Kitani Mohabbat Hai - 2


Kitani Mohabbat Hai - 2
Kitani Mohabbat Hai - 2

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-sanju- IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 17 March 2011 at 9:21am | IP Logged
will edit wen i start breathing mite take tym guyys....a lot of tym......LOL

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shibz IF-Stunnerz

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Posted: 17 March 2011 at 9:27am | IP Logged
resStern SmileROFL

aaj mera critical analysis dena ka mann hai...lekin mujpe joothe chappal pad sakte hain...ROFL ROFL

the last scene was awe...HeartDay Dreaming


mera critical analysis se mood hatt gayaLOL

chalo i'l start with my bak bak..LOL 

Arjun telling Jay dat Arohi has called him for a date & that he is going cracked me upROFLROFL ..for a moment i thought if Romit ke lines ghalti se ise diya gayaLOL LOL ok.. i understand the excitement

Madam here has come saj dajke for the dinner date apparently but says she called him for "their life's discussion" (Arohi ko yahan bula lete hain ML mein discuss karne ke liyeLOL LOL)

Love Arohi though for she couldnt say anything that would hurt Arjun & Arjun believes nothing more than she loves him..HeartHeart

heard some new BG scores before the kiss.. loved it...Thumbs Up
How Arjun expected Arohi to speak out bout her love for him but Arjun had to do it 1st... Arohi doing all the bak bak hinted towards Arjun's action.. ahem.. we also know Arjun that only u can make her chupBlushing Blushing 
Arohi was the one who kept insisting Arjun that he said about his feelings for her but when he told, Arohi saddened him with her reaction!! Disapprove  *ouch* that hurts but now we know Arjun has done everything to make her his forever... no more demands from him... Looking forward to how Arohi will complete her confession... but the thought of 6 days scares me....anything could happenCry please CVs kuch bhi bura karne se pehle ek baar inhe mila do..i wana see Arjun smiling..

i'm disappointed that she remembered Dhondu at this situation where der was just Arjun, Aro & their emotions...

The last scene took away the cake for was pureHeart Day Dreaming Cry
Arjun knows Aro loves him & his anger is totally justified...A perfect hubbyHeartEmbarrassed
& Aro was a sweetheart hereHeart  Arjun doin the first aid without a word & the next time Aro hurting her finger purposely was more passionate than any lovey dovey scene... its hard to put in was romantic as well for me... Arjun is relieved now that he told her his feelings...he neither has to show her attitude nor hide his true feelings... Hez just waiting for Aro to confess.. silently giving her time?!

an episode worth watching a million times...i love how Arjun character is still intact n the damages made to Aro's character has been repaired...i still hate the fact that she is quiet because of Dhondu but also loved that she couldnt lie to Arjun...However if she loved Arjun & Arjun loves her, why cant she tell Arjun about Dhondu & Archi? Why is she hiding it from him? Arjun is mature enough, he'd support Dhondu if he loved Archi, aferall he was in te same situation as well.. but irony is that Arohi who was once in Archi's place, supports Dhondz who is depicting Arjun's situation at teh time of Chikuhi marriage... & Arjun supporting Jay who is teh third angle like chiku... but i guess its not same since neither is Jay like Chiku..nor is Dhondz like Arjun... n Archi is a mysteryQuestion

Gosh i ranted too much...kahan shuru kiya...kahan khatamD'oh

Arjun-Aro looked stunning blackDay Dreaming Day Dreaming

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vaishnavi... Senior Member

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Posted: 17 March 2011 at 9:33am | IP Logged
Part 1 
Part 2 
Part 3 
Donnow from where to start .it was such a beautiful and emotional epi yesterday.On side the passionate lover Arjun Singhania and on the other side helpless Arohi. I loved der date although the end of their date broke ma heart .But still I loved the way arjun confessed his love for arohi.He was way too cuteEmbarrassed.And arohi,what can i say.I was sad for her but then a little bit angry also.Angry coz I cudnt understand why is she giving so much importance to that bhondu dhondu.She cud have told arjun everything ryt (but aisa ho gaya to arjuhi mil jaenge which CV's dont want huh )Angry

