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Lust/Love? || AR/KaJen OS || For Sahar <3

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Hello lovely readers! So, It's been a super long time since I've posted an OS or anything, for that matter. Nonetheless, I'm back! Haha. That avi up there ^ yeah, that was my inspiration for the WHOLE OS. So, I give total inspiration credit to Sahar! Haha. She's a mastermind. If you guys haven't checked out her work, do so, soon! You can find her updates in the DMG CG, as well as her own shop :)

Here's an OS from my behalf. It was supposed to be posted three months ago? But I got way too lazy. LOL. Anyways, this is dedicated to my lovely and amazing Sahar! It was her birthday back on December 31st, and I failed to gift her anything, so this is my absolutely belated birthday present! I hope you enjoy it, Sahar! Love you, baby girl <3

Also, this OS is written with only KaJen as AR in mind. If you're a SidMa//ArSh fan, I suggest you not to read it, just because everything in here is solely based on KaJen. Do not copy this anywhere else without my permission. Do not copy my concept/storyline either! I worked uber hard on this, and if I find out this was stolen, uff, teri maut hogi. I'ma send my "Pouty MDR Gang" after yoooou!

(Be afraid!)

Also, today, I just joined a collaboration with Sahar (-Sary-) and Rabia (jetredrose) in their OS Land! Woo. So, if you guys are interested in more OS' on AR//KaJen, check out: You will soon, inshAllah find me writing with the amazing, and talented dynamic duo super soon! <33

Oh, and I'm greedy for comments. Leave me a nice, beautiful comment, OR ELSE. No, I'm kidding. But DO NOT RESERVE if you ARE NOT coming back to EDIT, or I will KILL YOU. I HATE people who don't come back to reserve! If it's not edited within 24 hrs... someone's getting hurt real bad today, but I'm not telling you who! But yeah, leave nice comments. And LIKE my OS once you've read it! THAAAAAAAAANKS! <3

ANYWAYS, with out further a due, I present to you:

Lust or Love?


     Caught in the midst of his professional life He found himself seated in a medical conference amidst thousands of people. Hearing speakers from all over the world, Armaan sat silently in the middle of it, paying no attention at all. At the other end of the room sat a broody emerald eyed girl glancing around frequently. Unable to concentrate on the words of the speakers, they found themselves distracted, and unengaged to the words spoken around them.

      Armaan Malik being the introvert and completely reserved man he is, sat in his uncomfortable chair flicking his eyes back and forth from the speaker to his cell phone. He stared aimlessly into thin air as a pair of emerald eyes focused on him, and only him. Unable to recognize the attraction to him, Ridhima sat baffled.

     Armaan suddenly got what he was wishing for, a phone call. He looked back from the speaker to his cell phone, and decided he'd rather attend the call. Hitting the "accept" button, he spoke into his Blackberry with his husky voice, voicing a deep "hello" and walking out of the room.

     Ridhima on the other hand itched to follow him, and ditch the conference. Unable to fight the urge, she swiftly filed her papers neatly into her bag, and quickly strutted away into the hall trailing behind an eager Armaan Malik.

     "No, don't do this..." He spoke swiftly, causing his words to be a gurgle of nonsense.  "... no choice, with me, okay? You better understand that." Mumbling words here and there, Ridhima was unable to form his words together into a sentence. Feeling frustrated as ever, she couldn't dispatch his code. Agonized as she tried to peep into his conversation, all she faced was another round of mumbles. Unable to stand there any longer, she headed back into the conference room.

     While the minutes ticked by slowly, Ridhima glanced around the room looking for those grey eyes, looking for those broad shoulders. Luckily for her, she soon found him striding into the conference room and swiftly taking a seat behind her.

     Before they knew it, the conference had ended. Nine continuous hours of lecturing from profound speakers gathered from all around the world, had finally taken a toll on both Armaan and Ridhima. While everyone bid their goodbyes, the buzz within the room grew louder and louder. But for Armaan's colleague, Michael, the night wasn't over just yet. He decided to take this opportunity and announce the after party which was being held in the ballroom as soon as they wanted it to start.

     At the other end of the conference room sat two friends cross legged smiling at each other.

     "So, you're coming, right?" Spoke Aditya as he nudged Ridhima on the side. 

     "Are you seriously asking me that? Parties and I are like a back-alley hooker and crack! You can always count on me to be at a party, hun" she replied with a wink.

     "Typical, Ridz. Well, I'll see you then. Better look hot, or else you're going home alone tonight."

     "Watch it, Adi!" said a deeply scowling Ridhima.

