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After the thought of 'ANVESHA' thing came in my mind, I had tears, I don't know why? But I did. It was like, something was pinching me deep down in my heart, I wanted to run and hide away some place. And don't know why? But I wanted to feel her touch again, Because it was just too familiar. Not realizing the fact that my whole gang was staring at me, I let my tears out, and when after a few seconds I realized that I was bloody crying in front of the whole gang, I ran up saying those un-meaningfull words...
"Uhhh..I'm sorry" And I went.
After I had gone, they all exchanged looks at each other, they were confused? And they even should be, Cz what I did was definately one strange thing! I was ashamed of myself and the way I am. I just wish I could change myself! I just wish. *sigh*
After I had gone...
"What happened to him?" Muskaan asked.
"Pata nahi, he is acting just too strange nowadays! What do you think armaan?" Riddhima asked armaan. Armaan kept his hand on riddhima's shoulder and went on after me. Afterall he was the counceler of our group, and for the fact it was right. As he could understand and solve up things and situations very well. And mostly, he was the most closest buddy of mines.
After I ran off from the cafe, I went to the same place, where I met anvesha. I went to that place not because I liked that place and the fact that it made me feel good, but, for the fact that as I wished that maybe.. I will feel her at that place, I will feel her presence! Because she is not here with me, But still I want her to be. As I think she understands me the most, and the most important, I felt comfortable with her.
"Dude..." Armaan called out my name.I looked back at him and then at the sky. He came and sat beside me.
"What's the matter? Any problem about any girl or exams? Or you just didn't liked by joke!" He smirked. But I kept on looking at him. I was like...Just leave masti for this time atleast? Can't you f**king see how upset I am?
"OK ! So that means, it's something serious! Tell me, What's the matter?" he said, keeping his hand on mines and squeezing it. It felt good.
"I don't know!" I said frustrated.
"What do you mean by I don't know?"
"I mean like...everything is in just a big mess...Like..My life is not the way it should be or the way I had planned it !"
"So In what way you had planned it earlier?"
"I mean..You cannot say it like planning and all but...I mean..It'" I was feeling a bit uncomfortable, and thank god he understood it.
"be OPEN...OPEN...OPEN !" He said in a cheep way.
"Shut up" I said and he giggled like a mumbler.
"And now please tell me trust me, You'll feel really good !"
"Accha na...OK...I was like..Shayad ab tak I had become a roadie and raghu would be my friend ! And he would have atleast said a thousand times...-RanVJ-Respect-...But NO ! My parents never allowed me to give auditions for it. I wanted to but they found it very abusive and vulgur show, whereas if you see closely, this show gives a message of peace and friendship! I wish they could understand it and marne se pehle dad ne mujhse ye promise nahi lia hota!" I said with dissapointment.
"What promise are you talking about?" He asked, His face had turned serious.
"Uhhh...Wo...Before dying my dad was hospitalized for his disease of cancer, and he knew he was counting his last breaths, so he took a promise from me, that I will become a doctor! And it is not even there mistake, I never told them that what I wanted? They always thought that I am happy and satisfied with a doctor job. And the day when I decided to tell them the truth, he...he..he passed away. Leaving my mom in depression, and complete greif. And then even she left me. I was alone. Alone...aloneee..." I said, remembering all this, I had tears and at the end, finally I broke down.
"Ran...uhh " He started consoling me thr' his actions.
"Dude...relax..calm down!" He said. After a while I calmed down.
" tell me? What should I do? And oopar se..." I left me sentence in between.
"Ooopar se what?"He asked.
"Oopar se that anvesha girl is driving me insane ! Completely like..I'm just dying to meet her! I mean..I.."As soon as I said this he started staring at me.
" Kya hua?" I asked.
