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My Other Half - DISCONTINUED (Page 37)

VSai2008 IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 05 April 2011 at 11:34pm | IP Logged
cont soon please

Shimmerr IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 06 April 2011 at 1:28am | IP Logged
nice update..................

continue soon

me waiting!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
rsroopali IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 06 April 2011 at 5:13am | IP Logged
wowwwwwwww it was soooooooooooo cute
geet feeding maan 
pm me yaar 

debomaaneet Goldie

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Posted: 07 April 2011 at 11:22am | IP Logged
hmm....wl wait 4 d incmplete kiss n other thngs (:D) in nxt updates..
both d updates 6 & 7 are equally awsome!
love how dey fed each other... :D
-shamima- IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 07 April 2011 at 1:21pm | IP Logged
Awe maan thinking that it's just lust but it's much more that's why he felt sad and disspointed when geet said to forget it and that it meant nothing and just loved how he couldn't go to sleep knowing that geet hasn't ate how sweet and geet managed to feed him and herself anyways great update and can't wait to read more Smile
Shimmerr IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 07 April 2011 at 2:06pm | IP Logged
hey when is your next update?

please update soooooooon............................

i cant wait any longer!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Sameeha786 Senior Member

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Posted: 08 April 2011 at 7:25am | IP Logged
My Other Half

Guess what guys? It's Easter Holidays for me so I'll be updating practically everyday now! Hope you like this update as I've added something a bit special to it Wink

Chapter 8

Maan woke up to the feeling of someone watching them.

Well... He didn't exactly "wake up". He was awake all night.

He never slept.

He knew the time without even looking at the clock. It was 3:00am in the morning.

And somebody was definitely watching them.

His orange eyes quickly leapt to the window.

Maan: "Geet. Wake up" he said as his topaz eyes changed to black again. He kept his eyes on the window.

Maan: "Geet. Wake up" he repeated louder this time

He saw Geet toss and turn and then slowly, she got up in a sitting position.

Geet: "Is it morning already?" she said and yawned

Maan: "Somebody's watching us. We need to get out of here" he said and quickly packed his and Geet's stuff.


She felt it too.

Somebody was definitely watching them.

She immediately got up and then watched us Maan's hands quickly moved with her stuff, and within no time, her and his suitcase were packed.

She watched him put his rucksack over his shoulder.

Maan: "We need to get out from the other window" he whispered

Geet: "But we're two story's high up" she said

Maan said nothing and opened the window wide enough for him to get out. He sat on the window sill and then jumped.

Geet gasped and ran over to the window. She looked down and saw him standing, not even a single scar was on him.

Maan: "Jump" he yelled from below

Geet didn't know how Maan did it but she couldn't do it. She couldn't just jump and not end up commiting suicide.

Maan: "Trust me! Jump!" he yelled again from below

Thankfully, Maan had her suitcase so she didn't have to bother to hold anything. She put her foot on the window ledge and then she put her other foot as well. She looked below her and Maan held out his hands. Ready to catch her.

Geet: "Oh God... save me" she said and closed her eyes and jumped.

She felt the air crash through her as she fell down from the building. And then a few second's later, she felt herself in strong, but ice cold arms. She opened her eyes and then saw Maan looking straight ahead. Geet turned her head and then saw a group of people watching them.

Maan quickly set her on ground. Once she balanced herself, she looked at the group of people staring at them.

They had orange eyes.

And pale, glass skin.

Geet: "Wha --" but before Geet could complete her sentence, she found herself running as fast as the wind. As fast as light.

And then the next minute, they were in the jungle.

She looked behind herself and found the group of people running just as fast right behind them. One of them was just inches behind her.

After a few seconds of running, she felt herself in the icey cold hands of someone. But it wasn't Maan. It was someone else.

Geet: "Let me go you --" she said and then glared into someone's orange eyes. She didn't know what happened next but the guy let her go. The guy immediately let her go and then screamed, falling to the ground. She looked at the guy on the ground in horror and then looked behind herself. Maan was standing right behind her, with the same horror expression on his face.

She moved her face again, so now she was facing in front of another guy with the same porcelain skin and orange eyes. He brang his fist in front of her face but Geet held it just in time. She glared into his eyes and then he suddenly froze. He turned into ice, and crippled down to the floor.

Another guy approached her with the same skin and eyes but when she did her glare he didn't scream or cripple. He stood right there with a big huge smirk on his face.

Maan: "He's powerful Geet. Run" he said and before she knew it, her hand was in Maan's and she was running. Faster than light. Faster than a thunderbolt. Faster than wind. So fast, she couldn't even breathe. So fast, the tree's and greenery appeared a big blur of nothing.

They were suddenly, out of the jungle and now they were running down an isolated street. He took a sharp corner and while she ran, she looked behind her shoulder and saw the guy was gone.

Geet: "He's gone" she said

Maan stopped running and strangely, he wasn't even breathing heavily. Nor was he panting.

Geet wasn't either.

Maan didn't say anything. He took her hand to take her somewhere but Geet winced and pushed him away.

He was so cold, it hurt her skin.

Maan: "What?" he said and glared at her

Geet: "I have a few questions" she said and took in his pale skin. He wasn't this pale before.

Maan this time held her arm but his cold skin still seeped through her sleeve. He led her into an empty restauraunt. He picked a table in the corner and sat down, gesturing her to as well.

Geet slowly sat down.

Maan: "Do you want to eat anything?"

Geet: "Uh no" she said, surprised with herself. This was a chinese restauraunt. Chinese was her favourite and she didn't know why she rejected. Nowadays, it felt like she forced herself to eat. She was never hungry.

Geet: "Do you?"

Maan: "No"

And then there was awkward silence.

Geet: "I've never seen you eat properly" she said casually, remembering how he only ate 3 spoonfuls of curry and rice earlier on and how he said he was so full.

