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FF-"DESIRE"--Part 12"the Prom night"part-2 pg 47 (Page 42)

Cuty16 Goldie

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Posted: 10 June 2011 at 5:26am | IP Logged
Well den u can take ur time dear net probs are realy much these days.
I have not readed two ff's that is nidhi & rubal just going to read them both.

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joliefille Goldie

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Posted: 10 June 2011 at 12:37pm | IP Logged

  Hi guys huun so Cuty is Ol haan thanx for it dear,

i m going to UD now without any Pre as i think to do something differ from earlier,

hope u guys like this UD,

n this one goes to Nidha n Cuty Embarrassed

Part-XII "The Prom Night" 


Avdhesh was consoling Arpi by saying that everything will be fine he will fix it all n top of all that he will not hurt anyone 's feelings when he knows what his Parents are thinking now about their relation of course he too don't want to hurt them . He don't want to just any one's feeling not even Arshika when he knows about her. N now when he came to know how serious was Rv bz of his anger he don't have any grudge for him too , when Arpi fell asleep n her pulses get normal Avi decided to visit Rv n settle all matter as he said to his father n Arpi he has to fix it all , n if the matter came out that Avi beat him then Arpi's name will come in it n he don't want to cause any trouble for Arpi now . 


In Rv's room , he was in conscience now his dad was not there when he wakes so docs called him n now he must be in way. When wakes up he was surprised, Arshika was there in his room with none other then Tanmay, how do she knows Tanmay n what is Tanmay doing there? Rv's mind was full of these kind of questions when Arshika broke her silence-"Ranvijay how are you feeling now?"

Rv-"I m fine but what are you guys doing here, I was not that serious" he end up last sentence on Tanmay, which Arshika hardly noticed.

Arshi-"look RV I really don't know what happened between you n Avi, but I m sure there must be some serious reason behind all this!" she looked at RV with doubtful eyes. Rv realizes what he was trying to do with Arpi n lowered his sight as Tanmay was there. "and I really don't want to know, all I want to say to you that just leave it all, we both knew it from the beginning , didn't we RV? But we tried to stop the stream of love n result is today in front of us it turns to tsunami n we all are shattered now, u know Arpi is also here ."

Rv-"What? But how she was with Avi right?"

Arshi-"yeah she was n she would be much better by now if I let them alone but no, first you tried to separate them anyhow n then me, but last night I realized RV you can't force someone to love you even you can't force yourself for that , I don't think I ever loved Avi I was just obsessed for love n I find him perfect for that, same with you , you just want to defeat Avi anyhow n you find Arpi as his weakness so you want to snatch her from him , m I wrong RV?"

Rv-deep in thought "May be , but how can you say that they actually love each other n our love was just infatuation ? n how could I leave Avi after this incident he did this to me, he tried to kill me."

Arshi-"n whyRV? Is there no reason behind that? I think you need to know Avi arranged everything for you to get here, n let the others know that it was just a car accident n nothing else !"

Rv was shocked to hear that Avi saved his life at the same time when he almost rapped Arpita n tried to kill him(Avi). '"but why? Why did he do that? I mean how could they save someone who destroyed everything in their lives?"

Arsi-"because they are not like us RV they are much better human beings then us n that's why I m talking to you for them , look I  realized my mistakes n m going to fix them at any cost what ever world think about me let them think but I will help them to unite , can I expect the same from you too, look just do one favor , what ever the truth of that night just conceal it n tell what Avi said ,if he said that it then their must be some strong reason behind it."

She was talking to him when Rv saw Avi coming from The door behind Arshi, n he informs Arshi-"Arshika ! Avi ."

Arshika rn behind the curtain as she don't want Avi to see her their with Rv .Avi entes the room.

Avi-"Rv hi ! howr u now?"

Rv-"Fine !" shocked at his cool question he was expecting fuming Avi to bash him again .

Avi-"I know you must be thinking what I m doing here ?"

Rv was really thinking same , n so was Tammy n Arshi.

"well I just want to say, what ever happned that night , it's a past now you know everything about us n .. I think you n Arshika always knew it , well that's not what i want to say right now sorry I just want to say when your dad come n ask you about you accident just tell him it was accident , look I m not asking for any favor for my self , its just that I don't want to drag Arpi's name in any affair now , I already caused her a lot of trouble she is here bz of me , aur jahaan tak baat hai tumhari aur meri to ek baar theek ho jaao fir  mere jochaho karma , jaha bulaoge aa jaaunga, man to man haan n this time it will be your turn ok !"