     Chuckling, Aditya walked away leaving Ridhima to ponder on her thoughts. "I'll be going home with someone tonight. That's a promise from Dr. Ridhima Gupta, and you can count on it, Adi!" said Ridhima with a naughty grin.

     As the night went on, as the party went on, more and more people arrived into the spacious Victorian themed ballroom. Everyone who had attended the conference was there, aside from one particular person, who was none other than Armaan Malik.

     "Bro, you have to come. Seriously, you've been so broody lately; you need an opportunity to cheer up. Just come and we'll jam all night! Or if you prefer, you can sit at the bar. Whatever it is, you're coming, and that's final. Hurry up! It's just a few floors down."

     "Mike, seriously, I don't want to..."

     "Armaan Malik. You. Are. Coming. Got it? Get it? Good."


    Before Armaan could bother replying, and make a thousand more excuses, Michael had already cut the line, leaving Armaan no option but to arrive at the party. Sighing, he went to the bathroom and stepped into the scorching hot shower in attempts to get ready.

     Down four floors, stood a beautiful curvy figure in the doorway of the ballroom; dressed in a tight fitted black dress with open hair slightly curled at the bottom, gracing the party with her presence looking beautiful and eternal as ever, stepped in Dr. Ridhima Gupta with her Louis Vuitton pumps.

     "Mm mm mmmm. If I wasn't engaged and about to be married Ridhima, I'd definitely take you home tonight." said a deep voice from behind her.

    Spinning around, hoping it to be the man from earlier in the day, she was disappointed to see Aditya.

    "Oh, tum ho. Yeah yeah, line marna band kardo, or else I'm telling Miss Vicky back in Florida what you've been thinking of, hmm?"

     "Is that a threat?"

     "It sure is."

     "You wouldn't."

     "Try me."

    "Fine, I surrender. Let's go raid the bar, I'm feeling for some intoxication tonight."

    Heading to the bar, Ridhima and Aditya ordered up a round of shots. One after the other, they lost track. How many they had, only the bartender knew. Giggling and laughing at the stupidity of themselves, they burst out into another round of giggles.

      As his eyes flickered across the beautiful ballroom, Armaan contemplated as to how ready he was for this party. Looking down at his clothing, he saw that his black suit, grey shirt which was slightly buttoned down, looked good. Smiling, he walked in, in an attempt to find Michael.

     "Bro! You came! Good stuff."

     "You didn't really leave me an option, did you?" chuckled Armaan.

     "Yeah yeah, well anyways, I wanna introduce you to some of my colleagues, let's get going."

     At the bar giggling away, sat Ridhima who couldn't help but gawk at the Greek God from earlier in the day. Checking him out from head to toe as he walked towards his friend, he saw him getting introduced to others. Smirking, she looked away tuning into Aditya's words.

     The night passed by as both Armaan and Ridhima enjoyed themselves with their respective friends. Some introductions were made here, while some grinding was going on there. Some drinks were swigged down within seconds, as some harmless flirting was done on the other end. All around there was a buzz of tranquility and a hiss of happiness.

     He felt a pair of eyes burn into his skin. It wasn't the first time he'd felt that. He'd been observing this feeling since he'd entered, and all throughout he couldn't get over the feeling that he was being watched, by no one else aside from the one with hawk eyes. He felt as if he was under observation, which sent his heart fluttering, leaving his stomach restless, and his eyes flickering. Whoever it was, was watching Armaan Malik hard. He felt so invaded.

     Ridhima couldn't keep her eyes off of him. There was something about his subtle behaviour which intrigued her. It wasn't his charm, shockingly - it was something different. Was it his distance? Was it his close proximity with the other girls? No, it couldn't be. He hardly muttered a "hi" or a "hello" to any good looking girl walking by. Unlike every other guy checking out whatever ass and tit that strutted by, Armaan was unlike them. He seemed to be distant, as if he'd rather be anywhere else but here. She couldn't place her finger on it, but all she knew was that he definitely had her attention. She had a tough time figuring him out. As she studied him throughout the night, she realized Aditya left her because of her boring and sheepishly stalker behaviour. She hadn't even noticed he was gone. Studying Armaan was becoming enjoyable to her, until, of course, she hadn't expected the unexpected.

     "If you're that intrigued, you should've approached me. I don't bite, I promise."

     Ridhima was startled, and completely caught off guard. His voice was a deep and husky one. She could smell his CK cologne; not too strong, and not too faint, just right.

     "I don't think we've met before, I'm Dr. Armaan Malik."

     "I uh- I'm Ridhima. Dr. Ridhima Gupta."

