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FF-"DESIRE"--Part 12"the Prom night"part-2 pg 47 (Page 32)

joliefille Goldie

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Posted: 11 May 2011 at 11:32am | IP Logged
OK everyone, need your  opinion for next update of Desire,

thanx for liking it till now,

as i said in last update i thought to end it with Arpi dying in Avi's arms
but after reading ur comments though few are still RES
i fell like its not completed yet,

so plz give your views about story n how it should end, obviously i don't want to end it like CV's in hurry , so here are the options -

A. Avi should live with Arpi's memory n marry her sis Arshika as she loves him from the beginning.

B. Avi should die/commit suicide as he can't think him self without Arpita. (Romeo -Juliet style)n meet her in haven.

C. both should live n enjoy their love in this world.

plz gals give your views as  i  m waiting for it. thank youEmbarrassed

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PristineSoul IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 11 May 2011 at 12:22pm | IP Logged
Obviously option C.. Dnt u dare put Option A&B. Btw why are u ending it so soon.

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yoga23priya IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 11 May 2011 at 12:29pm | IP Logged
i will pm my option by tomorow ni8 Tongue

i have some doubts better u clear then i will think abt my opinion  Embarrassed

also don't forget how i want it to end Big smile

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UmIbrahim IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 11 May 2011 at 12:32pm | IP Logged


A is a sad option for sureOuch..but if thats what gives you satisfaction as a writer then fire ahead
as a fan c would be the best option to me...Smile

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Sidda8 IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 11 May 2011 at 1:47pm | IP Logged
Please give it a C ending, Avi can't stand to live each second of his life regretting the loss of Arpi. I love Avita and they must always live happily ever after. 

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-Prashu- IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 13 May 2011 at 10:34pm | IP Logged
Option C...Wink

PS: I unresd my post on page 30

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joliefille Goldie

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Posted: 24 May 2011 at 1:20pm | IP Logged
Hi everyone thankyou sooo much for giving your time n opinion on the Ending of Desire ,
though i know our dear show is going off now but i m happy now bz just bz of the show i met you all , n how can we ignor ODB hehe we all love him n Avita mania can't be over ever for us , m i right gals,
sorry for such long delay but just bit disturbed by the news , but i have to thank u all for ur views n sorry for not replying everyone saperatly , my pc was not working well so i m going to update now , late night hope you all don't mind that,
your all opinion is really precious for me thanx once again.Embarrassed

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joliefille Goldie

Joined: 28 October 2010
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Posted: 24 May 2011 at 1:24pm | IP Logged

Here is my update for Desire hope you guys like this one ,

so just read n give your opinion on it,
its dedicated to non other then ODB his eyes n expe\ressions though i don't think i can prtray it in words but just tried for it,

Part-XI "Last call for love"

She was their in his arms but lifeless, still, turning cold , pale, but still looking so innocent, beautiful, seems like all misshapes of the night can't even touch her , their was a different kind of satisfaction, smile on her face, while Avi was lamenting , holding her tight to his heart, his whole world was in her, n he was loosing it every second,

Avi-"Arpita no you can't do this to me, you even don't listened what I want to say, what I feel for you, what u meant for me? No I will not let you betray me like this!"

He lifts her n start moving toward the hospital as fast as he can. All the while, he was trying to stop any vehicle, for lift to take her soon to hospital. But all seems vain no one stopped, n he almost covered half way but blood loss turning her pale with every second. He yell for lift but all vain no one stopped to help. Even a car hit him and Arpita fell out of his arms, he got a wound on forehead again, the wound given by RV starts bleeding again this time its worse.

Avdhesh didn't realize it even a bit all he knows that his love, his life Arpita is out of his arms so he hold her in arms again n start calling her badly like insane, he was talking to her when she was fainted, all most dead, shaking her,

"Arpita ! Arpita! Come on open ur eyes my love, plz its enough now, see I m sorry for my mistakes, I should confess it much earlier, but you know naa how fool I m! I know I hurt you every time you asked me about my love I named her but fact was that I loved only you, and I realized it very late , now you can't punish me like this , plz Arpita don't leave me, open your eyes. I want to tell you many things, I want to hear you, your silly questions, I want to answer them, I want to see that love that innocence again, plz Arpita plz, I can't think myself without you !"

He felt a hand on his shoulder. And when he looked back there was his father Mr. Thakur. He hugged him and cry like a baby

"Dad plz dad do something. See she is bleeding, plz dad do something, if any thing happened to my Arpita I will die, and I can't live without her."

And he again get back to Arpita takes her in his lap , Mr. Thakur was shocked to see his son in such pathetic condition, he never saw him like that, even he hardly remember when Avdhesh ask for anything or get emotional for him his son is a cold and strong men n now he is watching another side of him , broken , on knees, crying like child, holding a wounded girl , behaving like mad ones.