"Dude..Umm..Sorry to day but..Umm...I think your...uh..your getting.."
"Desperate ?" I completed his words.
"Uh...Exactly!" He said.
"So..It's like..I hope you understand what I'm trying to say?"
"Yes I do RJ! And I know that what should you do now?"
"Umm.. Just follow your heart, cz kabhi kabhi jo dil kahe, always wahi karna chahiye" His words were just too deep, and meaningful. He was actually right.
"But...What about that promise?"
"Ranvijay... I know you promised your dad for the medical thing and all, but trust me, if they even knew that you don't want to become a doctor and you are so passionate about roadies, so much that you are crying like a kid. So I swear they would never ask you to become a doc! Cz at the end of the day they are your parents, and their happiness lies in you! Am I wrong?"
I thought for a while, he was actually right! If ever my parents knew that in what thing my happiness lies, they would have never asked me to go for the medical line.
"You are right", He smiled.
"But what?"He asked.
"It's too late I guess."
"What do you mean?"
"I mean...ROADIES! There are hardly 0.1% percent of chances of me getting selected..Maybe I will not get..."
"Ranvijay..maybe that 0.1 can get true? You can't see future! Can you?"
"So? Try ! Forget about roadies this season! Prepare yourself and get going for the next season ! Itna accha ban jao ki wo tumhe REJECT karne se pehle sau baar soche!"
I couldn't do anything but hug him for making the puzzle of my life this easier. Thank god I had a friend like armaan with me.
I needed some time off! So I planned to take a leave from the uni for the next one week. I actually needed a break from all the stress and puzzles!  Zubz!
"Hey beautiful" 
"Armaan tum? How is RJ?"
"Oh hes fine! Trust me, we all are big assholes!"
"He was really going through a bad phase, and we even never knew about it!"
"What? Please tell na!"
"Uh.. That's a long story! Later babes!"
"Ok Then bye!"
"Uh wait wait wait..."
"Kya hai armaan?"
"Waise what?"
. . . . . . . . . . 
"Tell na armaan..waise kya?"
"You look in towel *smirk*"
She jerked up, she looked down, and she was in towel. But how did armaan know that?
"Armaan...where are you?"
"Tumhaare dil mein!"
"Arrey baba..look back!"
As soon as she looked back, two hands slipped around her waist.
"Tum?" She said, with her eyes literally falling down.
"Ha mai"
"Armaan! Chalo chodo! Muskaan aa jaegi..Leave me!"
"Yaar please now you don't start it , Oh ye aa jaegi wo aa jaegi, aisa ho jaega waise ho jaega! Uff !" He said the last two lines in a girly manner.
"Tsk Tsk! But what do you want?"
"Armaan..I'm serious !"
"Ok ! Apna promise bhool gaye tussi?"
"Kaunsa pormise?"
"Raat ko saath saath"
She thought for a while and summarized the fact that she had actually promised armaan for the 'QUALITY TIME'.
"Bhool gayi ?
"Um..Armaan...phit kabhi..not now! Aur yaad hai na last time kitni badi mussbat mein phas gae the hum log jab RJ room mein aa gaya tha!"
"Wah wah riddhima..maine toh sirf quality time tak ka socha that! Tumne toh poori subah tak ka soch rakha hai! Very good very good, I like it!"
"Shut up armaan"
"Clothes up riddhima..Khud toh bina kapdo ke ho hi aur oopar se mujhe SHIRT UP kehe rahi ho! Lajjaless people! Huh!"
"Armaan...Your impossible"
"Riddhima gupta...Impossible itself says I am possible!"
"Mr.mallik do you even know how much your irritating me right now?"
He nodded a cute 'NO' with a child like expression.
"And how much I waana slap you hard?"
" Yes har...(She realized what he was trying to say) Sheeesh ! Double meaning people! huh !"
"Riddhima..double meaning people nahi baateing hoti hai"
"I know that OK?"
"Urghhh" She barked her anger. And he giigled on seeing his riddhima boiling up with anger.
"Ok fine! Come after 5 minutes, I want to change my clothes! Then we'll spend soem time together? Is that fine?"
He nodded a cute 'YES' and went out like an innocent boy.
"Riddhima open this freakin' door man! Ok?"
"0ho armaan can't you wait for sometime! And you need to realize mr.mallik that I'm a girl !"
"(To himslef) Accha ji mujhe toh laga ki aaj tak mai gay hi tha"
"What" She shouted from inside the room.
"Uhh..kuch nahi..Nothing..and fine I'm STILL waiting!*sigh*"
After sometime she finally opened the door.
"Now you can come in!"
She wore something like this.