     "It's a pleasure to meet you, Dr. Gupta."

     "Please, it's all mine, after the hardcore observations I've made tonight, I'm delighted to be talking to you."

     Ridhima cringed. She couldn't believe she had just said that aloud, and that too, to him!

     "I uh-uh, I didn't mean - I, you know..." Ridhima was flustered as she tried to catch her words. But they were slipping out of her mouth as smoothly as sand from the grasp of her fingers.

     "I told you I don't bite! Don't worry about it. How's the party going for you?" Armaan chuckled. He couldn't believe himself. With such ease and grace he had approached Ridhima and cracked the ice. It was so easy, so... natural. Whatever it was, it was different. He hadn't spoken to a girl in such a manner in years!

     Within minutes the two had pushed aside all the awkwardness, and spoke feebly. With no hesitations, with no pity they spoke wholeheartedly and enjoyed every moment of it. They sat at the bar chatting away, talking about the conference, and Ridhima's sudden spark of interest in Armaan himself.

      Suddenly the atmosphere around them started changing. The shift of mood was quite evident as the DJ changed the fast upbeat music to a slow song. A request was made, and he obliged. Armaan suddenly stiffened, as he felt the change. He glanced awkwardly at Ridhima who was glanced back at him.

     "Will you dance with me, Armaan?" Ridhima said attempting to put aside the awkward elephant in between them. She extended her hand forward positioning it in front of Armaan hoping he'd accept.

     Armaan hesitated for a moment. He shifted his weight from his left foot to his right, breathing a heavy sigh. He nodded his head at Ridhima, and slipped his broad hand in her soft fragile hands, locking their fingers together. Ridhima took his hand and led him to the dance floor as the rest of the couples swayed to the soft music in the background.

     Moving to the music gracefully, Ridhima grabbed Armaan's hand and placed it at the small of her back, while she placed both hands around his neck. Wearing her Louis Vuitton pumps were a good idea, as they gave her the perfect height.

     Pulling in closer to each other as the songs passed one by one, they eliminated any space left between them. Their noses touched, their lips brushed each other's. Ridhima was extremely comfortable, and made it a point to make it quite evident. Armaan smiled at her antics, and remembered when he last was so comfortable in a woman's embrace. He tightened his grip around the small of her back, pulling her in completely as she swayed to him, moving both their bodies together in synchronization.

     Armaan was so comfortable, with no awkwardness displayed. He was enjoying the company of Ridhima, as he couldn't last remember his happy moments. He smiled at her sparkling eyes, her full watermelon glossed lips, and her heavy, curtain-like eyelashes which made his stomach flutter.

     Ridhima on the other hand couldn't deny the attraction between the two of them. It was undeniable. The comfort, the ease, the tranquility was surrounding them. She looked up into Armaan's grey eyes which smiled at her. Slowly pulling Armaan's chin down, causing his attention to swerve, Ridhima got on her tippy toes and placed a soft kiss on Armaan's full velvety lips.

     Gasping at her cold lips, Armaan licked them causing Ridhima to let out a soft moan. He cupped her face tilting her head to the left allowing more accessibility to her lips. The kiss which was initially innocent had turned into something more, insinuating, suggesting something much greater.

     Grabbing Armaan's coat from the back, Ridhima pressed herself upon Armaan deepening their kiss, displaying her passion. Gasping for air, they both broke the kiss, while a small tint of pink reached the apples of Ridhima's cheeks. Looking around they realized the music had ended, the songs had finished. No couples were on the dance floor, as they all had gone off on their own paths. 

     Feeling a tad awkward and self-conscious Ridhima and Armaan glanced all around, expect at each other. Running a hand through his hair, Armaan was puzzled. Had he really done that back there? While Armaan tried fitting his thoughts together, Ridhima knew what she had to do. Armaan was just as into this as she was. Taking the lead, Ridhima slipped her fingers subtly into Armaan's palm, and pulled him out of the Victorian themed ballroom which contained all of their friends, leaving them to dance to the beats of the night.

     Quickly fluttering up the stairs and onto Ridhima's floor, Armaan pushed Ridhima against the lobby wall, shifting her slightly curled hair to the side, kissing her neck, leaving wet kisses all over. Digging her nails into Armaan's coat, Ridhima turned over, pulling him by the buttons, unlocking the door, and pulling the two of them inside.

     Armaan couldn't believe himself. He deemed himself to be a very family oriented person. He felt guilty for taking advantage of Ridhima when there was no possibility of a relationship. He hadn't the capability for providing one. Whereas Ridhima was completely content. They both wanted this, and Ridhima had no intention of a relationship. A one night stand was her thing, it was what she enjoyed. She hated relationships, and all the strings attached to it.

