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FF-"DESIRE"--Part 12"the Prom night"part-2 pg 47 (Page 30)

joliefille Goldie

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Originally posted by Nidhsara

Awweeiii what a precap..update sooon hun

ok dear will try to make it soon.Embarrassed

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joliefille Goldie

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Originally posted by prash_t

 Jooo Hug

me waiting..

Another Jhatka Wink

Plz..let Avita uniteEmbarrassed

hey prashu dear thanx for liking it yaarEmbarrassed

yap another jhatkaLOL

hope u all will not throw rotten eggs n chappals on me for this oneLOLLOLLOL

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Part X "Storm burst out"

Part -2

At the garden of Rai family,

    Arshika-"Hey Avdhesh, (Composing herself) so finally you got time to come n collect your car's keys, here it is." N she stretches her hand to hand over the keys.

Avi-"no thanks Arshika, I think I don't want them tonight I prefer to walk."

Arshi-"ok as you wish! Then bye see you tomorrow" n she turn to leave.

Avi-"Arshika! Wait! I just want to thank you."

Arshi-"thanks me, for what!"

Avi-"thankyou for ditching me earlier n came back again."

Arshi-"Come on Avi I told you, I m sorry for what I have done in past, n just want to be with you, bz I love you n realize it later, when you were not with me" n she tries to get close to him, to hug him but this time he stepped back.

Avi-"That's why I m saying  'Thank you Arshika' if you excepts my foolish proposal at that time, may be till now we got married n could never realize that you were right, I don't love you, I never loved you ever, I still don't know what was that, all I know is, that when I was with you I can feel someone else in you, n today im sure you are not that person bz she ditched me today bz of you. But anyway I don't have any hard feelings for you bz just bz of you I met her."

Arshi-"Avdhesh what are you saying dear I m not getting, 'someone else' who? Avi it was only me, you loved me and me only, do you think I was portraying someone else in front of you, no dear, why should I ? I m the one for you trust me, its just affection; you are feeling for Arpita n nothing else."

Avi-a faint smile run on his lips "I didn't mention any name Arshika, how do you know, who is that 'someone'? Well leave it, all I want to say good bye, n sorry if I hurt you ever."

Arshi-in anger "stop Avdhesh you can't leave me like this, r u taking revenge , u want to punish me for what I did! Look I said sorry earlier n I can do it whole life but plz don't leave me like this just for one stupidity of mine."

Avi-"no Arshika , you didn't ditched me in any kind of foolishness, you did that bz you want, bz you were the star of collage n I was nothing, bz you were ashamed of me , bz you know that you are not that person whom I was loving, n now you came back bz you came to know that now bz  I m one of most desirable guy of our collage, a star like you were some time n most important thing I m happy without you!  you can't bear it, but you have to bz I don't love you n I can't act like you two great sisters."

Arshika starts crying while Avi turned n get out of the gate,

Arpita came out running after hearing Arshika's lamentations,

Arpita-"Di what happened, why are you crying, where is Avi?"

Arshi-slapped Arpi, "just shut up, n stop ur drama,"

Arpi-shocked "di what happened at least tell me, why are you behaving like this?"

Arshi-"really Arpita, after snatching everything from me, still you want to know what happened!"

Arpi-"di what are you saying mujhe kuch samajh nahi aa raha, maine kya cheena hai aapse?"

Arshi-"oh so you want to hear your glorious saga of victory from me, ok you won again I will tell you,

You know Arpita from the moment of your birth till tonight I suffered because of you,

As a child everyone always praise you, 'Arshika ! Why r u so rude? Try to be kind n polite like your younger sister 'Arpita'. 'Arshika' why don't you join girls collage like Arpita'. Arpita ye, Arpita vo, Arpita ! Arpita! Arpita! I was fed up of your name, I just hate you. I just cannot understand why my mom dad liked you so much! Always a fake smile, always a fake generosity, fake humbleness, fake love,! N finally, I decided to be like you. I did everything for that but  when Avi came to my life I tried to be my self but whenever I try to be myself he looked me with strange eyes, n when I act like you, talk like you talk, with your honey laced words he loves me, so I give him what he want, but all vain I never saw that love in his eyes for me" n she completely broke. Fell on her knees.

Arpita was shocked by her words, she was living under her shadow, she looked at her as her ideal n today her ideal is blaming her to ruin her life by her shadow how could it be possible.

Arpi-"di, what r you saying everyone loves you, I don't know why r u saying all this but I always try to be like you, n  Avdhesh he always loves you, he confessed it in front of me again n again,(her voice shake a bit, but she controlled herself)  how can he! You think he loves me?"

Arshi-"have I said he loves you"she said it with sarcastic smile, "how do you know Arpita? You snatched my love again tonight Arpita"

Arpi-"di I didn't mean that, all I want to say he loves you, n what do you mean by I snatched him again? You ditched him last time"

Arshi-"ya bz he never loved me, he loves that mask of yours  which I was carrying all the time, that's why I ditched him, bz of you Arpita you were not there but you was there! n that was not enough for you. you came here to live with me, my family, join my collage, sharing my room, just bz of you I leave everything, I can't tolerate you Arpita can't you get that. He never touched me like he touches you, never looked me like he looks you, damn he never ever touched me n tonight he was kissing you!."

Arpi-"but di"

Arshi-"but what Arpita! What! Why I came back! That's what you want to ask na!

Ok, I came back bz Rv told me what were you doing on my back, he told me  that you are trapping Avdhesh n I can't bear it, and when I came back that Play night I find every thing as Rv told me, you were there on stage at my place, with my Avi, only difference was in his looks , there was love, passion, care, restlessness everything for you which was never there for me, I was determined to take all my things back from you, including Avdhesh n fixed everything, but tonight again you spoiled it all,

Avdhesh jaan gaya ki vo mujhse nahi tumse pyaar karta hai, why did you do this to me Arpita, Why!."

