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FF-"DESIRE"--Part 12"the Prom night"part-2 pg 47 (Page 19)

UmIbrahim IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 19 April 2011 at 9:58am | IP Logged
Yaar awsome....jaldi upfate karo pleeech *baby face*

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-Prashu- IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 19 April 2011 at 10:13am | IP Logged
Ohhhhhhhh woooww!

Wht a precap!!

Jaldi se update karo puhleej

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Sidda8 IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 19 April 2011 at 12:25pm | IP Logged
Very intriguing precap Neha, Arpi is finding out that Avi loves her. So what happens to Rv and her didi, do they get engaged to each other?

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joliefille Goldie

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Posted: 19 April 2011 at 7:57pm | IP Logged
thanx to all for liking the pre.
n sidda about JTYJN huun well its really suit th situation but here is a bit difference,
going to update hope you all like it too.

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joliefille Goldie

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Posted: 19 April 2011 at 8:06pm | IP Logged

here is the next part, hope you all like it tooEmbarrassed

n one more thing, i think music in BG will complement itWink

i m sorry if there is any mistake(now there will be manyLOL)

Part-IX "Silence  before the Storm"

The moment Avi stopped the car Arpita jumped out of it as she want to get away from Rv as soon as possible,  she stepped out , but don't know how to cover it up after all no one forced her to come she agreed just bz Avi is going with Arshika if he can start his life why can't she after all they were just friends and she have to be happy for them , and Rv was not doing any thing wrong but for now she want to be alone for  some time to compose herself , again it was her good luck the car stopped just in front of Chote's shop n he was still sitting there.

"Di , Rv plz wait for me I will come soon just want to meet Chote, bahut din ho gaye usse milne ka time nahi mila, Thanks Avdhesh" she said "Avdhesh" without looking at him as he was staring at her with fiery looks she want to be alone but before she can cross the car Avdhesh too got down

" I stopped bz I want to meet him, Mujhe koi tumhare sapne nahi aate jo unkahi baat samajh jaaun" he said last line almost in her ears when she crossed him so others get only that he too want to visit the boy.


They step for ward his shop Arpi in deep distress and Avi in raze. in the shop –

Chote-"Are bhaiya bade dino bad dikhe  Mam bhi nahi aai. Kahi party me jaa rahe ho kya?"

Avi-with much calm voice "kaisa hai chote, teri padhai kaidse chal rahi hai"

Arpi-composing her self "haan chote kaisa hai?"

Avi- "You want to visit him na so why r you repeating my words?  Ya ab dress ki tarha words bhi Rv ki pasand ke bologi"

Chote-"bhaiya kya hua itne gusse mai kyun ho, date pe jaane se pehle hi Mam se lad pde kya?"

Arpi-"chote how many times I have to tell you call me di, and one more thing he is not going with me his date is waiting for him in car there." She start in anger but by finishing her words her voice start vibrating.

Avi-"why r you shouting on lil boy, n tell him whole thing na tell him your would be husband is also waiting for you impatiently n Chote acha hai jo kisi ko didi wagera nahi banaya warna bekaar me us Rv ka saala banna padta " he said last lne with  smirk that Arpi can't take it any more she turn to get in car again but he seized her wrist,

"aree bache se baat to kar lo Rv ke saath to puri zindagi bitaani hai romantic hote rehna"

Arpi-shaking off his hand"will you just stop ur nonsense, I think u forgot that who want a date, di drag me with her"

Avi-"oh really , you mean she pushed you in his dress han n even in his arms too"

Arpi-"so what, what if  do that too, you r not going to do the same?"

Avi-  come close to her "really you want to see something like that ok I will give you what you want,  be prepare sweeti you r going to witness a perfect romantic date tonight"

Arpi leave the place at once as she left Chote was staring dumbstruck , what's wrong with them he want to see them together n they r fighting like this "bhaiya kya hua"

Avi-" are yaar kuch hua hi to nahi, hoga to ab"

Chote-"bhabhi itni naraaz kyun thi?"