"Avdhesh ! look at me kuch nahi hoga isse , you don't worry son!"

Mr. Thakur was take them to city hospital as fast as he can, all the way he was watching Avdhesh talking to fainted Arpita ?

"Arpita don't worry kuch nahi hoga tumhe, tum aise kaise jaa sakti ho, I know you will open your eyes n laugh at me, so come on laugh at me I am waiting to be ridiculed by you plz."

Mr. Thakur was really worried now as he can't see any sign of life in Arpita if anything happed to her then what will he do? Its clear his son is in love with this girl , and he can do any thing even can end himself or can go insane , what will he do then. He just made few calls while driving to the finest doctors of city and call them all in city hospital as its MR. THAKUR's call who can deny him every doc from city was there in hospital to cure Arpita. When they reach hospital Avdhesh didn't wait for any stretcher or help he just jumped out of car , take Arpita and get in , calling for Doc n help,

Though his father make all calls in car but he don't know about any of it as he was busy in calling his love. Doctor came forward n ask Avi to put her on stretcher to take her in operation theatre , Avi put her there but hold her hand n start moving with it.

Docs ask him to leave her hand and let her go but his reply was-

"how can I let her go? If I leave her hand she will leave me alone , I just leave her for few minutes and see what she had done with herself , if I was there , I don't leave her that time, I waited for her at her home, stopped to listen her . she would be fine by now."

His father came forward n hold his shoulders from back-

"Avi plz let the doc do his work she will be with you just few minutes, son plz leave her hand , you too need some care just look at your self you are bleeding badly"

Avi shakes his shoulder n he didn't noticed that at the same time doctor take Arpi to OT when he turns to his father-

"no Dad I just need her, agar aaj Arpita ko kuch bhi huua to main mar jaaunga"

N tears start from his eyes, his father can fell his pain now as he can see the love n passion in his eyes for Arpita and that thing shake his soul completely , he just hug his son to console, "shhh, just calm down, don't worry kuch nahi hoga tumhari Arpita ko, suna tumne, do you believe me ?" Avi nod in yes . "then just be calm n pray for her, she will be fine just come with me"

Avi- "no dad, she needs me! I have to be with her."

Dad-"its ok just let me apply something on your wound n you can go, can't you believe me she will be fine"

He had to trouble much to drag Avi to another doctor's room for treatment,

As he was not in good mental condition to calm him down doc give him sleeping drug too with painkillers, but all go vain as there was no sign of sleep there in his restless eyes who just want to see Arpita. He was roaming out side of OT and when Docs finish the treatment n take her to ICCU he followed them there too. Docs forbid him to enter the room as she was in critical state and they don't want anyone to disturb her.

Meanwhile Arpi's family too arrive there and they all too was shocked to see Avdhesh like this for Arpita they thought Avdhesh loves Arshika n now they are watching just different side of coin, what ever they planned all seems vain. Just few hours ago they were planning two weddings, one of Avdhesh and Arshika and other of Arpita and Ranvijay n now they are praying to god to save Arpita's life. No one knows what to say to other, how to console other, Arpi's mom was crying bitterly she want to be with her but doctors forbid anyone to enter the room, Jagat was there too.

Only one person was missing from the scene it was Arshika , she was there but hidden from everyone's eye as she find her self responsible for whatever happened with Arpita.

If she didn't behave in that rude manner may be Arpita would be fine , if she didn't disturbed their lives by coming back may be by now Avdhesh and Arpita confess their love much earlier .

She was feeling the guilt now bz it was she who know whole truth from the beginning, even before Avdhesh n Arpita, still she came in their lives, she hurt Avi not once even twice, she hut Arpi's feelings without caring the love she gives her, she used the family's love for her against Avi n Arpi. And she was feeling all these bz when Arpi run after Avi she too followed her to stop her and to fight with her, but before she can reach her its all happened , its all happened in front of her eyes ,Arpi's accident, Avi's lamentation, his pain, grief, tears made her numb n she was standing their on other end of street watching it all till someone grabbed her hand and pulled her aside from the road or she would be here as an accident victim too like Arpi.


At the same time when its al happened ?

Arshika was shell-shocked, standing like a statue I mid of street,

When she looked back it was Tanmay the guy who met her in city as her class met , they were friends their but she can't expect him here at this hour of night, what was he doing there,

Arshi-"Tanmay! What are you ding here?"

Tanmay-"What m I doing? Arshika hosh me aao! What the hell you were trying to do? You left the collage without telling me , n now when I manage to get your address n came al the way from city to see you, what I m watching! You are standing in mid of highway what the heck is wrong with you ?"

And as his questions end Arshika came in conscious n turn back to see Avi n Arpi but till then they were gone.