Some beautiful dialogues form their date :
Arjun :Maine dad se keh diya hai main aaj ke baad aisa koi kaam nahi karunga jisse mere jaan ko khatra ho
maine dad se keh diya hai mujhe marne se darr lagta hai,jaanti ho maine aisa kyun kaha  kyonki main aisa kuch nahi karna chahta jisse main tumse door ho jaun kyonki jo kuch bhi ho jaaye main tumse door nahi hona chahtaEmbarrassed
kya tumhe kabhi ehsaas nahi hota jab hum ek saath hote hain to ek alag si feeling hoti hai,sparks fly arohi 
The way he was coming closer 2 her n asking "ab,ab" ws soo cuteeeDay Dreaming
But arohi :grrrr I dont like you ......suchha a big lie 
Arjun :tum hamesha se hi aisi ho na,proud,egoistic ziddi stupid  ladki ,tum achi tarah se jaanti ho tum kya chahti ho bas bolna nahi hai..arohi's expressions at dis time were fab.Clap......kritika rocked Star
             Then the unexpected KISS .woaaa..*blush* blush* and arjun said 'I LOVE YOU AROHI"Dancing
But what happened after dis left me in tears.arohi thinking about dhondu's emotonal attyachaar.ughhh..Angry
Arjun ke saath mera bhi heart break ho gaya.Broken Heart.Cry...
But the last scene again bought a smile on ma face.such a lovey-dovey dialogues, nothing yet such a convincing scene...angry arjun n sweetie pie arohi....i loved d way he took care of her .Second time arohi purposefully hurt herself so dat arjun cud help her.i was like awwwwEmbarrassed
Highlights :Thumbs Up
Karan Kritika 's amazing acting n sizzling  chemistry
BG scores..i felt tu jaane na ws nycc
Dilaogues Clap
                                Heartoverall an epi worth watching  a million times.loved it  Heart

Song Fr arjuhi 's situation

Kitne dafe dil ne kaha
Dil ki suniye kitne dafe

Vaise to teri na mein bhi
Mene dhondh le  apni khushi
Tu jo agar haan kahe to baat hogi aur hi Cry

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saraaa. IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 17 March 2011 at 9:35am | IP Logged
Am currently watching the episode .. can someone tell me if it ended well Embarrassed

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kavyasam IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 17 March 2011 at 9:39am | IP Logged

Kal  kitna  dar  gayi  thi  arjun ka  dil tutega  if  Arohi says 'she is with dhondu'  but  all was well and we got a pretty awesome episode Clap with first kiss from arjun Embarrassed and his romantic mood started even before the date started Wink,  dil ki sunuga dimak ki nai Thumbs Up.    arjun  was hurt  in the end  but not  like  how  it would have been if she  had  rejected him  blatantly ,  but  this rejection was sweet  and loved arohi as well for doing it  in a sweet way,  she could not bring herself  to lie abt dhondu  this time Embarrassed.

