikas or something completely out of this world.Confused  Initially it was believed that he was supposed to be the balance of the two extremes; Maan: angry, serious and aloof Sleepyand Dev:  Cassinova, irresponsible and spinelessPinch; but truth be told we never got to see this balance,Angry it would have brought a refreshing aspect to the show.Embarrassed


However, it seemed that the Creative minds behind the show were hell bound on bringing in a female character and decided to give Vicky a sex changeROFL ROFL ROFLand bring him as Annie, the non-existing sister. Dead You cannot expect the viewers to forget all about a character that was apparently being sought by Maan and his security guards to leave the viewer's memories. Angry We refuse to forget him and accept Annie.  It is time for him to enter and bring about some refreshing twists. Thumbs Up


This actually existing sibling will hopefully arrive soon with his smooth, suave and intelligent personaWink for people to forget all about Maan Singh Khurana and embrace Vicky Singh Khurana. Clap I am not saying that he is going to take Maan's place but Maneet need a family member who doesn't make us sickOuch, or is a revolting human beingSleepy or is so confused that they don't know right from wrongThumbs Down.  It is time for a sibling who will support Maneet instead of knowingly or unknowingly bringing them pain. Star


Although just a viewer, be it one with a strong opinion about Vicky,Tongue I hope that my Vicky is so endearing and dreamyDay Dreaming that you all will want to see him on screen before the wedding ends.Dancing  The reason for his absence, what he was doing while he was gone and why he returned needs to be explained and if done correctly will bring in the TRPs required. Big smile Remember for TRPs you need quality and quantity, a well created character will ensure these two Qs.Thumbs Up


Be prepared for Polki's Vicky to make an appearance now, I hope you all enjoy what I have envisioned him as.Embarrassed

Who is Vicky?  

Vicky is Daadi's daughter's son; his mother passed away during child birthCry and he grows up in the Khurana house as a Khurana.  He dropped his father's name when he turned 18 as his father had never been in his lifeThumbs Up.  He considers Maan, Dev and Annie his brothers and sister. Smile He is older than Dev (not by much, maybe a few days) and younger than Maan. Since he had lost both his parents he was always pampered.Tongue  Hence people may mistake him to be the youngest Khurana brother. Since the brothers are all close in age and very much older than Annie, I am not going to write about his interaction with her.  All you need to know is he loves her and cares for her.  (Yes, I can't believe I am writing that he loves SICKYDead, but now that she is here, we have to deal with her) His role was that of peace maker while growing up and that role stuck with him even when they all got older.Clap  He is the one who always get in between Maan and Dev when anything major needs to be resolved. He is a great dresser and as a good looking guy, girls are always after him (Koi Shak?ROFLROFLROFL), however he is not a womanizer.  He is a one woman man ("one woman at a time" Man), he knows his priorities and knows when it is time for fun and when it is time to get to business.


Why did Vicky leave?

Why must we always assume that Vicky left due to the fight between Maan and Dev.? Ouch Polki's Vicky left because he wanted to create his own destiny and not let his life be dictated by the Khurana name. Big smile His family was not happy that he wanted to leave and did not support his decisionThumbs Down, which is why he left without actually letting anyone know where he was headed. He was determined to only return when he had succeededClap. He wasn't sure if he wanted financial success or spiritual success so he decided to explore both.Big smile


Where is he today? 

Vicky first backpacked through India visiting spiritual places and meeting people from everywhere, he was a nomad, and he never stayed in one place more than a night, he was impossible to track as he himself never knew where he was heading.  (See there seems to be someone smarter than Munda ROFL ROFL ROFL) He was a little paranoid (seems to have something is common with Munda Shocked ROFL) that his brother was probably looking for him, but after months of living in fear of being dragged back home and realizing that nothing had happened, Vicky relaxed and started to find himself in earnest.  He figured he was not that interested in money which he decided was probably due to the fact that he never had to struggle for it, so he decided to work for his money and live only with what he earned.Star  After struggling for almost a year in different jobs today he has managed to get a position as a Head Lawyer in the legal department of an international company in Bangalore.  (I forgot to mention earlier that he as a lawyer by profession)  He is proud of his success and has no interest in going back home.  


What is going to make Vicky come back?

As he sits reading the early papers, his attention is caught by the headline, "Khurana Marries his love." Knowing that Dev is already married, he is certain that Maan is finally marrying and continues reading the article. Big smile He finds out about Dev and his crimes.  ShockedHe finds out that Dev's ex-wife has been going to the newspapers blaming Maan for her and Dev's crimes, saying that if Maan had only financially supported his brother when he needed the money they wouldn't have had to cheat an innocent girl.Confused  Angered by NT's accusationsAngry and also guilt ridden he decides to return to Delhi.Disapprove  Guilty, but why?  Well because Vicky left before Maan kicked our Dev and Vicky feels that if he had been there he would have brought peace between the brothers and Dev would have never fallen so low.  He also knows that if he had been there Dev would have come to him for help instead of Maan, and he would have helped Dev out, once again not giving NT a chance to influence Dev to cheat an innocent. Sleepy

Not wanting to take away from the festivities, he arrives the day before the wedding, only wanting to witness his brother happy.Big smile


What will Vicky do in the future?

Vicky will be the one whom Maan will be able to count on,Thumbs Up he will become Maan and Geet's right hand, he will be the one who will stand between them and the world, he will be the one who will actually notice what is going on between Annie and Arjun, Shockedhe will be the one who will try to get justice for Geet.Dancing  He will be the one who will encourage Daadi to be strong and not force Geet to give up the case against Dev and NT.  He is the legal brains of the family and he will be the one who will use his brains to fight the battles unlike Maan who uses his brawn. ROFL He will be the person who will make it impossible for Dev to lay claim on Geet's child; you can imagine him as the Lakshman to Maaneet's Ram and Sita.Big smile



What will Vicky bring to the show?

A handsome face, a smoking body, eventually a beautiful woman in the role of his love interest, you can't have any woman of the street playing his love.  She will be beautiful and unknown to him will be the next Vamp of the show, she is there to take revenge, makes me wonder for what or whom she is related to?  

Use your imaginations people; I know you all have the talent.  Let the CVs know that there are other ways for this story to stay interesting, other than the repetitive Maan and Geet Hugging scenes.


Also Maneet is so 2010 Confused

Geeky is so 2011!  Party

If you all want Maneet to stay together, then you all better campaign for Vicky to enter the show soon and have a love interest whose name can be used in Geeky; else Maan is out the picture and Geet is with Vicky. ROFL ROFL

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49erFan IF-Sizzlerz

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For the first time Den is at a stand still! ROFL

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panchjun5 IF-Rockerz

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MSK is a thing of the past....
VIcky is gonna come and be fast....
He will win Geet over with his Charm
MSK will end up saying Raam Raam.....LOL

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