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Maaneet FF: Whispering Knolls NEW LINK on Pg141 (Page 63)

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Originally posted by Maaneet_09

Originally posted by jyoti_l

me n cute...Shocked
my other friends call me hitler, drama queen n what not...Wacko...n becharon ko preshan kar deti hoon update ke liye...LOL
u r the first one to say cute...Embarrassed
i love u too...Hug
hahaha hitler aur drama queen?? nahi to... tum sach mein cute ho jab tum update maangti ho... ab chal mein jaa rahi hoon phir padayi ke liye so that i get time tonite to update...Wink teekhai? tc darlingSmile

will wait for the update...Embarrassed
love u babe...Hug
study hard...

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Chapter 17: Comedy of Errors
"Achacho! (Oh my!)" she screamed at plight of the blazer. "En Muruga en? (Why Muruga why?)" she said shaking her head at the fate of the blazer. She had just ripped Maan Singh Khurana's blazer and now he would just rip her head. The day just began and here she was already wishing it ended. She hit her head clenching her fist cursing herself for her act. "What better way to start the day than with ripping of Maan Singh Khurana's blazer?" she whined. She pinched herself to make sure she was not part of her worst nightmare. Unable to think of any other options she sighed and decided to buy a new one and rummaged through the torn blazer tangled on a rusted nail to find his size. She mentally noted his size down and ran to find Arjun to explain her present plight to him.
Geet found Arjun in his room busily getting ready and fixing his hair. He was surprised to find her and looked questioningly at her. She showed him the piece of torn cloth in her hand and looked almost ready to cry. He asked her to join him on the small couch in the corner of his room while she tearfully explained the plight of the blazer and begged him to buy her another one to replace the current one else Maan would bite her head off. Arjun readily agreed to do so on the way to the office. Arjun insisted she have something to eat before heading out but she refused to eat breakfast so that she had ample time to order the blazer and reach office on time. Arjun had no other option but to starve himself too in the morning, as she would not even allow him to take a few bites before leaving due to the fear of going late.
Since the traffic would be heavy, Arjun decided to drive his motorbike rather than the car. Geet headed out with him with her bag and urgently sat behind him. They reached Raymond's showroom in no time, thanks to Arjun's superb motorbike riding skills. While he went to park his bike, Geet hurried to the shop to buy her blazer.
The salesgirl greeted Geet with a smile and asked whether she needed any help. Geet nervously smiled back and told her that she needed to buy a blazer, size large and dark navy blue color with two buttons. By that time Arjun parked his bike and came into the showroom to stand near Geet. The salesgirl went to bring the blazer Geet had asked for but to Geet's dismay the salesgirl informed that they had run out of that size. Geet was utterly dejected and slumped down on a nearby chair unable to think clearly what to do next. Geet started blankly straight ahead as if the blazer would appear to her in front of her from nowhere. Looking at Geet Arjun tried to alleviate the situation by asking the girl if there were any other store nearby that they would find the blazer that they needed. The salesgirl nodded gravely at the fact that it was not likely to find any other showrooms nearby but she offered they could order one now and they would be able to get hold of one by late afternoon today. Geet's head shot at the mention of the salesgirl's option. She wondered if Maan would wait that long to get his blazer back but what if he had meetings lined up all afternoon so that Geet could slip in the blazer right on time. Having left with no other option she agreed to the salesgirl's suggestion and asked if they could deliver it to Khurana Constructions. The salesgirl consented that it was not a problem and asked her to leave the address and other details for delivery. Arjun paid in advance for the blazer and took care of other charges while Geet hurriedly scribbled a note along with the address and other details for the delivery.
Arjun dropped off Geet and told her not to worry too much as they had taken care of the issue. Although Geet was not entirely satisfied with Arjun's assurance she gave him a weak smile and left for the office.