first scene was good with her trying to look her best ,  btw  the black dress she wore was from that hot promo na without the stroll.  want to see her in a black long gown as well,  both black and white suits her most, and yeah red too.  all three colors of love suit them both.  it was nice to see her nervous  abt her first date with her husband LOLEmbarrassed.   whereas arjun was bindaas,  he  got into that romantic mood the moment she asked him to have dinner with her and  jay  who tried to give some  love guru advice was sushed up with our don's only funda dil ki suno dimak ki nahi Clap yeh huyi na baat , this is what  we wanted to  hear  no plan, no strategy  it will all be impulsive Star .
place was somewhere in their own house matlab dubara wahi par phir aise hi romance ho sakta hai.  dinner to bahana tha  koi dinner vinner nahi thi vaha par  LOL  arohi  seedha seedha bol sakti thi na dinner ke baad milna Wink.   nways  loved that  room  and also both of them in black.   I liked it when he first  told her that  he is out of that  khatarnak line only for her sake, it was too important for him.  superloved how he took the lead  all the while  making  her think over what he was saying, bahut dino se pending tha  till now it was only her who was  doing manmaani , now it is his turn to show what he thinks and can do Embarrassed.  he  wants her to  agree that she feels something , arey woh to kabse feel karti hai even if u are not close to her she is gonna feel that way just by thnking of you  but  arjun also needs some confirmation from her LOL .  arohi acting all innocent and using dumb arguement like  I called u her only to talk etc etc...  He is  too smart all this while he was lil jealous  lekin kal ke hotel fiasco ke baad he is damn sure she doesnt  like  dhondu.  lekin uske muh se sunna chahta hai na.  arohi wants to deny that also but she is so bad at lying  LOL.  finally he has to say it 'kyunki tum mujhse  pyar karti ho'  Heart 'what ar u talking abt'  (abhi bhi deny kar rahi hai )  'sach keh raha hoon, aisa sach jisse kehne  ki zarrorat nahi padti'  this is exactly what we wanted to hear that there is no need to confess with big big dialouges that you love each other,  already pata hai na abhi aage bado bas Embarrassed.
Destiny and kismat  ka bada hath hai bolne par  bhi she doesnt want to agree LOL  so  he  talks more abt it  and asks her to thnk abt  how and why they met Embarrassed.   when she takes  a  lil longer to come out of  flashbacks  his patience is  dying and tells her the fact  that she is proud egoistic and jiddi LOL  (dekha  arohi flashback mein baad mein jana tha na abhi  samne  jo hai usse baat to kar leti LOL).  he finally tells her  he  is also  as  jiddi as she is and so  she has to tell him  ILU first ,   arohi  is  suddenly  shy  wants to get out of there,  may be  she was not prepared for  this much lovey dovey baatein from him Embarrassed  lekin  woh  to  decide karke aya hai ki aaj  kuch to karna hi padega LOL  and doesnt  let her leave.   but when she starts her cute si bak bak he  thinks  there is only one way to shut her up and  yeh lo finally he kisses her HeartEmbarrassed  finally an impulsive and long overdue kiss betn lovers Embarrassed and it was a lovely scene Day Dreaming . (  ab meri  expectation yaha par bad gayi that  too after  seeing her reaction and his expression after that  I thot  he  will do it again LOL ab yeh baat  mujhe kyun lagi I cant explain but I felt that way Embarrassed. )  eventhough he wanted her to say first and he wanted to be jiddi too,  after the kiss he says ILU first ClapStar  after a long time. 
but arohi is still under that stupid dhondu's emotional blackmail spell and controls herself.  this had to irk him and it did big time,  now  even after  his  confession she was not able to bring herself to say the same  had to hurt him.   she is hurt too and best part was she could not  bring herself to say the lie abt  her and dhondu  but  could only cry ClapEmbarrassed.   loved her for that .    and just as we wanted he started  ignoring  her Thumbs Up  which was needed.    Loved the part where arohi  hurts her finger and he tends to it Star and she again hurts it  in order to stop him  and he does StarStar .    hopefully by the end of this 6 days and before the beginning of the track abt arjun's past I want her to confess as well and want to another sweet moment like today's between them. 
loved the episode  ClapClap

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shibz IF-Stunnerz

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Posted: 17 March 2011 at 9:42am | IP Logged
yea ended nicely...:))

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-Olly- IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 17 March 2011 at 9:49am | IP Logged

well loved the episode today!!!!!!..really a powerful episode filled with emotions and confusions!..LOL..we got to see the strong arjun today the arjun madly in love!..and knows the truth of arohi he is intelligent he proves again!....he doesnt wait for arohi to confess he himself takes the intiative but our arohi ?Angry..she is always dumb the thing i found irritating that even after the kiss and the ''i love u '' from arjun how can she think of dhonz bhondu!..? seemed wierd but as it was shown arohi has always been like that she always does wat her brain says!....

superloved the last scene ..very passionate and true.very touchy!..the way arohi hurt herself to get arjun's attention was very touchy!..and the BG i think it was apt for the situation it depicted the inner turmoil and pain of arohi which she cudnt express ..and our arjun hubbby again proved that ego comes after love ..though he din say or showed his action showed his concern !..loved arjun today and arohi also coz she din atleast break his heart!..

and also arjun's confidence when he says that he knows that she doesnt love dhonz but him!..Clap..
so we have to wait till 6 days..dunno i have a bad feeling about this!..Ouch..anyways loved the episode ..minus some technical flaws!..LOL

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saraaa. IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 17 March 2011 at 9:51am | IP Logged
thanks Shibz!! Kept my hopes high ...
when Arohi says "Mein ghar jaha rahi hoon" and then Arjun says "Yeh tumhara hi ghar hai" and pulls her back down .. that was soo funny ROFL Arohi is making herself look dumb infront of Arjun

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