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!*Celebrating Glorious 200 Episodes*!

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Posted: 17 March 2011 at 4:47am | IP Logged
 (Thanks alot Aisha for this awesomeee banner!Hug)

Hello TLians!Hug I know we all are very hurt, angry, sad, disappointed with TL's end nearing with each passing day Cry But today we have a very very special occasion to celebrate and cherish it forever!!Star
Today our beloved show Tere Liye completes its 2nd century!!!Party Tere Liye is completing 200 episodes on 17th March 2011!Party This, unfortunately, will be our last official celebration Cry But then, that gives us one opportunity to live up all the moments of the by-gone TL days and imprint some more on our hearts to cherish for the coming days...Day Dreaming Lets leave our frustration aside for today, and celebrate this extremely special and auspicious occasion of TL with a smile on our faces and joy in our hearts...Big smile

Heartiest Congratulations to the entire Tere Liye team and to all the Tere Liye fans who always stood by TL!PartyPartyParty We all are proud to be TLians!Cool

Tere Liye is the intangible selfless love story of two childhood best friends who have shared everything with each other since their childhood, circumstances separate them, and when they meet again, there starts a beautiful journey of many different aspects of friendship and love and its realisation...Heart Tere Liye gave us some awesome characters that make it unforgettable...

The adorable Anurag who makes mistakes like every other human being but his clean heart makes him learn from them and move on, someone who is very romantic at heart, who loves selflessly and believes in being with Taani in any and every circumstance that comes forth...Day Dreaming

The cute Taani who is chirpy, bubbly, selfless, loving and a girl who stands up for her self-respect instead of just shedding tears, who is a perfect beti, bahu, bhabhi and ofcourse a perfect dost and patni for our Onu...Day Dreaming

Our cute Laboni Maa who is the best maa on Indian Television, our sweet Neelu Maa who equally shares the best maa title with Laboni Maa, the prankster Robi who then went on to turn grey due to circumstancial misunderstandings, the egoistic yet loving father Shekhar who shares a weird yet amazing bond with his sons, the social-issues lover Taposh who'd always give society and its welfare a place above his personal life too, the sweet Mouli who selflessly loved Taposh, got hurt with his refusal, yet ended up with him at the end, the villainous Ananya and Ritesh-characters who made us hate them, implying how nicely they were shaped up to be negative, our cute Kuhu who is all set to enter the Besharami gang ROFL ...

Kudos to Harshad and Anupriya - two actors class apart, who shaped up the lovely characters of Onu and Taani so beautifully, making us fall in love more and more with them...Day Dreaming They share this awesome chemistry and rapport-onscreen as well as offscreen-which makes us think how can two people be so so cute?!Day Dreaming HarshIya redefined hotness and chemistry in their own way, shutting the mouths of hundreds of opposers!Thumbs Up TaAnu's innocence and cuteness was always kept alive in every TaAnu scene, thanks to these extremely talented actors! Their hardwork and dedication hasnt gone unnoticed; we all know how they have gone through lots of opposition yet they successfully proved themselves, and created this remarkable impact on us within mere 7 months!!Clap Its an achievement in itself for any actor! Inspite of getting so much recognition, it's amazing how both are so humble and down-to-earth!Star They have beautified Onu and Taani's characters so much that we will always memorialize our TaAnu!Day Dreaming We all are very proud to be their fans! We wish Harshad and Anurpiya all the best in life! May they go a long and successful way and get the best in life... God bless them...

A big thank you to the entire team-the cast as well as the crew-for making each and every scene in the 200 episodes special in its own way!Star We love you all and will always keep loving you... Thanks alot for giving us Tere Liye- a show so close to our hearts... It made us laugh , cry, dream Day Dreaming, drool Blushing, frustrate too at times LOL, fight with SP and BT ROFL, spam SBS/SBB walls ROFL, await eagerly for their pics/videos/interviews Day Dreaming, party together when TL and/or TL cast won awards Party, go on saying 'Onu Taani ke pati hai' till the CVs themselves accept and agree to it ROFL, love the characters even more due to all those heart-touching dialogues Day Dreaming, drool over Paagal Onu while singing 'kabse khade tere liye' Day DreamingROFL, hit hand on head cos of our duffer Mahaan Taani whenever her mahaanta syndrome rose up D'ohROFL, grin when Laboni Maa would call our Onu motu ROFL, Taani would call him 99 kgs ROFL, Onu would call Taani 'moti' ROFL and would do his atta dance ROFL... So many bitter-sweet memories...Day Dreaming

We will miss them all alot...Cry There's a very different, incomplete feeling in our hearts... About 4-5 weeks back, somewhere deep within we knew the end is approaching soon, but still wanted to keep denying it, keep striving our best to save our show from the clutches of injustice... TaAnu will always remain in our hearts forever...Heart God willing we will get a TL season-2 with our HarshIya as TaAnu...Day Dreaming Lets keep hoping, praying, wishing and striving for it... All the best TLians!Thumbs Up May we all TLians stay together always like a happy family with one feeling of always loving TL and all the characters and respecting all the actors, and one mission of demanding consistently for a TL sequel...Hug God bless Tere Liye...