     Putting aside their thoughts, Ridhima pushed Armaan down to the rocking chair sitting on his lap unbuttoning his coat, sliding it off his broad shoulders. Quickly sliding his vest off, Ridhima sat on Armaan's lap once again, pulling him into a deep kiss. Armaan supported Ridhima as she sat in between his legs unbuttoning his shirt. Grabbing her by the waist, and standing up with Ridhima's legs crossed around his waist, Armaan roughly tossed both of them on the silky black sheeted bed, together. Unbuckling his belt and tossing it to the side, he flipped Ridhima over unzipping her dress with his teeth, as Ridhima's moans were muffled by the bed sheets as she fisted them tightly.

     Before Ridhima had realized, she was stark naked under Armaan's gaze. She stared up at him, as she simply drew her finger in the air, and seductively whispered in his ear, breathing heavily. "You see this finger, Mr. Armaan Malik, it can make you cum." Armaan shuddered feeling her hot sweaty breath. Ridhima regarded his face as she saw the lust within his eyes turn into hunger, so inhumane, yet so beastly. She felt a swirl of butterflies make rounds within her as she couldn't handle it no more. Armaan attacked Ridhima as if she were the last thing on earth. They kissed, they licked, and they sweated. They made love for hours, continuously, on and on. Armaan didn't have it within him to stop himself any further. He devoured her mouth as he pulled her in for a deep kiss, licking, grazing and sucking on her lower lip, swelling her lips to a dark purple. Ridhima didn't mind, as she repaid the favours as she bit him continuously over and over again, leaving large love bites all over his back, and neck.

     Armaan pulled Ridhima closer to him, to eliminate any space left. He pulled her close as he embraced her tightly; licking her earlobe, and leaving wet kisses along her collarbone, reaching the tips behind her ear. Armaan resisted the urge to bite her, hard, but eventually gave in as he felt Ridhima's nails digging into his back. They collided as Ridhima felt Armaan's hips flexing, pushing themselves harder. She pulled him on top of her, closer to her, as he lay on her chest leaving damp kisses along her chest. Ridhima felt a moan rising, itching to erupt, while Armaan held himself back but couldn't no longer. Armaan hungrily dived into the nape of her neck as Ridhima threw her head back giving Armaan more access to her body, and her throat. Armaan left wet, kisses along her body. He kissed her gently behind her ear, moving as he grazed his lips along her nose, moving down to her chin, while Ridhima traced patterns on Armaan's back. Armaan drew back as he looked Ridhima intently in the eyes. He looked deep into her emerald eyes taking in her heavenly scent, and gazing at her flickering eyelashes.

     "What is it? What happened?" She asked baffled.

     "You're absolutely f**king gorgeous; I need you to know that. You're okay with this, right?" He stated, making sure.

     Ridhima didn't bother replying as she sat up on the bed; the two of them stood on their knees, kissing, and caressing each others bodies. Stark naked under the eyes of each other, they kissed, and lingered over each other as they left love bites all over each other. Ridhima lay Armaan down as she took a finger and drew patterns on the inside of his thigh. Armaan moaned loud as Ridhima continued, brushing her finger nail from the insides of his thighs up to his chest. She laid damp kisses along his chest kissing, sucking and licking his body. Armaan and Ridhima explored and discovered each other's bodies that night. They left no spot untouched, or un-kissed. They made love 'till early hours of the morning as they fell asleep comfortably in each other's embrace. Ridhima practically lying on top of Armaan with her head tucked in to the crook of his neck, while Armaan slept soundly for the first time in years.

     The sun rays beamed through the open windows shining upon both Armaan and Ridhima. Feeling the rays upon him, Armaan stirred awake. He glanced around trying to recall the memories of last night, as he smiled to himself, blushing. He looked down as he saw their hands fisted together, interlocked in the manner of two five year olds, never wanting to let go. He suddenly felt Ridhima stirring in the crook of his arms. Realizing the sun was getting in her way, he shielded her body, hiding the rays away from her, protecting her.

     Ridhima lay scowling at the fringes of hair making their way to her face. She tried blowing them away, but they didn't. Armaan chuckled at her cute antics. Tracing his finger along her jawline he brushed the fringes away, tucking them behind her ear. Ridhima felt his fingers make contact with her skin when she suddenly sat up.

     "So, Mr. Armaan Malik, you're up already, huh?" Ridhima said as she wrapped the sheets around her body, swinging her legs around the side of the bed in an attempt to get up.