Everyone was shocked to hear Avi's proposal , is this the same Avdhesh Singh Thakur who never give a chance to insult him to any ne n today he is inviting Rv to hit him any time just for a false statement .

Rv-"woow wait wait wait ! Avi is it really you! Are u in your senses ! wow come on man don't tell me that love changed you this much I can't believe it, I was expecting you  to hit me again ."

Avi-"well I would love to do it Rv(smiles) but then someone make me realize fight is not the only way, n in the past we used to be good buddies so what if we never turn true buddies but we shared some nice time while racing n all so can I expect that favor, I need to talk some one else also need to go . get well soon Rv I m waiting for your punishment" Avi winked at him n leaves the room .

Arshi came out of curtain , Tammy-"Arshika you were right he is gem . bhai don't you think she was right !"

Arshi was bit puzzled to hear 'Bhai'

Rv-"yeah Tanmay she is right they deserve each other, Arshika why are you looking stunned ? oh Tanmay , don't tell me he didn't told you earlier , Tanmay is my cousin , actually I was shocked to see him here with you but later on I realized that you bothwere in same city so probably you guys are friend s  m I right Tanmay?"

Tanmay n Arshika both shares a shy smile .


Out of Aroi's room Avi was their to talk to Mr. Rai, while in room Arpi was with Shikha, Simple n Manjari,

Avi-"sir I need to talk to you, I know you know me, n don't know what you think about me , but what ever you are thinking about your daughter is totally wrong sir, Arpi loves you n her family more them anything in this world sir,  n if you will  be angry with her she can't recover ever , Sir plz for your daughter's sake don't be angry on her , I know you may find me ill-mannered to talk to you like this but I know her vey well now she can tolerate any thing but your anger no, plz meri kisi galti ki sazaa use na den"

Arpi's dad was puzzeled he already saw that how much this boy loves his daughter n if she accept that in front of him her father it clearly mean that she too loves him n her happiness lies in this boy ,n today by his talks he agin proving his clear heart n immence love n care for his daughter no one else can take good care of her then this boy but how can he do this what about Arshika she is like daughter too, what will he answere her!.

In the room '

Arpi-"Shikha kya hua the ghar pe, Avi kal raat ko bahut pareshaan the/!"

Shikha-"kuch khaas nahi!" shikha tried to hide the warm convo of her family as it can affect Arpi adly , she can be hurt . but st last she told her everything . And Arpi insist  her to make a call to her dad n mom she wants to talk them right now before Avi came n forbid her.

Arpi-"hello , good morning aunty, m Arpita."

Mrs. Thakur, put the call on speaker-" ya Arpita beta how r u feeling now? Beta whyb r you calling like this , you have to take rest by now ."

Arpi-"thanx aunty but I m fine now , actually I came to know about something by Shikha, ' aunty I m very very sorry for what ever happened in your house because of me last night , I never want to be bone of contention,  and in Avi's family never.Aunty I know he must be reacted weird last night but fact is he loves you n uncle so much , he can't think himself without you all n Shikha is his baby , I know I may sound strange to you , telling you about your son but sometimes I think you need to know your dear once from their point of views too, believe me aunty I will never came between your relations , n if you don't like me calling you like this then I m sorry, (a tear roll down her cheek) Avi loves you all! N last night I can see that fear to loose his family in his eyes , he was restless aunty plz talk to him , he needs you." N Arpi cut the call as she realized that if they n her family don't like this relation she can loose Avi for ever, n how will Avi react ? she don't know any thing all she knows that she has Avi for few moments n she want to live those moments like a life time, same situation was with Avi.

He knows Arpi can't hurt her family n if they decided them to get apart she have to move on af caurse there is no question to marry Arshika but if they can't unite then in that case he have only these few days or moments to live his life.




Avita has proven purity of their love by showing love n concern for their relations now it was turn to their families , Mr. Rai likes Avi but Arshika was their , Mr. Thakur likes Arpita but same thing how can he ditch a girl for whom he approached first. N now turn to her own cousin. But all probs get sorted when Arshika get in to matter.

