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Maaneet FF: Whispering Knolls NEW LINK on Pg141 (Page 115)

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Originally posted by jyoti_l

they were married...Shocked...
kya hua tha...??
y did she leave...??
even when she knew she was preg...
y does it seem like she married him coz of something else??
 n y was she suffering frm the day 1 of their marriage...??

i better get my ans in the next part...AngryAngry...otherwise...Evil Smile

ha ha ...agaya Drama Question Queen ...was missing itLOL

welcome back joWink

Btw let me too get answer for those questions.

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Originally posted by -dia-

Edited My post on Page 120
kunju maniii 
i am still burning with fever from last nite so i couldnt complete the update... goin to the doc in a few hrs... n then i shall make sure i get the update done Big smile

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Originally posted by Maaneet_09

Originally posted by -dia-

Edited My post on Page 120
kunju maniii 
i am still burning with fever from last nite so i couldnt complete the update... goin to the doc in a few hrs... n then i shall make sure i get the update done Big smile

Sorry to hear it chakarae ...& pls don't bother about update ..first take care of urself & don't stress

love u ...Hug
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it was an awesome update...wowww they r married...loved it...
arjun and geet's understandind level is super...chengadi nannayal kannadi venda...yehi sach hai...
best line  I shall hold on to it till my last breath," super...
update soon...waiting...precap sure hai past hi hoga vo present me handa kyu bulaye?vo tho mrs khurana hai na?
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Chapter 24: Destiny's Play
Geet dressed herself in a cream white designer saree with shiny silver work and a sleeveless blouse and matching glittery earrings. She let her hair free and kept the make up at the minimum, enhancing her ethereal beauty. She wore a light fall jacket to keep herself warm from the evening chills. She had told JP that she would meet him directly at the venue and took a taxi to that place. She arrived at the event place and got out of the taxi. Her arrival turned all heads at the entrance. Her graceful entrance, her angelic beauty, her petite figure made her look out of the world.
At that moment Maan looked up from his conversation, as he suddenly felt restless. He looked around to see a familiar figure but found nothing and went back to his conversation. Yet he kept a watch for it.
Geet walked into the huge auditorium decorated beautifully in a neat and classy arrangement. Tables were set up and decorated with white calla lilies and peach orchids. A dais was setup for the guest speaker. JP stood near the entrance to greet her.
"Hello beautiful," he said with a smile. "I see a beautiful angel, are you sure you are our Geet?" he joked. She smiled at his compliment and came to stand next to him. He held his hand out like a gentleman to lead her into the hall. She let her hands slip around his while he lead her to their table. She scanned the room to see if she could spot him. She had resolved to stay away from him, but that didn't mean she couldn't steal a glance of her Maan. She would look at him from far and fill in her senses with his image and leave the conference quietly after his speech. She settled comfortably in her seat while JP took her coat and gave it to the chauffer before settling himself opposite to her. Soon the lights dimmed signaling everyone to settle down, as the speech was about to begin. Geet strained her eyes to adjust to the dim light settings. The speaker welcomed all the guests and gave a brief introduction about the guest speaker.
The spotlight illuminated a tall, handsome figure. He walked up to the speaker's desk with the light trailing behind him. The same walk, the same confidence, the same arrogance, she thought smiling at him. "Bilkul nahi badla," she chuckled softly. His mere presence had stunned the audience and his piercing gaze leaving many ladies to faint and all men green with envy. It was Maan Singh Khurana afterall, and nobody could escape his charm. His eagle eyes tried to scan the audience but due to dim lighting of the hall, not much could be seen. Geet's table was located in the corner allowing her to get a full view of Maan while he couldn't unless he turned to face her. He began his speech and she engrossed herself in looking at him.
One look at the man and anyone could figure out he was a perfectionist. In each task he took up, he made sure he gave his two hundred percent and never compromised on quality. And this speech was no exception; his words flowed flawlessly while his stature dictated superiority. His speech was succinct and to the point yet he made sure each of his point reached the audience without any hitch.
Geet didn't absorb any of his words. All she could see was his each turn of his head and the action of his hands. The tiny muscles in his face twitched at each action and each turn of his hand flexed his muscles made her heart skip several beats.  She let her eyes wander over his muscular and sexy figure although her mind was screaming her not to do so. "It's a sin!" Her mind screamed but her heart sang, "yeh dil he ki sunta nahi." Maan finally finished his speech with a small smile that failed to reach his eyes that went noticed by Geet. JP, who was asking about something, interrupted her thoughts.
At the end of his speech the lights went back on. Maan turned to leave the dais when his eyes fell on a familiar figure. Even in the midst of a big crowd he could recognize her. The moment he saw her something new stirred inside of him; an emotion he had exactly felt five years ago when he saw her. She seemed engrossed in talking to someone by her table. The distance from the dais to the table prevented her from seeing that he was eyeing her. The joy of finally getting to see her overshadowed the new feeling. He had quickly brushed it away justifying the five years long separation was the cause of these feelings. Afterall, it was his, "sweet loosu penne (mad girl), his b'" he stopped to see her stand up suddenly as if to leave. He would never leave this opportunity to meet her. Yes, he had promised her that he would never search for her, but she was here of her own accord, and he would make sure she comes back into his dark and sorrowful life. He dashed out of the dais to get hold of her but she seemed she was in a hurry to leave. By the time he reached her table she had left. He tried to retrace her steps not caring the shocked gazes of the people gathered in the conference.
