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-truly magical- maaneet ff THREAD 17 (Page 77)

Swaatii Goldie

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Posted: 21 March 2011 at 11:04am | IP Logged
Love you di . After TM please update DEEWANGI then KASHISH then again TM . . . . . . . . . . . DEEWANGI . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . KASHISH . . . . . . . . . . . . . So oooonnnn

we cant have enough of your update .

cyberprincess Senior Member

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Posted: 21 March 2011 at 11:05am | IP Logged
woow di me too eagerly looking forward to see how maan is going to feel knowing gk is none other than his Geet and clearing his illusions

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_BlackPearl_ IF-Stunnerz

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aur kitni derrrrrr...............di

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simi91 IF-Rockerz

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me waiting

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SaritaMSK Goldie

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Posted: 21 March 2011 at 11:08am | IP Logged
Make it fast, make it fast n better an update to remember, after all its d 150 part. I wish u update it by 11pm indian standard time, otherwise i ll snore off waiting 4 d part.
muskanp IF-Sizzlerz

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-truly magical-
part 150

they injected heavy dose into her veins.. she protested shaking not letting them get a grip of her vein.. it took all the 7 guys to pin her down & inject it in her vein. It would idly take few secs but they didn't take a chance they tied her back up.

They hung her back dangling in air. Few minutes, she felt her head was spinning, now light, then like floating.. they slashed cold chill water on her face. She shook her head, lifting her brows trying to look straight. Where is Maan Singh Khunrana.. the screamed. She remained silent.
They shook her couple of time trying to pursue her to speak.. they charged her with random questions.
Guy - jise tu bachene ki kashish kar rahi hain, woh tujhe yanha marne chot ke chala gaya
she began to laugh ..laugh crazily now. They slapped her .. she continued to laugh hysterically, neurotically.. teasingly. Provoking them they slapped her punched her continuously.. she laughed even more now.. she was reminded of Maan's temper just seeing a scratch on her wrist & wat Maan did to Arjun for that after 4months of the incident.. she laughed - u all r so dead...her laugh was kind of intimidating, setting in an unknown fear.

The savage slam of pain tore though his body, and then it died. Or at least it seemed that way. His breath echoed inside his skull. Slower and slower until he could barely hear his rasp at all. The pain stayed, but it was dull and distant now, and he felt it, lurking, to resurface. He waited, braced himself, ready...don't come out of this place.. until I come for u..voice still echoed in his his weakly ..where is Maan Singh Khurana..then followed a hysterical laugh!!!..a sound he knows touches his soul.. It was dark. He pulled himself upright, his eyes took a moment to adjust. He remembered's bday party.. mk getting angry.. dam!! mk & he shared same bday..oh I need to make it up to her.. then.. he remembered Geet shouting at him & warning him to stay away from them.. his heart sunk again in pain... now he could vaguely see his surrounding & the loud noise of punches..water splashing.. now some one saying..yeh moo nahi kol rahi get another dose..

now the series of events flashed in his head . The sudden guys blocking his way in outside khurana mansion, breaking his car window & then some thing pierced his neck. He pushed his hair back  to gain faster control over the situation. He looked around the emotionless dark space which looked like a cellar, he saw the rope around his hand & leg were just cut .. seemed like with some sharp object..knife may be.  He pushed them away ..he walked warily around..his head still felt spinning & slight pain.

He walked slowly to steps that let to a sealing door. Before he surfaced himself, he had to know where exactly he was & wat was happening. he came down withour making any noice towards the window, he peeped out of the window that opened ground level. It was dark out side.. trees.. nothing else. He dipped down when he heard the foot steps move away from the center of the room towards the exit. He could make out there was no one in the room above now.

He slowly reached the steps & very softly lifted the door just to get the view of the room. He scanned the entire room at the floor level.. no one was there.. the floor was wet ..water..& slushy with blood ..some syringes.. a black jacket.. he then checked the doors & any weapons.. he was about to go back down when he noticed blood dripping in the middle of the room.. he immediately traced up.. to see a person's back.. dangling in air.. black tights.. black vest.. which was now soaked in blood.. wearing some back skull cap.. even the wrist was bleeding not able to bear the body weight may be the sight pierced his heart.

He dipped really low when he heard those guys walk back.. ek aur dose ..
they smiled evilly at her .. why are u making us do this.. seeda seeda bol where is Maan Singh Khurana... they punched her yet again at her stomach. His fist was probably inside her.. bleeding wound. She was still quiet.

Maan understood this person was trying to save him. Probably did but got caught because he was unconscious. Maan couldn't bare to see this person getting tortured because of him. He closed the door very slowly & looked around for anything that could help him, knife rod, he heard a thud sound .. probably just brought that person down to inject, he had to hurry up. He could hear that person, still moving legs, & tied up hands not letting them inject. 7 guys to inject that petite body he thought.  He found a rod, he took that & slowly went to the door & kept looking for a moment, when they would be least prepared. They slapped her couple of times, Maan could feel the pain just watching it....wondered why it was hurting him.. she was still smiling .. her smile was irritating them even more.