Arshi-at Rai residence when Thakurs were their too. '"aaahh, Mom Dad . uncle, aunty I think I had to tell you all this much before , but as I can see it that we all knew it so there's no reason to hide it any longer, actually fact is I know it from the beginning"

Everyone was shocked , Arshi-"yeah I mean why are you all staring at me ? comeon , I mean I  was in another town but I know everything, I don't know how u all didn't saw that but I saw them as one when I enter the theatre ! that day Thakur uncle when you called me ur DIL Avi's face was worth watching , yaa , he was thinking that u were talking about Arpi that's why he was happy. Aur jahan tak meri baat hai, to I m ok to see them happy. Plz meri wazah se Arpita aur Avdhesh ko door mat kariye."

Arshi's dad-"Arshi beta hum to tumhe , ziddi or bacchi samajhte the but today  u solved all problems with such ease." N he hugged her daughter with proud.

At the same time the phone rang, Arpi's dad pick up the call- "Hello!ya Mr. Singh ! Rv ghar aa gaya ., how is he now?"

"oh! (long silence , ) its ok , koi baat nahi , bacche hai, hum koi zabardasti to kar nahi sakte naa! (aain a silence) ji aapne theek suna hai!(silence with smile ) I bahut acche hum zald hi muhurat nilkal waate hai, thankyou ."


Everyone was looking at him in curiosity, "what ? why are you all looking at me like this?"


Arpi's mom-"what happened ? what did he said?"

Dad-"oh , he said we need to prepare for marriage this time he don't want to waste time in engagement n all"

Everyone get tenses Mr. thakur '"nahi hum apne bete ki khusi aise nahi jaane denge, Mr. Rai you should tell him that Arpi is now my Daughter in law"

Mr. Rai-"jizarro bata dunga , but , taiyaariyan to karni hi hngi naa, (he start laughing)

He called to tell me that he is really mad on his boy RV bz now after returning from hospital he is saying Arpi is bring badluck for him n now he don't want to marry her , he was saying sorry for that, n apart from that he said that Rv was saying that we are breaking Avi n Arshi's relation so he want to give another proposal , (he looked at Arshi n her dad) he want 's Arshi as his daughter in law , he has a nephew Tanmay n he saw Arshi at hospital n wants to marry her as soon as possible , so he want t get them married before any of them change their mind."


Arshi blushed on this n run from their.


They all laugh in joy , at the end of day everything is clear n sorted out.


What ?happy ending !

Neee hehe waite for next Part hope u guys like this one,

thanx for reading n plzzz drop ur precious  comments,

n this is for silent readers too,1qr4h hope u like this one tooWink

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yoga23priya IF-Sizzlerz

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Hey Teacher ji Hug

I am first Party

Arreee wah kya baat gai from tragic queen to jhatka queen then to master of emotions Wink Clap Star Clap Star Clap

i am very impressed with your writing...ClapStarClap

Tammy and Arshika are sooo sweet and cute Embarrassed Embarrassed

RV finally realised of his mistakes...that good for him or else Avi might bang him ROFL

Avita moments were cute Day Dreaming

love ya Hug

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jasveensokhi Senior Member

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Hey Neha di once again a vry nic n

interesting update by uClap par ab plz

koi naya jhatka mat dene kyunki update ke

last mein apne jo likha hai usse mujhe aap par

shak ho raha haiLOL btw awesome updateClap

lots of luv n a big hug 2 uHugSmile

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joliefille Goldie

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uuuh you guys,

super busy haan ,

always res LOL

@Priyaa whr is OS UD ????

@Jas hii sweety, hw is ur leg now ? feeling better?

jasveensokhi Senior Member

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Hey Neha di i m f9 n mah leg is also better nw 

w8 lemme come on CCC

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1qr4h Groupbie

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wicked update as always... thnks for the mention... i loved it!!
only one flaw... no avita scenes yaar... koi romance nahi dhikay??
jaldi jaldi update karlo na... wanna read some nyc avita scenes Wink

at least now arshika has found her partner too... tho i still dnt like her... soo evill!!LOL
and RV!!! y on earth is avi so nyc... ek thapar mara hota!!! lol.. but thts just me... avi is too nyc yaar!!!

great part... update quick now!!!

p.s. my name is iqrah just so u knw Smile

Cuty16 Goldie

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Posted: 10 June 2011 at 6:34pm | IP Logged
Hye jo,
luved the ud.
The most lovable and touchy things are that avi had convinced arpi's father and arpi had convinced or explained the matter to avi's parents that simply great it shows how much they luv and care for each other.

Finaly i liked arshi but she should explain everything i have still doubts on rv.

Waise your pc is wid me it didnt gave u trouble tonight na when u were updating dats my effect.
I like shikha character alot she always helps avita.
Wait for ur next ud.

Thanks for the dedication dear.

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