The nearest exit was the best option for Maan. He rushed out of the hall into an empty corridor. "Geet!" his voice echoed down the empty hallway. He strained his ears to see if he could hear soft footsteps or the little sounds of her golden color payals she always wore. Few seconds later, he heard a distant sound of the payals hurrying out of the pillar all the way down the hallway. "Geet!" he called out desperately, hoping she would pause to give him some time to reach her. But she again disappeared behind another pillar.
Geet hid behind the next closest pillar trying to calm her fraying nerves and irregular breathing. As soon as his speech was over she wanted to quietly slip away but from the corner of her eyes she had caught Maan looking at her intently. She panicked he might come to her and informed JP that she had to leave immediately due an emergency. She had taken the nearest exit out of the conference hall, but he was too quick for her. Maan had come right behind her, shouting her name. She hid behind the pillar and turned around to see where he was, only to find him right around the corner. She covered her mouth to prevent her heavy sighs from running. And once he turned the other side she dashed to the next farthest pillar. She peeked from the pillar to see if he was still searching for her but until her eyes could see, there was no sign of him. She breathed a sigh of relief and turned around to head out of the building.
"Are you searching for someone?" Geet heard a familiar voice from behind. The sudden noise had caused her to jump and trip on her saree causing her to fall. She closed her eyes tightly, preparing for a nasty fall and her mouth let out a loud gasp. Right before she hit the ground, she felt a pair of strong arms engulfing her tightly. She opened her eyes to see a pair of assuring, dark chocolate brown eyes staring down at her assuring her safety. Moments passed while they still stood in that position, lost deeply in each other's eyes. The loud clapping sound from the auditorium brought them back to reality. They straightened themselves, avoiding eye contact.
Maan took a closer look at Geet. She seemed absolutely ravishing in the crme white designer saree, with minimal make up, and her hair let loose. When she was in Delhi, she had limited her clothing to salwars or traditional madisars (Iyer style of wearing a saree) during any specific functions. But today she looked different he thought but immediately he mentally slapped himself for letting his thoughts run wildly.
"Geet," Maan said breaking the awkward silence. "Were you searching for someone?" he teased easing the situation.
Geet stood rooted to the spot unable to meet his intense gaze. She kept her head bent low and fidgeted with the saree pallu.
"Geet, I am asking you," he said more sternly.
"Nnnahi," she managed to say.
"Toh why were you in a hurry to leave the conference hall?" he asked curiously.
"Voh, Maan I think I need to go," saying so she turned to leave only to he held firmly.
"Geet itne saalon ke baad mujhe mil rahi ho, don't you think I deserve a hi at least?"
Geet looked at him nervously and gave a weak smile. "Hi," she said bleakly.
"Sirf hi? How are you vagera vagare nahi poochogi?" he prodded further.
"Maan please, I told you not to look for me," she said half-heartedly.
"So that's the problem huh?" he asked disappointedly. "Well let me do the honors of clearing the doubt, I didn't look for you. It was a coincidence I am here for this conference and I happen to see you," he said coldly.
Geet jerked her head up hearing his icy tone and realized her folly. "I'm sorry, I didn't mean it that way," she tried to cover up.
"Toh kya matlab tha? Haan Geet? How could even think I could forgo the promise even though it killed me to do so," he said, his voice cracking. She was about to say something but he gestured her to stop. "You easily walked away from me, taking a promise never to look for you. Tumhe pata hai what I went through after that? Tumhe pata hain tumhare bina main kitna akhela ho gaya tha? I longed for your company, your shoulder to cry on, and your hand to lead me through those dark phases of my life. Magar you were never there, Geet," he said emotionally. "You were never there," he said stressing every word. "Kyun Geet, maine kya galti ki, ki tum mujhe itna bada saza de rahe ho?" he said as a lone tear escaped from his eye.
Geet never imagined her leaving would cause him this much pain. She hoped her leave would help him lead a good life he had always imagined. She didn't want to become an obstacle for his happiness. But today, seeing him in so much pain, wrenched her heart and soul. Maan turned to leave, when she caught his hand, forcing him to stop. He stood facing away from her. She came around to face him, only to see his eyes filled with tears.
"I am sorry Maan, I know sorry is a very small word I really am sorry," she pleaded. He again looked away from her. "Please mujhe dekho to sahi, please Maan." She let go of his hand and instantly hugged him tightly. She rubbed his back as though trying to soothe him through her touch. She let herself stay in that position for a while, hoping he would return her hug. But he simply stood without any reaction. She cocked her head to see his eyes, now red from all the silent crying. She tried to wipe them away but he simply turned his face away. She was shocked by his indifference and stepped back. He wiped away his tears angrily and walked away, leaving her baffled. She wanted to call him but the words stuck in her throat while she stood watching him leave her behind just like she had done five years ago.

