12/24 Karol Bagh


12/24 Karol Bagh
12/24 Karol Bagh

12/24 KB 12th-15th MAHA Episode Written/Vid Update

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12/24 Karol Bagh

Maha Episode
Rajendra sees Anita parents at the door. They ask for Anuj. They come in and see Anita asking why Anuj was so drunk. Anita parents say that he shouldnt have drank so much but it was ok, just a mistake. Anita meets Anuj and says she was so worried. Simi says not to worry. Raj is singing a song, (it was soooo funny) and his mom scolds him. He says he is excited to see what happend in Sim's house. His mom says to be patient and that they will make a scene at Sim's house. Anita brings Anuj down and her parent see how a bad state he is in.
                    He goes away from Anita and falls down. They have to pick him up. Anita dad makes Anita leave with them. Rajendra is gets angry. He also is angry that the girls family did not finalise the Roka ceremony. Anita tells her parents to forgive Anuj. Manju also tells Mata Durga to forgive her son. The next day Mili asks Sim if the rishta is off. She says to stop talking nonsense.
                     Rajiv visits the Bhalla residence where Anuj questions him about why he had forced Anuj to consume alcohol. Rajiv says that he had tried to stop Anuj but was unsuccessful in doing so. Later Rajiv asks Simi to accompany him and his friends on a weekend trip. On the other hand Anita's father forces Anuj to marry her within a week.

Rajinder Sethi is getting ready to go to his shop.

Manju comes and requests him to forgive Anuj. Rajinder is still angry, doesn't reply to her. She says Anuj is feeling very guilty and he should forgive him, at least for Simi's sake.

Rajinder says he is going to forgive his son but only for Simi's sake. 

Anita's father asks Anuj whether he is not happy to get married to his daughter.

Anuj says that he is happy to get married to Anita but he has to talk to his parents first.

Mr Taneja gets angry, says why he dint take his parents permission before he started going out with his daughter.

Mrs Taneja tells Anuj that their Pundit told them that his sister's marriage is going to have a big effect on his marriage, that why they want his sister to get married a day before his marriage. And says according to Kundali the most auspicious date is in the next week.

Anuj is speechless

Anita tries to reason it with her parents

Mr Tneja gives an ultimatum to both Anuj n Anita, either get ready to get married the next week or forget completely about it. 

Manju n Rajinder are having breakfast. Manju worries about Anuj's Roka date'  Says why Anita's parents haven't fixed the date yet.

Rajinder tells his wife that he is ready for both marriages as he already organized for money.

Nitu comes to them hurriedly and shows them a book and asks them to select a nice suit for Anuj. But both parents are too busy to choose. So, she rushes to her sisters. Simi is cutting veggies but deep in her own world thinking. Nitu asks her to select a good suit for her brother. Seeing Simi's thoughts are somewhere else she asks Mili to do the job. They both try hard to pick up one model'

Simi comes out of her thinking and tells her sisters that they should select some good dark colour suit for their brother as he is very fair.

Anuj comes home, still deep in thoughts.. and worried.

Simi looks at him'and eagerly asks her brother whether everything is ok with Anita's parents.

Anuj doesn't reply' Manju comes there and is happy to see her son back, asks him if his Roka date is fixed or not.

Anuj hesitates'and starts saying about his marriage next week' But Manju doesn't let him complete his sentence and assumes that his Roka date is fixed for next week. She is very happy to know that. She immediately gets into preparations.

Anuj is worried n disturbed 'doesn't know what to do.Simi observes his brothers indifferent mood and wonders about what could be wrong. 

Anita questions her parents why they are putting so much pressure on Anuj and on his parents. Her mom says why should Anuj parents worry when they are not  going to spend anything for the marriage.

Anita says its not right on their part to pressure Anuj like that.

Her father, Mr Taneja gives the same ultimatum' Either marriage should take place the next week or else there wont be any marriage.

Anita gets helpless and she cries. 

Anuj is deep in thoughts worried thinking about Anita's parents condition and how can he convey the news to his parents. Simi comes there, asks him what's bothering him and why he looks so worried.

He tells her about Tanejas condition' He also informs Simi that her marriage is going to create lot of problems in his marriage, which is written in his kundali.

Simi is shocked'. Doesn't know what to say.

In his frustration he blames Simi for all his problems he says because of her his relationship with Anita is going to get affected.

Simi is completely shattered and hurt with his brother's accusations. She breaks down'starts crying! Blaming herself for not getting married till 30'and for creating problems for everyone else in her family.

Rajesh n Manju are in his shop, his brother Surinder arrives. He asks his brother whether Anuj's roka date has finalized. Manju tells him that it is the next week.

Surinder gets uncomfy He asks his brother that he has his court hearing the next week, whether he can accompany him for that.

Manju says its not possible'how can Rajinder leave when there is Roka function at home at the same time.

Surinder requests his brother to come for the case as he is the only witness. He tells his brother that they can go and talk to Tanejas and get the date postponed a little. He says they are " ladke wale" and they should have a say in such matters.

Rajinder is in deep though

Simi goes to the temple prays goddess that her marriage shouldn't create any problems in her brothers marriage. She says that she has decided to forget about her dreams about somebody special coming into her life and prepared to spend her entire life with a person like Rajiv Bhalla.

Meanwhile a jeep stops at the temple a very stylishly dressed young man gets down and goes into the temple. He goes past Simi and prays to the goddess He turns back to return.. Sees Simi praying with her eyes closed. He stops and stares at her few moments and smiles to himself.

He goes past her Simi opens her eyes and puts her hand on the bell to ring it He too reaches the bell at the same timehis palm touches hers.