P.S. : I am in a real hurry right now...LOL Didnt see any post on the Forum about this, so thought of quickly making one as a dedication to TL and even our TL Forum on behalf of all we TL crazy fans...Embarrassed Please pardon me for any typos and errors...LOL Also, I couldnt manage any siggies at all...Ouch The post is very simple Ouch with lots of my bakbak ROFL... I tend to go on and on and on when it comes to writing about TL/TaAnuHarshIya...ROFL Pardon me for that too...ROFL

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CongooPartyPartyParty.......i guessed the cast wud also be nt as much happy as i amLOLLOL...TL changed many things in ly lyf..of which i m proud of.....

TL gave the cutest jodi evrEmbarrassed...and the bst and diff. concept evrEmbarrassed
 Gr8 post manasiClap

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Thats Such an Awsome News
Congratulation to the Entire TL Team and also the Members here

Nyc Post Dear
Great WorkThumbs Up

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Just want to say AMAZING post Manasi! and AMAZING banner Aisha1

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hey thanx 4 da wonderfull thread dear Smile

* TLians *

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Amazing post My besharmi partner. Hug Hug

You've summed up just about everyone's feeling but khair, I'll give it a go LOL.

So, our beloved show has come to the milestone that is 200 episodes

It seems like only yesterday we were all constantly chanting "Onu Taani Ke Pati Hai" in the EDT like Paagals! Every single page was covered with it! ROFL

Each and every actor has made Tere Liye what it is today and as much as we may detest the characters, we can't bear not to see them on our screens.Ouch


First and foremost

Devarsh and Prachi: those two were the whole reason that I watched it initially. When I saw the first epi and saw motu Onu running to Laboni Maa and complaining about Taani LOL...that's when I turned to my mum and said: this is a serial that seems like worth watching. When I heard about HarshIya's entry as the older TaAnu, I was intrigued as to where the story was going but I mostly wanted to see Harshad again and Anupriya in her first role.

The Bannerjee Family

Bimulendu Bannerjee:

He was only there for a short time but still, he was like the ideal father. He loved his family and would do anything to protect them, even hide the fact that he had cancer from his wife, not knowing she was suspecting him of having an affair! LOL. The way he made his entry by having that chota jagda with Shekhar was just too cute.

Laboni Bannerjee:

Our darling Laboni Maa. The perfect mother and who I see my mother in. She has all the qualities that I see in my darling mother. Her kindness, her courage, her relationship with her kids (including Onu). I can honestly say that everytime I see her on screen I think of the relationship that I have with my mum and the closeness we share, just as Taani does with her.


Yeah, he annoyed us at times but he was the ideal big brother. When Onu came back into Taani's life after 8 years, we hated the fact that he would keep them apart but the fact is, he was being the protective older brother, looking out for his sister when his mother was away, making sure she didn't go into the house where his mother was insulted. And the fact that he's changed after marriage and is starting to realise his responsibilities couldn't make me more happy.

The Ganguly Family:

Shekhar Ganguly:

The most stubborn man you could come across and seemedly hard hearted when you first look at him. But once you reach under that layer, you can finally see the loving father and somewhat caring husband who loves his children to bits.

Neelu Ganguly:

Such a sweet mother, always caring about her children and their needs. Love the fact that whatever happens, she'll take Taani's side LOL


He was the sweetest brother (until the CVs ruined his character - will never forgive them for that) and his relationship with TaAnu was so adorable until he turned grey. I just wish they kept him as the character he originally was rather than make him filled with such hate

And the rest of the team that have made magic with the work they've put in to make TL a success. I hope they recieve every amount of success that they deserve.



And now comes the piece de resistance... Our TaAnu or our HarshIya. Day Dreaming Day Dreaming

God, I don't know what I can say about them that can be justified by mere words so forgive me if I don't say as much as I should. Ermm.

They have become a huge part of our life and they always will be.

When Taani first appeared on our screens, we saw a different kind of BT Heroine, (at least I did) I saw a heroine that doesn't keep quiet when faced with problems, isn't afraid to stand up for herself and her loved ones.

And when she loves someone, she loves them whole heartedly and is prepared to do anything for him (Our Onu).
Day Dreaming

And then entered Onu: our stubborn, modern, US main rehne vaala Onu. LOL.

The scene where they first met, with the kulfis couldn't have been shown better. And even better: Geela Ganguly! Yaay! Day Dreaming ROFL

HarshIya on and off screen have captivated our hearts and they were ALWAYS and ALWAYS remain a part of us.

As dramatic as it sounds: I really don't know how I will pass each day without having TaAnu to watchOuch The thought of it just hurts even more.

If Allah the Almighty wills, HarshIya will be back on our screens

but as they say: everything happens for a reason!

May Allah T'Alaa bless Harshiya always.

God Bless HarshIya, God Bless the rest of the TL cast and God Bless Tere Liye!!

P.S I'll add more if my brain can function LOL

P.P.S, I agree with Mans, I tend to go over-board when it comes to talking about TL in general so pardon my bak bak!LOLLOLLOL

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