     "Of course, Miss. Gupta, but anyways, where are you going?" He asked cocking his eyebrow at her.

     "Where else, Armaan? To get ready, and head out soon!"

     "What do you mean 'head out'? What about us?"

     "Mr. Armaan Malik, I hope you have a safe journey home, and take care of yourself." She spoke indifferently. Armaan was baffled.

     "What do you mean, Ridhima? What was all this then?! What the f**k!"

     "Armaan, it's all quite clear, isn't it? What's not to understand? This was a one night stand. Let's not make anything of it, please." She said, hoping Armaan would get the message now.

     Armaan sat on the bed speechless. After all that, after everything they had just been through, a one night stand was that all it was classified as, nothing more? Armaan was hit hard as he sat pondering, contemplating his thoughts.

     "You know what; I don't even know why I bother with people anymore. You would think I learned my lesson the umpteenth time, but I still let myself go, loose myself, and suffer."

     Ridhima felt a pang of guilt as she heard his words sink in. She didn't realize why, nor could she explain how these words were suddenly starting to take a toll on her. She had no reason, no justification behind it. All she knew was that once upon a time she was a girl who didn't give a f**k about what others said, or what they did, yet now she found herself in an unexplainable state. She was perplexed, and she found it impossible to state her attachment to this man.

     Just as Ridhima was about to speak, conveying a few feelings, she heard Armaan speak up. His tone was indifferent. "Thank you, Dr. Gupta, for making me worthy of yourself, and spending a time with me." As he finished his sentence, he slipped off the bed, and grabbed his jeans lying on the side. He wore them, and buckled his belt. He grabbed his shirt and coat, and swung it on his back, walking out shirtless. Ridhima sat on the bed once again, releasing her grip on the sheets. She sat staring at the closed door, and what had just materialized.

            Two years later -

     After a drastic location change, Ridhima found herself in India, working at the best hospital there was, Sanjeevani. It was Ridhima's first day on the job as a senior doctor. Looking forward to what awaited her, Ridhima was getting a tour of the hospital, and the rules and regulations, what was to be expected of her, and the code of conduct. As Ridhima was introduced to all of these precautions, in the room next to her she heard a little girl, a child crying.

      Ridhima had walked around with the nurse with her to see what was happening. Upon speculation, and close investigation, Ridhima found a father and a daughter sitting at the side of the General Ward talking. The girl seemed to be approximately four years old, or so. She was talking to her father, and seemed to be annoyed at him, hence the tears. The man tried hopelessly to get his daughter to stop, but she remained to be stubborn, and didn't budge. She cried and cried as her father remained to be frustrated.

     Ridhima tried paying attention to the Nurse, and the orientation but her mind wandered back countless times to the father and the daughter. Suddenly out of the corner of her eye, Ridhima spotted the doctor handing his stethoscope and a chocolate bar to the little girl to calm her down. Shockingly the doctor seemed to be more interested in the girl than his interns. Ridhima had had it.

     Flicking her emerald green eyes from the father and the daughter, Ridhima couldn't make out who the father was as his back remained turned to Ridhima. Looking at the little girl, Ridhima found her to be very cute, but nonetheless, Ridhima pissed off, and annoyed at the professionalism within the hospital. She burst into fits of anger as she poured her rage out to the nurse. "What kind of a hospital is this?! Where you let doctors handle their kids during duty hours?" The nurse was about to reply, but she was stopped as she looked beyond Ridhima and stared at the little girl's father who had just turned around.

     He looked at her, stared at her, and gazed. It was her. Ridhima stared at him, and noticed his muscular body, his toned arms, and his characteristic face. It was Armaan. Armaan had realized it was Ridhima, as his expression changed from a deep scowling one to a sarcastic one. Armaan put his daughter down, and moved closer to Ridhima. They stood face to face, with their eyes locked on each other.

     Ridhima felt her heart beating erratically within her body as she saw Armaan move in closer to her, whispering quietly into her ear with his hot and heavy breath. "I wouldn't expect a heartless bitch like you to understand the responsibilities of a single father, now would I?" It suddenly dawned upon Ridhima as to why he overreacted at her cool demeanour and unattached attitude that morning. Ridhima had actually felt guilty or the first time in her life for a man that she had used for her own needs. While Ridhima contemplated her thoughts, Armaan picked up his daughter, and left the building.