Avi-"what did you call her, "Bhabhi" maine tujhse kab kaha ki wo bhabhi hai"

Chote-" kaha nahi to kya dikhta nai, maano ya naa mano maine to maan liya"

Avdhesh has no reply of his innocent question, without any further word he get in car n drive for restaurant his mind was storming with Chote's voice n one innocent question, "Bhabhi naaraaz kyun hai?" "Bhabhi" why didn't he berate him or give him any clear reply  but how can he answer such questions which are impossible to answer for him even he never think about it ever , should he think about it, is that what he want, that's why he was happy when his father said he is going to marry "miss rai" . he came back only when they reached restaurant. It was beautiful place, nice music, dim lights few people busy with there own lives most of tables were filled up by couples only they were four on a table .

Arshika-"oh Avi such a nice place dear, wow I can't imagine you r so romantic"

Avi-"till now Avi get back to his senses, "oh sweety its not all I have few more plans for you tonight, hope ur sis don't mind as I don't want to disturb them too"

Rv-"aree yaar isme disturbe hone waali kya baat hai, pehle aap log love express kar lo hume bhi thodi tuition mil jayegi fir hum bhi try kar lenge, kyu Arpita m I right na!"

Arpita just nodd with a dull smile. suddenly  lights gone off and music too Arshika searched for Avi but he was not on his seat. He was next to Arpita

"the Game begins dear, just enjoy it" Arpita didn't get what he want to do, why he is doing all these foolish things.

Suddenly he was standing in mid of dance floor spot lights on him everyone look at him,

"good evening everyone, sorry to disturb you all like this, but I just want to share my happiness with everyone , I want to thank my love to come in my life, to be there when I want her, I want to tell her how especial she is for me there is she my true love."

And he pointed toward there table lights shifts at it Arpita was shocked what is he saying ? is this some joke or he want to insult her in front of everyone,

"I like to sing a song for her hope she like it and join me here on dance floor too."



"Mere bina hi mai , rehne laga hun,

Teri hawaon me behne laga hun,"  

he start walking toward the table, Arpita shrink a bit in her chair as she feel he is approaching her,


"Pehle se zyaada main jee raha hun,

Jab se mai tere dil se juda hun"       his eyes were constantly fixed on Arpita,

"Rahon pe teri mai to chala hun,

Tu meri manzil hai tere kadmo me rukne laga hun"

he stopped at Arpi her heart starts beating like engine she never dreamt it but she was feeling happy  but her happiness came with shock as  crossed her and sit in front of Arshika .


"Tujhko jo paya to zeena aaya,

Ab ye lamha ther jaaye, tham jaaye,  ruk jaaye, hum dono ke darmaya"


 he took Arshika with him on dance floor , put arms around her waist but maintains a distance in there bodies, his hands were on Arshika but eyes were constantly fixed on Arpita.

Arpita 's eyes were full of tears and mind with lots of questions

 "why Avdhesh , why are you doing all this , I know you love di you said it many times , but what wrong with me I knew it n now when you are with her why is this pain, why its hurting me to see you with someone else , I have to be happy for you both, but if you were waiting for her then why are you staring at me when she is in your embrace , why it is hurting me so much, why I feel like you are in pain , why your eyes are not supporting your words, why?"

In her thoughts she didn't realize but by the ending of song Avdhesh was in her feet,


"pehle kaha na maine ab to tumse kehne laga hun,

Haan tujh ko jo paya, to zeena aaya"


He leave Arshika behind n glide al most whole dance floor on his knees to reach Arpita's side, his hand was  indicating behind at Arshika but eyes were locked to Arpi's eyes, there was passion in his eyes n arpi was lost in it, she want to hug him but she can't . A voice bring them back to reality it was Rv making some announcement,

Rv-"good evening everyone, sorry to disturb you in such romantic notion, I know how mush my friend loves his girlfriend Arshika, n they are going to engage very soon, lets have a big round of applause for the beautiful couple, Come on Avi join us here yaar, your love is waiting for you here,

She is my girl. Haha, well guys I have to admit that there is my girl, its our first date, n I m not such romantic like my friend n girl is shy too, so I think to dance with her I need your all's favor plz join us on floor this song is for you my love "Arpita".