Maan: "What are your questions?" he asked, ignoring her questions.

Geet: "You know how those guys just fell to the ground just with me glaring at them? Was that me or was it you who done that?" she asked

Maan: "That was you"

More silence.

Geet: "How do you run so fast?" she asked

More silence.

Geet: "Why did those guys have orange eyes?" she asked

More silence.

Geet: "Are you going to answer any of my questions?" she asked, frustrated.

Maan leaned in towards her. They're faces were only inches apart.

Maan: "Tell you what, i'll answer your questions IF you do some research and find out what I am. If you get it correct, then I'll tell you what you are" he said and his breathtakingly beautiful smile formed on his face.

Geet: "Hmm... okay" she said

Maan leaned back and stood up. He held his hand out for Geet and Geet took it. His skin was still so cold, but it wasn't as cold as before. She stood up and both exited the restauraunt.


Geet sat down on her bed. Maan was on his own respective bed, reading a book. She tried to figure out what Maan was but whatever he was he wasn't human.

And then her eye caught the computer.

She went up to the computer and pressed the button that switched on the computer. She opened Internet Explorer and stared at the Google sign.

She didn't know what to type in the search box.

Geet sighed and just typed in "ice - cold skin"

The results appeared on the screen and she scrolled down, frowning at the search results. Nothing helped. They were all irrelevant.

And then she saw something.


She knew Maan couldn't be a vampire. If he was, he would have bit her and sucked her blood out and she would be dead right now.

But he didn't do that.

So she clicked on the result anyway because it interested her.

The webpage appeared and she started reading. She kept reading, and reading, and then the word "Cold - skinned" appeared on the screen.

She remembered how cold Maan is. So cold, it hurt her skin.

She continued on reading and saw the word "Orange eyed". She turned around to look at Maan who was now reading a magazine. Maan seemed to sense her looking at him and he looked up.

His eyes were a shade of intense black, but as he looked at her, they changed to a slight brown. And then they changed really quick to orange. It was so quick, she had to blink to make sure she'd seen it. And then they changed back to black again.

Geet turned back and looked at the computer screen. She scrolled down and then read how vampire's can be really fast runners. She remembered how fast Maan had ran today.

Before she could scroll down again, the computer blacked out and stopped working. It crashed.

She didn't bother to restart the computer again because she had already found out her answers.

"Vampire" she whispered as she turned her face to look at Maan again. She swore she saw Maan wince and then look back up again.

Geet: "Vampire" she said even louder this time

Maan: "Immortal" he said back in return

Geet: "Immortal?" she repeated in confusion

Maan: "Your an immortal. I'm a vampire. You got your answers" he said and got back to reading the magazine as if being a vampire and immortal is the most normal thing to be.

Geet got up and sat down on Maan's bed.

Geet: "So i'm not human?" she asked

Maan shook his head.

Geet: "Your not human either?" she asked

Maan shook his head once again.

Geet: "I wonder how old I am" she wondered

Maan: "Your 340 years old to be exact" he said

Maan: "Actually no. Make that 341" he said, correcting himself

Geet winced.

Geet: "How do you know?"

Maan: "I can read the past" he said and put the magazine away. He crossed his legs and looked at her.

Geet: "How old are you?"

Maan: "346 years old"


Geet: "So if vampire's don't eat, then why did you eat yesterday?"

Maan: "I forced myself. It was disgusting." he said and wrinkled his nose at the thought of eating rice and curry.

Geet: "I hate eating too. I barely ate but grandma used to make me"

Maan: "Exactly"

Geet: "So in the jungle... How did I --"

Maan: "You have powers. You just didn't know. And you know how I stole your photo frame? I actually came to kill you that day and drink your blood but I couldn't do it. I don't know why. And I don't want to do it now either" he said and shook his head

Maan: "Now that I told my boss that I didn't want to do it. He's out there somewhere to kill you and... Well you know. And I'm trying to protect you. Those guys that were watching us were his men. He's got a full army of them" he said

Maan: "I don't even know why I'm saving you. Seriously. But some vampire's are stronger than immortals. Some can actually kill immortals. And my boss is much stronger then you. Obviously. That guy who you tried to freeze in the jungle was him" he said and shrugged

Silence. Geet couldn't come up with anything to say.

Maan: "I bet your scared of me" he said and looked down

Geet: "I'm not. I'm scared of your boss" she said and shivered

Maan smiled.

Geet: "So who's stronger? Me or you?" she asked

Maan: "That actually depends on the powers we have"

Geet looked up and thought of something and then she went up to the desk. She went into the draw and found a pen and paper. She got the pen and paper and sat down next to Maan again.

Geet: "Right. So let's list all our powers and compare them" she said and wrote down Maan and Geet. She scored a line underneath them and wrote down 1) in the margin.

Maan: "This could take all day. But okay. I can run fast"

Geet: "I can freeze people" she said as she wrote down

Maan: "I can snap people's heads off"

Geet looked at Maan and shook her head.

Geet: "I can cripple people" she said as she wrote it down

Maan: "I can live for eternity" he said

Geet: "I can live for eternity too. Unless some vampire kills me" she said and wrote it down


Maan: "So who's stronger?" he said and smirked at the huge list of Geet's powers, and the even huger list of his.

Geet: "You" she said and threw the pen on the floor in defeat

Maan: "But your still strong too. There's one thing I can't do that you can"

Geet: "Really? What's that?"

Maan: "Read your mind"

Precap: The journey to New Jersey continues

Okay I'm like so happy just now because it's Easter Holidays for me and I have absolutely NO homework or revision to do!
But on the minus side I have a sore throat and really watery eyes and I can barely see what I'm typing. So if I've made any mistakes please bare with me!

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