next chapter below Wink 
for those who wanted to see how JP looks... here is is photo

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Beautiful Madhu ...Star(this time not just te update but also UWink

Geet was so elegant ...kya entry mara hai ...pari jaise ...the way u described I thought she has dressed up to blow off his sense ...& U see I was correctEmbarrassed ...poor soul ...can't stop himself from admiring herEmbarrassedLOL ...but he tried to control himselfD'ohLOL ...DW MSK u can do that honor next time ...I'm sure U ll get the chance ...kyu Madhu,chance de donge hena???Wink

OMG ...Geet is checking out himShocked ...Bechari GeetOuch ...even she can't stop herself from drooling over himLOL

I liked their Hide & Seek game ...lekin poor hider ..hargaya seeker ki samnaeLOL 

I liked his teasing ...cho sweet ...he knows how to play the gameEmbarrassed ...but u made him cried!!!

loved it ...the way he let out all his emotions of those five years of loneliness was beautiful!!!

so finally Geet realized that pain enduring him is coz of her ...but y she left him in first place ...whether she don't that she is his happiness???

wonderful update!!!

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Chapter 25: Leave Me, Never
Geet didn't know how to react after Maan left her with his painful monologue. She had feared for his happiness when she came to know she was pregnant with Kritika. He would blame himself and his anger would have cost three lives. Thus, she had left him abruptly, shamelessly lying that she was starting a new life, new family, very far from him. He tried to convince her even assured he would give her a new life right by him, so that he could keep her always near him. But she refused to budge from her decision of leaving him. She had put up a brave face although she had despised her own decision. She dreaded her further stay in India would ruin his marital life and unnecessary questions would rise against him. She didn't want him to be part of some nonsense gossip, costing his happiness. So she had quietly resolved to keep herself away from him although it had killed her every second to do so. Now she realized that her absence had had left them both devastated. It had killed her to see his sullen and sorrowful face. In her decision to prioritize his happiness, she had forgone her promise to always stay as a friend no matter how their relationship changed. No she would not leave his side anymore, she would stay with him no matter what.
She jolted towards the conference hall that was now converted into a small ballroom dance floor and the lights were dimmed for the mirror ball effect. She strained her eyes to find Maan but the dark lit room didn't cooperate with her searching.
Suddenly the room went pin drop silence and completely dark. Next second a spotlight fell on her, illuminating her presence. She shielded her eyes from the sudden brightness when she heard him announce, "Could I please have this dance Geetanjali?" A smile crept upon her face at his request but soon it was followed by a frown for she knew she was a bad dancer. She wondered why he would put himself to be ridiculed when he knew she couldn't dance.
Geet was about to about to leave the dance floor when she felt a strong jerk, making her fall on a strong, broad, and chiseled chest.
"Maan please, aapko pata haina I don't dance?" she reminded him.
"Mujhe pata hai magar I thought you would be up for some challenge. Kyun Ms Handa dar gayi?" Maan teased, his cool breath fanning her ears and his baritone voice sending chills down her spine. She winced at his contact but didn't want to fight the urge to go away from his embrace. She turned to face his handsome face, yet his sunken dark eyes said a different story. The usual sparkle in his eyes was missing, leaving her puzzled. She had concluded the separation would be the only reason for his sunken eyes, unaware of the fact that it was just a part of the reason that had led him to withdraw himself into a shell away from everyone. She let her hands run freely on his stubble and traced her fingers on his jawline. He knotted his eyebrows at her gesture and twirled her, making her stand beside him, as he held her shoulders. He walked her to the middle of the floor when she heard a familiar tune in the background.
As though in trance both began clapping to the beats of the music. Once the music began in full swing he turned her, holding her left hand with his and his right hand on her hips. They moved a few paces, in synch with the music and she turned to face him. They swayed holding each other in an embrace. He let his grip loosen a bit, allowing his hands to stretch to her as she moved back a little. Once she stood an arm's length away, he instantly pulled her back, making her spin and fall into his secure arms. His fingers brushed her bare waist, rekindling her feelings for him. Her breath turned shallow due to his near proximity while her heart pumped away erratically. Unable to take his hot breath fanning against her neck, she jerked off his embrace. But he instantly caught her wrist and brought her towards him, molding her within him. She turned to look at his expressionless face, while he mechanically spun her around him. He bent down holding her securely in his arms while his gaze rested on her face. She blinked uneasily while balancing to stay in pace with his exceptional dancing skill. He turned her locking his arms with hers while pushing her off his embrace slightly before pulling her back and instantly lifting her up. He turned around a few times before carefully letting her slide down.