As soon as she entered her cabin she found a message from Sasha asking her to keep all the files regarding the new project file for Mr. Khanna as they had a presentation in an hour. She discreetly peeked into Maan's cabin to make sure he wasn't there and to her relief she didn't find him anywhere near. Thanking her stars she went to get the necessary reports, power point, and blue prints for Mr. Khanna's project. She had them neatly compiled and walked into the conference room 15 minutes prior to the start of the presentation so that she could set up everything neatly for a smooth ride during the presentation. She set up the laptop, plugged in the thumb disk, and opened the power point. On the side she kept a laser point pen so that as the presenter presents, they are able to point out the things they want to on the screen. Keeping everything in place she looked at the time, it was almost time for the meeting to begin. Sasha walked into the room and took a look at the things Geet had set up to make sure everything was in order. Just as the clients began filing into the room, she heard Sasha say that they need to be in their best behavior as Mr. Khanna was their important client and Maan Singh Khurana himself would present. The mention of Maan's name rang a bell in Geet's head, she shot an alarmed look at Sasha and then at the door dreading the moment she had wanted to avoid very badly, facing Mr. Maan Singh Khurana! She turned around facing the wall, shut her eyes tightly, and folded her hands together to send a quick prayer to her Muruga.
"Amma Muruga! Nee than please please help pannanum, nekku romba bayama irukku, Muruga nee intha vaati enna kaapathale apparum un pechu ka! (Oh Muruga! You have to please help me for I am really scared, if you don't help me this time then I shall never talk to you!) Muruga? Ketkutha? (Do you hear me?)," she said looking up as though she saw him telling yes she smiled back. Just as she turned around Maan walked in with his head high. Everyone turned to greet him but he simply curtly nodded in return. By the time Geet could take her seat but everyone occupied most of the seats and the only seat left was beside Maan. The paradoxical coincidence of fate needed to be applauded at the moment. She was left to take the seat beside him as everyone were waiting for her to sit so that the presentation would begin. She quietly slipped into the seat beside him.
Maan stood up to give the presentation; he gave the presentation without a flaw. His speech seemed to flow perfectly while he stood perfectly still with his hands in his pockets. This man deserved to be called the best and he made sure he never swerved from the definition of the best. Pausing at the right time, asserting his opinions to get his point across and carrying a domineering voice to keep the audience from getting distracted was a great task at hand indeed. But Maan Singh Khurana seemed to carry off as though it was his cup of tea well in his case his cup of coffee. Geet was engrossed in watching him more than the presentation that she was oblivious to him talking to her.
"Geet," Maan said a little louder, trying to catch her attention.
"Umm, huh?" Geet stuttered returning from her staring session. She seemed very lost while Maan seemed to get restless every passing second.
"Geet where is the laser pointer," he whispered not wanting to disturb the clients as he missed to see it beside the laptop in the dimly lit room to accommodate visual projection.
Geet, still lost in her world failed to catch what Maan was trying to ask properly and looked bewildered. She had heard him ask something, something 'err. Huh? Did he just ask for his blazer, she wondered.
"Geet, laser, laser," he repeated.
All Geet could think of was the blazer, the blazer she had ripped to pieces. And here he was asking for that blazer. She gulped before attempting to answer him. "Sir, voh, voh," she said fumbling to get the right words. "Sir, aapka vo toh," her words failed to come out.
"Just give it to me damn it!" he said getting annoyed by the delay.
"Sir, I ripped the blazer in half," she said as quickly as possible while closing her eyes tightly to avoid his piercing gaze.
"Kya?" he asked looking confused.
"Aapka blazer sir I tore it in half by mistake," she said looking at him uncertainly.
"Geet main laser, laser pointer ke baare me baat kar raha hoon," he said sternly, "GIVE ME THE LASER POINTER," he said stressing every word.
Geet realized her folly and stumbled to get the laser pointer that was beside the laptop. The clients seemed a little restless over their encounter and therefore Maan was very angry his presentation was disturbed due to her silly banter. Even a genuine emergency was not allowed to disturb his work, Maan's primary priority was work and this girl here was acting like they were on a holiday by talking nonsense.
"Yes sir, no sir, sorry sir," squeaked Geet while giving him the laser pointer.
Maan snatched the pointer as quickly as possible and carried on with the presentation hoping he hadn't irritated his clients enough. The rest of the presentation was uneventful. The clients seemed convinced of Mr. Khurana's presentation and Mr. Khanna assured him that he would get back with a positive reply. Although Maan had tried to wipe away the hitch the clients, he was not satisfied. A man's ego once hurt doesn't stop to reason out and every gesture by the clients looked as though they still eyed him and Geet curiously while walking out of the room. Maan was furious yet kept his cool to prevent further damage in front of his clients. Once everyone left, Maan told Geet to get to his office that very second. He seemed he would blow up any second, so Geet without further delay ran to his cabin.