He emphasize on "my love Arpita". As he crosses Avi he says "you call that romance, just see n learn how to handle a girl." It make Avi more angry but he can't say anything as Arshika grabbed his hand to dance n Rv dragged Arpi with him,

Music starts, (one of my favorite songs)


"Kahin to, kahin tooo, hogi wo , duniya jahan tu mere saath hai"


Arshika encircled her arms around Avi's neck but Avi's eyes were still on Arpi he want to look in her eyes, want to know her feelings, is she happy with Rv in such position , Rv's hands were on her bare back gliding up and down , from her neck to waist like searching her  curves badly, all the while Rv's eyes were on Avi he was enjoying his pain with a smirk as his eyes were red with frustration , anger and tears,

 "how can you do this Arpita, how could you, he is touching you all over like this and you are still in his arms, is this what you want , no I can't take it any more, if I watch it any more I will do something" and Avi closed  his eyes in disapproval .


He closed his eyes bz he don't want to see Arpita in someone else embrace or he don't want to see her happy with any one else but as he close his eyes he saw what he always want to see

"There was some one dancing in rain like child when she turned he saw a cute smile, innocent eyes, long beautiful hairs, its ARPIT! oh God ! it was always Arpita, and every moment flashes in his mind, there first meeting, fresher's party's dance how close they were, that night how cute she was, that morning when she pawned at him, the moment when Rv was misbehaving with her in collage, the moment when she glides in his lap, the moment when she came in his arms from the balcony set, the very moment when she kissed him on stage n that moment when he hugged her, that was moment for which he desired always, no he can't let her go like this"

He opened his eyes with a jolt but as he opened his eyes he found a pair of mesmerizing eyes full of tears , it was Arpita,  in front of him , her eyes were full of tears as Rv was still hugging her but only difference was, now it was his back on Avi n he can see Arpi's eyes over his shoulders full of pain , without wasting a second or any thought he just roll back Arshika  and reached for Arpita,

Avi seized Arpi's waist almost snatched her from Rv's evil clutches


Rv-" hey dude , I don't want to change my partner, I m ok with Arpita"

Avi-full on anger "but I m not, I want Arpita"

Rv-"ok, ok, I can understand you want to change partner, ok, you can dance with my girl"

Avi want to answer him back but he realize that Arpita was shaking badly she hold him tightly , Avi get that instead of replying that jerk he have to be with Arpita right now , she needs him,

With the song lights came more dim its almost dark,

Arpita was hugging Avi tightly , she almost pushed her face in his chest and start crying badly, her sobs were making Avi more tender, his all anger was vanished when he felt her hot tears on his chest and found her in his arms . The feel of her tears n terrible sobs, it's painful for him, what can he do to console her, he don't know what to do so he just closed his eyes feel her presence so close to his heart,

He put is arms around her shoulders as her arms were under his arms, hugged her back.


"kahin to, kahin to, hogi wo duniya jahan tu mere saath hai ,

Jahan main jahan tu aur jahan bas tere mere jazbaat hai"


as it was dark no one noticed them or they forget that they are surrounded by more couples, they were lost in each other, Arpi was crying badly she was doing what she want to do since the moment she saw Avi with Arshika but always restrain herself from doing it bz Avi was not there with her.  Avi's arms around her, turns more strong as he want to hold her for whole life, he knows she was not comfortable with dress, he untied her hairs which covers her back,  she can rest in like this forever, he kisses her on hairs her sobs reduced with it as that kiss conferms that she is safe  like a pearl in shell, now no one can touch her, her saviour, her god is there with her.


"Hoti jahan subah teri palkon ki kirno me

Lori jahan chaand ki sune teri baahon mai…….