     As the weeks passed, Armaan and Ridhima constantly ran in to each other. With cold stares, and loathing glances, they crossed paths. While the distances between Armaan and Ridhima remained, the distances between Ridhima and Armaan's daughter had been eliminated. Ridhima had taken a keen liking to his daughter, Pari. Though Armaan and Ridhima had a cold war going on, he had noticed the fondness between the two of them. He had witnessed the countless times Ridhima had brought in stuffed animals, chocolate bars and flowers for Pari. However she felt she owed an apology to Armaan. Not only for her cold behaviour to him that morning, but what she had discovered a few days back.

     Ridhima was returning from the General Ward when she overheard Armaan and another senior doctor, Dr. Muskaan talking in his cabin. She quietly walked up to the door, and stood there, listening.

     "This was the girl you met at the conference? She's such a bitch, Armaan!"

     "She's not, Muskaan. I mean, she is, but then again, she isn't She's so unpredictable! What happened between us, it was so spontaneous, I can't explain it, Muskaan. We got closer and we were eliminating all spaces between us; though she had no clue regarding my divorce right before the conference."

     "Wait, Armaan, so you're telling me that you slept with her, but you didn't tell her that you had just gone through a divorce? Had you even told her about Pari? The court visits... anything?!"

     "Muskaan, I couldn't! There was no time. It all happened so fast. But when I decided to talk to her, to tell her what I was going through, she decided to wish me a safe journey home! For her it was never about my emotions, or my feelings, it was just about the sex!"

     "What was it for you, Armaan?"

     "I- I don't know how to explain it, Muskaan. It was the first time in years that I had gotten so close to a woman. She made me feel things I'd never felt before!" Armaan said as he ran a hand through his finger-combed hair. "After Ananya and our so called 'love story,' she was the first person to make me happy. She reminded me of the Armaan I used to be when I wasn't burdened with the responsibilities of a married man."

     "Armaan, why don't you talk to her? Maybe explain things. I know you have feelings for her, it's quite evident with the way you still about her. Talk to her!"

     "I can't Muskaan, not now. I have Pari to worry about. She wouldn't want a man like me anyways. She's just in it for the sex, and I can't take on another responsibility of a woman who craves me for sex. I'm more than that, for god sake!"

     Ridhima couldn't bear to hear anymore. She quickly wiped the tears that had formed in her eyes, and walked away quickly from their cabin. After that day, Ridhima had made a decision to confront Armaan and tell him the truth about her past, and her present.

     Armaan was working late at Sanjeevani that night. Muskaan had promised to take care of Pari and look after her while Armaan finished up his rounds. Just as Armaan entered his cabin, he found Ridhima sitting on his chair.

     "Hmm, did you need something, Dr. Gupta?"

     "Besides you, Armaan, I don't need anything." She stated as a matter of fact.

     "Oh really, Ridhima? And why would that be?" Armaan said cocking his eyebrow at her, staring at her strange behaviour.

     "Armaan... I uh, can we talk, please?" Ridhima asked hesitantly as she got up from the chair moving closer to Armaan.

     "Ridhima, not right now. I have to pick up Pari from Muskaan's, and I'm not in the mood." He stated simply trying to get rid of her.

     "Armaan, Pari's safe with Muskaan, and she won't mind you being late by a few minutes or so. Can we just talk, please? Like two mature adults?"

     Armaan sighed. "Fine, talk."

     "Armaan, I'm sorry. For everything I said that morning two years ago, and for what I said when we first met again two years later. I'm sorry for everything in between, and I'm sorry for your divorce! I promise I didn't know about it... and I didn't mean to overhear you and Muskaan, but I did, and I'm sorry!"

     Armaan stood for a moment, stunned. "You know? Then why are we having this conversation? I mean really Ridhima, if you knew all of this then, would it have made a difference? You were in it for SEX, which I wasn't! I had feelings for you! Ever since that night, I could never get close to another woman, because of YOU, Ridhima, you!"

     Ridhima moved in closer to Armaan as she extended her hand forward, lingering her fingers, brushing the outline of Armaan's face. "Armaan, I- what I couldn't tell you then, I want to tell you now. I didn't want a relationship then. My father, he exceeded all limits when he left me and my mom for another woman. He didn't care about me; he didn't care about my mom! He got her pregnant, and left the minute he found out! I didn't want a man like that, Armaan. I thought you were just like every other one, in it for the pleasures! I'm sorry, Armaan." A tear trickled down her eyes washing away with her eyeliner.

     Armaan extended his hands forward and cupped Ridhima's face. He brushed her tears and kissed each eye, lingering upon them both. "Ridhima, I'm sorry for what your dad did to you, but I promise I'm not like that. I care for you, Ridhima, I really do." Ridhima moved in closer on her tippy toes. She pulled Armaans face closer as she licked his lips demanding entrance. "But I love you, Armaan." She muttered against his lips. She captured them as she bit on his lower lip kissing him, and sucking on his lower lip. Armaan pulled Ridhima closer, devouring her into this kiss. They finally pulled out running out of breath, if they decided to live any further.