Arpita was shocked to hear her reality n realize everything was there in front of her eyes but she never saw it, Avdhesh share all his worries, pain, Desires, feeling with her,

N Arshika she don't love him if she really does she will not compare Avi with other thing. Things! how can she include him with things,, "oh god di , for you I hurt him tonight., di you know what! we don't deserve him, you broke his heart year ago when he likes you n tonight when I know that he loves me, I hurt him, but I will not let him go now he have to forgive me for my foolishness , I have to stop him" and she runs out to stop Avi.

Avdhesh was walking on side walk , till now he reached on main road near to his place Arpita came running behind , she was on the other side of street,

Arpi-"Avdhesh! Avdhesh plz don't go like this, plz stop."

Avdhesh listened her,  but he ignored her,

Arpi-"plz Avdhesh I need to talk to you"

Avdhesh-without looking back "chali jaao Arpita you can't force me to love your sister, I have decided I don't want anyone of you in my life"

Arpi-"Avdheh plz meri baat to sun lo! plz stop!if you don't listen me , I swear, I will kill myself right now!" while saying all these words she tried to cross the busy street "I just want to tell you that I Love…."

"I just want to tell you that I Love,,"these words bring him new life n he turned to see his love but she can't complete her confession of love as

 At the same moment "Bang!!!!!" a high speed car hit Arpita n she was tossed in air on Avi's side.

It happened in front of his eyes, he felt like world turns dark, everything stops, his whole world shattered into fragments in just a blink, in front of him n he can't do anything except watching silently, he fell on knees as his own body seems him very heavy to stand , but he gained all his strength n run toward Arpita.

Avdhesh- holding her shoulders to turn her face toward him-"Arpita, Arpita, are you ok." He knows that she can't be but don't know what to do or say.

Arpita was badly injured, stream of hot blood was flowing from her forehead, but still she was in some conscious,

Arpi-"I m ok, what can happen to me when I m in your arms."

Avi-"kya bakwaas kar rahi ho, kitna khoon beh raha hai, chalo hospital zaldi chalen, bas apni aankhe khuli rakhna."he lift her in his arms, but she protests.

Arpi-"Avi nahi, I don't want to go anywhere, I just want to be alone with you for some time, bz I want to say sorry, sorry to hurt you, hurt your feelings, to ignore my own feelings, if I realized them before aaj hum yahan na hote, shayad yahi sazaa hai meri."

Avi- take her in his arms n stand up to go hospital "just shut up n listen to me just try to keep your eyes open, r you listening me"his voice was shaking with fear to loose his love  n tears were coming out of his eyes but he was trying his best to hid it.

Arpi- nods "let me say Avi , pata nahi fir kah bhi paaun ya nahi, Avdhesh I Love You, I always loved you, but I m a fool never realized that, tumne bhi to kabhi nahi kaha! But now I want to be with you forever apni baahon se alag mat karma, gar mout bhi aise aani hai to wo bhi bahut khoobsoorat hai, let me sleep in your arms Avi"

Avi shake her –"Arpita don't do that, plz don't close your eyes, you can't do this to me, you can't leave me alone like this"

Just a second before he was the happiest man on earth, n now whole world seems like a nightmare, no god cannot be so harsh to him, his love can't be so rude n selfish, Arpita can't leave him after evoking all his dead desires. No she can't , he will not allow her .


Arpi raise her hand n wipe the tear from his eyes, n looked at him with a sweet smile,

Although her sight was fading now due to blood loose but she want to close her eyes with his picture in it, he was too looking in her eyes but his eyes were again flooded with tears .

In her soft fainting voice Arpita said just few words,,again wiping his eyes,

"Aie ashkon aaj na karo gustakhi,

Humare our sanam ke beech aane ki,

Ke bade naseebon walon ko hoti hai naseeb, ghadi ,

Yunn haste haste sanm ki  baaho mai mar jaane ki"

         N she closed her eyes, Avdhesh was shocked n fell on groundon his knees, hugging her in his embrace only a shrill cry raise to split  the sky "Arpita……………..




is this the end of Avdhesh's all Desires ,

this is the destiny of  a innocent love,

this is the punishment to not realize ur love in time.

need ur all comments n opinion ,

kya real world me kabhi kisi ko apna saccha pyaar hasil hota hai,?


i didn't mention about Arshi's charactor in introduction so i m adding it in intro now hope u all give ur opinion n not throwing chappals on me,Embarrassed

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So..Finally Im unresing itLOL

As a writer, Your story is amazing though its heart- wrenchingCryCryCry

The part is extremely beautifulEmbarrassedEmbarrassed

I literally had tears in my eyesCry 

I agree, we dont gt true love in real life...

As a viewer, I really want Avita to be together no matter what it takes...Let there be a miracle...Embarrassed
Plz...unite them...I have lost my hope on CVs ..caz they wont listen usAngryAngry The way show is going...Im afraid there will be a tragic endingCryCryCry


Im fan of your wrtingStar
One request...Plzzz unite themEmbarrassed

Love ya...


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Teacher Ji Hug

look who is editing her posts ROFL

coming to my very very very precious comments i don't what to say Confused ROFL

Arshikha slapped Arpi Shocked Ouch Angry Angry

i was right that RV and Arshikha planned it Evil Smile

i loved the way you portray feeling of losing someone you...i have to take tips from you Tragic Queen...Embarrassed

Love you Hug

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Hey Neha di i literaly had tears i n mah eyes 

wow amazing work luved d way u tried 2 

show emotions of Avi n Arpi a big hug from meh


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res Embarrassed

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Neha, U Updated.. Yaay.. I'll read & Comment later. Lubb U lots

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