She turned around after welcoming him in, and he murmured "Sexxiii"
"Armaaan...Can you please stop it!"
"Why do you girls treat sex as a favor"
"I mean tumhaare man na ho toh its fine..its your right..Kabhi socho hamaara mum na ho"
"Oh god armaan! Tum kya kya sochte ho! You MEN cannot live without romance and sex! It's a fact!"
"Oh please"
"Maano ya na maano! IT IS"
"Ok! So I promise aaj se leke next week tak I'LL NOT EVEN ASK FOR A SINGLE KISS FROM YOU AND WON'T ROMANCE WITH YOU!"
"And If I loose..."
She interrupted.."You will do 1 unbeleivable dare given to you by only and only ME!..And if you win..."
She was interupted by his proudy actions, he moved towards her, making her walk back the ball, and when her back touched the wall, he came close to her ear and whispered.
"If I win, you better than Save Yourself from this wild animal miss.Riddhima Gupta!"
His words had seriousness in them, she could see that he was not joking this. And if ARMAAN MALLIK promises somehting, he DOES it. She went on with a serious expression.
"Ohk! So what about a cup of coffee sweetheart!" He said casually and went towwards the coffee machine.

Armaan made coffee for riddhima and himslef as well, as he was very good in making coffee.
They sat on the couch together for some chit-chat.

" were kidding right?"
"No riddhima..I seriously bet on it..And I want to proove it!"
"proove that all men are not despos!"She joked
"No" He sippid his coffee," It's just that,I love you, and not your body or something! Cz everytime I'm with you, anky panky ho hi jaaata hain, so this time, it will be like spending time with decency you see!"
She thought that maybe her always cribbing before anky panky, and never making the first move has made a loss to her, now armaan thinks that maybe she doesn't like all this.

"Armaan..But! This is something very strange! What sort of a bet is this!"
"Kyun? Dar gai kya?"

"No armaan..And I know you always win bets but...this is just so weird! You can easily get attracted towards me!"She stated a fact!

"Oh please ! It's natural ! I can't help it! But now I will not ! Do you Get It?"
"Oh ! So mr.mallik doesn't feels like romancing with me anymore?"

"Yah Yah whatever!"He said without even looking at her. Now she Had a plan in her mind. She started moving a bit, and then later she acted as if she is irritated.
"What are you up to riddhima?" Armaan asked.
"This couch is just too uncomfortable!" She said.
"Then why don't you find a more comfortable and cozy place for yourslef! Go and sit on the bed if you want to!" He said and continued having his coffee.
Riddhima after armaan's suggestion got up and walked towards him, and stood in front of him with her hands on her hips.
"What?" He asked.
She said nothing but took away his coffee, kept on the near table and sat on his laps, and literally digged her tiny head in his huge and strong chest.
"Uh.. Oh man! What are you doing??"
"I am feeling cold! And plus your laps are just tooo comfortable and hot!"
"Well if you're feeling cold then why don't you just wear some good AMOUNT of clothes rather than wearing these clothes which are just the bigger version of undergarments!"
He said and got up and with this she was left shocked, he was actually ignoring getting close to her. He went off from her and went near the big table which lied in the middle of the room which had the coffee making machine.
"You want one more?"
"No Thanks!" She said with a sad pout.
"*Smirk*" Armaan smirked. Oh hello ! He was not that stupid ! He knew what she was upto, Afterall he is ARMAAN MALLIK.

But then one more idea striked her mind.
"Uhh armaan.." She called out his name.
"umm..How many tattoo's do you have?"