     "What did you say?" Armaan asked looking Ridhima in the eyes. "I said I love you, Armaan." He looked at her while he caressed her face with his thumb. Ridhima's lips quivered as she realized as to what she had just spoken. He moved his hand to her lips and rubbed her lips hard and softly pecked them. "Well then, there's a mutual feeling. I love you too, Ridhima." Ridhima beamed with a radiant smile as Armaan couldn't help but gawk at her precious smile. He pulled Ridhima into a tight embrace nuzzling into her hair, softly muttering over and over again "I love you."

     Armaan and Ridhima parted from the embrace soon enough, and smiled at each other. "Chale? We need to pick up Pari." Armaan smiled at her. "We?" Ridhima looked at him once again and softly kissed his cheek. "Yes, we. That's what boyfriends and girlfriends do, right? Take care of each other?" Armaan chuckled at her cute behaviour and kissed her on the forehead. "That's exactly what they do, Ridhima." They left his cabin holding hands as their fingers intertwined, with their knuckles turning white with their tight grasp.

     The End.


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harini19sahitya87crazyneha.0807Sanausmanshanky18sree12-Aahana-xooniBlack_beautysimple_sweetnikiksgiananum ghouriwifey90bhavs_gid03Aditi-palansimone_ksgams021niki4lifeswarobi1ahensevencutie13arddimaAnokheebueatyadorableaishanIhArIkAsweety7395armaans_desireStupidcupid1234-AK-2cute4u_22kajenvirmanattraction.101avi_k_Jyo.KG_dbhusainmegbansARCaskettFanqt4eversoniarahejam-g19shaaz_91jannat4everanushkajainRhea.KaJenAmoon.88scorpio95bushrayouHazel-eyeshivi17ambrynilla8dhruvikaluvsKSGunknown.ScatteredCastleAVKKG-Deepshikhaa-blessed4moonlight2630aroosheeCrazyy_FanpinkssParneetS

soundsofcedar IF-Addictz

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Posted: 16 March 2011 at 9:56pm | IP Logged
Baharo phool barsao mera Birthday gift FINALLY agaya hai! REJEEEEEEEEEEEEERVED


So I did my live commentary now for the sober and more mature comment kayliye stay tuned and I shall comment till tomorrow WEEEEEEEEEEEEEE! I know I am suppose to be showering, eating and writing a paper but hey who gives a fk I dont LOL So let's get started I am sure by now you would have guessed I friggen loved the OS with my live commentary and all :$ I know I got carried away but EFF man this was your best OS till date in my opinion :D I would like to give you a KSG emotie *let's pretend here ok*  for making my week, weekend, month, year, life so amaaaaajjjing :D You already do that with your presence but tehe this OS just made it even better haye! I love you 2 3 4 5 to infinity <333 Seriously though your writing skills put ERM professional writers to shame SACHI! I feel like using this for some reason <<  

You and your writing make me smile like the sun
 Fall out of bed, sing like a bird 
You make me dance like a fool  
 Just the thought of you can drive me wild
Oh, you make me smile 

I think this comment should go down in history as the best comment JK :$ LOL Ok coming to the storyline though you know my thoughts already but seriously man when I told you the concept I NEVER imagined for it to turn out so GREAT! I loved how you portrayed both characters! Seriously it was P  E R F E C T I O N. I don't think I can say anything more LOL I have to say Armaan's heart break scene was my favorite. I am a sucker for sad scenes and you know that :$ I am a sap LOL! AHHH and when they met again haye I fall in love again :| :| :| The concept of KSG being a dad is so :$ blush worthy tehe  OH AND the convo between MUSKI and ARMAAN :| :| :| You know what makes me go /thud DONT you ladki :$ I loweeeeed it ji /sigh mere KaTi tehe I could picture it so well my cuties Lastly the confrontation that ended in happies endings :$ I pictured that ji tehe All in all this was HEAVEN I loved it and I read it over and over again :D I hope to read more ishtuff from you tehe! Muaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaah! Love you <333 

PS I am sad that I won't be reading a new OS from you but I know it's only for "sometime" :P

Edited by -Sary- - 19 March 2011 at 5:45pm

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anitamalik IF-Stunnerz

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Posted: 16 March 2011 at 10:11pm | IP Logged

*EDIT ON March 20th *

OMFG Phatty, HOLYYYYYYYY SHIEEEEEEEET! You know, I fail to find words to compliment your writing! You write with such ease and so beautifully it makes me go thud for real! It feels like I'm reading a actual novel by some Nobel Prize winner author! And I mean that Phatty!ClapClap

One thing I LOVE about this OS is that you made Riddhima a bold character, whereas Armaan was the introvert who has been betrayed in life through love! It's something rare to see, and I absolutely loved the concept!