Avi kissed her on eyelids wipe her tears, flow of tears vanished like it was never there, a faint smile appeared on her lips,


"Jane  na  kahan  wo duniya hai , jane na wo hai bhi ya nahi,

 jahan meri zindagi mujhase, itni khafa nahi" He hold her by waist and this time more firmly, close to heart,



"Saanse kho gayi hai jaane kiski aahon me,

  main kho gayi hun jaane kiski baahon mai'(her face was resting on his strong shoulder)

Manzilon de raste dhundhti chali,

khud kho gai hai manzil kahin raahon mai,"(She want to spend her whole life like this)


"Kahin to kahin to,  hai nasha teri meri har mulakaat mai,"Avi was kissing her face gentally.


"Hothon se hothon ko chumte ,

o rehte hai hum har baat pe,"

his lips brushed hers lightly she can feel his breath on her, it bring a sensation to her whole body she starts  shivering ,


"kehti hai fizaa zahaan , meri zameen aasma,

Jahan hai tu meri hansi meri khushi meri jaaaaaaaaa…"

 Avi felt that he opens his eyes, look at her, how innocent she is, so pure, gentle, like a flower of god's prayer, he can't violate this purity by touching her lips, he kissed her on side of lips, then again hugged her tightly but her shiver was enough to bring him back to reality, he have to leave her. But that pain returns again, with the thought of leaving her, he kissed her on her neck, under ear ,  this kiss works like anesthesia on her, a wave of sensation run through her spine, she got goose pimples all over, but when she opens  her eyes Avi was leaving her. That shrine of  arms, that bliss of embrace was shattering into peaces. But all she can do was to watch him going and leaving her behind like she was not there without a back glance.


"How can he leave me like this, why I m feeling incomplete, was it again his kindness only,  why I felt like haven when his lips touches me  is he ashamed for touching me, holding me."


Arpita was just staring at him until he completely vanished from her sight and only tears were their in her eyes with some unanswered questions for Avi as well for her own self. Why she cried like a child in front of him, why she feels safe in his arms, why she still wants him to be there with her, she knows that he loves Arshika he said that many times so what was that in his eyes tonight when he was dancing with her but looking at Arpita. Was he doing all to make her jealous.





At the out side of restaurant Avi was roaming restlessly ,

"What was that, what was I doing with her, she don't love me, its only me who loves her, she even don't know that, how can she, if I came to know just now, she want to be with Rv that's why she is here with him and I just spoiled everything, but if she really want to be with him then why her eyes were so painful when I was with Arshika n she was in Rv's arms, does she really don't  know how I feel for her, if not then why didn't she stopped me. What the hell I m doing with these girls, m I spoiling their lives and what about my own life? Oh god what I want? Why its hurts so much when I saw her with Rv?"


He was lost in his thoughts when suddenly he felt a soft hand  on his shoulder,

"hey Avdhesh, What happened dear, what are you doing here? If you are not feeling well we can leave for home."

It was Arshika, how can she behave so calmly after watching him with her own sister, Avi was so confused at her behavior.

Avi-"What! What did you say, "if I m not feeling well" where were you, you really don't know why I m here?"

Arshika- cuts him short "oh dear I think we are getting late now we should leave now, mom must be waiting for me." She hold his wrist and try to force him to car.

Avi-"wait a second you want to leave without your sister!"

Arshi- her face turn red but she hide her real face as she want to say something else but say something else-"oh its ok she is not alone she is on date too,  Rv will drop her come on I m your responsibility, care for me only"

Avi suddenly reminds of Fresher's night incident "no I can't, I mean I can't drop you tonight I have some work in the way, you take my car n go I will manage or will take it from ur place when I came." He handover his keys n leave the spot. Arshika has no choice except leaving for home alone.




In the restaurant , Arpi was standing shell shocked still gazing in the direction where Avi left her,

Tears were flowing on her cheeks, as Arshika left the hall , she felt a finger gliding on her spine , that touch disgusted her, she came back to senses,

Rv-"Haay ri duniya, hum hain ki intazaar me mare jaa rahe hai or wo hain ki ek bewaffa ke huye jaa rahe hain! Come on Arpita dear, why are you shedding tears for him, he don't deserves it, can't you see he was playing with both of you at same time.."