"Why do you wanna know that?"He asjed
"Aise hi..Please show na ! And tell me why you've got them..In the sense like what do they symbolize?"
"Umm..Ok fine! I don't mind! Come here I'll show you!"
She went and finally her plan was working, as this time armaan never knew why she asked him to do so?
"Ok so this on my right hand..."he explained about his tattoo's on the right and the left hand and on his legs and all.
"But you also have a tattoo in your lower back? Right??" She said.
"Umm..You know about it na? Then why do you wanna see it?"
"Ok fine fine !"
He took off his shirt and showed it to her, he faced his back against riddhima, his body was really looking hot(Nothing newBig smile).
"Hmm..Nice..You know This one is my fav!" She whispered near his right ear. He felt goosebumps, he was feeling her hand travelling up on his back, he closed his eyes.
She placed her hand on his back, and caresses his tattoo with the tip of her fingers, which tickled him a bit. Armaan just stood with his eyes closed. Feeling the touch.
"Riddhima please stop it!" He somehow managed to speak.
She now stood in front of him, and cupped his face, and her lips touched his. They kissed. Riddhima's hands were on his cheeks, it was the first time she was trying to pull in armaan in a kiss. Armaan's hand were on his sides, he never even touched her. But in between the kiss, she took his hands and placed it on her waist, at first he never placed it properly but slowly his grip got tightened on her waist and he pulled her hard into the kiss. Riddhima smiled in between the kiss. After that riddhima broke the kiss and pushed him back on the couch.
"No please stop" He said, but his words were hardly audible!
After pushing him back, riddhima went towards him in a seducive manner, he tried to get up, but she pushed him back again, she sat on his laps facing him. She literally pushed herself on him, she kissed him again, their kiss was wild, he couldn't even breath properly. Armaan tried to push her back with his hands, so she held them tight and never let him to do so.
Slowly he resuced his hands from her and cupped her face to get her more deep into the kiss.
"Please don't do this to me.Please." He whispered, he himslef was kissing her and at the same time he was begging her to stop. It was weird.
"I'm sorry armaan" She said in between the kiss.
"I never meant it that way" She completed what she wanted to say. After what she said, he pulled himself a bit back and looked at her face, she actually meant it.
Armaan never kept this stupid bet to proove somehting, but for the fact that he felt bad when riddhima used to say such thing sometimes which she should not say! He felt releif!
They hugged each other tight, and pulled back, and again kissed. Armaan slid down riddhima's top and kissed her neck and left several red marks over there. Riddhima had calmed down by now. Afterall, the job of a women in love making sessioans is just to seduce, rest is upto all MEN! 
He moved down and kissed her cleavage. Her hands crawled up and down on armaan's nape. When he moved towards her belly, it was becoming difficult for riddhima to stay like that. So she pushed him back. And digged her head in his neck, and gave him a love bite. 
That's it. That was the ned of it, and for armaan, the best part was the love bite given to him by riddhima in the end.
After giving his a love bite, she backed off, and faced him, and bit his lower lip, he had stopped, because he realized what they were actually doing? When armaan stopped responding riddhima stopped automatically and pushed herself back. She felt a abut embarassiong, as for the first time she had made the first move. Armaan could see that. She slowly moved back, and stood up. She faced to the other side and let armaan face her back. She held her top up.
"What happened?" He came from back, wrapped his hands around her waist and asked.
"I am sorry! I should not have done that" She said.
"Why? I am always the first one to start it, and this time..." He stared at her which forced her to look down because of shyness.She smiled.
"Why did you stopped? I mean..It was going nice!" He said making her blush again.
"Armaaan" She pushed him back, but fortunately he fell on her, and fell with her on the bed.
It was 12 in the night, they lay snuggled, feeling each other's presence.

$Armaan & Riddhima$

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Hey guysTongue

I'm finally back after a 15 day long holiday in aamchi mumbaiBig smile
And as I've not updated from a long time! Uh, actually from a LONG timeLOL
So I thought why not update BIG this time?
Hope you all like the part! 
And since the UPDATE is long then I expect comments..So please do commentSmile


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felicitysmoak. IF-Stunnerz

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hope u had a nice Holiday :)))) x
Awesome update
loved it loadz
cant wait 4 da next part
con soon
thanks 4 da pm

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Hey dear...Finally u updated the part...gosh kitna wait karwaya yaar..anyway the update is worth waiting...Loved it to the coreClap...Love the way Armaan Console RJ...true Friend..what can I say abt AR moment...too hot to describeBlushing...want to read more so do continue soon...thanks for the PM...take care...

Lots of Love

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The way Armaan consoled RJ was d best part..Tongue
"Lajjaless" is a hilarious word..ROFL
AR moments were too hawt..Blushing
Thanx 4 d PM..
Continue soon..

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Posted: 24 June 2011 at 10:23am | IP Logged
hey Sam...OMG u updated, hw ws ur holiday????...awesome part ClapClapStar...loved it so so so much...loved Rj n armaan bonding, hw armaan console Rj...i hope Rj jaldi anvisha se mile...wah wah armaan bet was superb...what say about armaan, he is always so cute n sweet, ridz bhi kahan rok pai apneaap ko...its so passionate part...waiting next part
thanks for pm
plz cntinue soon

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Ayesha87 Goldie

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Posted: 24 June 2011 at 10:34am | IP Logged
Thanks for pmTongue

good work...its awesomeClap

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Posted: 24 June 2011 at 10:39am | IP Logged
AWw nycee i luved it xxx

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