Geet inhaled sharply at the contact of each of his buttons on her body as she slid down his chest. His intoxicating scent re-evoked a thousand emotions in her while she felt hundreds of butterflies dancing in her stomach. Both stood facing each other, intently lost in each other's eyes. She then hugged him tightly, as though apologizing for leaving him, assuring that she would never leave him. She felt him hug her back, his grip tighter than ever, fearing if let go, she would disappear. His silent tears wet her shoulders releasing his pent up emotions.
"I missed you Geet," he said, his tone reflecting deep pain, near her ear. "Mujhe kabhi chodke mat jaana," he complained like a child. She looked at him with her eyes brimmed with tears.
She nodded in the negative and hugged him back, "Kabhi nahi," she managed to whisper, suppressing her urge to break down.
The music came to an end, followed by a thunderous applause from the spectators brought Maan and Geet back to reality. They looked around to see everyone appreciating their performance. Maan curtly nodded, acknowledging their claps and appreciation. He led her off the floor to the nearest table.
Geet wanted to talk to Maan about the reason for his withdrawn look, his sunken eyes, the problems that were troubling him, but decided against it as he was already in too much pain and she didn't want to probe him further with her question.
"Geet," he called, interrupting her flow of thoughts. "I am sorry if I have hurt you in anyway, ennai mannipaya (will you forgive me)?" he asked getting emotional again.
"Nahi Maan, you were never at fault. Its me who is to be blamed for hurting you, for forgoing your trust," she said regretfully, her words signifying a deeper meaning.
"Chup, bilkul chup" he said putting his finger on her lips. "Don't you dare blame yourself. Dare you blame my best friend, main yeh kabhi nahi bardasht karoonga samjhi tum?" he said sternly. Geet smiled through her tears at his possessiveness over her.
"Ji jahanpana," she smiled through her tears.
"I think I should leave, it's getting late," he said glancing at him watch that read 11:30PM.
"Magar kahan?" she asked alarmed.
"Hotel, aur kahan?" he asked with a quizzical look.
"Maan, aap kahin nahi jayenge. You are coming home," she said firmly.
"My dear loosu penne (pagli), main kabab mein haddi banna nahi chahta," he winked.
Geet realized what he was referring to she looked away concealing her pain. How would she explain to him? She had already lied in the past and now she had to lie more to keep up the reality he thought she was living in. "Nahi aisa kuch nahi, he, he went on a business trip," she lied callously. She hoped this would cover up for today and she would later make up something else, if the need arises.
"Accha? Aane do unhe, how could he leave such a beautiful wife for a business trip?" he said crossing his arms over his chest.
"Maan," she squeaked, hitting him lightly on his arms.
"Chalein?" he asked.
They headed towards the coat stand. The keeper in the stall brought their coats and grinned hugely when he received a generous tip from Maan. Geet called for a taxi and they slid into it while she told the driver her address to her apartment.
They reached the apartment within few minutes. Maan took out his wallet to pay but Geet insisted she would. They fought over the issue and bickered like little children. Maan finally convinced next time she could pay, but this time he would. She reluctantly agreed and slid out of the taxi and rummaged through her purse to find her apartment keys.
Geet opened the doors of her apartment and led the way while Maan silently followed her. She took his coat and hung it in the coat closet.
"You want to eat something?" she asked for she knew he wouldn't have eaten at the conference.
"Nahi, I am fine."
"Maan, stop lying to me, you are biting your lower lip," she said with her hands on her hip, "and you do that only when you are hungry. Ab chaliye, fresh up hojayiye I shall arrange something."
"Oh God Geet, why do you know me so well?" he said shaking his head, accepting defeat.
"I wish I knew you so well," she whispered to herself, once he was out of earshot.
"Geet, bathroom kahan hai?" he yelled from the hallway.
"Oh sorry, I forgot, go straight and turn left. The second door on the left," she replied back.