Simi is pleasantly surprised 

The young man goes to his jeep. Simi tries to take a look at him.
The young man gets a call. He turns out to be Anita's brother.
"Hey Anita ...(she tells him something)... Okay di" he says
"How's my dad?....Okay di. Don't cry!"
"Im here, and will make sure you marry Anuj." he says
Simi is still staring at the boy.
"Just chill. I am coming. Take care" he says
Anita's bro drives off and Simi is left at the temple, with a tear in her eye.

Rajinder goes to Anita house and sits down.
"Why'd you come here?"
"We came to finalise the Roka date."
Anita and her family looked tensed, as if they don't want the Roka to happen.

Simi is at her home doing dishes. Anuj walks in.
"Di, I'm sorry!"he says. He gives her a hug.
I is a sweet bro-sis moment.
"I said so many things to you in anger. I am sorry" he says
"I understand. Don't worry. Everything will happen as per your wish." says Sim
Manju enters.
"What're you talking about?" says Manju
"Maa, where dad?" says Sim
"He has gone to Anita house to finalise the Roka" says Manju
"Maa, they don't want to do the Roka, but they want to do the shaadi."

Anita dad says " We are talking about the shaadi, not the Roka."
"Shaadi? Next Month?" says Rajinder
"Yes! Why can't it happen?" says Anita dad
"But I cannot do everything as your wish. Sorry" says Rajinder
"The matter is simple. The guru says that this shaadi will have to happen next month! Either next month or never. It is your decision!" says Anita dad
"Too bad. It will not happen, and none of my kids won't marry into this house." says Rajinder
Rajinder gets mad, and leaves.
On the way home, Rajinder bumps into Anita bro on his scooter.
"Learn to drive the right way uncle"- Anita bro
"What? You make the mistake and say such things?"- Rajinder
"One minute, you made the mistake." - Anita Bro
"No, you did!!! You were on the wrong lane."- Rajinder
"Sorry. How much money will it be?"- Anita Bro
"Everything does not happen with money!" - Rajinder
"One Minute." - Anita Bro

Anita's bro goes in his car.
He drives into a tree, didn't get hurt, but the car got a dent.
He gets out of the jeep.
"Now is it OK uncle? I hurt my car, like I hurt your scooter" - Anita bro
"Son, if I'm not one of those people who like ruining peoples lives,
 Delhi would be a wreck and your mood would be messed up!" - Rajinder

"Why did you need to dring Anuj? Why??" - Anita
She starts crying.

Someone calls Simi.
"Who is it?"- Manju
"Rajiv. I will take it later" - Simi
She answers the phone.
"What's up? You know that I get angry when you don't answer" - Raj 
"Remember my friend's farmhouse? We can have a lot of fun there.
I'll pick you up tomorrow. OK? Love you!" - Raj
He hangs up.

Anuj is on the phone.
"Why isn't Anita anwering" - Anuj
"Do not worry. Everything will be set right." - Manju
" No it won't!!! Why does dad behave with me in this way?
He does not care about my opinion!
He should have asked me bedore he went to finalise the Roka!" - Anuj
"Calm Down" - Manju
"No! If something bad happens there, I will leave this house forever!!!" - Anuj
Manju and Simi are shocked.
"Anuj, don't ever say that!!!" says Manju
"Maa, how is this my fault? Why am I being punished?"- Anuj
"I have apologised from your dad behalf" - Manju
Mili and Nitu come in.
"What happend? Why is everybody so sad?"- Nitu
Mil goes to Simi
"What happend? Has the shaadi been canceled?" - Mili whispers
"No" says Sim
"There are two shaadis that will happen in this house!
Baiya, in Anita's house, there must have been a celebration, but here..."-Nitu
"....Be Quiet or go to your room " - Manju
Nitu gets mad and leaves.

Majnu goes to pray to Durga.
"Please make everything alright Maa!" - Manju

Rajinder and his bro are on the scooter.
It suddenly breaks down.
"Surinder, you have to take rikshaw home. I will be late home" - Rajinder
"Where are you going?" - Surinder (bro)
"I will park the scooter somewhere here." - Rajinder
"I have a habit of walking" - Rajinder

Chachi comes to the Sethi house.
"Got a call from Rajinder yet?" - chachi
"No" -Manju
"Hope Nothing bad happend" -chachi
"Dont say such negative things"-Manju
"You know Manju, I have matches for Mil and Nitu" - chachi
"Only that I could not do that for Simi because
her marraige cannot happen with someone besides Raj" - chachi
"Chachi you should start a matchmaking business.
You don't have to say that you did not find a match for Sim.
You can say you finalished Sim's and Raj's rishta." - Mili
Chachi gets embarassed and leaves.
"Wonder where Rajinder is" - Manju
Everyone hears singing the Durga aarti.
They all go to prayer room and pray.
"That's all I know" -Nitu
"Does not matter"-Manju
Nitu prays that everything will be alright.
Everybody leaves.

Part 2

Anita bro goes and meets his parents at the golf course.
"I knew that you would come" says Anita dad
Anita bro then goes home and meets Anita.
"Go and get dressed up Anita. I will complete your love story" says Anita Bro

Raj sees that Surinder is going in rikshaw home.
Raj convinces him to come with him.
"Where is your car?" says Rajv
He says that it broke down says that they were going to Anuj's in-laws.
"Why?" - Rajiv
He does not answer.
Then he says ----
"We were going to finalise the Roka date. But it will not happen." - Surinder
They reach the Sethi ghar.
"There is a big work left!" -Rajiv

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