Arshi-"tammy I need your help plz my sis is injured they need help"

Tammy-"sis injured! They need help! What are you talking Arshika? There is no one just look their."

Tears starts rolling from her eyes , it was the moment when Avi took Arpi in his arm to reach hospital.

Arshi-"no they were their , I know abhi door nahi gaye honge, Avi need help you had to help him plz Tammy plz."

Tammy-"ok ok I m with you, stop crying, I can't see your tears, ok just come with me n tell me the way to hospital they must be heading toward it."

And they get in car to search them. But when they found them Avi's dad was with them and Avi was crying bitterly holding him, begging him to save Arpi. They didn't step out of car, but Tanmay can't stop himself from saying-

"oh god this guy is mad for ur sister, I just wish she will be fine or this guy will die it self."

His words strike Arshika like tsunami , now she can't stop her self from cursing her self for being so selfish, they just followed the car of Mr. Thakur to hospital . She informed to her parents about Arpi's accident but can't dare to face anyone so she decided to be hidden until she gain guts to tell everyone the truth about her selfishness n truth about Avita's love, but now it seems like she don't need to do much as its shown by Avi's emotions . No one needs any clarification.


At present time-

Arshika felt a warm hand on hr shoulder, she didn't realized but she was crying again while remembering all things.

Tanmay-"hey Arshika don't worry she will be fine soon. you know when love protects you nothing wrong can happen with you n I can see that love in that guys eyes he will not let her go!"

Arshi- "Tanmay I m responsible for all this, I made everyone life a living hell, god will not forgive me for this, even I can't forgive m self ever. And I did it all just to satisfy my ego how fool I was, I know that he never loved me but I fight to Arpi for him. I can't forgive my self for this ever."

She starts crying badly n Tanmay hold her in his embrace to console her,

"heyyy don't cry,you have done nothing , its all just destiny, and plz don't curse yourself I know you are an angle it happened, some times you just misinterpret your feelings n things got worse but believe me everything will be fine."

Arshika controlled herself wipes her tears n step back as she realized everyone was looking at them.

"Thanks Tanmay, thanks for everything you done for me, and for understanding me too."

There was a faint smile on her face with a shine in their eyes.




On the other end Doctor came out of Arpi's room n everyone gather around him

Mr. Rai-"doc, how is she now? Is she ok? Can we see her ? can we meet her?"

Doc-"I m sorry but she is in very critical state right now no one can disturb her, we need to her under observation for next 12 hours if there is positive sign only then we can have any hope other wise its all depends on god"

Jagat- "what are you saying doc? Its just a minor accident n you are talking like this?"

Doc-"its not just a minor accident, she was injured badly in normal cases patient can't reach alive to hospital , she had injuries on head, in ribs, fractures in right leg, heavy blood loss, even it a miracle that she is alive till now, I don't want to scare you but there is only 50-50 chances of survival."

His words give shacked everyone but for Avi its like bolt from the blue, he can't let it happened he just headed toward Arpi's room but nurse stop him n forbid to enter the room as its ICCU no one is allowed to break the rules,

But its no oneelse its Avdhesh Singh Thakur no one can stop him today,

Doc-"Mr Thakur plz stop your son its not allowed, Mr. Rai do something,"

Mr Rai was shocked, as his daughter was on death bed n a guy was going mad for her , he just can't decide how to react. Whether he should be angry on this boys behaviour as he suppose to be his niece fianc or should be kind as he can see the love and care he has for Arpita. He just said "let him go doctor , he was the one who bring her here or we can't think to see her ever again"

Doc "ok you may go Mr, Avdhesh but I m telling you its all vain , she can't hear you or any one, we have just twelve hours, if she recover in that period then we can have some hope, or else ?"

Avi gives a harsh look to doc and he just stopped in mid of sentence. Avi entered the room n sit on the stool next to Arpi's bed, he holds her hand looked at her face with tearful eyes ?"hey Arpita (al most in a whisper) come on get up now, bahut sata liya ab bs karo na, ok I admit ur a damn good actress sab ko dara diya, docs ko bhi bewakoof bana diya tumne , they are talking rubbish (his lips curved in faint smile but eyes starts raining ) , come on pen ur eyes n end this drama now u know naa I can't see u like this , so come on just open ur eyes , wake up n give me a tight hug remember the play night but I promise this time I will take care of everything no one will disturb us this time , n let me remind u haan u just left ur sentence in mid, u have to complete it now ."

He get up from the stool n sit on her bed holding her hand close to his heart-

"come on open ur eyes now I want to see those beautiful dark eyes, I want to see that shine, I want to see that innocence which drive me crazy for u, I want to see them as they force me to forget myself whole world around me, my whole pain , come on Arpita you know it I want to see my self in ur eyes ur eyes make me aware of m existence without u I m nothing , plz ek baar aankeh kholo mujhe dekho , mujhse baat karo , damn it kam se kam mujhse lado."