Maan was standing facing away from Geet when she entered the cabin after knocking the door. From what she could see, today she was as equal to dead meat, she thought, ugh meat? Chi chi no maybe she was dead vegetable, yes that was better. She was about be ripped into pieces and here she was debating whether she was dead meat or dead vegetable, talk about irony!
"Sssir," she stammered.
Maan turned to face her with his hands crossed on his chest and his eyes red with fury.
"Tum kya socti ho apne aapko?" he grunted. "Meri bahut si important presentation thi and you were making a fool of me!"
"Ssir nahi sir, its not like that, I thought you were asking for the bblazer," she said quietly not trying to meet his eyes.
"Blazer? Are you out of your mind?" he started to scream and continued to blast her on the rules of behaving in office and went to lecture her about the ethics and codes of conduct of an employee in the middle of a conference meeting. He chided her reckless behavior as childish as well as completely irresponsible. He continued to hurl insults at her while Geet stood silently with her head bent downwards. Tears flowed uncontrollably as she listened to him belittle her mistaken behavior as completely unprofessional. She was overwhelmed with the thought of the blazer that she had heard him wrong. She was extremely sorry for her misconception but that shouldn't mean Maan could call her unprofessional and unruly. Maan walked back and forth while continuing to scold her and failed to notice Geet had silently left the room. Frustrated, he left the matter as it is and got back to his work while cursing his fate to have met such a negligent girl.
Geet ran back to her with her face streaked with salty tears. She urgently wiped them away and resolved to seal the issue of dealing with Maan's everyday wrath once for all. She sat on her chair and typed a short resignation letter before gathering her things. It may have been her dream to work in Khurana Constructions but not more than her own self respect. She had endured enough insults since the day she entered Khurana Constructions and she would take no more of his utterly baseless accusations. She printed the letter, signed in bottom, and folded it neatly before inserting it into an envelope that was addressed to Mr. Maan Singh Khurana. She picked her bag and walked to Maan's cabin to give him a piece of her mind before permanently walking out of the building. But to her dismay he had left for another meeting so she left the envelope on the table under the paperweight and turned to leave to inform Adhi and Pinky of her leave, as they were her only friends in the concentration camp known as Khurana Constructions.
Adhi asked her to think once again before making a hasty decision but Geet was firm in her resolve to keep her self-respect. She bade good-bye to Pinky on the way out and tried calling Arjun to pick her up. Arjun's number was unreachable, thus having no other option; she took a taxi back home. Geet quietly stifled her sobs on the back home while on the ride back home to prevent too much attention from the curiously eyeing driver. She reached home after a long ride back home due to heavy traffic and paid the taxi driver.
As Geet entered the mansion, she found that Gowtam uncle had left out of town on some urgent business and Arjun had gone to drop him in the airport from the servant. She thanked the servant for the information and rushed to her room to wash out her remaining tears. She jumped onto her bed not minding her eyeliner that was smudged all over her face by now due to excessive crying and fell flat face on her pillow. She cried her heart out remembering the episode that happened a few hours ago. She was nervous that Maan would find a way to harass her about the blazer she had borrowed and his domineering presentation had made her lose track of what he was asking for. She had misheard him and she was really sorry for that but that didn't mean she had to be treated like dirt.
Meanwhile in Khurana Constructions, Maan came back from the meeting to find someone waiting for him with a packet in hand. He walked into his cabin while the delivery boy came and knocked on his door. Maan gestured him to come in while the boy carried what seemed like a huge pack in hand with a hanger on top.
"Good afternoon sir, yeh blazer was asked to deliver Mr. Maan Singh Khurana by Ms. Geetanjali Handa with a note," the boy said handing over the blazer neatly packed and a side note. Maan looked a little confused but took the note and the pack from him. The boy bid him goodbye and turned to leave. Maan opened the note that was neatly folded in an envelope that read:

Maan sir,
First of all, let me thank you for the timely help you offered me yesterday. Thanks for offering me you blazer to cover my ripped sleeves. I am extremely sorry but the blazer you gave to me yesterday ripped into two pieces while I tried to untangle it from my bed frame. Since it was stuck in between a rusted nail on the bed frame and the wall, while I tried to pull it out, but it completely ripped. Once again my sincere apologies, I have brought you an exact replica of the one I damaged. My utter carelessness shall never be repeated again but I hoped to be excused this one time.
Geetanjali Handa.

            Reading the note that was neatly written in her beautiful handwriting, the events came rushing back to Maan. That was the reason she was mumbling blazer, he thought. She had tried to explain her fumbling but he didn't even allow her to speak. He shut his eyes tightly reprimanding his uncontrolled behavior. He had called her an immature little imp trying to ambush his presentation. He had always kept himself under control but this girl had evoked the dangerous devil inside him and even before he knew it he had hurt her beyond the point of no return. She had tried to apologize and bring his attention to the blazer he had demanded she return but he never allowed her to utter a single word and had continuously yapped away on the conducts of behavior. He banged the table out of frustration and decided to go and apologize for his blemished act. While he got up, another envelope caught his attention with a very similar handwriting that was addressed to him. He opened to find Geet's resignation letter tucked away in the envelope. He rushed out of the cabin with both letters in hand hoping to catch her before she left but found from Adhi that she had left long ago. He cursed his anger and tried to find her home address to personally apologize.
         Maan finally reached the Singhania mansion, the address given by Adhi listed as Geet's home address. He had rehearsed his apology quiet a number of times on the way to her house. And at one point he tried saying it out loudly that his driver looked shocked at him as though he had seen a ghost. Maan Singh Khurana had never apologized for his actions and here he was rehearsing his act before executing it! His driver eyed him time to time to check if he was not dreaming but made sure Maan didn't catch him looking at him.
         Maan walked to the entrance still clutching the letter in one hand, adjusted his tie and cleared his throat, before ringing the doorbell.

Precap 1: Geet absent-mindedly opened the door and without looking up said, "Maama illa po (Gowtam Uncle is not there)" and shut the door even before the person on the other side had a chance to say something. Maan had taken a deep breath to speak but was taken aback when she slammed the door on his face. Confused, he knocked the door again; Geet again opened the door, "Maama illa po, oorukku poirukkaru po (Gowtam Uncle is not there, he has gone out of town, go)"...
Precap 2: He felt tiny little hands on his stomach trying to punch with all its might. He looked down to see a cute little cherub staring angrily at him with her hands on her hip. He looked amusedly at her dark brown eyes dancing with fury and her nose flaring with rage. Her tiny fingers snapped at him and indicated him to bend down to her level.

hey guys this is solely dedicated to my darling Jyoti whose inspiration made me complete. also people i hope i am not losing ur interest in reading my story coz i dont see people responding like before Cry please comment and hit the like button i need inspirations to write!!
@Jyo dalring ab tum khush ho na?? 

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really sweet work..
loved the part where..she tries to explain & our grt MSK goesAngryAngry
& the letter was sooo swwttt ..
the sorry practice part reminded me
of th episodeEmbarrassedEmbarrassedEmbarrassed

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rude maan...arrogant maan...n many more adj. but MAAN is MAAN after all...slowly she will  realise  he  is  d  best  boss... as  of  now  she was mighty  impressed  with d way MAAN was  giving d presentation.
great update. plz cont...

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Clap  Let me applaud you 1st  Clap
Very neatly written yet the emotions of Geet & Maan surfaced flawlessly Thumbs Up
Completely felt a lump in my throat the way Geet left distraught Cry

Excellent writing , smooth flow & apt office moments Thumbs Up
Loved the update & thanks for pm ...

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Hi dear i loved the update but want to see maan meeting geet in the present situation, also plsss PM your next update.continue soon.

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ab aapka 4 hrs poora huyi thi kya??????????it was really cute...poor geet...kithna kuch maan bhi na aapne aapko control kyu nehi karthe...hehhehehehehee..i oved it...plss update soon yaar...

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Superb part... loved it

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