Can I tell you that each scene in this OS was IMAGINABLE :|

And I LOVVVVVVVVVVED the thudworthy scenes!Wink

Oh and the way you spun the story around by leaping two years and revealing their pasts to us-COMMENDABLE! Loved it!!

ILY PHATTY! Keep writing <3 Im saving this OS LOL

Edited by anitamalik - 20 March 2011 at 10:32pm

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jetredrose. IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 16 March 2011 at 10:12pm | IP Logged
Phattyyyyyyyyyyyyyy myyy wiffeyyy u killed me with this OS :| :| It was written so well :| I'm at a loss for words! The way u write, everything flows so smoothly and it's so easyyyy to picture everything! I loveeeeeed the concept of this OS and i'm proud of u for writing such a long OS! I loved everyyyy bit of it.  Man it was sooo hot :| I was reading in bed last night and I got goosebumps LOL

The part when Armaan approached her was so ROFL 
 "If you're that intrigued, you should've approached me. I don't bite, I promise."

That made me LOL and the scene u wrote afterwards when they lost themselves cause of all that built up passion and intensityyy was hottt :|
and Pariiii is suchaaa cute name :) I loved when they admitted that they loved each other Day Dreaming it was all so cuteeee and sweeet!

Phattyyyy I must sayyy i'm glad to have u as a part of  BBYL tehee because ur gonna make it all purtyful with ur amazing writing skills <3333 I loveeeeeeeeed this OS Heart

Edited by jetredrose - 21 March 2011 at 9:51pm

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gia.khan IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 16 March 2011 at 10:12pm | IP Logged
Dancing bananas!Dancing bananas!

soooo WEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE!! as promised i m heres with my COMMENT weeeeeeeeeee!! so like i loved loved the concept ! IT WAS AUHMAZING and veryyyy different!!! LOVED how armaan was the onee who WANTED A RELATIONSHIP and not just a ONE NIGHT STAND!!! loved loveddd itt <3 ! i dont think anyone has done that before tehe <3 ! SOO I LOVERS IT LOTS LOTS N LOTS <3 !!! everything was zara hakteee tehe <3 ! HAWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWW :| you know when i read ARMAAN WAS A DAD :| i was like sooo LIKE :| :| :| AND A DIVORCEEE WHOOOOOOOOOOOOO (btw who was the ullu ki pathi anyways :S WHO WOULD LEAVE ARMAAN MALIK :S! hes so HOT :| ) anyways lmfao! i was sooo hurt psssht bechara went through soo much :( and even ridhima was such a heartless BEEP kameeni kahiin ki psssht </3 !!! but i was GLAD they confessed and got together! TEHEEE! LOVEDD LOVED THE ENDING IT WAS PERFECTOOOOOOOO <3 !!! i m anyways a sucker for romance and ... soo tehe this ff was a perfect comboo for moi <3 ! i loved the last bit when he said 

 "Yes, we. That's what boyfriends and girlfriends do, right? Take care of each other?" 

LMFAOOO how cute <3 ! I LOVED THATTT BIT TEHEE <3 ! and her confussion n then she goes ... "THAT'S EXACTLY WHAT THEY DO" lmfaoooo ahhhhh that was sooo cute Day Dreaming

oh there was something esle i loved lmfaoooo 

"You see this finger, Mr. Armaan Malik, it can make you cum."

FRIGGEN SEXY :| i cant believe she said that :| HAYEEE that was hot tehe <3 ! i loved how ridhima was in control here <3 ! ahhh 

anyways with that i end my LONG COMMENT << lmfao loveddd itt babe! WRITE MORE OS <<!!!! 

Dancing bananas!Dancing bananas!


Edited by gia.khan - 18 March 2011 at 9:27pm

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soundsofcedar IF-Addictz

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Posted: 16 March 2011 at 10:13pm | IP Logged
I love how the gang itself reserved so if they don't edit inko kaun maaare ga :S

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soundsofcedar IF-Addictz

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Posted: 16 March 2011 at 10:24pm | IP Logged
SERIOUSLY it's so freaking amazing so FAR :| I wanna give you live commentary!

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..Mira.. IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 16 March 2011 at 10:25pm | IP Logged
I can't WAIT to read =))

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