Now his crying turns more painful ?

"you remember once you said thet Juliet was unfortunate bz she caused death to Romeo by her fake death n I contradict you, but today I m agree with you, u know docs give me 12 hours for ur life n I m granting u 10 hours , if u don't call me in this 10 hours I swear I will kill my self u know why bz I can't bear all this more then this, n who knows may be next 2 or 4 hours thing is I can't see u like this , dieing in front of my eyes, I prefer to wait for you up there , n I can't bear this kind of betrayal , ditching"

N he completely broke down , gradually he placed himself beside Arpi on her bed , holding her one hand close to his heart as her nerves giving his heart reason to pump, his head on her pillow next to her close to her neck , his other hand was wraping her around waist he was hugging her completely without moving her n he just whispered in her ear "Arpi plz don't leave me, I beg u , I can't live without u , u r the reason for my life , ek baar wapas aa jao , jo kahogi , jaise chahogi karunga, bas ek baar wapas aa jao," n his own sight start blurring n he close them hugging her life close to his heart, he will not let her go ever. It was the effect of drug given by docs but actually it was effect of Arpi's closeness which calm him down.


{ "AVDHESH??????????????."

"just leave me Avdhesh let me go."

"Avdheh plz meri baat to sun lo! plz stop!if you don't listen me , I swear, I will kill myself right now!" while saying all these words she tried to cross the busy street "I just want to tell you that I Love?."}

All these scenes start running on Avi's unconscious mind and the last sight of Arpi's accident caused a shot to Avi


N as he wakes up with a shock he saw the monitor screen showing her heartbeats , was going unstable , it was only 2 hours , when he grant her 10 hours to revive back n this is what she is doing , the thought to life without Arpi scared him badly . He knew only one thing

"she is leaving me"

"no Arpita I don't know what's going on your mind right now, you are listening to me or not all I know is just that , 'you are mine' n if to reach you I have to cross this life's barriers I will do it too. Here I m coming Arpita" n he step out of her bed , drag out the bottle of sleeping pills which he picked up from the doc's cabin n about to swallow it at a one shot.

"Avdhesh.." just a whisper n his whole self felt like haven for a sec he felt heven must have such kind of sweet music , bz that soft voice have whole melodies of world for him, as he opens his eyes he saw two beautiful eyes staring at him but why they were giving expressions of fright , why there were tears instead of that spark of happiness ,

Suddenly he realized that the bottle was still closed in his hand and it was really Arpi ,

Calling his name , he just threw the bottle n run at her ,

He sit again on her bed n hugged her tightly this time taking her in his embrace completely,

Avi-"Arpita , (he was crying out of happiness, n his sobs, n hick ups restraining words from thraught )Arpita why were you doing all this haan? Kaha hai na tumse ki tumhe kisi bhi musibat me nahi dekh sakta to kyun tang karti ho ? haan ab aisa kiya na to koi warning nahi , is baar tum mujhe kho dogi ! are u listening to me or not haan !" he said last words in threatening manner.

Arpi- in a low voice, breaking the hug "hato leave me, kya kar rahe the tum? Paagal ho kya ? agar ek min ki bhi der h jati to pata hai , bekaar me mujhe bhi ek aur bottle ka arrangement karma padta , you idiot, fool, mujhe bula ke khud jaane ki taiyaari me lag gaye , apni Arpita par , apne pyaar par itna bhi bharosa nahi hai na tumhe!"

Avi- whipping his tears "tum par nahi to kya in docs par bharosa tha ! (he said in sarcastic manner that it bring Arpi's smile back) but I just don't trust my destiny, n I can't see you leaving me like that, I can't see you in pain. You were listening me naa."

Arpi- nodes in yes "bas ik tumhari awaaz par hi to aana pada , other wise you were sure to make me another Juliet haan responsible for her Romeo's death !"n she hit him on chest . "promise me you will never do it again"

Avi ?"nahi karunga par tum bhi aisa kabhi mat karma! You knowi died several deaths in these few hours , n let me confess I m a weak person , I can fight with whole army but when it came to you I can't bear it for a sec ."tear roll down on his cheek . Arpi whip it off n hugged him .

This time Avi roke the hug n get up from the bed to step out of room, Arpi hold his wrist ?"where are you going? Leaving me again haan?"

Avi- I will not commit such big mistake again in my life ever.(he kissed her on forehead) just going to inform everyone out there that my Arpi is back n show the docs that they were wrong" he winked at her n inform everyone out there with a proud expression that "Arpita is ok now she is asking for them in".


its not over yet will try to update last part  in the week ,Wink

hope u like it , n if yes then don't forget to hit the like button.

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