Maan walked past the main living room, keenly observing the layout. Everthing seemed to be neatly arranged. A pile of magazines lay in corner, Geet's favorite flowers, calla lilies along with few orchids and rose, was neatly arranged in a crystal vase by the huge window. The china showcase contained a few wine glasses in various sizes along with angel figures, wax fruits, and few photos of Geet with her parents. He always knew her as the messy person, known for unkempt room. She always declared, things strewn all over the place makes it a home. If things were kept as it is in its same place, then it would a museum. He was a control freak, who kept everything in order, and always chided her for her carelessness. He wondered how much she changed since he had seen her last.
He walked down the hallway and saw a huge life-size portrait of the child he had seen in central park kissing Geet hung on the wall. A huge grin swept across his face, so it was indeed Geet's daughter, he confirmed. He looked around to find her wedding photos but found only one photo of her and Arjun making faces at each other. It looked like a photo taken in their early teens. He wondered why she would never keep a photo of her wedding, because for her, events in life were the most cherishable moments that could be captured on film. And she would never miss to cherish her wedding picture. He made it a point to ask her but reserved it for later. He hurried to freshen up, as he was indeed hungry.
Geet had whipped up his favorite cheese sandwich along with mint chutney. Maan came back to see her finish up preparing the sandwich. He gobbled up the sandwich while gesturing a thumbs up sign. "Superb," he managed to say in between the bites. He then guzzled down the apple juice that she had kept on the side. "Tum nahi khaogi?" he asked wiping the breadcrumbs with the back of his hand. She politely nodded a no, saying that she wasn't hungry. "Poi solla koodathu nanbi (you shouldn't lie my friend)," he hummed, shaking his index finger, vaguely trying to reproduce a similar Tamil song. He shoved the remaining piece of the sandwich, causing her to hold his hands, while he guided them to her mouth.
"Pothum (enough)," she said, her mouth filled with the sandwich.
"Chup," he said narrowing his brows. "Bas ek aur lo," he said feeding her another bite. They both ate in silence, amazed at the turn of events. They hoped each other's presence would bring them the long awaited solace they both were in need of.  
Clearing the plates they got ready to sleep. She brought him a comforter and a pillow while he loosened his tie and sat on the futon that was now converted into a bed.
"Geet, tumhari beti kahan hai?" he asked. She looked up wondering how he knew she had a child. "I saw her photo down the hallway," he said as though reading her mind. "Actually I have met her before," he chuckled remembering the incident in Central Park.
"Kya? Kab? Kahan?" she asked continuously.
"Calm down Geet, it's a long story. Ab batao where is she?"
"She went for a sleepover."
Geet arranged the bed for him. He lay on the bed, his legs dangling a little by the end, for it was short for his height. He put his arms over his eyes after wishing her a good night. She was about to leave when she felt him tug her arm. "Geet, tum mujhe chodke nahi jaogi na?" he asked, his eyes searching for the truth in hers'.
She smiled genuinely and cupped his cheeks, "Kabhi nahi," she assured.
"Good, now go and get some sleep," he said trying to lighten the situation.
"Ji, huzoorji," she laughed bowing her head.
Geet walked to her room, trying to piece together the events of the day. She had resolved to keep him away from her, and here she was promising never to leave him. She quickly wiped away her silent tears and decided to stand by him. If that was what destiny had in store for her, she would gracefully accept it, without complains.

okay two things: (actually three LOL) nope four silly meSilly
first of all i am really really sorry for not updating as promised but to make it up i hv given a double update. actually i am still burning with fever n about hit the bed after updating this. a promise is a promise so i made sure i write for all my lovely readers Smile your comments n encouragement makes me forget my illness Smile
secondly, the song i chose is one the THE BEST masterpieces composed by the maestro himself, illayaraja!! i specifically chose only music without words, for it best portrays emotions. i wanted maan n geet to feel the overflow of emotions without any words to interfere. n also this music never fails to take me out of the world each time i hear it Big smile
so guys how did u like the most awaited encounter of maaneet? i hope i didnt disappoint u. i kno i kno there shall be a lot of confusion (i think) dont worry, everything shall be cleared in the next present update... also plz note to read maan's current charac development carefully, u shall see a change, something he never thought he would feel, he shall start to feel...
this update really is dedicated to my darling kunju mani DIAAA... for staying with me, caring for me, n understanding Smile luv ya my dear omana penne Hug
and lastly this is my 600th postShockedSilly Party

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