Bahut hassi aa rahi hain.. he punched her face brutally swinging her neck now to face Maan.. his eyes widen in shock..pain .. angry, rage..fury.. she smiled looking at him.. smile to see him fine.. smile knowing that they are so dead now.. notorious smile..

the guy lifted his hand to punch her again.. dare u touch her Maan roared surfacing out. They immediately pointed the gun at him. She swiped her legs upwards & get their shot away from Maan. Giving them no time to react Maan swing the rod in air knocking  the gap between the head & the shoulder. Two of them collapsed instantly with the violent thrust he blow it with... it was his Geet they dared to touch!! awaking the demon in him, awakening the side no one ever seen in him..

He hit the third guy with the rod, he held with his bare hand & tried to pull it off. Maan swung a roundhouse punch he bent backward and felt his knuckles swish past his nose. 4th guy immediately bend down to grab the weapon. Geet rested her foot on it & kicked his chest.

Maan turned at the sound of running feet. A body ran into him as he stood there. He hit the wall behind with a thundering crash. Maan hit his head really hard on his. The guy could hear only the thundering sound that followed down his spine. Maan caught a glimpse of a 5th guy moving stealthily behind him, and chose that moment to strike first. He feinted forward, then dropped into a crouch and swept one outstretched leg around behind him. His foot caught the guy's ankles and yanked his feet from beneath him. The man pitched backward, arms flailing, and smacked his head on the floor. In the same motion, Maan pounced onto the fallen man, ramming a fist into his neck, to insure that he was down for good. Maan heard the guys calling for help. Rushing towards the exist. & suddenly couple of more people rushing in towards them.

He leaned out towards her & she pulled up as best she could with her tied up hand, bleeding through every pore in her body reaching out her own hand to him. His fingers curled hungrily around her small hand. As she lost balance her fingers slipping from his as her arm stretched. But his grip only tightened, there was no way he was letting her fall she sprang the same instant as he pulled on her hand, launching her across the with so much force she collided against his chest. His arms immediately wrapped around her as he spun her away from the mid of the room through the window.. they ran ...she vaguely pointed at a direction towards the pit, they disappeared in the darkness..she pushed him in first .. untied the rope quickly followed a direct jump 20ft below the surface.. wat the hell were you thinking he yelled .. she closed his mouth with her palm..shooo...& pushed him further into the tunnel concealing the enterance with the bushes.. then followed flash light ..& the sound of the guys..idhar nahi...udhar gayen hain shayad..

they both remained silent as her hand now rested on his chest. Breathing hard to ..maan scanned her face..dipped in pool of blood so was her body. What the hell were u playing at? Her response came not with words but as tremors..that set her body quaking in his arms. He looked down at her flustered face at the almond eyes that looked up at him eyes wounded & he looked at the open mouth as she dragged in air at those lips so close to him now that their proximity he could think..but possession!!. His mouth crashed down upon hers in a barbarous kiss. A kiss that he tore from her. A kiss that spoke of dread, fear, loss of agony & relief as his mouth plundered hers. His hands sliding her slim back to bury themselves. Remorseless & ruthless. Avenging himself for the wrongs of the past. Like a man dying of thirst, he drank deeply  from the first water stream. Unable to stop even when sense dictated he should, even when he knew it was probably not right.  There was no restraint here. Instead all the things he felt all the things he wanted to say to her in the past years all the strain of seeing her in pain..everything spilled out into that kiss .

EmbarrassedI love u Embarrassed
-PREV  PART 149   NEXT  PART 151-
hope u all like the updates. Love all your comments.
Really love reading them
please do keep commenting'.

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Dilsay IF-Rockerz

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Muskaan what a heart throbbing update.
Simply awesome .Hats off to you.
I am speechless no words to describe how I am feeling after reading this.........I need some time to come out from this  TRULY MAGICAL SPELL.
Yaar really I  became tense while reading it, I was feeling as if I am a part of this whole event and watching each detail of this scenario with my own eyes.

It  is a great privilege to read your manuscript.Heart
Thanks a lot for writing so beautifully.HugHugHugHug

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JayaR IF-Dazzler

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yiiipppeeee!!!!!!   they kissed they kissed.......

the dusht dhanav is back...... aawww.... how much i loved it when she said..... "you are so dead"....

and he pounced on them like a hungry tiger......

im so loving it..... finally the 150th part is up and the wait was worth it.....

haiyyy....I LOVE YOU part bhi aa gaya..... dil garden garden ho gaya ji......

ab toh muskan bhi Maaneet ko milne se nahi rokh sakti.....kyun muskan???

ohhh i forgot to write....though i dint get to post the first comment.....but still got the opportunity to hit the like button first.....

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