Arpi-"Rv I just want to go home , I m not feeling well."

Rv-"ok, as you wish"

They came out of hall n corridor Rv was trying to hide his real face but he can't hide it any longer

Bz what he saw tonight just unbearable for him, he did everything for Arpita n now she want to go home, he can't allow her to leave like this.

Arpita want to leave the place as fast as she can , but Rv's mind was thinking something else,

Suddenly when he saw that the corridor was al most secluded he seized Arpita's wrist pulled her back forcefully,

Arpi-"Rv what are you doing? We should leave now, I m getting late."

Rv-" oh really, is it that only or you don't want to be with me, apne aashik ki yaad aa rahi hai?"he hold her by waist.

Arpi-"Rv mind your language and leave me, you are hurting me."

Rv-"oh I m hurting you, my touch cause you pain and when he was holding you, you were enjoying it huu. Honey I can't leave you like this especially after watching you with him, no I can't take risk, how about spending night together, don't worry about your family I will talk to Arshika she will manage."

Arpita was trying to get free from his hold-"leave me Rv please how can you treat me like this, I m going to be your fiance soon , n I m sorry about what happened tonight, plz just leave me."

N in struggle to get free she slapped him.

Rv-" you w****! How dare you slapped me, (he hold her hairs tightly and banged her on floor)

I m not that fool Avdhesh , I m not going to take your rejection, you have to be mine, and I decided its going to happen tonight, haan uske baad kisi aur se shaadi karna chaho to shokh se karlena! Us Avdhesh ke liye to main tumhe nahi chodne wala"


Arpita was crying badly as her knees got injured when he throw her on floor,  and bz now she can't even run from that place, rv  was stepping forward and she was crawling on floor backwards,

Arpi-"Rv what are you doing? Plz let me go. I promise I will never do it again , I will do as you want, plz let me go." And she tried to shout for help but she can't as he put his hands on her mouth,

Rv-"oh dear see that's what I don't like about you, you cried a lot , I was just joking I will marry you , all I want to confirm that you will marry me ." and he snatches her shawl from her shoulders tied it on her mouth and hands on her back to keep her silent. "now you can't shout n we will go to search somenice place for us, I hope this restraint provide some cottage facility too . you know some people came to stay here with family n some like us to have fun. But first of all I need to hide you some safe place." He lift her and hide her behind the bushes in garden.

 hey Priya i tried , hope its not badEmbarrassed

n again you can press likewa if you like itWink

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jes_jade IF-Rockerz

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Yayy..1st one to comment after so long...PartyDancingLOLLOL

Woww...woww....wowwiiieee!!!!!!!ClapClapStarStarThumbs Up
Thumbs Up

This is update is just excellent..fantastic...mindblowing!!ClapClap

I don't knw hw to react....I got so engrossed in it dat even though it was a long part but I still felt it was short..WinkEmbarrassedLOLLOL

Hats off to u Neha!!!

First of all so many questions crossing the minds of AVITA....why can't they see the answer dat is so clearly in front of them.....I can't wait to see them together..
Day DreamingDay Dreaming

Secondly..Arshika's character still is a suspense for me..Ermm

Thirdly....dat RV...such a big *beep beepWink* Censored
Hope he gets his full doses frm Avi.....
Evil SmileEvil Smile   

Loved both the songs dat u selected...In short..I am totally in love with ur FF...
Day DreamingDay Dreaming

Plzz plzz update soon...Big smileBig smile

Can't wait to read the next action & dhamaka filled dhagaddum update!!
Day DreamingDay DreamingDancingDancing

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hey jo this ff is getting more and more intrestingggg.....Embarrassed
i can imagine each and every scene in front of my eyes...Clap
well done

yeh rv toh bada danger nikla yaar.........................

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Hey JO Hug

WOW jo is it amazing and i love the way you portrayed the Arpi and Avi emotions Clap Star Clap Star Clap

i dunno what to say Approve

Love you JO Hug

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